Well, you can’t even say this one was close. At least a lot of pitchers got into the game! Participation!

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  • Mush

    How about they work on advance scouting? Yelich 6-9 with 6 RBI.

  • Spoda17

    Woot… we have gained 2 games on the first place team… Yay for the June Draft 2014!

    • Spoda17

      Well.. the Marlins are not the Astros… but still ahead of us…

  • Chad

    Isn’t Rosscup a lefty? Shouldn’t have guys stealing 2nd off of you.

    • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian Afterbirth

      They were paying no attention to either baserunner at that point. It didn’t appear as if it was any shortcoming of Rosscup (or Castillo – who made some nice stops back there last night, btw) that lent to the steals. It seemed to be strategic indifference (wise or not) more than anything else.

  • Senor Cub

    No fight in this dog!

  • Die hard

    Goal – Castro end up with less than 20 errors and with that under his belt and Sveum gone next yr he will get 200 hits at lead off and make All Star team as best all round SS under Bud Black who will know how to handle this kid

  • http://Bleachernation Oliver

    Just a bit short on talent.
    Maybe next year.
    Oh ,I think I said that last year also.
    I don’t believe it’s the managers fault.
    It goes a little higher than that.

  • On The Farm

    Was hoping to see more of Cabrera last night, but at least his line looks pretty good. Dude is on pace to have a 27 K/9 (that’s sick). Also was kind of disappointed to see Parker have such a rough night. I really think we need him, Strop, and Russell to be on their A game next season so we can actually close out games.

  • Trueblue

    Wow, Jackson is 7-15 with a 4.91 era. First year of the signing is a bust. Hopefully he can turn it around.

    • MightyBear

      It’s the old Casey Stengalism “You gotta be a heck of a pitcher to lose 15 games in this league.”

    • jon

      Are we still using Wins and Losses to evaluate pitchers? Really?

      • gutshot5820

        I dont care what the advanced statistics say. When you lose 15 games with the potential to lose close to 20. YOU STINK!

        • jon

          “I dont care what the advanced statistics say”

          I don’t care what the facts are, now read more of my emotional ramblings!

          • MichiganGoat

            That about sums it up

          • Jason

            Jon. Anything going on at the Muni or just holding for azf.

        • King Jeff

          Is that you Harold Reynolds?

        • King Jeff

          Walter Johnson lost 20 games with a 1.90 era, so I guess he sucks.

  • baseballet

    Does Fangraphs still have stats that show that EJ is an upper echelon pitcher?

    • On The Farm

      I don’t know if they ever showed he was an “upper echelon pitcher”, but they certainly showed he was an average pitcher. His FIP and xFIP are 3.68 and 3.84 respectively. Average for both is 4.00 so he is above average in both categories.

  • RY

    Well i said it less than a week ago that the Marlins would come in and sweep us and looks like i will be correct after we lose today. Just amazing how much this team sucks and continues to get worse with each week that passes.

    • TWC

      Way to stay positive, champ!

      • RY

        Thanks, what’s there to be positive about with this current team?

      • mike

        twc sweetheart. How has that cheerleading skirt worked out for you this season. So some of us threw away our pom poms but we still go to games.

        • mjhurdle

          so are you saying you have pom poms?

          • mike

            Wife had the pom poms but threw them away when Cubs so kindly gave her boy friend Dejesus to the Nationals.

            • MichiganGoat

              So you’re bitter because we let a 4th outfielder go to the Nationals? Is it that easy to trample on your dreams?

        • MichiganGoat

          So now not hating everything that is happening and not going all chicken little is bad thing… oh how this site has changed.

          • Brains

            It’s not the site, it’s a general trend of fan disposition about the corporate decisions of the organization. I think most people think Theo has done a great job with the minor league teams. But to be the fourth richest team and to somehow get much, much, much worse after two offseasons and three trade seasons with no hope (or intention) for improvement within the lifetime of a guinea pig seems just cynical.

            • MichiganGoat

              You’re right its not the site its the rush of people giving up on the rebuild. Everyone should have expected this but now the voices are getting tearful and aggressive because we aren’t competing with the Yankees for payroll (and even the Yankees are trying to trim)? and Now we should do anything it takes to look like a winner on paper next year vs. realizing these two years were going to be painful but have appreciated the gain the organization has made outside of the W/L record? Its been two years and people are already to jump ship abandon the rebuild. Its getting tiresome because this is not a discuss its just the collective venting of frustrated fans.

              • Brains

                I’m with you on the rebuild totally, I just don’t see effort and rebuilding as mutually exclusive for a baker’s dozen years.

                • MichiganGoat

                  Its only been two years for this rebuild to lump in any of the Hendry years into this current ownership/FO rebuilding plan is foolish and to think it will take 13 total years to rebuild is equally foolish.

                  • Rebuilding

                    Asking a serious question. When Ricketts came on board and Epstein was hired did you really suspect that they would totally burn it down this far? The 2nd worst record in the league and then 3rd worst and a payroll south of $100 mil? If you did you have to be in a very small minority. And when speaking of the rebuild are we allowed to count Baez, Vogelbach and Alcantara who are all Hendry guys. I think you have to count back to that draft

                    • Hawkeye

                      That’s exactly it. Rebuilding is all fine and good but this is more than just putting an emphasis on scouting and minor league player development. I didn’t expect this little focus on the major league roster.

                    • Brains

                      Yeah we’ve invested time and money for years and they’re too cavalier about their personal profit interests. They have the luxury of making money and saving money, we get it. I just don’t think the Ricketts respects Chicago (“hey let’s sue the city and destroy the stadium!”) or the amount of energy we’ve put into the team. And Theo has been myopically good, in a very specific area, not good in general.

