Jeff Samardzija made another excellent start, even pitching himself out of a bases loaded jam in the 8th inning before turning things over to Kevin Gregg for the 9th.

The Cubs scored just enough to win, which will give them a chance at a series win in the finale.

aug 24 2013

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  • Frank

    Talk about sweating the eight inning. If only Barney could produce like that on a consistent basis.

  • Crockett

    I realized tonight when I interrupted my viewing of the Cubs game to clean my bathroom that we’ve reached the point of the season where the AAAA lineup bores me. I pretty much only find joy in Junior Lake ABs now. Blah.

    • Canadian Cubs Fan

      Ha! You nailed it, Crocket. I check the boxes for Castro, Rizzo and Lake. Then I come here to get the EBS and find out if there’s anything I missed.

      Lake seems to continually have decent AB’s, and has his share of loud outs along with his hits. I really hope he’s not just a flash, because I like his athleticism. And considering where he was on the prospect depth chart, it gives me hope for the other guys coming through the pipeline!

  • arta


  • gratefulled

    Double ditto

  • ruby2626

    Would anyone else have liked to have seen Strop close the game in the 9th rather than Gregg. Be nice to see what he can do in this role as a possible audition for next year. His stuff is so much better than Gregg’s it’s laughable.

  • koyiehillsucks2

    Ive watched the last 3 or 4 games and i don’t remember a castro at bat were he hit a fly ball. It’s been nothing but ground ball or strike outs….

  • http://bleachenation Sacko

    .077 is playing left field, our future is batting 1st and 2nd so they get more at bats and cant drive in runs anyway, another reject that nobody wants is playing right. The back up catcher is batting 4th, We’re going to spend a trillion on renovations, while we don’t want to bring up somebody from the minors to save money on contracts, and our leading home run hitter is sitting on the bench. In the mean time Shark does not want to sign a long term deal. I wonder why? What the f… Dale makes me gag.
    I don’t blame you dude if you want to play somewhere else because we don’t want to back you up with our best to help you win.

    • Chris S

      Rizzo (our leading HR hitter) isn’t sitting on the bench..

      But I will agree with you about one thing. If I were Shark, I’d be a little leery about signing an extension with the Cubs, at least until they can prove – W-L wise – that they’re headed in the right direction. If for some very remote reason (it is the Cubs after all) some/most of the signings don’t work out and say in 2015 we still aren’t headed up the standings. I could see him being on the first bus out of town. But then again, I guess it all depends on what Shark’s intentions are for his MLB career. If it’s money and WS rings, and we aren’t competitive in the next few years, I could see him jetting.

      • http://bleachenation Sacko

        Well maybe you would like to tell me why our leading HR is on the bench. Maybe you could also tell me if we are more fun to watch since the brought up Lake. Tell me also why we sign guys with Tommy John issues. Why is .077 even on our roster much less on the field I think it is hard enough for a fan to stick it out much less Shark. I think he is that good that we should comfort him as much as Rizzo and Castro.

        • hansman1982

          Who is:

          1. our leading HR
          2. .077

        • DarthHater

          Last night, the Cubs faced a left-handed starter. Schierholtz has a career total of 4 HRs in 345 career plate appearances against lefties. He should not in any way be considered the Cubs’ best HR hitter when a lefty is on the mound. Also, McDonald has 11 career HRs in 438 PAs against lefties. McDonald’s career OPS against lefties is also 71 points higher than Schierholtz’s. So, the next time you feel like gagging, looking at some actual facts might help to relieve that sensation.

  • fromthemitten

    those 7 strikeouts are impressive considering he didn’t get one til the fourth inning I think

  • http://bleachenation Sacko

    U seriously do not know who is leading our team in HR and I’m questioning why he’s on the bench and McDonald is playing?

    • hansman1982

      Who is it you think leads the team in HR’s?

      By’s count, that would be Rizzo followed by Schierholtz.

      Also, odd timing to pick on Schierholtz being benched. McDonald went 1-3 with a walk AND we won the game. In case you haven’t noticed, Schierholtz has been sitting on the bench for quite a few games.

      (also, McDonald isn’t batting .077 (considering I had to manually calculate his BA to figure that out, you might want to start using names))

  • http://bleachenation Sacko

    Good job! Schierholtz is right behind Rizzo playing less games. What’s your point there.
    Mcdonald was at .077 at the start of last nights game. Oh he got a hit! How many HR does he have and how many RBI’s. Oh I know we will give him as many AB’s to see if he catches up with Schierholtz. You like loosing too, good for you. And we will lose more games should we continue to play McDonald, we’re going to drop him any way when Sweeny comes back.

    • jt

      McDonald help save a disastrous Boston season when Theo was still there. He is a guy who has performed better than is abilities in his limited career. Perhaps McDonald will be a future Cubs system coach and they are making him feel part of the family. In this lost season, I don’t see where it hurts. After all, he did again outperform his meager abilities by getting a hit and walk when others where having trouble getting on base.

  • http://bleachenation Sacko

    Schierholtz has by passed all his career stats since he came here, darthater and 4 hr’s is all he’s gonna get sitting on the bench. you make me gag also.

    • mjhurdle

      im beginning to think you just like gagging.

      • Patrick W.

        This is genius. I spit Diet Dr. Pepper all over my desk so you owe me a keyboard, but well done.

    • DarthHater

      “you make me gag also.”

      It’s a public service, since whatever you cough up would be the most intelligent thing to come out of your mouth all day.

  • http://bleachenation Sacko

    Yep play Mcdonald that’s your intelligence? Keep gaging I understand your problem now.

  • http://bleachenation Sacko

    Gonna go watch Schierholtz play now.