Enhanced Box Score: Marlins 4, Cubs 3 – September 2, 2013

I hope you watched the first two innings of this one, because if you didn’t, you didn’t really see anything of note.

The Cubs scored three in the first on a series of base hits, but the Marlins took it all back in the top of the second off the bat of an unlikely hero.

sept 2 box

Full box.

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87 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Marlins 4, Cubs 3 – September 2, 2013”

  1. Die hard

    Attendance figure tells all you want to know about whether fans are finally boycotting this team– maybe Ricketts will realize that 5 Jumbotrons won’t make a difference

    1. DarthHater

      You mean stats like the stat that the Cubs rank 11th out of all 30 MLB teams in attendance this season, even though they rank 27th in W-L record? Are those the stats to which you are referring?

      1. Timothy Scarbrough

        I believe Die hard is referring to the stats he pulled out of his ass.

        1. DarthHater

          Yes, there does seem to be some precedent to support such a belief.

        2. Die hard

          26000 on a Labor Day? Probably only 20000 actual— that’s a travesty

          1. Jason

            Why do we even celebrate labor day? Few have a job or money for tickets.

            1. Pat

              In appreciation for those that do have a job footing the bill (as much of it as actually gets paid, anyway) for those that don’t? Just spitballing here.

              1. Die hard

                That’s why fewer and fewer American kids making it to bigs and more and more so called defectors are— probably more than half of tkts were bought by corporations who indirectly fund ransoms paid to dictators to release the defectors

                1. Jason

                  Not much of a conspiracy theorist–well–except for that moon landing.

                  1. Hansman1982

                    I don’t belive in crack-pot theories drummed up by the mentally handicapped…except for the one of those that is the most easily (and often) disproved.

                2. Pat

                  You, good sir, win the non-sequitur of the day award.

      2. Brains

        This is a second rate red herring. The only people happy about the team as it currently is are the internet basement dwellers. You guys have no hope in the first place, so what’s another 7 years? I bet Theo is super pissed that he has to take the brunt of this criticism, since he’s been underfunded after they promised him that he’d be able to build a winner. Let’s stop with all of the reverse-negativity here, and stop dumping on anyone who’s concerned that the Cubs are heading in the wrong direction. You guys are like poison ivy replanted in the outfield.

    2. Jason P

      The “boycott” that only 2.2 million people didn’t participate in this year?

      1. DarthHater

        Yes, but there are currently over 7,108,800,000 people in the world. Apparently, 7,106,600,000 of them did participate in the boycott. :-P

        1. Pat

          Yes, but that’s only because 7,000,000,000 of them are still on the STH waiting list.

  2. roz

    Good, I want Ricketts to blow a bunch of money on overpriced free agents that will be heading downhill in 2 years just to appease a bunch of us idiot fans.

    1. roz

      That was supposed to be a reply to Die hard.

    2. Pat

      Yes, why spend money on good players when you can get shitty players for almost free.

      1. koyiehillsucks2

        spending big on fa’s doesnt work, look at the dodgers!

        1. JM

          Bad example.

    3. Brains

      I think the notion that owners should not spend money on good players has pretty much been disproven at this point. If the team is making money, why would we not invest in the team? This is all fantasy baseball talk that has nothing to do with humans or team play.

      And while Hamilton has been a wash, Torii Hunter hasn’t, and the Dodgers are looking pretty dang good these days. Spending money on free agents isn’t a bad thing, spending it on old or injured ones is. Let’s hope this weird period of anti-winning, anti-Wrigleyville, anti-fans, anti-MLB quality ballplayers sentiment is passing.

      1. hookersorcake

        Hamilton a wash?! He’s a nightmare that’s due 100+million over the next 4 years and the angels have to hope and pray Puljos and him can turn it around or they are sunk.
        And Tori Hunter has been OK, nothing great for 26 million 2 years. Schierholtz has been better for a fraction of the price.
        The point is most big dollar free agents aren’t worth the money. OR you pay for 6-10 years and hope you get 3-5 good years. On a rebuilding team that doesn’t make any sense.
        If the Cubs signed Hamilton and Hunter they’d be stuck with 150 million dollars of extra salary and no more wins than they have now. And then in 2015-17 when the Cubs should be super competitive they’d be paying a has been 25-32-32 million dollars.

        1. dan

          The Angel organization is on tilt due to those signings. And most any of us could have told them–buyer beware.

