ryan braun whoaA quick look at a few of the biggest stories around baseball right now …

  • David DeJesus is on the move again, having been claimed off of waivers from the Nationals by the Rays. The Rays are reportedly likely to get DeJesus, either by way of simply taking his contract or working a trade. If you’re among the folks hoping DeJesus comes back to the Cubs next year as a 4th outfielder type, DeJesus going to the Rays is about as good as it gets. There is just about zero chance they would pick up his $6.5 million option for 2014.
  • Ryan Braun finally did some apologizing for taking a banned substance in his MVP 2011 season and then lying about it after being busted. Or did he really apologize? Most folks don’t think he went far enough in his statement – he basically said he was trying to get over an injury in 2011, and took something he shouldn’t have. Is that enough? And do we believe he’d never used before that? These are questions he’ll have to face at some point, and we’ll see if he actually answers, or just does the old, “I’m not here to talk about the past” thing. At least he did apologize, by name, to the sample collector he’d reportedly accused of being an anti-Semetic Cubs fan.
  • Cuban defector Jose Abreu will put on a showcase next month, per Jeff Passan. Abreu will likely command the biggest contract ever for a Cuban defector, Passan adds, which will probably be more than $60 million. I still don’t see the Cubs getting involved, but we’ll keep an eye on things – Abreu’s story remains hugely important for the offseason, regardless of whether the Cubs are directly in on him.
  • Baseball and cats. (h/t fromthemitten)
  • wilbur

    After just shedding Soriano, I don’t want the cubs to go after a player that doesnt’ have a defensive position. I would rather see the Cubs resign Dejesus to a team friendly deal. And by rights shouldn’t the Nats have to give the ptbnl they got from tambay to the cubs?? If nothing else, all the national players got to meet Dejesus over the weekend in Chicago and see how the fans treated him here, then they can compare that to how their own GM Ratso Rizzo treated one of their peers for the sake of a class A pitcher. I would hope the Nats players keep that in mind when dealing with Ratso in the future, maybe free agenst will get more expensive and less likely to want to play in DC? Most people who can flee DC in the late summer anyway so may be hard to get players to want to go there or stay after some miserable august days in the dismal swampside stadium. I hope Kim D does enjoy the beaches of fla, much much nicer surroundings than the anacostia backwaters the Nats call home. Rizzo at least got DDJ to a contender in a nice location. Now he’d best send along that pitcher to the cubs or he may wind up with that DC swamp miasma, don’t want that cursing your teams future.