The Cubs may have lost, but it was a great time at the Cubs’ Social Media Night. I met a number of great folks, enjoyed the event and the game, all things considered. As usual, I’m going to cop out by saying that there were too many of you to name names without risking forgetting a name or two – but, sincerely, I really enjoyed myself, and the best part is always interacting with you fine folks.

As for the game …

august 21 box

Full box.

  • Doctor_Blair

    Always nice to see Rizzo perform. I like his plate approach – even as I watch him struggle a bit I still have a measure of confidence in this guy and am glad he was added to the organization.

  • Danny Ballgame

    Javy was amazing again. Dude can mash

    • willis

      At this point, it’s almost LOL worthy. He’s just murdering AA.

    • cubchymyst

      I know people have suggested Baez as the most likely of the big prospects to be traded for an Ace, but at this point I want to see him in a Cubs uniform. He is make the jump from high A to AA look like nothing.

  • Jason (Thundermug)

    Cubs are only 2 1/2 behind the White Sox and still 5 1/2 behind the Marlins in the Reverse Standings. It wouldn’t surprise me by the time the Cubs come back from the 6 game Road Trip against San Diego and LA Dodgers we will be tied w/ White Sox and even gain a game or 2 on the Marlins ( Pursuit for the 3rd Pick and maybe even the 2nd pick )

  • K0ng

    They’ll drive you crazy, enigmatic, stuff-blessed guys like Arrieta. Looking at the box, I’m not sure i want to fire up the replay…

    • cms0101

      He looked pretty good in the first inning. Just watch that.

      • Funn Dave

        Which makes me wish it was Arrieta pitching the one inning in the bullpen, and Villanueva with the start.

  • Jason (Thundermug)

    Abreu ? What Abreu are u talking about ? Bobby Abreu is like 40 years old

    • Jason P

      I don’t see an Abreu mentioned anywhere on this thread, but the Abreau people have been mentioning on other threads is Jose Abreau — Cuban defector who’ll be eligible to sign with ML clubs probably this offseason. Cubs don’t sound too interested, though, so it’s mostly just people dreaming.

      • wowwww


  • Jason (Thundermug)

    Thank you Jason P Yeah I don’t see Jose Abreau coming to the Cubs but you never know I

  • Jon

    Is there anyone that would even consider Baez in a package for Price? I sure as hell wouldn’t . This is a kid that could put up #s at the SS position that hasn’t been done since (young ) ARod

    • Adventurecizin’ Justin

      I wouldn’t either. The nice thing about the growth of our system is that we MAY be able to get Price without including Javy or Bryant!

      Just to be clear, I’d rather get Price as a FA than to trade for him.

      • bbmoney

        So would everyone. But, it’s not an option until after 2015 and that’s only if whoever trades (i think it’s a pretty safe assumption he’ll get traded) for him doesn’t sign him to an extension.

      • MichiganGoat

        1-Bryant won’t be able to be traded till one year after he signed so he wouldn’t be able to get Price
        2-the conversation stops and ends with Baez- no other package would get Price since the market for him will be quite competitive
        3-any team that trades for Price will make sure to extend him as part of the trade so he won’t reach free agency

        So it comes down to what the FO believes Baez will do if he reaches the MLB, if the monster we are seeing at AA will translate to a All-Star infielder then they won’t move him but if they believe he has holes that MLB pitching will exploit and he couldn’t adjust then now is the time to move him.

        My question is if we trade him would we rather trade for Price or Stanton?

        • jt

          …..would we rather trade for Price or Stanton?
          at this point, my uncounted vote would be for Baez

        • ssckelley

          Even though Baez is having an incredible season in the minors I would still take Price in trade for Baez in a heartbeat. You do not get very many opportunities to acquire a true #1 starter. But I would only make the deal if I was assured a contract extension could be in place. I also think it would take more than Baez to get the deal done, it would take at least 1 more top 10 prospect.

          • Die hard

            Trade Castro for Price

            • ssckelley

              Deal! But you really think the Rays would give the Cubs Price for Castro?

              • willis

                I think you could put Castro with his friendly contract as the centerpiece, add some combination of Johnson, Cabrera, Vogelbomb, Olt and that would make it happen.

                • MichiganGoat

                  I doubt that other teams with top 25 overall prospects will put up a better package than we can build if Castro is the centerpiece. Price will have a ton of suitors and it will take more than Castro a a handful of non-top 100 prospects to win that bid.

