cacti mesaWe’d already heard that top prospects Jorge Soler and Albert Almora would be heading to Mesa this Fall for the Arizona Fall League, and that was plenty to set everyone’s prospecting heart atwitter.

But today the rosters were released, and the Cubs’ contingent will also include both of Javier Baez and Kris Bryant.

*Commence meltdown.*

Having each of the Cubs’ top four prospects in the AFL is not only very exciting, but it’s telling that the Cubs are ready and willing to challenge each of the four with the AFL. Baez is the only one who’s been there before, but it was for just a couple weeks last year (his appearance ended early with an injury). Each is relatively young for the prospect-heavy league.

Almora is technically on the taxi squad, which means he won’t play as much as the other three, which is understandable. At just 19, he’s very young for league.

Also coming to the league from the Cubs are Arodys Vizcaino (recovering from an elbow procedure, which itself came as he was recovering from Tommy John surgery), Matt Loosen (Rule 5 eligible), Dallas Beeler (Rule 5 eligible), and Armando Rivero (big-time Cuban reliever who’s been flying up the ranks this year).

I’ll soon have more on each of the prospects in the league, including the reasons for their inclusion and analysis of what the Cubs will be looking for.

The Cubs’ prospects will play on the Mesa Solar Sox, a team that will also feature players from the Detroit Tigers, the Los Angeles Angels, the Oakland Athletics, and the Washington Nationals.

The AFL season kicks off on October 8, and concludes with a championship on November 16. It’s a healthily long season, and plenty of time to enjoy both baseball and prospects (especially if your big team is at home in October). Every AFL season is fun to follow, but this one will be over the moon.

  • RoughRiider

    I’d like to see an AFL rule that says at least 1 player from every organization has to start and play. I’ve been to some games were no Cub player played.

    • cms0101

      I’m only guessing, but I feel like that won’t be a problem with the guys the Cubs are sending this season.

  • Dylan

    Well then, I might have to join my dad on his business trip to Arizona this October to capture the AFL with my camera!

  • Jon

    SQUEAL!!!!! I am so going to games. Phoenix Muni is two blocks from my office. I will have to get me a BN t-shirt so I stand out!!!!!

    • mick

      Jon I go by those big office buildings frequently–just can never find anyplace close by to eat–have to go back to arz state for food. Hot dogs only at Muni. Did you know A’s moving to HoHo and Arz State using Muni in 2015?

      • Jon

        That I did. Can’t wait for the new digs to open since it is right down the road. Not much over there. I am going to hit Portillo’s at the Tempe Marketplace, makes it feel more Chicago authentic!

  • mick

    Report that no Iowa Cub on all-stars. Not good.

    • Jp3

      This is not a surprise… Hendricks started the AA all star game and he’s on there. Obviously if we had a bunch of studs In AAA out major league team would’ve called some of them up and we wouldn’t have sucked so bad this year

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    This will be a lot of fun for those of you in AZL, you’ll have to file reports.

    I think Baez and Almora are no accident. Theo is in a bit of a predicament. He hast to correctly make a decision on his core. People cavalierly excused the Castro regression in 2012 and now many continue to do the same. It is a pretty important decision. If he doesn’t rebound next season, you’re really stuck and clearly they should be questioning is Castro really a guy to build around. I think Baez is inevitably tied to Castro whether we love him or not. I also think Theo could be intent on trading Baez not Castro. That to me would be a mistake.

    The other factor is Dale Sveum’s future. no one has talked about other to call him a lame duck. Depending on what they do with Sveum, I believe this will weigh on whether the on field Cub management wants to continue to develop and invest in Castro. While it may be an opportune time to trade Baez, I would argue it well me the last real opportunity to get value, real value for Castro. Anyway you cut it, this is a pivotal AZL fall look and offseason. For my money, I think they may well extend Sveum.

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      Dale has to go, hitting wise the team seems to have regressed from last year, especially “key players”. I really don’t think he should be in charge of developing future talent the next few years once the top prospects start to reach the majors.

      As for Castro I really hope he turns it around but I have a feeling he wont.

  • Josh

    Looks like Addison Russell will be on the solar sox as well…..that’s some good talent on the left side of their infield

    • Reality Check

      so who plays short? with baez and Russell?

      • Blublud

        Baez is the better prospect, so I assume he get the first nod. But the Cubs could want Baez to get some 3rd base in with Bryant getting some OF in, so we could possibly see them both.

  • Wester

    Anyone know if these games will be on

  • Jp3

    So Ben wells and kyler burke are combined for a no hitter through 5 innings of a 7 inning rainout makeup game in Daytona. Does it still count as a no hitter if its only a 7 inning game?

    • Brett

      People still call it a no-hitter, but they follow it up with “in seven innings.”