        2. caryatid62

          Yes, picking up FAs over 30 with a history of injuries is a bad idea. How about going after international free agents under 30? What if they would have broken the bank for these 7 players?

          Yoennis Cespedes
          Yu Darvish
          Hyun-Jin Ryu
          Yasiel Puig
          Wei-Yin Chen
          Norichika Aoki
          Leonys Martin

          I think they’d be pretty happy right now, and much closer to contending.

      2. DarthHater

        “Hamilton has been a wash”

        Well, so much for calling yourself “Brains.”

        1. Brains


  3. RY

    wow, in a battle of losers, we give up the game winning home run to a freakin pitcher no less in the second inning; and the train of absurdity just keeps on a rolling. Nobody invents ways to lose better than the cubs!

  4. Vulcan

    Another game closer to “catching” the Marlins, I guess…

  5. chcfan

    I would trade Darwin Barney for some sunflower seeds to feed Castro. Good thing we won’t have to see Barney at 2B this time next year…he should have been placed on waivers already…baffling that he is still on this team

    1. willis

      He is kinda awful at the plate. I think if the cubs could find a decent bat for second it easily can replace the defense that would be lost. Love Barney’s glove, but I’m ready for a new face at 2nd.

      That first inning was all kinds of good stuff. But even with three, still seemed they left Alvarez off the hook a little. The inning that really hurt was the…4th or 5th? With Sweeney and Lake on board with no outs and they scored nada. That was a killer.

      1. chcfan

        We won’t be seeing Barney at 2B come next season end. Alcantara should be ready…Baez may push Castro over…Castro may push Baez over…or an improved Watkins. For the rest of this season, I would like to see Watkins get more playing time at 2B

  6. Jeff

    Just returned from watching Javier Baez in the last AA game of the season. Made a great diving catch but he tried to jack every pitch out of the yard, very little discipline on his part. I know he’s young but at some point he’s going to have to learn he’s not going to hit a home run every time. Christian Villanueva had a homer and a nice game.

  7. Kenster

    Ya im rather upset on the lack of playing time Logan Watkins has received due to the fact Sveum keeps running out Barney at 2nd every game.

    1. Pat

      Eh, he was brought up to be a bench bat. Not every guy who gets promoted to the majors gets to play everyday. All this says is that even if they don’t go to arb with Barney, Watkins probably isn’t the replacement. If they see him in a bench role, then they need to he how he performs in that capacity.

      1. Kenster

        Well ya I realize that but what are they losing by playing Watkins instead of Barney to see what they have?

  8. Jason

    The Cub Reporter has a radio interview verbatim with Theo. Worth a careful read. This guy can either spin or tell it like it is better than most. Cannot recall an interview that I did not enjoy though. Just asking: Does anybody read into this print that maybe instruction at top was a problem for him. Just asking:

    1. DarthHater

      Thanks for the reference to the article.

      1. MoneyBoy

        No kidding!!

  9. statesvillenccub

    Why did we not pinch hit for Barney in the 9th?

    1. Gutshot5820

      Sveum still believes Barney has not reached hi potential as a hitter.

  10. dan

    I don”t care what the cubs do this off season as long as they give someone else a shot at 2nd Barney gove is great but my god he can”t hit a Lick

  11. Gutshot5820

    Wow, that was depressing reading Theo’s interview on the Cub Reporter. Basically, he came out and said they didn’t have any money to add free agents and had to go the small market plan route. Plus, they are not going to make any splashes until they get the new tv deal and renovations done.

    I know, not exactly new news, but to actually hear him say it was depressing and confirmed my beliefs that the Ricketts are profit driven and not fan driven. Which of course, they have every right, but there are a lot of other owners we could have had. If the farm was not doing spectacular as it is currently doing, the fans would be calling for Ricketts head right now. Ricketts definitely needs to be paying Theo more.

    1. Die hard

      You had me until the last sentence– are u Theo’s agent?

    2. Pat

      I wouldn’t say they are profit driven. They have said they reinvest all money back into the club, and I have no reason not believe that is the case (except for whatever salaries they are paying themselves), given the debt service and renovation costs. There’s a big gray area between sucking as much profit out as possible and willfully losing money.