    • Blublud

      I wouldn’t even trade Baez straight up for Stanton. Partly because I think Baez can be as good and partly because I don’t trust Stanton. I think he is quite a bit overrated. He is good, but not franchise changing good. Baez will not be traded. He will part of the first wave of players from the minors to reach the bigs. As it see it now, Baez and Bryant , along with Rizzo, Castro and possibly Castillo(older guy, but can provide some leadership) will form the core, and if they put the team close enough towards contention before Soler, Almora, Vogs and a few others arrive, then those last three names will be traded to add players to the big club.

      • Adventurecizin’ Justin

        I’m with you on Stanton. If anything, the Cubs are going to need some more pop from the left side since most of our top prospects are RH’d.

        I just don’t see Stanton being a consideration with what is growing in our garden!

        • Hookers or Cake

          I don’t think the Marlins will trade Stanton till next offseason anyway. And they might just keep him. They got a lot of flack down here, but have a bunch of good young talent.
          Also Stanton is a rather terrible Outfielder. Reminds me a bit of Jose Canseco without the speed. Athletic, but stiff and awkward and just not very good out there. He’s had a ton of leg injuries already in his short career. He’ll probably end up at 1B and maybe even DH. It aint worth the stumbling about in the field to see him get hurt and lose that bat.

      • cking6178

        I disagree with your core of young players, your core consists of all infielders (unless you are moving Castro to the outfield to make room for Baez). Soler will be part of that core, unless he can’t stay healthy. I love how Jr Lake is playing and expect the Cubs may try to ride his momentum & trade him in the offseason.

        • ssckelley

          You are forgetting Almora, who could turn out to be the best of them all. His defensive abilities alone will get him to the majors. Plus the kid can hit.

    • SenorCub

      I would trade him for Price!!! I don’t know what you guys are smokin’ but I could sure use some. This is why you have a strong “Minors” so that you can get an ace like Price! The difference in the two is that Price (while super expensive and that’s probably the main reason the Cubs would not go after him) is a proven ace in the “Bigs”. There is zero guarantee in that a guy like Baez will succeed in the bigs. If you want recent history just go back and look at the Cubs top prospects that have failed(Jackson, Vittes just last year alone). I can’t find one that has been successful!!!

      • Jon

        Vitters/Jackson or no prospect in Cubs recent history had put up these numbers, at this age, at this level

      • On The Farm

        “If you want recent history just go back and look at the Cubs top prospects that have failed(Jackson, Vittes just last year alone). I can’t find one that has been successful!!!”

        So we should base all prospect futures off of our history of developing prospects? If that is the case I don’t know why we should even trade for Price or Stanton because its no gaurentee the Cubs will win a World Series, if you want recent (or really old for that matter) history just look back at the last 100+ years!!!

        Baez is not Brett Jackson or Josh Vitters. We need to stop basing our decisions off of “history”.

        • Cubbie Blues

          We also have a new set of coaches in the Minors developing these kids with new approaches at the plate. For starters, it is now not a bad thing to take a walk.

        • Hookers or Cake

          Vitters and Jackson looked pretty good last year and in 2011 When Jackson first came up to AAA for 50 games at the end of the season? He looked awesome. 950OPS if I remember right and had just turned 22. He had a great spring in 12 and many thought he’d go north with the big club… or it would just be a matter of months like with Rizzo.
          Speaking of Rizzo have you looked at his AAA stats? He destroyed at 21/22. And had a better strikeout rate sub 23% or so. 613 Ab’s 49 HRs 1075 OPS
          Rizzo is no failure/bust but his MLB numbers are a little less impressive.
          The problem with Baez is he might not stick at SS and he might throw a season long tantrum at any other position.
          I’d keep him at SS and let him rake in the PLC. He will. And either trade Castro or move him to second. I wouldn’t move off SS.

      • cub2014

        Rays received: AA pitcher with a 2 era, a AAA
        weak hitting outfielder, .300 hitting AA catcher,
        singles .280 hitting A outfielder, with a couple of guys
        (rosscup) going each way, all for a career ERA 3.80

        You could argue: CJ Edwards,Ha,Lopez & Dungston
        would have netted you Garza how much more would it
        take to get you .60 career ERA less? Probably Pinyero
        or the good Cabrera and Soler?

        • Hookers or Cake

          Archer and the SS where better prospects than Edwards (who’s at A+) and Ha who is a 4th or 5th OFer.

  • On The Farm

    No love for Villanueva’s 57 mph pitch?

    As for Arrieta, I hope he can find a learning experience out of this ordeal. I certainly don’t know what was wrong with his mechanics last night, he was missing up, then he was missing down, then it would look like he wouldn’t even finish his pitch. Hopefully Bosio can help him out, because the row isn’t going to get an easier to hoe. Next up for Arrieta, the Dodgers.

