mlb logoSo much going on in the baseball world, and most of it is tied the absurd, embarrassing, and ongoing PED drama …

  • Thoughts on Ryan Dempster today? If you missed it, Dempster pegged Alex Rodriguez in his first at bat last night at Fenway – after three pitches that “missed” – and the reactions have been strong and mixed. On the one hand, Dempster’s fastball was speaking for a whole bunch of players who are pissed that guys like ARod cheated the game for so long (and that he’s still fighting, instead of just accepting his punishment). On the other hand, a baseball thrown at 90+ MPH is very dangerous. Do we really want to sanction that kind of vigilante justice in baseball? I don’t really have much of a reaction, myself. I liked Dempster with the Cubs, and it doesn’t surprise me that he was the one to do this. I don’t think I’m OK with this particular approach, though. I guess, in the end, I don’t really have an opinion. I just watch the theater.
  • Speaking of ARod, his story took some additional absurd twists over the weekend, long before Dempster’s fastball met his upper body. Rodriguez reportedly began a grievance process against the Yankees for how they treated his hip issue late last year, going as far as to contend that Yankees president Randy Levine told the operating surgeon that he didn’t want Rodriguez seeing the field ever again (quite an allegation, given the insurance implications). GM Brian Cashman says he’s not comfortable talking to ARod anymore, given how litigious things have become. Wrap your head around all of this, and then remember that ARod is playing, was hit by an intentional pitch last night, and his manager got thrown out of the game standing up for him. Cheers, New York writers, because covering this mess has to be an incredible blessing and curse.
  • From one PED-implicated (alleged) liar and cheater to another PED-implicated (alleged) liar and cheater. Ryan Braun, in addition to the Cubs Fan Defense thing we discussed earlier, will reportedly soon “come clean,” admitting to using in 2011. There will be apologies and explanations, which tells me Braun has already wrapped up some of the legal implications of what he’s admitting to. Hopefully this all includes an apology to the collector who wound up crushed under the weight of Braun’s malfeasance.
  • And now the intersection of ARod and Braun: a 60 Minutes report claims that, after the Miami New Times story that first blew up the Biogenesis Clinic was released, ARod’s camp helped fill in some of the blanks. Specifically, as you might recall, the original report did not include Braun’s name. That came later, courtesy of ARod’s people, according to 60 Minutes. Rodriguez denies the charge. Who do you even root for at this point? Neither, I guess.
  • Enough PEDs for you? Nope, not enough. Miguel Tejada received a 105-game suspension for testing positive for amphetamines.
  • There was a lot of talk about moving the Trade Deadline back a couple weeks this year, and MLBTR took a look at whether it would have made much of a difference, in terms of estimated trade activity. Disappointingly, the answer was: not really. At least, not this year.
  • Big-time shortstop prospect Xander Bogaerts has reportedly been called up to the Red Sox. It’ll be very interesting to see how quickly he takes off – Bogaerts, 20, is a better-regarded prospect than Javier Baez.
  • Cespedes Family BBQ thoroughly skewers a Microsoft commercial involving baseball scouts and tablets.
  • If you’re going to get a foul ball at a baseball game, make sure you don’t get it by snaking it from a little kid … and then celebrating on TV. (I’m sure he didn’t realize what he’d done, but I reckon his friends and family gave him some grief when they later saw the tape.)
  • Jon

    Nothing is more hypocritical then a stadium full of Red Sox fans, with their “ARoid signs” cheering on Dempster as he beans Rodriquez. It’s like the rest of the baseball world is supposed to forget those world series titles won on the backs of juicers like Manny, and Big Papi. Hypocrisy is fun.

    • Mick

      Yep. Johnny Damon and Youklis and Mueller and before Nomar whose body parts started falling off soon enough. The numbers involved was staggering plus trainers who eventually ran for the hills.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    someone forgot to tell charlie choker this isn’t the WWE! and once again the umpires make a complete horse’s tomato out of themselves!someone tell scuzzi not one fan pays a plug nickel to watch umpires. he comes out wagging his fingers threatening both benches with the B.S. warnings and doesn’t have the stones to throw charlie choker out of the game.MLB complete joke! once again great performance by dumpster in a big game. GLAD HE GONE!

  • ssckelley

    I can’t help but wonder what George Steinbrenner would have done if he was alive.

    • Patrick G

      Not sure if Arod would be playing if that was the case

  • jayrig5

    Remember how, early in the “Who will be the next Cubs GM?” storyline, Cashman’s name was floated out by a few writers, notably the very Yankee-connected Buster Olney?

    Not very hard to imagine who was leaking that, and not hard to imagine why Cashman wanted out, is it?

    What a circus.

    Not only the A-Rod thing, but Cashman has basically told the media on multiple occasions that certain signings/decisions were made by ownership without his blessing. Can’t be fun for him, but then it’s not like anyone is forcing him to stay.

