For 12 innings, each team held the other scoreless. Or is it more fair to say that each team failed to score?

In the top of the 13th, the Cubs finally scored two runs, largely thanks to a freak play in which Nate Schierholtz took a throw off of his face. Naturally, in the bottom of the 13th, the Padres scored two runs on a Ronny Cedeno triple and then a wild pitch.

That’s when it felt more or less ordained that the Cubs would eventually lose, which they did in the 15th. You can barely even remember that Chris Rusin and Andrew Cashner (making good on this threat) had great starts in this one.

august 25 box

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  • jamie

    Lol. That’s what I said when football came on

  • waittilthisyear

    dexter over here

  • kubphan82

    I held on for hope that Lake would pitch and Travis Wood would pinch hit…. That’s my only let down this evening…

  • Jason

    Who would be the Cubs emergency pitcher?

    • kubphan82

      Bogusevic is a former pitcher… Pretty certain the Cubs have a couple options for “outs”…

  • Brian Peters

    I hope Kevin Gregg develops an ingrown hair in his eyeball. He needs to go.

    • Mr. B. Patient

      Kevin Gregg would rank around 20th if you listed all the Cubs problems.

      • cms0101

        I disagree. He’s been brutal for over a month. Just like in the beginning of the season, the inability to put a pitcher out there that can close out games has been killing the Cubs. Gregg is at least in the top 5 of problems this team has. Aside from Rondon, the rest of the pitching staff looked pretty good tonight at least.

        • Cyranojoe

          The Cubs’ inability to win games in the final two months of this season is definitely not in the top 10 of our problems. Arguably, it’s a positive, but even if you don’t agree with that approach, you can’t possibly believe the closer situation is critical at this point.

  • http://Yes Dude

    Bryant hitting 370. Any chance he sees AA this year?

    • Luke

      Nope. This is the final week of the season.

    • Brent


  • abe

    only one game behind the Soxs.. Keep it up Cubs!!

    • Mr. B. Patient

      The Cubs next series vs. LA Dodgers.
      The Sox next series vs. Houston Astros.

      Put it on the board……
      YES !!!

      • Travis

        Ha go sox?

        How about boges getting three walks and Murphy already has 4 errors damn.

  • Jason P

    I was just looking at the Cubs minor league affiliates’ box scores, and I started wondering when the last time someone on the AZL Cubs hit a home run was. So I looked it up: July 26th was the last time and it was Jesse Hodges going deep. So tomorrow will be one-month anniversary.

    • Mick

      The weakest squad I have seen in my 12 yrs . Due to heat I have not been at all games but we have had a lot of rehab guys from 40 man here. Monsoon hitting here now bigtime.

    • ssckelley

      The lack of power has been puzzling, especially with Freeman on the team. I think he finished 4th at college in homers.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    When you look at it stepping back, the minor leagues including the Hendry 2011 draft have been on the up and frankly are strong. The rebuilding started with Hendry having an outstanding 2011 draft and int’l class, Ricketts did step up there where the Tribune didn’t. 2012 and 13 in my view while opting quantity in terms of pitching were outstanding too with Almora and Bryant especially, but they did well with some mid to end of the rotation types too. Add in the aggressive action on Soler, the Atlanta and Cincy trade last deadline and then the trades this, and what they lacked in sizzle they more than made up in quantity.

    It all comes to down to they have built the babies to the the top and have done so in 3 years, and it really is matter of next season’s draft from this year’s record and some back filling. That part is all good, the Cubs will begin to trickle some talent ML ways in 2014, and make some real progress of getting young players on the field in 2015, 2016 and 2017. How long they take to acclimate means its unlikely they instantly turn us into contenders. And lets be blunt, most of us will agree by this time in 2015 try will have one of the best, if not nest on paper 30 man farm feeder systems in baseball.

    And here’s my issue. I don’t think Castro fits as the core of this team. I think he’s talented and I think when he’s aggressive a very good hitter, but he doesn’t fit what they do and they need to make the best deal they can for both the Cubs and he this winter. Rizzo is much different. They knew him and even though he’s struggled he’s still going to end up knocking 23-26 HR’s and I think you can make the argument he will ultimately adjust, so I will say he can still figure in as a core guy. Maybe Jeff S and maybe Wood, but they have a lot to think about with both those guys.

    My point is this they lack a hard tough certain core and need to stretch carefully in 2014 and 15 with FA. If a guy like JE a former Theo talent find, can be selective, hit close to 300, play CF until Almora arrives, and then move the LF, along with providing leadership, they have to begin adding some guys like this to their core. They have to consider trades. Because no matter how you cut it, if the aim is to really compete/contend anytime soon 14/15 you won’t do it with just counting on this core as presently made and hoping your minors turns only gems.

    I feel good about Theo’s minor league building. I have deep concerns about the core of this major league team and the hitting instruction.

    • Ian Afterbirth

      I kinda like Castro. I never felt his initial success was sustainable, but I also didn’t think it could ever tank the way it has. This year I’d sort of taken solace in the notion that management was tinkering with him too much and that as soon as they left him alone again he’d return to at least some semblance of the hitter he was (fielding is another story).

      I’m starting to worry that it’s not going to play out so happily. I agree that it is becoming apparent that no matter his age he will never be a solid core player. I think he’s an interesting story and I always pay attention to his ABs and pull for him, but…..

      I’d certainly keep him if he becomes a peripheral player due to better bats arriving in the lineup in the coming years (not as someone we count on pulling through at the plate day in and day out), but I might start entertaining offers, if there were any.

      • hansman1982

        “I’m starting to worry that it’s not going to play out so happily.”

        I have a feeling that it’s going to click for Castro and he is going to get scary good in a hurry.

  • Carmelo

    One play I take away from today’s game that shows the difference between the Cubs and Cardinals—-12th inning, runners on 1st and 2nd, full count on Barney, runners going—-grounder to SS, and Castillo slides away from Cedeno allowing him to complete DP. What would Holliday have done to the SS?

    • Since 58

      Or yet another botched hit and run with Lake trying hard to hit behind the runner and popping to right, doubling off Bogesevic. The Cubs “system” players remain fundamentally unsound. What accountability? Look at the difference betweeb Schierholz and Cub developed talent. Didn’t see the WP to tie the game…Would Yadier Molina have called that pitch in that situation? Would he have found a way to block it? Again, look at the difference between Navarro and Castillo…who’s the back up…really?

      • mjhurdle

        So your argument is that Castillo is fundamentally unsound because he isn’t as good defensively as one the the all-time best defensive catchers in the history of the game?

  • Caleb


    Only the cubs.

  • Stu

    Lineup only proves that winning is secondary. Castro leading off, Rizzo second?

    Need to stop pretending that it is bad to lose games.