      1. Gutshot5820

        Well considering their entire family is on the board and I’m sure they are paying themselves more than Theo… Plus, the vast majority of the so called “debt service” people keep talking about is actually interest payed to the “Ricketts Family Fund.” So the entire “reinvesting all the money back into the club” is a deceptive smokescreen and designed to be interpreted in many ways. The Ricketts are NOT reinvesting ALL the profits back into baseball operations in the truest sense of the word, but technically if you want to be devious about it, yes they are. That’s it in a nutshell. But one thing for certain, the Ricketts are rolling in money,through the increased worth of the ballclub, the salary they now receive as board members, increased equity by paying down debt and the collected interest payments by the Cubs paid to their family fund.

      2. Eternal Pessimist

        I am hopeful that this is just the Cubs playing hardball with Murphy’s bleachers, etc… to get them to accept the renovation deal so the Cubs can spend on FA knowing they will have more money to spend…but definitely not encouraged by the report.

    3. Brains

      Haven’t half of you guys been shaming any fan who points out this obvious point for months?

      A lot of you guys are gullible and aggressive, a bad combination.

      1. Alex F.

        Thank you! Still appears to be a minority view, but at least we’re not getting shouted down for it.

        1. wilbur

          obvious trolls ignored eventually go away, paid ones take longer to leave.

          1. Brains

            Are you saying people are paid to hang out at message boards and attack dissenters? That’s…..pretty brilliant actually.

  12. Jason

    Yeah, a lot of between the lines information that is worth a serious re-read.

    1. MichiganGoat
      1. Rcleven
        1. MoneyBoy

          Thank you!!!!

  13. ruby2626

    In a good way got more than I bargained for when I took my kids to see Kane County today. In the 9th inning we moved down to the section that Wayne Gretzky was sitting in. Nice guy, signed a bunch of stuff for people. Not sure why he wore a long sleeve flannel shirt, wasn’t hard to spot on a relatively hot day. Unfortunately we were next in line when he stopped signing so my 8 year old wasn’t happy but hey can’t sign for everybody.

    As for the game I’d be surprised if Scot Baker sees any action at the MLB level. With the exception of an 88 MPH “heater” late in the game, every fastball seemed to be 85. After 2 batters we were down 2 to 0. he did settle down and seemed to have a pretty effective curve ball at times but the velocity thing is the big deal.

    1. Rcleven

      Was there today and sure hope Baker never sees the Cubs this year. Fastball’s at 84 MPH will be hit a lot harder than Peoria hit today. He hit 87 Mph maybe three times. Off speed pitches at 54-55. Low A ball players hit him hard all thru his 5.2 innings.
      I don’t think I would bring him back next year unless he signs for a big pay cut.

      1. Eternal Pessimist

        “I don’t think I would bring him back next year unless he signs for a big pay cut.”

        …and then, why would you bring him back. They paid him the multi-million gamble this year and lost. He is not nearly to form. I would doubt anyone will pay him until he shows consistent “stuff” somewhere.

        1. Rcleven

          I have seen Baker pitch when he’s on. I am a big fan. Right now he is only a shell of his former self.
          I believe he can still come back and help this team out till some of the new adds are ready for the bigs. Hate to just give up on him now.
          If the Cubs don’t offer him a new contract I can understand that too.

  14. Mike F

    You’re way off. He said nothing he wouldn’t be expected to say and careful reread could lead a reasonable person to conclude the exact opposite and that he hints they are now moving to the add phase. He says nothing with one notable exception. He points to the greatness of a pending fa who he drafted. Other than that, its all window dressing. And that is exactly what you want a good head man to do.

    1. Gutshot5820

      Well, you definitely are reading that article with rose-colored glasses. Of course, he is talking up the future of the farm because he has no choice. At the same time, he conveniently mentions that they did not have the funds or ability to add free agents to speed up the re-build process. Which he didn’t have to do, but it has been mentioned many times that there is a strong possibility that Theo was promised more in terms of payroll and has been a bit frustrated by the circumstances.

      “We clearly are taking the long view here. It’s the right thing to do. Some of it is out of necessity frankly because we simply don’t have the payroll flexibility that we would for a quicker talent infusion. Given some of the limitations and timing of the business plan are the realities of lots of circumstances surrounding the ball club right now. We need to take the long view. It’s not easy.”

      I mean I don’t know how else you can interpret this statement other than they didn’t have the money for payroll and the Ricketts being totally profit driven,. Meaning the Ricketts are not willing to spend a dime until every penny is accounted for.

      “In an ideal world we’d be doing both and we would be infusing a lot more ready talent into the situation to speed up the clock a little bit but we don’t have that luxury right now.”

