Pre-Gamin’: Cubs v. Dodgers (2:10 CT) – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc.

dodger stadium chavez ravineRicky Nolasco can’t be as effective as Clayton Kershaw, right? Thus, Cubs win.

Game Info

Chicago Cubs (56-76) at Los Angeles Dodgers (77-55), 2:10 CT on CSN.

Game Thread and Series Preview

The Game Thread lives here. You should participate in the madness. And, of course, for those who aren’t into message board-style game threads, please feel free to use the comments on this post for your in-game commentary/outbursts.

The Series Preview lives here.

Starting Pitchers

Edwin Jackson (7-13, 5.00 ERA, 3.60 FIP)


Ricky Nolasco (10-9, 3.42 ERA, 3.55 FIP (combined))

Los Angeles Dodgers Lineup

1. Yasiel Puig, RF

2. Carl Crawford, LF

3. Hanley Ramirez, SS

4. Andre Ethier, CF

5. Jerry Hairston, 1B

6. Mark Ellis, 2B

7. Juan Uribe, 3B

8. Tim Federowicz, C

9. Ricky Nolasco, P

Chicago Cubs Lineup

1. Starlin Castro, SS

2. Darwin Barney, 2B

3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

4. Nate Schierholtz, RF

5. Brian Bogusevic, LF

6. Junior Lake, CF

7. Welington Castillo, C

8. Cody Ransom, 3B

9. Edwin Jackson, P

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59 responses to “Pre-Gamin’: Cubs v. Dodgers (2:10 CT) – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc.”

  1. Jon

    By winning last night, the Cubs blew a shot for 3rd in the fecal league standings. Pick it up boys.

  2. ramy 16

    E jackson..has been up and down all year..not getting my hopes up

    1. Jeff

      “E jackson..has been up and down all year” You got that right, when he’s been up and down in the zone, he just walks guys and when he’s pitched in the middle of the plate, he’s been hit hard! lol

  3. Eternal Pessimist

    Puig…so young and already getting the call. was strike three.

  4. willis

    Interesting strategy to get tossed in the first inning.

    1. C. Steadman

      sveum got tossed already?? i dont have access to a tv, only boxscores that dont show who got tossed

      1. willis

        Oh yeah, arguing a check swing non strike call. It was a bad call, but surprised he went for the toss in the first inning. Gets paid today for not working…well that’s been the last two years.

        1. C. Steadman

          we’ve had bad luck lately with check swings..

  5. willis

    Hope that bullpen is ready today.

    1. On The Farm

      Its Edwin Jackson, they are ready before the first pitch.

  6. someday...2015?

    Puig’s attitude is pathetic.

    1. Jon

      I hate the fact he’s not a Cub.

      1. Eternal Pessimist

        …but his attitude does seem to suck. Pout much Puig???

  7. Losing makes u better 62-100 > 75-87

    I feel like its going to take a good half season at AA for our fringy top 100 guys like P Johnson and CJ Edwards for the top “prospect evaluators” in the media to actually believe in them and be convinced their top 100 prospects.

    1. C. Steadman has CJ at #44..dont know when their update was but the article i saw came out the 26th… isnt a “top” prospect evaluator for baseball but its still good to see him getting recognition

      1. Losing makes u better 62-100 > 75-87

        For sure that’s encouraging. It seems like J Parks, K Law, etc. aren’t going to give him that much credit till they see him in AA

        1. C. Steadman


      2. Mr. B. Patient

        Steadman, look at Scout, Inc’s Top 25 prospect ranking. It’s very strange. He does have 4 Cubs on it.
        Almora #7
        Bryant #13
        Baez #19
        Soler #21

        I would say, at this point in time, the order he has these guys ranked would be an outlier.

        Kind of makes me question some of his other rankings.

        1. C. Steadman

          yeah, that is weird…i think i’ll just wait and see what Baseball America and rank our players after the season…seems fishy to me

  8. Losing makes u better 62-100 > 75-87

    I can’t wait to see see Pierce Johnson, CJ Edwards, and Ivan Pineryo in Tennessee next year. That’s the real test for young pitchers bc then they really get tested against the elite prospects and we get to see if those secondary breaking pitches are big league quality or at least get to test them out on more elite minor league hitters

  9. MNeuman

    Anyone watching….why was Puig pulled?

    1. someday...2015?

      Dodgers broadcast says it was a managers decision. Guess I wasn’t the only one who saw the pathetic attitude being displayed.

      I think it was for the way he was playing the OF that got him pulled… Casually running to ball like he could care less about the the game. Then the way he flipped the ball in the stands at the end of the inning seemed disrespectful.

      1. someday...2015?

        I think the way the he way playing the OF was the reason that got him pulled**

        1. someday...2015?

          Ok, third times a charm…

          I think the way he was playing the OF was the reason that he got pulled**

          1. Eternal Pessimist

            slamming the bat after bad at-bats yesterday and today, and what looked like a fielders choice put-out at first, but Puig didn’t hustle to second and it Barney turned it into a double play

            1. Eternal Pessimist

              …and way to much machismo for the U.S. market…just doesn’t play well here, but if you got the talent you can get away with a lot more of that crap.

