Cubs Acquire Neil Ramirez to Complete Matt Garza Trade

Unfortunately I am still on the road, so I can’t provide context or analysis right now, but be informed that the Cubs today acquired pitching prospect Neil Ramirez from the Rangers as the PTBNL to complete the Matt Garza trade. I’ll have more as soon as I’m able.

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  1. oswego chris

    yes, some shameful self-promotion….check out this review of my book by Mike Klis of the Denver Post

    1. sven-erik312

      You deserve it Chris. It ought to be required reading for membership at BN. You know, “click here to accept conditions for membership”!

  2. someday...2015?

    Baez HR. 2-2 so far tonight.

    1. willis

      Was just about to post this. Kid is just amazing. Me love.

    2. Jason P

      I think it’s safe to say he’s no longer being challenged in AA. They wanted to take more walks; he’s walked at an 8.6% rate in AA. They wanted him to lower the strikeouts; he’s only striking out 22% of the time in August. Oh yeah, and his OPS is like a billion. Send him to Iowa!

      1. TheDondino

        He’s ready, but I’d rather see him help Tennessee in the playoffs than get maybe 10 games in at Iowa.

        1. Hansman1982

          No way they move him to Iowa and I sincerely doubt he gets a sept callup. He’ll play out the string in Tenn and be done.

      2. ssckelley

        Heck with AAA, let him finish in Tennessee and lets see him in Chicago next spring.

        1. Hansman1982

          I suppose April 28th is still springtime.

          1. ssckelley

            Come on, do we need to do this again? I don’t give a crap about 2020.

            1. TWC

              Fortunately, the Cubs’ FO does.

              1. cub2014

                edwards is a stud (4 innings 0 runs 8 stikeouts) 1.45era

              2. ssckelley

                Why would they care about 2020?

            2. Eternal pessemist

              Yeah, and 7 years ago the trib leadership said ‘we don’t care about 2013′…how are you enjoying Cubs baseball this year?

              1. ssckelley

                If we are rebuilding in 2020 then this FO has been selling us a bunch of crap. If the goal is to reach the playoffs in 2014 and Baez is ready then you put the best team on the field to help you win. This FO is not even signed through 2020, they have survived 2 years of garbage at some point they need to put a good product on the field.

                1. Eternal Pessimist

                  I sure hope they don’t fail, as I’m sure you do as well, but the FO may make bad decisions, have bad luck (see woods/prior injuries), or make good decisions and be pretty good or even great.

                  I like the decisions they have been making, almost without exception. I was baffled by so many decisions, pre-Theo, that gave away more future value for lesser ‘today’ value…this is not a winning strategy in my book…definitely would not let those same Trib guys get their hands on my 401K

                  1. ssckelley

                    I like the decisions they have made as well but I will not like a decision of sending Baez down if he proves he is ready next spring, unless they are tanking 2014 as well. Sending him down strictly for control sends a horrible message to the team, fans, and most importantly the prospects.

                    1. Drew7

                      How many wins do you think Baez would be worth during the first 6 weeks?

                    2. ssckelley

                      I have no idea, but you don’t play player control games when you are trying to make the playoffs. Especially a big market team. You worry about 2020 when it gets here, this FO should be worried about 2014.

                    3. Kyle

                      Pretty much everyone, big market or small, playoff contender or Astros, does it.

                    4. hansman1982

                      Which is dumber, handing a player a starting job based on ST results or losing, at most,1 win from Baez starting the year in the minors?

                    5. ssckelley

                      What is dumb is sending a player down strictly for player control in 2020 when this FO is signed through 2016 and has not produced a playoff team.

                    6. MichiganGoat

                      Ok Kelly please tell us wit specific details what Baez has to due in ST to earn a starting job. What line does he need to produce?

                    7. ssckelley

                      The same numbers you think he needs to earn a April 28th promotion.

                      I love how you guys are flipping the argument on me. I do not read to much ino ST numbers. I think a player can prove he belongs or not based on the entire spring, not just the ST games. The debate is if he proves he is ready and the Cubs are making a playoff run in 2014 whether or not you send him down strictly for control.

