bnpodcastimagesmallIn another super-sized episode of the BN Podcast – the 38th episode – Sahadev and I talk about batting order appropriateness, the future positions of Cubs prospects, and Brandon Phillips’ icky behavior.

We also get into the current money situation for the Cubs, and whether the David DeJesus trade tells us anything in that regard.

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  • chrisfchi

    Brett, us there any way to download the podcast on android?

    • Brett

      There should be a podcast app for Android, right? If so, you just need the podcast feed (which is linked in the post).

      • chrisfchi

        Thanks Brett, always enjoy these

  • DarthHater

    Any good catfights in this podcast?

    • Brett

      Unfortunately they were locked away for this one.

      But Sahadev and I let the claws come out!

      (not really)

      • DarthHater


  • Dylan

    Is there any kind of transcript for your podcasts? I’m deaf and can’t listen to them, but would love to read what you have to say.


  • SenorGato

    Can’t listen yet but:

    Baez – 2B
    Alcantara – SS if traded, 2B if he stays here
    Bryant – Hopefully 3B until he hits FA, probably RF
    Vitters – Corner UT
    Watkins – 2B or UT if things go very well for him
    Johnson – RP
    Cabrera – RP
    Vizcaino – RP

  • kubphan82

    When it comes to talking about the “positional glut” I didn’t hear either one of you mention Christian Villanueva. Realistically he fits the same time frame as everyone else as hitting the majors in the next couple years and it would be interesting as to where he would fit in, relational to the others. I can maybe understand Vitters being left out of that conversation

    I can only imagine how complex the situation could get if, as you guys stated, “all realize their potential”…. Castro, Bryant, Baez, Soler, Almora, Alcantara, Olt, AND Villanueva.

    • Tim

      That will not happen. All we can hope for is they all keep their value high and we choose to hold onto the guys who do reach their potential and trade the rest before they flame out

      • Kubphan82

        I get that, but in the podcast tey hypothesized about all the glut coming up and “what if’d” and they forgot Villanueva in the 2B/SS/3B or to the OF scenario. Hence my question… It wasn’t as if I think they’ll all pan out lol

    • Brett

      Good notice, but we didn’t mention him because what was driving the conversation was positional moves. I don’t think anyone is thinking Villanueva is going to move off of third (maybe second, but he’s blocked there, too, by Alcantara) – he’s just blocked by multiple guys, even though he’s a legit prospect. We were focused at the top of the Cubs’ prospect list, that’s all.

      Villanueva is plausible trade bait at this point, especially given that he’s already on the 40-man.

      • Luke

        And pretty attractive trade bait at that.

        • Die hard

          In a package for Lincecum would be worth exploring

          • MichiganGoat

            Well he’s a FA after this season so I’m sure the Giants would love to make that move. Ah facts

      • jt

        They list Villanueva at 5’11 160lb’s
        What if he puts on 20lb’s some of which is muscle and turns 5 of those 41 doubles into HR’s increasing that number to 23. What if he gets just a little bit better at controlling the k zone and turns 10 of his 114 K’s to BB and increase that number to 44. Now consider how bad he was in April and how good he has been since.
        OK, sayin’ ain’t doin’ and the above would not be an easy task. But is it outside the realm?
        I too am thinking this guy belongs in the conversation.

  • cub2014

    I saw that the Cubs have been talking to
    Bijan Rademacher about switching to pitcher.
    I guess he throws in upper 90’s and is a
    lefty. That sounds very interesting.

    • Luke

      Several teams wanted to draft him as a pitcher, but he prefers to play the field and hit. He turned those other teams down and told the Cubs he would sign because the Cubs would give him a chance to make it as a hitter first – or so the story goes.

      • cub2014

        Ya he was quoted as saying he would prefer the
        outfield but would do what it takes to get the big

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