  10. mick

    Johnny Football given 1/2 game suspension so he can come in at halftime at Rice game. NCAA said case is over.

    1. Jon

      who cares

      1. miggy80

        I second that emotion

    2. mjhurdle

      that is one harsh punishment.
      100% sure that will deter any future violations from occurring.

      1. mick

        Appears to open a big can of worms for NCAA in future.

    3. Losing makes u better 62-100 > 75-87

      I have to agree, who cares. The NCAA is completely corrupt and Johnny Football is an arrogant prick who care more about drinking a Natty lite then his own teammates. I don’t respect or care for ppl like that. This is a cubs forum

      1. mick

        Lighten up–most baseball fans are huge football fans also. Just breaking news to share and then back to our Cub game.

        1. Losing makes u better 62-100 > 75-87

          Nope. You should read up about him. His daddy bout him a Mercedes bc he was afraid he’d take illegal money and the kid sold autographs anyways. I really don’t have that much of a problem with him signing autographs but he is very entitled kid all his life that has been given already multiple chances in his collegiate career to clean up his act and he has been to arrogant and childish to learn from his mistakes.

          When you are student athlete at that level you are held to higher level. He is the face of his university and college football. He needs to act with more class. It’s ok to go out and have fun but not alright to cause trouble.

          1. Losing makes u better 62-100 > 75-87

            By the way I love college football but I am annoyed by the lack of class of Johnny Football. Kids will be kids but how many chances does one guy need.

          2. On The Farm

            If they had substainial evidence that Johnny did sell his autographs the NCAA would have had no trouble coming down on him. People love to watch stars fall from grace, and love a good scandal. And the NCAA has shown they are willing to give their top teir programs (USC and THEE OSU) multi-year bowl bans. I don’t like what Manziel did (if he did do it), but the fact is the burden of proof rests with the prosecution.

          3. mick

            We knew his family in Tyler Texas. 5A football and my hometown played them in all sports. Family very wealthy and even grandfather involved in scandalous transactions. I hope he matures and he is fun to watch.

      2. On The Farm

        Woah, kind of harsh for a 20 year old college kid don’t you think?

    4. someday...2015?

      Good. Alabama won’t get a free ride to the NCG now.

      1. willis

        Double good, I have season tickets for Ole Miss and A&M are on the home slate this year. Hooray!

      2. On The Farm

        Agreed, I am tired of hearing the only team good enough to beat Alabama is Alabama. I will say this I did not expect A&M to hold their own as well as they have been since joining the ACC. I didn’t think they were a very good Big 12 team.

        1. willis

          First of all, OTF, they joined the SEC. :)

          Secondly, perfect storm really. Manziel + Kevin Sumlin was a dynamite combination that blew the doors off people last year. Don’t expect them to repeat their record form last year this year. Saying that, Bama is off the charts. But, Georgia is almost as good and LSU/South Carolina/A&M all right there. Ole Miss should be pretty good…Bama is the favorite, but that SEC road is tough to navigate.

          1. On The Farm

            Damn my end of the day brain fart. I was just surprised because between all the teams you mentioned, plus Florida I never would have thought A&M would be able to hang with them after playing second fiddle to Oklahoma and Texas all those years.

            1. willis

              I think you and all the programs in the SEC were equally surprised (hell we all were) but they just had lightening in a bottle last year. I think they’ll still be good this year but will have some slip ups. Once Manziel leaves they’ll be middle of the pack SEC West, which is what I expected when they joined.

              You also have to consider Arkansas and Auburn were/are rebuilding, those programs will be good again and soon.

        2. someday...2015?

          I can’t believe a team like Alabama only gets two ranked opponents on their schedule. Total BS.

          1. willis

            It’s not a cakewalk either, the SEC is murderer’s row. When you look at their slate, VA Tech is really good, Ole Miss will be a tough game and could very well be ranked by then (should be now), LSU is always ranked and tough, and then A&M. Now, they did luck out that 2013 are going to be bad years for Arkansas, TN, and that their east game this year is Kentucky. Plus Mississippi St will blow. But it’s by no means an easy schedule. The West IS a little down this year.

            1. someday...2015?

              I think Ole Miss has the best chance to knock off Alabama outside of LSU and A&M. I see VT also giving them a good game.

              1. willis

                I think when the schedules were laid out a couple years ago this looked a lot more daunting then than now. I think VT hangs with them for a half then Bama’s depth will take over. Hell they are laying 20 points though, that’s a lot.

          2. mick


  11. willis

    This game has gone off the rails.

  12. Jon

    Edwin Jackson sucks

    1. C. Steadman

      wish we landed sanchez instead…

  13. someday...2015?

    Bryant HR.

    1. Eternal Pessimist

      Wow, you reported that before it showed up on Well done.

      1. someday...2015?

        The TuneIn radio app is free and great for listening to the minor league games. Just look up Tennessee smokies and Iowa Cubs in the search section…

        WSBB 1230 is the Daytona station.

        1. Eternal Pessimist


        2. 1ski

          Thank you!

    2. Mr. B. Patient

      Just as excited about CJ Edwards consistency, to tell you the truth. Another great start.

      (not that the Bryant thing isn’t great).

  14. mick

    Radio only for me today. Charley Steiner long time Dodger announcer really tells it like it is.

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