    • mdavis

      seems odd to me when Arrietta loses it and cant find it. His mechanics and movements are very clean and subtle. Nothing that would throw him out of whack. Still, an offseason and ST with Bosio make me kind of optimistic for him in the future. I feel him and Shark are somewhat comparable, if nothing else than size and hard throwers, so maybe Bosio can work his magic there too. Either way, it’ll be good to see how he bounces back next time out against a loaded, and hot, dodgers line up.

      • On The Farm

        I am not a pitching expert, nor will I ever claim to be, so I can’t comment on how his mechanics look other than anything that is galringly obvious. I agree, Bosio really morphed Wood from inconsistent average pitcher, to a good pitcher. I won’t get into is Wood a 1-2-3 type thing, but I would say that it looked like Wood was destined to be a guy that is fighitng for a spot year in and year out, and not it looks like his work with Bosio has turned him into a cemented rotation spot. I think if Bosio and minor legaue coordinator Derek Johnson put their minds to it, they can get Arrieta turned around enough to stick in the rotation and hopefully continuing to work with him can make him what Shark is now.

      • ssckelley

        The reason why he “loses it” is because of all the movement his pitches have. When Arrieta could not locate his cutter he was screwed. If he can harness that movement he will be a special pitcher.

    • ssckelley

      That pitch by Villanueva was awesome, the look on Werth’s face after he threw that was priceless.

    • Jason Powers

      Did not see the game, busy. Pulled up Pitch F/X for Arrieta. He did not have his best stuff and he threw a change at least a few times more, his cutter was off from his last outing, and the 95% confidence interval on all his pitches showed decreased velocity. Not definitive evidence, but a data point…[img][/img]

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    May I ask… what is TOOTBLAN?

  • soberlarussa
    • Adventurecizin’ Justin

      Haha…thanks! I do despise TOOTBLANing!

      • MichiganGoat

        The inventor of this term/stat has a great site and twitter account @TOOTBLANTime that is worth the follow.

    • Ian Afterbirth

      Had to post it on my FB page!

  • ssckelley

    Brett, I don’t know if you went back and read some of the comments from last nights game but a few of us seen you on TV a couple of different times.

  • Cubfanbob

    At the game last night sitting in the grand stand I was disgusted and relieved to see multiple failed attempts at starting a wave in both the left and right bleachers.

  • cub2014

    3 of the 4 Cubs top prospects are
    right handed hitting outfielders
    (assuming Bryant ends up there) one
    or 2 has to go. So could be part of
    trade bait for Price.

    • On The Farm

      Why, its also concievable that Bryant ends up in left, Almora is a CF, and Soler is a RF. It’s not like they are in the way of each other to get to the majors and as it stands right now we could really use some OFers with their potential.

    • On The Farm

      I guess I just don’t see them trading them because: Soler was a big Cuban signing, and is under contract for a decent amount of money for a guy that is not in the majors yet, I don’t see them trading him. Almora was the first player this FO drafted, he fits their mold, and they really like him as a player, not a likely trade candidate. That leaves Bryant, who can’t be traded until June anyway, is also the #2 pick from last year’s draft. Bryant also has that “80 power grade” on his resume which only a handful of guys in all of baseball can boast.

      I just don’t think they really want to trade any of those guys and take their chances with them.

  • cub2014

    We could use outfielders for sure. But with
    Baez Castro and Castillo it would be ideal to
    have a lefty or 2 in there. Maybe sign a lefty
    outfielder.What is nice is the Cubs are dealing
    from a position of strength.

    • On The Farm

      Alacantra is a switch hitter I believe so if he and Baez arrive in 2014 the INF across the diamond could be Baez RHB, Castro RHB, Alacantra SHB, and Rizzo LHB. Sign a LHB backup catcher and have a Sweeney like OF for the bench and that could give your balance. That is a lot to ask for though, all five prospects making it.

  • cub2014

    Ya all 5 prospects probably wont make it. So a proven player
    will have to fill in in a couple of places more than likely.

  • C. Steadman

    i’d rather have more righties than more lefties(a good balance is better yes) because lefties struggle more against other lefties than righties do against other righties…yes lefties hit righties better than rhb do normally but the drop off isnt as big as the difference between lhb/rhb versus lhp

  • UCF


    Maybe someone mentioned already (or maybe I am just the creepy one); I am pretty sure you made it on TV last night, sporting the BN shirt….bottom of the 5th inning. If it wasn’t you, there was someone there that looked a whole lot like you.

  • Mike

    I wonder if Sveum will have the stones to sit Rizzo today, in light of Rizzo’s baserunning Tootblan blunder. I’m guessing Sveum won’t do that. Seems Sveum doesn’t like Castro’s or Rizzo’s blunders, but Castro is the only one that gets benched these days for mistakes.