                    8. Hansman1982

                      If 30-days of Javier Baez makes the difference between the cubs being a contender or not, either Baez is the next trout or you have unrealistic expectations of the difference between Baez and someone like Valbuena.

                      If Baez = Trout, you’re talking about 1 win difference. For a whole extra year of Baez, (especially if he is a 6-WAR+ player in his rookie season) I will trade that win every day excluding Sunday, especially at the beginning of the season.

                    9. Cubbie Blues

                      I’ll add in the Sunday. Even with magic chocolate hard shell.

                    10. Hansman1982

                      If you honestly believe that one-month of Baez is good enough now to single handedly sway a postseason berth in 2014, I guess I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want a free year of control when he is in his offensive prime.

                      This is as obtuse as Kyle decreeing, in the middle of June, that trading James Russell would be a white flag for 2014.

                    11. Hansman1982

                      Trading wins now for wins in 2020 on a Sunday is a sin.

                    12. ssckelley

                      The problem is you care about 2020 now and I will worry about 2020 when it gets here. If Baez proves he is ready and the Cubs are making a playoff run in 2014 you start the season with him and you do not play player control games.

                      The Cubs have not been to the playoffs since 2008, World Series since 1945, and have not won one since 1908. Worrying about 2020 when you have a shot at the playoffs in 2014, with our futility, is insane.

                    13. MichiganGoat

                      Alright I understand you want to make the playoffs next year but you do understand that Baez alone won’t have that big an impact if he starts the season or comes in later. Right? Please say you understand that even if Baez is a super stud we are talking about 1-2 wins max. You understand?

                      You are also putting a lot of faith in Baez being a superstar, lets just be careful of casting his gold bust until he makes the show. He hasn’t had a full season in AA or AAA and there is plenty of good pitching he hasn’t faced. I hope he is a MVP player but I’m going to immediately demand he starts just because he might.

                      As for planning for 2020- that’s what smart organization and business do they plan a prepare years into the future while putting out the best product they can produce without destroying the future. Please tell us you get this.

                      And to ever let anything that happens in spring change a plan is truly foolish.

                    14. ssckelley

                      I don’t buy into Baez being only worth 1 or 2 wins, it depends on who he ends up replacing in the lineup. But even if he is only worth that wild card and division races can be determined by 1 or 2 games.

                2. Kyle

                  Come on. You have to be realistic about the franchise and the state it was in when Hendry left it. Eight years isn’t really enough time to do the full rebuild. You just need to sit back and appreciate the process.

                  1. Aaron

                    Eight years not enough time. What world do you live in?

                    1. Drew7

                      Surely you see the sarcasm oozing out of that post, right?

                  2. hansman1982

                    Ya, by then they hope to have it set up like the Rays where we would never really need to draft again because we keep trading away the youngins and have the only farm system in the majors. That is the market inefficiency they are hoping to exploit.

            3. hansman1982

              I am not looking forward to your posts bitching about Baez being in AA or AAA to start next season and I honestly hope they do not base any decisions on what to do with him based on ST results.

              1. ssckelley

                Hans, he struck out twice tonight. You can go back to bitching about his strikeout percentage again.

                Bitching is fun! :D

                1. hansman1982

                  At least it was a valid concern at the time…


    3. Hansman1982

      Yup a month at AA next year to get the year started off right, and, if the cubs 3B situation is poor and contention is possible, a callup to the bigs, otherwise another month and a half at Iowa before his callup.

      1. Gabriel

        I know you still have K concerns, but dude he’s done with AA after this year. Javy starting @ AAA Iowa after next spring is the safest bet anyone could make.

        He is CRUSHING on a level no one has seen in some time, and when you factor in the fall/winter ball he’ll play, he’s going to be MLB ready – the only reason he’ll start in AAA is to polish up & to avoid service time/super-2 issues.

        1. willis

          To be honest, I don’t give a damn if he starts next year at AA or AAA. The talent level is about the same, it’s just the experience of players in AAA is a little better. Either way, he’ll be up at Wrigley by May 1ish.

          1. hansman1982

            This…a jump from AA to MLB isn’t uncommon and it would allow them to play service time games easier if they don’t need his bat.

