daytona cubs logoIf you aren’t paying attention to the minor league playoffs this year, you are missing some of the best baseball of the season. The Cubs farm teams haven’t just been winning, they’ve been steamrolling the competition in every aspect of the game. Impressive is breaking out all over the diamond and I really hope you are not missing out on it. You can listen to every one of these games for free over the internet, and they are well worth listening to. If you procrastinate you will miss out. The minor league playoffs move quickly.

Daytona and Boise have now played two games each, and combined they are a perfect 4-0. Both have now won the first round of their playoffs, taken home the title for their respective divisions, and both are now in the Championship Series for their league. The Northwest League and the Florida State League Championships are in reach, and Tennessee hasn’t even gotten their playoffs underway yet.

That changes tonight.

Scores From Yesterday

Tennessee – The Smokies open their playoff series tonight.
Daytona – Daytona took a no-hitter into the ninth and cruised to a dominant 4-0 win.
Boise – Boise took a big early lead and held on to win 11-7.

Performances of Note

  • [Daytona] C.J. Edwards turned in yet another great pitching performance. Through 5 innings he allowed no hits, just one walk, and struck out 8. He faced exactly one batter more than the minimum.
  • [Daytona] Ryan Searle pitched the last 4 innings, and through 3 of them he kept the no hitter alive. He finished with just 2 hits and one walk allowed while striking out 5 of his own. With pitching like that the offense could almost have taken the day off.
  • [Daytona] But once again Kris Bryant came out swinging. He finished this game 3 for 4 with a double, a run scored, and two driven home.
  • [Daytona] And he was not alone. Anthony Giansanti finished 2 for 4, Wes Darvill finished 2 for 4 with a double, and Elliot Soto also doubled.
  • [Boise] Duane Underwood lasted just over an inning for the Hawks and gave up 3 runs, but Loiger Padron and Corbin Hoffner followed that up with 2.2 innings apiece in which each gave up a single tally.
  • [Boise] Kevin Encarnacion doubled, walked, and finished 3 for 5 as he once again hit out of the leadoff slot. Daniel Lockhart, again batting second, finished 3 for 6.
  • [Boise] Rony Rodriguez doubled once for the Hawks, and Justin Marra doubled twice to complete their assortment of extra base hits.
  • [Boise] Boise was efficient in this one, scoring 11 times on 12 hits. That was helped in part by the 6 walks drawn by the Hawks, and in part by the 5 errors committed by Salem-Keizer.

Other News

  • Tennessee will be in Birmingham (White Sox system) at 8:05 ET tonight. Nick Struck takes the mound for the Smokies in the series opener, and the Barons answer with Chris Bassitt. Bassitt has beaten the Smokies recently (August 22 to be exact), but on the other hand Struck shut down Birmingham over 5.2 innings on Aug 20. I’m not sure either team as a starting pitching advantage in this game. That puts it on the hitters, and no one in the Southern League can match that Tennessee lineup. This game will be on MiLB.TV. Don’t miss it.
  • Daytona was scheduled to play Game Three of their best of three series against Dunedin tonight, but that is no longer necessary. Instead they will head home to play Game One of the Florida State League Championship Series tonight. That will be a best of five game series against the Charlotte Stone Crabs (Tampa Bay system). Game time is about 7 PM ET, and starting pitchers have not yet been announced.
  • Boise now heads home for Game One of their best of three Northwest League Championship Series starting Friday night. Games Two and Three (if necessary) will take place in Vancouver (Blue Jays system) starting Sunday. Pitching matchups for Game One have not yet been announced.
  • Rebuilding

    Skinny or not, CJ Edwards is ridiculous. At the very least it looks like we’ve got a lockdown closer someday

  • mdavis

    Bryant: Good at baseball
    Edwards: good at baseball

    • ETS

      both are understatements.

  • Teddy

    Anyway to watch milb games without paying for it? Don’t think there is but would love to watch the game. Listening won’t be half bad I guess. Good results and I hope that someday the playoff experience will help in chicago. Thanks for all of the writeups luke

    • Wester

      It’s worth the $9

    • ssckelley

      It is only 10 bucks for a whole month. It is not worth the hassle of using an illegal hack site for that.

      • Wester

        Plus the quality is already a little shaky, it would probably be natch able if you tred to stream it

        • Wester


  • Stevie B

    People say the “skinny” thing is over played. Yet, how many rail thin pitchers do you see out there going 200 innings + each year? From my barkalounger, it looks like a majority of the elite, inning eaters are of the more robust build.
    I know Mad Dog was on the thin side, but not Juan Cruz thin….

    Anyone have any candidates for top of the rotation, skeleton types?

    • mdavis

      chris sale comes to mind. he is like 160 pounds and 6’5″. not a great comparison, but hey, its something.

    • Rebuilding

      No, you are right. But given his age hopefully he can add weight. More importantly to me he is listed at 6’2″ – hopefully that’s not being too generous

      • mdavis

        right, he has a good frame. maybe just needs to get a little older so his youthful metabolism chills out. If he can bulk up a little just to handle some wear and tear, that would be stellar.

    • twinkletoez

      Pedro Martinez was very thin when he was young, If I remember correctly he was about 5’11 and 170

      • Starlin Backer

        Very thin. Good call.

