nobody effs with dejesusIn a serious surprise, the Chicago Cubs have today traded outfielder David DeJesus to the Washington Nationals, against whom they begin a four-game series today.

Because of his reasonable contract, veteran presence, and adequate production in center field, DeJesus was expected not to clear waivers in August. If he was claimed on waivers, he could be traded, but only to the team that claimed him. At this point, it isn’t known whether DeJesus cleared waivers and was traded to the Nats, or was claimed by the Nats and subsequently traded.

Either way, it’s a surprise. Although Junior Lake’s emergence as a maybe-possible guy for 2014, DeJesus still offered the ability to play all over the outfield and offer quality at bats, particularly at the top of the lineup. The Cubs had control over him for 2014 on a $6.5 million option, which may have made him more attractive to the Nationals (though it makes for an expensive 4th outfielder).

Don’t let the PTBNL return get you down just yet. We’re approaching the end of the minor league season, and it could be that the Cubs are legitimately just choosing between a couple nice prospects. This way, the Cubs get a little more evaluation time.

Obviously we’ll have more on this as it comes out.

UPDATE: Carrie Muskat and Mark Gonzales both also report the trade. Brian Bogusevic will be activated from the disabled list, and will take DeJesus’s spot on the roster, per Gonzales. Given that the Cubs can also bring back Bogusevic on the cheap next year if they like him, it’s all the more understandable that they’d like to open up a spot for him for “try-out” purposes. Keep in mind, Ryan Sweeney will soon be back as well, and he’s another possible option for 2014.

UPDATE 2: The Cubs have confirmed. DeJesus for a PTBNL. Had this deal come at the Deadline, there would be no surprise at all, so I suppose – in terms of roster construction and long-term plan – there’s no surprise today, save for the fact that it was a waiver deal.

UPDATE 3: The money aspect of the deal breaks down thusly: the Cubs save about $1 million in salary this year, and then save the $1.5 million buyout on DeJesus’s 2014 option (the minimum to which they’d be obligated). While money hopefully wasn’t the motivator here, it obviously matters.

UPDATE 4: Speculating on the return, I’d think it would probably be in the range of what the Cubs got for Scott Hairston (also from the Nationals). That was pitching prospect Ivan Pineyro, who has thrown very well at High-A. He was a 20 to 30 organizational guy.

UPDATE 5: Although I’ll discuss this more later, Ken Rosenthal says DeJesus was claimed on waivers by the Nationals, which gave the Cubs the opportunity to be off the hook for the $2.5 million referenced above. If that was the approach all sides were taking, the return here might be pretty slim. In other words, had he cleared waivers, it would have been possible for the Cubs to chip in some salary to land a decent prospect (not every team views a $6.5 million 3rd/4th outfielder as a good investment). Since he did not, and the Cubs and Nats worked out a deal, I’m thinking the money was the biggest part of the deal from the Cubs’ perspective.

  • Cubswin

    Wonder who we’ll get

  • matt

    wtf…this is sad

  • MichiganGoat


    • Internet Random

      My exact reaction.

      • EQ76

        I guess our FO really wants another top 4-5 pick in the next draft.

  • Cub Fan Dan

    Cubs fans better receive proper compensation for Kim!

  • MichiganGoat

    Can this be for International FA money?

    • hansman1982

      No, right now we are officially in the penalty areas. Once that happens, you can’t trade for IFA cap space.

      • MichiganGoat

        That’s what I thought… this is just strange since we are getting very little relief and sounds like a minor prospect.

        • Eternal Pessimist

          I didn’t hear any specific reference to the player, other than the fact that he is a PTBNL. Depends on the list of prospects we can chose from. I will remain hopeful.

  • Mark


  • Vulcan

    Well this caught me off guard…

  • Frat Rat

    The trade is just for David, right? His wife has to stay here in town, no? Please?

    • frank

      I’m with you–1st prerequisite of any DeJesus trade–Kim stays!

  • Chad

    At least he doesn’t have to travel far today. I’m a bit disappointed in this move because I’m not sure who takes his place. Guess Lake is here to stay, for a while anyway.

  • Rich

    WHY? why send him for a next to nothing player when we know what HE can do? Why..Cubs and Nats are BOTH not making the playoffs ? seriously…why ? makes no sense..

    unless someone can make sense for me.

    • Jon

      Pineryo was supposed to be a “nothing” player and he’s been lights out for the Cubs so far.

      • On The Farm

        This FO can find gems. They got two arms out of Campana (Leal looks very promising), a hard thrower for Soriano, and (at least in my eyes) insane value for Harriston. I am not too worried about the PTBNL, just kinda more baffled at the trade in general.

    • gocatsgo2003

      It feels very “Cubs fan” that this post is made before we even have an inkling as to who might be the PTBNL.

    • Geo

      Sure, no problem ill break it down for you. .258 avg, 6 hr & 19 rbi, any questions?? Oh & with thirty something games left, it wouldn’t hurt our jocking for a better position for a higher draft pick we don’t need veterans around playing robbing playing time from rookies more prone to make more mistakes.

  • MichiganGoat

    Man PTBNL are normally meaningless prospects are the Cubs that desperate for salary relief? Or is there another wire trade that we are making.

