iowa cubs mascotIf you were planning to go see the Iowa Cubs play this year (and, seriously, why wouldn’t you want to go see the Iowa Cubs play this year?) and you haven’t yet made that trip, you might want to hurry up the planning. The Triple A affiliate for the Cubs has started their final homestand of the year.

Fortunately, there are still some very nice promotions to help lure you to the stadium. Today, tomorrow, and Sunday are all three Pancake Days. Samples of Pillsbury Pancakes will be available before the game. If you ask very nicely you might even talk them into making you a famous Iowa tenderloin sandwich with pancakes replacing the bun.

The highlight of the promotion calendar might just be coming up on Wednesday. On Autographed Baseball Night the first 2,000 will receive an autographed baseball. Whose autograph? Good question, but the candidate list apparently includes any “current or former Iowa Cubs player or coach, current or former major-league players or Hall of Fame members.” What could be more awesome than heading to an Iowa Cubs game and getting a ball autographed by a Hall of Famer?

Why, heading to an Iowa Cubs game and getting ball autographed by a Hall of Famer while wearing your new Bleacher Nation shirt, of course!.

Scores From Yesterday

Iowa – The game was there for the winning, but Iowa gave up two runs in the ninth. They lost 4-3.
Tennessee – The Smokies did not have many chances in this game, and they lost it 4-2.
Daytona – Rain. At least this team will be well rested for a potential postseason run.
Kane County – Despite collecting nine hits and three walks the Cougars were shut out 4-0.
Boise – It took seven runs in the final two innings, but Boise walked away the 16-11 winners.
Arizona – Arizona fell behind early and stayed there the rest of the game. They lost 7-3.

Performances of Note

Other News

  • Let’s put into perspective how unbelievably bad the Houston Astros are this year. The worst team in Triple A is the Nashville Sounds. The Sounds, who play in the same division as the Iowa Cubs, have just 51 wins and trail third place Iowa by a full eight games. Nashville is so bad that they are a candidate to lose 90 games despite playing the shorter minor league schedule. The Sounds, like all Triple A teams, play around 20 fewer games than major league teams do. And yet, despite that difference in games played, it looks like the Astros are on track to finish with fewer wins than the Sounds.
  • With the loss to Birmingham, the Smokies’ magic number stays at four. Daytona’s number is down to nine.
  • Boise has pulled into a tie with Salem-Keizer for second place in the division. They now trail Hillsboro by a game.
  • fortyonenorth

    Not the best outing for Paniagua. 1.2 innings. 9 runs (6 ER) on 10 hits. Ouch.

    • Jackalope

      Yeah, what’s up with him. He’s been awful.

  • On The Farm

    So if I looked correctly before Gretsky’s 4-4 night he was 1 for his previous 10.

    Where does Leal look to be headed next year? Will he stay in Short Season ball, like Bosie, or will he start out at Kane County?

  • Jackalope

    Happened to be checking out the DSL Cubs stats. I know you have to take them with a grain of salt, but you can definitely see an organizational trend. Almost every player is walking at significantly higher than a 10% rate:

    These players surely realize that they’re not going to merely be able to “hit themselves off the island.” Some strike zone judgement will be required.

  • Hookers or Cake

    What the hell is wrong with Baez? No homeruns last night bro? I guess he can’t handle the pressure… Who should we trade him for?

    • C. Steadman

      international bonus pool money?

      • CubsFaninMS

        Or maybe we can package him with all of our Top 10 prospects for one year of control on David Price!

  • Cedlandrum

    Why wouldn’t you want to see the ICubs? I have seen some bad Icubs teams but this one is horrible.

    The only half way decent everyday players are Olt- hitting .191 on the year and Ha, who is fun to watch in the outfield, but current streak aside is just a so-so hitter.

    There are a few good pitchers to check out like Grimm, Hendricks, Rosscup and Cabrera, but overall this team is BAAAAADDDDDD and unenjoyable to watch.

    • Cedlandrum

      I should say the current configuration of the team. With Watkins gone, Lake gone, Vitters hurt, Jackson sucking in AA.

    • On The Farm

      Agreed, at least Kane County, while a horrible team, is still watchable.

  • cubbie Forever

    I was able to see Brett Jackson play year after year up close and personal. Seeing what has happened to him destroys any belief that I could judge the future of minor leaguers—with one exception–Baez–bet the house on him.

    • willis

      I saw a bunch of his games in AA and AAA as well the last few years. He so much looked the part of a smooth toolsy player with a very good chance at becoming a good major league player. Hell I was in his corner like crazy last year when he got the promotion. I was wrong on him. He still can’t make contact and is struggling as badly in AA as he did in AAA this year. Pretty ugly for a dude we thought would be the CF on this team.

  • C. Steadman

    Neil Ramirez will help the Tennessee playoff push tremendously

  • RoughRiider

    The Rangers announced that they have sent right-handed pitcher Neil Ramirez to the Cubs, completing the July 22nd trade that sent Matt Garza to Chicago

  • Tommy

    What are the odds the Cubs pull out of Daytona one of these years? After reading your posts for the last two years, Luke, it seems like it’s almost a waste of time to be on that team with all the rainouts!

    • On The Farm

      Not very likely considering the Carolina league gets as much rain as the Florida league.