      Then he rambles on about how the future of our spending all depends on the additional revenues from TV, Cable, Revnovation..blah blah blah.. we are broke right but when we have more money we will have the ability to spend more and the timing is perfect with our development.

      I’m just a bit perplexed because when the Tribune owned the Cubs we had a peak of $160M payroll and since then we have raised ticket prices to the third highest in baseball plus we are getting an additional share of 25M from MLB. There is a good case to be made that the Cubs have increased at least 50% in value since their purchase to the tune of 500M. Where the F*** did all the money go and why are we all of the sudden broke and have only the ability to field a mid-market payroll? There’s a lot of BS rolling out of the Ricketts’ mouth. That is all.

      1. caryatid62

        I would, unfortunately, agree with all of this.

        The Ricketts’ ownership tenure has, up to this point (and taking into account what they have ACCOMPLISHED, not what is promised in terms of potential minor league players and promised scoreboard revenue), been a failure. While the signing of Epstein, the new Dominican facility, and the new Spring Training home can be considered successes, they are massively outweighed by the inability to produce a quality major league team or supplement the team-proclaimed “core” with quality international free agents (at a time when, due to the new MLB CBA, these international FAs are the closest to a sure-thing market inequality). Furthermore, their continual missteps in the renovation negotiations (underestimating Tunney’s clout and inability to mount a quick and effective PR campaign to counter the rooftop owners) would have been comical if they weren’t so sad. It was as if none of them had spent any time in small-town municipal negotiations, let alone negotiations in a city like Chicago. Their own missteps have set back the rebuild at least 2 years.

        This team is clearly at least 2-3 years away RIGHT NOW, and given the amount they (both on the baseball and business sides) have declared a reliance on renovation to take any real financial risks (on FAs or in trades), they are likely further away than that. As it stands now, every one of the “big four” is going to need to be a hit for them to succeed within 2 years, and that is borderline impossible.

        I have no idea whether it is “greed” or “debt” (my sense is it’s the latter), but the Ricketts have been a far big disappointment than even Starlin Castro this year.

        1. AlwaysNextYear

          This is comical. It’s like they have never negotiated in Chicago or small time municipal negotiations LMFAO. They have more money then you will see in 100 lifetimes hell more then that. What they spend on a vacation can guarantee takes you over a year to make. Some people are just clowns

          1. caryatid62


            Having a lot of money (almost entirely due to the success of your father) does not make you an expert in municipal negotiations. And the evidence that they did a pretty terrible job in negotiating is fairly obvious–unless you’re somehow seeing a scoreboard and hotel that have magically appeared overnight. Last time I checked, in two years of negotiation, they haven’t been able to outmaneuver a mediocre Chicago aldermen and a group of ticket brokers/bar owners.

            But let’s talk about their expensive vacations.

            1. AlwaysNextYear

              Is this your life honestly. Arguing over somebody’s decisions and use of their money. Pretty sad to be honest

              1. dan

                Well, it is a holiday evening in my resort town and I am rambling on a computer–yes, pretty sad.

              2. Hawkeye

                Alwaysnextyear great insight as always. The guys simply stating his opinion/take on the state of the Cubs. Theos comments are kind of intersting and raise questions of where the revenue is going.

                Is this your life? Calling people names because they don’t share your opinion. Pretty sad to be honest.

                1. AlwaysNextYear

                  Hawkeye Im not going to make you look like a idiot again I feel horrible about the last time.

              3. Rebuilding

                Says the guy always on a Cubs message board. Asking where the Cubs revenues are going and what payroll might be next year and in the future seem like legitimate questions to me

              4. caryatid62

                Looking at the above, I questioned his political moves and willingness to create a competitive project. You’re the only one who seems to (a) want to “argue about his use of money” or (b) care about his personal vacations.

                I’m pretty sure that if we weren’t able to discuss the Cubs’ use of their money, every blog in the country would be out of business.

                He owns a very public organization that relies upon at least some public money, and of which many here are large financial stakeholders. His decisions can (and must) be questioned.

      2. wilbur

        I read the article and I also heard the interview it is taken from; nothing new was said, no dire financial picture was painted as you seem intent on spreading. Why are you so dwon on the Cubs owners and their attempt to save wrigley field from complete ruin, and to rebuild a cubs team that already was in ruins after hendry and the tribsters were done with it.