  • ssckelley

    I cannot blame Dempster for what he did, while throwing at someone is dangerous he did not aim for his head. I think the decision that ARod made to appeal and then to play was bad judgment on his part. Here you have someone who is guilty of cheating is being allowed to play through this appeal process. When the CBA was formed I doubt this situation was considered when they decided to allow players to play through appeals. ARod playing has an impact on the playoff race and the owners and players association should get together and either speed up the appeal process or come to an agreement that a player who has been found guilty of cheating should not get the right to play through an appeal.

    Shame on the Yankees for even putting ARod out there. They should plant his ass on the bench and leave it there for the rest of his career.

    • Patrick G

      When was the last time Arod failed a drug test?

      • Blublud

        I don’t care about a flunked test, he admitted to using. I wish Dempster had taken him out. I applaud his actions and Girardi should be suspended for swinging at the unpires face. The Yankees and ARob, Aroid, or whatever you want to call him are both disgraces and should both be reprimanded by the league. The Yankees are steroid central.

        • Patrick W.

          What does that mean, “taken him out”?

        • Patrick G

          He admitted to it in 2009 he didn’t admit it about now. Girardi should not be suspended, he was furious and was not trying to hit the ump, it just happened to look like it. How are Yankees steroid central? Cause a few people did it, when Ryan Braun is probably more unlikeable in my eyes as the media just blows this arod thing out of proportion, at least until something is proven. What about the Red Sox having Manny and Ortiz, why don’t they take away the 2004 and 2007 WS like everyone is calling for the 09 series. Don’t get your statement one bit

      • ssckelley

        What difference does that make? He has already been found guilty. The reason why he is appealing is because of the length of the suspension.

        • Jon

          The Red Sox have employed just as many if not more “cheaters” over the past decade in the game.

          • Eternal Pessimist

            Here are the World series winners over the last 20 years. It would be interesting to see how many championships would need to be vacated if they took them away from teams who had a PED user(s) that substantially aided their cause.

            Winning Team Games Losing Team
            2012 San Francisco Giants 4–0 Detroit Tigers
            2011 St. Louis Cardinals 4–3 Texas Rangers
            2010 San Francisco Giants 4–1 Texas Rangers
            2009 New York Yankees 4–2 Philadelphia Phillies
            2008 Philadelphia Phillies 4–1 Tampa Bay Rays
            2007 Boston Red Sox 4–0 Colorado Rockies
            2006 St. Louis Cardinals 4–1 Detroit Tigers
            2005 Chicago White Sox 4–0 Houston Astros
            2004 Boston Red Sox 4–0 St. Louis Cardinals
            2003 Florida Marlins 4–2 New York Yankees
            2002 Anaheim Angels 4–3 San Francisco Giants
            2001 Arizona Diamondbacks 4–3 New York Yankees
            2000 New York Yankees 4–1 New York Mets
            1999 New York Yankees 4–0 Atlanta Braves
            1998 New York Yankees 4–0 San Diego Padres
            1997 Florida Marlins 4–3 Cleveland Indians
            1996 New York Yankees 4–2 Atlanta Braves
            1995 Atlanta Braves 4–2 Cleveland Indians
            1994 Not held due to players’ strike
            1993 Toronto Blue Jays 4–2 Philadelphia Phillies

          • ssckelley

            But what does that have to do with ARod and the Yankees decision to play him?

        • Patrick G

          Found guilty of what? All they did was suspend him based on evidence, but arod appealed because he has his own evidence

          • ssckelley

            What evidence does ARod have? He has already admitted to PED use. If you are referring to what his lawyer said that is a separate issue.

            • Patrick G

              Exactly no one knows. This is all being charged on evidence from biogenesis. He admitted in 2009 that he used in Texas, no other test had proved he did it. MLB says they have evidence but what exactly is it

        • Norm

          Why should ARod get more punishment than anyone else?
          When Dempster get suspended for last night, are we going to bitch at him for appealing? Or is it his right in the CBA?

          • Scotti

            “Why should ARod get more punishment than anyone else?”

            Because ARod reportedly attempted to interfere with MLB’s investigation (he tried to buy the damning evidence so the league couldn’t see it).

    • Norm

      Not to mention how stupid Dempster is. His team is up by 1 game in the standings and he’s putting people on base in the 2nd inning with 0 outs. He risked getting tossed and forcing his bullpen to throw 8 innings. And now he’s looking at a suspension.

      Way to put your personal feelings ahead of the team.

      • Patrick G

        Exactly why CC didn’t do anything

      • Drew7


  • cjdubbya

    That’s gotta be Kevin Heffernan in the tablet commercial, right? Sure as heck looks like it to me… (Officer Farva from Super Troopers, Landfill from Beerfest, and my personal favorite, Lars from Club Dread – part of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe)

  • SenorCub

    IF Dempster feels so strong about it why hit him with a baseball, why not go up to ARod and square off…to me it’s a cowardly act. I don’t care for ARod and all of the cheaters but when he’s standing in front of a 90mph+ fastball, he is obviously vulnerable and could be seriously hurt. Dempster, be a man and go toe to toe with him. C’mon Man!!!