                    • FullCountTommy

                      I absolutely thought they would tear it down. We suffered through years trying to patch a flawed roster with big money. The only way to fix this thing was to tear it all the way down and rebuild from scratch. It’s been 2 years and the front office has taken this bottom third minor league system all the way to the top 5, and arguably the top system in all of baseball. Once some of those guys start filtering up the big leagues, that is when you start spending money to compliment the young players. Realistically, you had to expect this would take at least 3 years, probably more. The Cubs might be good by 2015, but for the 2016 season to the foreseeable future, they would have built a team that will compete fora playoff spot every season and put themselves in the best position to win a championship. 2017 World Series….Cubs vs. Astros

                    • MichiganGoat

                      Yes, yes I did for a quick second I thought we might go get Fielder/Pujols but then I realized what this FO was trying to accomplish- build a complete organization from the ground up and once the foundation was set and progressing then spend money on beautiful accessories. And after the sale of assets last year I absolutely knew that this year was going to look the same unless some magic happened. I think you had different benchmarks and goals for this year than I did and I guess that is where your frustration has come from.

                      So you really expected to be a playoff team after two years of Theo?

                    • wilbur

                      They didn’t have to “totally burn it down” it was already falling down like the concrete from the upper deck. To date they have just been trying to manage the decay and the turnaround. The shipping out and removal of the last bad contracts for non producing veteran hendry guys is now over. The FO did as best they could with the Dempsters, Soriano’s and their no trade demands and refusals. Garza had his injuries that put dealing him on Garza’s terms not the teams. Another headache departed. Now the rebuild can really get going, only a few hendry players left around. Still a lot of difficulties to work through with the tribune deals with the rooftops and the media deals. Not to mention the stadium rebuild.
                      I think the new ownership is doing a great job trying to tackle all this at once, and have to listen to impatient and unfounded criticism from faux fans.

                      Do you think this run down sinkhole that the tribune ownership left is ready to compete in any way? Cubs fans should know better.

              • RY

                I haven’t given up on the rebuild at all; all I said was that this team in it’s current state sucks. If anyone disagrees with that, please give me the laundry list as to why that statement is not true. Also, how can any fan whether it be on this site or any other one not be pissed at the fact that we just might and probably will get swept by the Marlins. I dont’ subscribe to the theory of let’s lose them all just so we can get the second or third draft pick. It’s not like our history has been that great with the draft anyway; yes we have some promising kids in the system but sports has always been a “what have you done for me lately” game so until any of those kids come up and actually produce on this team, forgive me for being a little skeptical.

          • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

            While it may be true that the site has changed, folks like “mike” – one of many names – have been around for years, here and elsewhere.

          • Rebuilding

            So when do you get pessimistic Goat? Some people have just reached their limit. I don’t think that makes them Chicken Little, just realistic about the current state of affairs. When you have one of if not the most profitable team in the league, the 3rd highest ticket prices and a payroll slashed by at least $40 mil in 2 years it makes some people upset. There are good things going on, but to have real hope for 2015 you almost have to hope on 3 out 4 guys who are in AA or below to be above average major leaguers. If Baez, Bryant, Almora and Soler in combo don’t produce that then you might be looking at 2017 before this team is truly competitive. My main gripe is that I feel there has been a bit of a bait and switch that has occurred – and with each comment from Epstein I’m sensing he feels the same way

            • MichiganGoat

              Two years of seeing an actual rebuilding taking place does not put me in doldrums of pessimism, its been two years! I expected rough seasons and for me the difference between 80 losses and 100 losses is meaningless if we don’t make the playoffs and with the new CBA its quite harmful to not fail badly if you fail. So I understand the frustration, I get it, it sucks to be a Cub fan right now, but allowing it to disrupt a rebuild that is progressing just so we can be closer to 80 wins doesn’t excite me and sure as hell doesn’t frustrate me that we aren’t caving into an angry fan base.

              As for Theo, do you really think he Isn’t carefully wording everything he says and doing things exactly to plan? Do you think he was told “Hey you will have 150M in payroll” two years ago and now he’s being told “Sorry buddy its only 80M… my bad.” I’m more inclined to think that Theo’s frustration is over the fact that the Wrigley Renovations is costing the Cubs money because they are still in a battle with rooftop owners and this is him publically saying, “Hey if we don’t get started on the Wrigley renovations, we won’t be able to start investing properly with the on field product.”

              Either way I’m not going to the gutters to wrench my sorrow over a couple of losing seasons. Maybe I just prefer to always look on the bright side of life and other prefer to get frustrated over a game we watch on TV. I’ve got more important and real things in life to be frustrated with besides the Cubs and their checkbook.

  • jon

    Everything this year, from Jacksons strikeout, walk rates is about right on form his career norm. He’s even induced ground balls at the highest rate in his career. What Theo, and we as Cub fans, should have expected out of Jackson, we got. There was no major shock here, if you are intelligent enough to look deeper into the numbers. The only disappointment was losing out on Anibal Sanchez as an alternative to Edwin.

    • wilbur

      Sanchez may never have wanted to play for the cubs and most likely was just using them to drive up his contract signing price. And it worked. Jackson is providing the cubs with the innings eater they needed to try and fit a rotation together around. I think if he stays healthy he is going to be seen as true value signings.

      • MichiganGoat

        That is exactly what Sanchez did and his agent and him did it beautifully.