        Spending big dollars now on payroll would be dumb. It would be as dumb as adding more of the type of bad contracts they just worked to rid themselves. Did you really want 4 or 5 more years of soriano? Would another decade of 500 teams with a few over hyped free agents fill the seats with and satisfy the fans who haven’t had enough losing seasons?

        The cubs owners were stuck with a bad farm system (fixed), a bad roster (cleaned out but not yet restocked), a bad tv deal ( in renegotiations), a bad cable tv deal (not due to be redone for 5 more years, Now Reindorf gets twice as much of the cubs cable tve earnings as the Ricketts), a bad deal with the rooftops (8 more years), and a stadium that would be closed in many places.

        And you are complaining about the lack of progress? The pace of change? How much the ownership is will ing to spend? Get a clue. This isn’t going to be fixed overnite, and it isn’t possible to sprinkle pixie dust or cash over it to make it all better. Theo said the busines plan is in synch with the team rebuild, that should tell you all you need to know. If you are not just interested in stirring up unfounded rumours with zero basis of fact.

  15. jt

    C. Villanueva hit another HR today; something like 19 HR, 41 doubles and a couple of triples.
    The word is he has made errors but really flashes leather so defense is not a concern.
    The word is that he will not be in the long term plans of The Cubs.
    What is the harm in rushing him?
    I’d give him a chance to win the 3B job out of ST. They could then platoon Valbuena and Barney at 2B. Hey, Villanueva couldn’t do worse than the PA’s he’d steal from the “dandy little glove man”. If he does hit a lick he then establishes ML value that could be cashed in when Baez or Bryant are deemed ready. If he doesn’t do well they could always send him down and move Valbuena back to 3B.

    1. #23

      I think Villanueva will eventually be moved to 2nd base. He could become a very solid 2nd baseman with some pop. Although, I am hoping Baez will eventually play second base with Olt at third and Bryant in left, but we will have to wait and see how it all shakes out a year from now. If Olt can reach his potential and Baez and Bryant make it up next year, that could be some serious offensive firepower on the horizon. Very exciting to think about the possibilities.

      1. Luke

        Bryant making it up next year is a little unlikely. Jumping from High A one season all the way to the majors in the next season is pretty rare.

        1. TOOT

          Wouldn’t Bryant qualify as an exception though. He has collegeball backing him.

        2. Rebuilding

          I would be shocked if Bryant doesn’t make it to the majors next year. He prob should have started in AA this year given the way he has toyed with lower level pitching (although I do understand the FO’s decision to ease him in). He’ll start next year in TN and maybe get 50-100 ABs in Iowa then he’ll be here.

    2. TOOT

      Words are tricky. Remenber when the word was Starlin Castro?

  16. Sacko

    I need more education on call ups, Another site for the cubs states we will bring up 5 more players via AAA when that season is over, more then likely named by the AAA manager. Ok, fine. my question still remains, Does anyone think Mcdonald or Gilleaspi will be w us next year? in any fashion. I don’t think so? Why wouldn’t we bring someone up to take their places also?

    1. dan

      Our triple A is weak. We did not have even one player to be named to the end of season all-stars. Kind of un-precedented.

    2. Luke

      I don’t think the Triple A manager would have much of a say in who gets called up. I can see five players from Iowa moving to the major league roster now, just pick pretty much any five on the 40 man, but I very much doubt they will be picked by the Triple A staff as opposed to the front office.

      1. dan

        Right Luke. Not Marty’s decision.

    3. jt

      Perhaps McD would be a better coach than he was a player. He had some moments as a bench guy but I just get the feeling they have kept the 34 y/o around because he knows the game and relates well with others.
      just a feelin’

  17. Zachary

    I will be shocked if Barney is starting next year

  18. #23

    I think the bullpen may become a strength for this club next year. Strop, Vizcaino, Parker, Lim, Russell, Rosscup, Villanueva . . .

  19. OCCubFan

    Where are they now? “Super” Sam Fuld pitched 1/3 of an inning last night and was perfect.

  20. THEOlogical

    To those who want to see the Cubs win a game this year, yeah, the score did not favor the Cubs. For those in favor of keeping a high draft pick, we’re very pleased.

  21. cub2014

    I see Vogelbach selected #1 1st baseman in all minors
    and 2nd in another poll. and Bryant #2 3rd baseman
    behind Cano. Baez picked as #1 SS in all of minors in
    2 different rankings.

    Also Tyler Colvin is available dfa’d

    1. Cubbie Blues

      Who did the ranking?

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