  • fortyonenorth

    Dempster should have been tossed–no question about it. If he doesn’t get suspended, I’ll be really disappointed. Who made Dempster sheriff and hangman? This isn’t about A-Rod and what he did or didn’t do. There a quasi-judicial process in place and, if he is judged to have violated the rules, he’ll get his due. If MLB allows an open season on A-Rod, it won’t be long before some district attorney gets involved and criminal charges are filed. In the long run, that will do much more harm to baseball than PEDs.

  • Diesel
  • Mick

    Dempster with the Cubs would throw high and tight to set up a hitter frequently but this whole scenario is foolish–Boston needs him.

  • Eternal Pessimist

    A 90+ MPH beanball is an awfully dangerous weapon. A-Rod is a disgrace and he is typical of so many attention seeking, famed people of all types (politicians, athletes, movie stars, etc..). I hope we can continue to root for the good guys in sports, and am happy when we send the others packing.

    BTW, I am one of those who is willing to forgive Sammy for his actions, but not go so far as welcoming him back to Wrigley. For all the claims of what he ‘did for Chicago’, I think he took more than he gave, and caused a lot of harm in the clubhouse that wasn’t PED related. His accomplishments in Chicago are virtually meaningless since we will never be able to separate the portion of his numbers that were due to his effort/talent.

  • The Ghost of Brett Jackson

    If the players are so pissed at AROD they should not support his appeal rather than throwing a FB at him. What does a FB in the arm/back do other than give him 1B?

  • Oswego Chris

    DeJesus traded to Nats…

    • Jon

      Kim DeJesus drinking binge?

      • Eternal Pessimist

        Is it too early to really like this trade? Don’t even know who he is traded for but he is one of the few trading pieces left, and his 2014 contract (if picked up) if fairly pricey in my opinion. If we picked up a good piece or two, my hat is off to the FO…again.

    • Eternal Pessimist

      I’m still in negotiations for his wife.

    • ssckelley

      To the Nats? They must want him for next year.

  • The Ghost of Brett Jackson

    For PTBNL….

  • Rcleven

    Jon Heyman ‏@JonHeymanCBS 5m

    David Dejesus goes to #nats in trade

    You knew it was coming but wow.

    • Jon

      I didn’t think he would pass through waivers…

  • Joey

    Got Pineryo for Hairston, this return better be good…especially with a year left on his deal. Purke/Cole/Taylor please

  • Cubbie in NC

    I would not have a problem with ARod getting hit in every series he plays in for the rest of the year. If I were a MLB player it would bother me that he is playing. Is him playing really in the best interest of baseball?

    The Yankees have to play him otherwise the union goes after them. Cashman is afraid to talk to him because of the legal issues that he knows will be coming. ARod’s camp is throwing out more accusations than a guilty politician. When this is over Braun is going to look honest and apologetic.

    The clean players have to be bothered by this. They have to hate accomplishments being questioned because of guys like ARod. I say make things as difficult as possible on him until the appeal is heard. I cannot imagine the players on the Yankees in private would admit that they wished he was not there.

    • Roggan

      I agree that it has to seriously bug current clean players, but leave this shit off the field and play your game to win. Arod will get what is coming to him, potentially inflicting serious harm to a player WONT SOLVE A SINGLE THING.

  • Roggan

    No one will ever convince me ANYONE deserves to have a baseball thrown at them. We don’t live in medieval times anymore. Cheaters don’t deserve to play again, but if the beaning was purposeful, then all dempster accomplished was losing the game for the Sox during a playoff push.

    Let the authorities sort this mess out and don’t think you will teach someone a lesson, just play the fucking game of baseball. Like someone said above, the Red Sox championships were won on the backs of multiple PED users.

    Not to be “that guy” but trading DDJ means its time to cancel MLBtv, do we have any baseball players left? Im behind this FO but im puzzled as to why they would do this, especially right before a 4 game set against them…

  • LWeb23

    The count was 3-0. I’m going with Dempster wanting to preserve his WHIP. That”s my story.

  • duke

    Its remarkable that it took so long for A-Rod to get one in the back. A-Rod is a complete disgrace. If he had an ounce of integrity he would accept the suspension and own up. He talks about loving the game and of having a desire to be a role model to his kids,your kids and my kids, etc. Just beyond delusional. Depending on game situation, he should be nailed every time he steps to the plate. Not advocating head hunting but a ball to his back is just letting him know how one feels.

  • Nick

    How is nobody commenting on the “Scouting through the eyes of Microsoft” commercial?!?!