        2. hansman1982

          I think the only service time issues the Cubs are truly eying is the 30-day extra year of control window. He’s made adjustments and hit levels for extended periods of time that would indicate he might just be a perennial all-star. The last 30-days has really dulled my opinion on him.

  3. cub2014

    vogelbach 1-1 w/ walk hitting .323………
    edwards 3innings 1 hit 5k’s…………

  4. KJ Lovin the Cubs

    Can anyone tell me how many PTBNL are out there for the cubs? And what teams owe the cubs these players.

  5. cub2014

    arrieta,strop,grimm. FO has done a great
    job in the last year adding pitchers.

    1. GoldenCub

      Minor quibble….that list (at least as of what known now) seems pretty good vs great. At least to me, great is reserved for getting talent your KNOW will be good (like a Prior – although that did not go well long term).

      1. another JP

        The pitching acquired by the FO in exchange for two month rentals has been nothing short of amazing. Every one of the arms cub2014 mentioned will probably contribute to the Cubs or another ML team one day. Now if you’re expecting talent along the lines of Appel or Gray in exchange for a short term acquisition you’re dreaming… no team out there is giving up their top pitching prospects- especially when they’re also picking up the pro-rated salary of the acquired player.

      2. AlwaysNextYear

        Like somebody that was claimed to be a cant miss prospect and once in a generation talent like Prior was considered. Yeah lots of teams trading those away for rentals.

  6. Mick

    Rookie manager Sandberg 5 wins in 7 games. 4 wins in last inning. H.O.F. Cub salute

  7. Mike F

    First, Hendry ran the 2011 draft not Theo, and I am a Theo guy, but the Hendry hate is way over the line, he’s gone let it go or throw away a damn good class. I on its not haul, even though its a matter of semantics. It may turn out to be a good trade, but to act like Olt is something while bitching and nit picking Baez about SO is ignorant. Don’t get me wrong Baez needs to continue to work on it, I agree with Kyle and others there. But its far more acute in the case of Mike Olt who either needs to go to the DL or AA than Baez. His talent is undeniable and he may be the brightest Prospect in baseball since ARod.

    None of this speaks to the real issue facing this organization. When you paint the daces of Castro and Rizzo everywhere and both are struggling to hit .240 consistently the question of is there really a core is fare one. Ar a minimum it is a fair question to ask why Rowson is still around and if there is real better hitting hitting instruction at both the major league and minor league level.

    1. Cubbie Blues

      I think you’re right or maybe acute, but definitely obtuse. At any rate I have no idea what you are trying to say.

    2. Mick

      Mike It is late here and you have hurt me badly.

  8. Mike F

    It is simple. The core on the ML roster is not good. That is not very good, but Theo has made progress on the minor level. I remain in his corner, but lets not delude ourselves, the problem is the cubs remain a long way from competing. It is easy to piss on Hendry, but Hendry is not any more culpable than Theo for where we are.

    Theo is not above criticism. I like what he has intellectually brought, but this team is not in a position to compete from a core talent position any time soon, even considering for example Baez who I think is a great young talent. Even more problematic is the approach to tinkering they have taken with Castro. Theo and Sveum deserve tremendous criticism here. If they didn’t like his approach they should have traded him, not screwed with his approach. He is hitting consistently over 70 points under and lost compared to what 8 ball Quady was able to get from him/ Its really OK to call and Ace an Ace. I support Theo but he has feet of clay and looks like winning is clearly deferred until 16 or 17 and I don’t buy into that.

    And I’m the guy that has consistently argued Castro is not a HOF talent and never has been, but he’s not shit and he’s not what the tinkering has turned him into and that is just how it is.

  9. cub2014

    IMO I think Olt or Murphy and Valuena will
    be our 3B to start. I assume Baez will be up
    fairly early. Do we start the year with Barney?
    I am hoping he finishes strong this year and gets
    off to a good start might be able to trade him.
    By then Alcantera?

    We will need to package some guys:
    Villanueva, Raley (no room for them) as
    part of bigger package for Price. I think
    you would add Soler, Dunston & Johnson

  10. nkniacc13

    The other thing with the cubs getting so many intriguing arms that are at or will be at the AA level to start next year is that they start to have very set level of value to other teams because they are basically 1 call away

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