    • Joey

      PTBNL can be anyone, it actually points to a significant piece because they would have to pass through waivers in order to be traded. (Example, Matt LaPorta was a PTBNL in the CC trade, De La Rosa and Webster were PTBNL’s in the Crawford/Gonzalez trade)

      • MichiganGoat

        Good point it’s just that PTNL are rarely anything to get excited about. Maybe the Nationals wanted him now and gave the Cubs a list to choose from but they wanted more time to evaluate the players. Lets hope there is good value here.

        • Luke

          Have you forgotten about the PTBNL in the Garza trade already? Option A is a pretty decent prospect.

          • On The Farm

            Looks like you answered my question just before I posted it. Great minds right?

          • MightyBear

            Not only that but the guy they got in last year’s Jeff Baker trade to the Tigers turned out to be good. Who was that and how is he doing?

            • Nate

              Marcelo Carreno. He was the #11 prospect for the Tigers but has been on the DL all year. Don’t know the injury

              • MightyBear


        • On The Farm

          speaking of PTBNL, isn’t the pitcher from “list A” in the Rangers trade considered a decent prospect?

          Just pointing out that its not even necessarily a A ball pitcher, it could be someone useful.

    • Luke

      “Man PTBNL are normally meaningless prospects”

      Not anymore. And not at this time of year in particular.

      It is way too early to climb out on the ledge until we know the names being discussed as the PTBNL. I suspect they’ll start to leak soon.

      • Eternal Pessimist

        This is a job for…ASSMAN…to the Asscave…

    • Rcleven

      Milb season is winding down. Gives a little more time for evaluation in who they want.
      No hurry for a Milb player to be switching teams.
      I would hope the trade is for pitching at A+ or higher.

  • The Ghost of Brett Jackson

    How can you say “next to nothing” when you don’t know the return?

  • Steve

    Good bye David Dejesus. You were a class act !!! The Cubs were hardly scoring any runs with you in starting lineup and now even less runs will be tallied. Last year the team dumps Reed Johnson and the team’s record in August and September was abysmal. It’s going to be even worse this year.

  • MichiganGoat

    I guess we F**Ked with the DeJesus or did DeJesus F**k us? This is just an odd trade.

  • The Ghost of Brett Jackson

    And the record this August and September matter why?

    • Eternal Pessimist

      Because it got us Bryant!!!

  • ssckelley

    Why would DeJesus have to clear waivers to be traded to the Nats?

    • JB88

      Everyone needs to clear waivers as of August 1st.

      • ssckelley

        Not true, not when you are making a deal between 2 teams that have no shot at making the playoffs. Trades can even be made after August 31st.

        But rumors are that the Nats claimed him off waivers.

  • Coldneck

    PTBNL doesn’t necessarily mean a nothing prospect. It’s possible the Cubs just need to scout a few players decent option before making their decision. This is a surprise regardless.

  • Oswego Chris

    I am not bashing the front office in saying this, but could be cost cutting…

    5 mil is reasonable price, but still a decent saving…

    • ssckelley

      Actually the savings is only about 2.5 million, 1 million for the rest of this season and 1.5 for the buyout.

      • willis

        Now a days that’s a lot for Ricketts and Co…small market team.

  • North Side Irish

    Short trip to join his new team…will be weird to see him out there in another uniform tonight.

  • Rich

    really Bogie??? wow at least we are really trying for that # 1 draft pick….
    I mean…this team is so unwatchable……

    • willis

      It’s become an embarrassment and getting worse. They act like Bogusevic can actually do shit on a baseball diamond. Wrong. This is such a stupid move unless we all agree there are serious financial issues and winning ain’t happening for awhile yet. Dejesus, although not great, was a very good player and someone to fill the CF/LF/RF spots until the kids are ready after this season. Give him away for God knows what just to save a couple million. Wow.

  • Mick

    Kim is gone Now I have nothing but this old playboy magazine.

  • someday…2015?

    Dejesus will be extremely valuable next year for the Nats. He’ll bring them veteran leadership that they desperately need for cheap. I hope we get something respectable.

  • marc

    bogesevuic returns?

  • Jon

    I’d say we have a “punchers chance” now to catch the Sox for 3rd in the fecal league.

    • Vulcan

      Let the “Battle of the Bad, Ugly, and Down Right Horrendous” officially commence!

  • The Ghost of Brett Jackson

    DeJesus was claimed by Nats and they worked out a trade from there. Since the quick turn around I assume the Cubs wanted some time to evaluate a few prospects hence the PTBNL.

  • sprtswiz1

    Guess we will have a new bunt champion next year.

    • EQ76

      true.. my money’s on Alacandra.

      • CubsFaninMS


  • Patrick G

    Would think they would get a decent prospect considering they got Pinyero for Scott Hairston

  • Sarah

    This is a joke right?

  • Mick

    Are the money issues getting more serious with Laura and the boys.

    • willis

      Yep. Sure looks like it. Look some of Epstein’s recent quotes and non make sense moves like these, safe to say money is a big problem.

  • Carew

    I very strongly doubt it, but Drew Storen? He’s had a really rough year but has been good in the past. High hopes and big dreams I know

    • On The Farm

      I am not giving up on the Bryce Harper hope, as Brett pointed out in the series preview, he hasn’t exactly been lighting it up since April