    • cubbiesOHcubbies

      The one ace that popped into my mind right away would have been Roy Oswalt. For the better part of a decade he was a pretty elite pitcher. Tim Lincecum is pretty ethiopian looking too, but since he had broken down the last few seasons he may not be the best example.

    • Drew

      Pedro Martinez ring a bell.

  • Die hard

    Struck is coming back and will stick on a major league roster next year– this kid has Maddux moxie

    • AB

      More likely, Struck will likely be in the pen at Iowa or cut next year

      His stuff regressed seriously this year, and there are guys coming up the ladder who need innings as starters.

    • King Jeff

      I’ve heard this somewhere before…

  • RD

    Luke, it looks as if Bryant was actually 3 for 3 with a HBP…

    • Luke

      That read 3 for 4 last night.

      Oh well. Either way he was very, very good.

      • RD

        Yeah, he’s okay I guess.

  • http://Yes Dude

    Struck does not have the stuff for mlb. He struggled mightily at AAA

  • Wester

    I’m so pissed, I’m getting married this weekend and all the festivities start tonight. Of all weekends for a wedding to fall on, it has to be the start of the smokies’ playoff run…

    • On The Farm

      I’ve seen people get upset over getting married on MLB playoff weekends, and even big rivalry college football weekends, but never because of a minor league playoff series starting haha.

    • Chad

      If you are pissed that you are getting married (and if Smokies baseball is a higher priority than your wedding), perhaps you should rethink some things prior to this weekend.

      • Wester

        Smokies baseball isn’t higher on my priority list, that’s why I’m missing it. Don’t let the exaggeration fly too far over your head that you can’t even see it please.

        • Chad

          My bad, I sometimes have a hard time catching the blatant stupidity some people think is funny.

    • Scotti


      • Cubbie Blues


  • jon

    I read that the Texas Rangers already tried putting Edwards on a 6K+ calorie/day diet. Some people can’t add weight.

    • Cub Lew

      Time to multiply that by 2. Get the kid on the Michael Phelps diet!

      • Eternal Pessimist

        Yeah. Smoking grass will definitely help his appetite.

  • miggy80

    I listened to the Boise game last night and their announcer is really good. He mentioned that the Blue Jays club sent down some ringers from their Higher affiliate.

    • jon

      Yes, one of them being pitcher Austin Bibens-Dirkx, former Cubs farm hand, who is a robust 28 years old. Pretty pathetic.

  • Cedlandrum

    couple of questions. Does the going to Canada thing mess with the Boise roster again? There were a few guys who couldn’t go last time.

    Also did I miss Dunston getting hurt again?

  • Austin8466

    Possible that Edwards and Bryant start at AAA next spring?

    • jon


      • Austin8466

        I don’t think it’s really out of the question for Bryant.

        • Nate

          Baez might be taking time at 3rd for the start of the season (or Vitters, or Olt). Plus he’ll need to show something in AA if the FO stays to the plan. Theo has talked about showing something at every level

          • On The Farm

            Olt really needs to break camp with the Cubs the way I am starting to see it, or Vitters I guess. If Olt is playing MLB 3B, then Vitters is probably playing LF AAA, Villanueva (if he isn’t traded) at 3B, and Baez at SS. Its almost possible they tell Baez get most of your 3B reps during the AFL and in Spring Training and be remember that when you get called up. I think he can “learn it on the fly” as long as he has had some reps during this fall and next Spring. Vitters to be a LF, back up 1B seems to be a done deal when you look at Olt, Villanueva, and Baez as guys who could be pushing for 3B time in the same location.

            • willis

              IF Olt breaks camp, and he plays out of his ass, then things get really interesting. I don’t have faith yet in Olt, although he showed some improvement as the season was winding down. I think they give him every chance to break camp…if he can give…let’s say .230/.330/.425 at 3B (which isn’t asking much) do you keep him there and plug Baez into 2B when he’s ready? I feel Baez could learn either 3B or 2B and his bat plays at either, at his age would 2B be easier for him though, especially if a good glove with decent stats is at 3B? I almost like the Baez at 2B better…if Olt can make it.

              • Drew7

                With his glove, Olt putting up a .755 OPS would probably put him in the 3-4 WAR range for a full season – tops on this year’s team by a mile.

                That said, those numbers sounds incredibly optimistic to me. I just don’t see any scenario where he breaks camp starting at 3B.

              • MichiganGoat

                These would be great problems to have

    • Starlin Backer

      Isn’t AA the better test? More young talent, less hangers on. Take Iowa as an example and the marginal guys being shuttled back and forth.

  • AA Correspondent

    Well my Smokies start their AA playoff run tonight in Birmingham, and I am pretty fired up that I have an MiLB account so I can watch games 1-2 in Birmingham. I think the team is poised to make a strong run and am very excited.

    Poor headwork on my part has me out of town this weekend and missing game 3 (and 4 if necessary) but back in time for game 5 (if necessary) at Smokies Park. Again the MiLB account will be dialed in. The wife booked a trip to Florida in June to celebrate the arrival of a new Grandbaby. But all is not lost….I was happy to read this mornign that the Daytona Cubs advanced to the FSL Championships against Port Charlotte…..and where will I be this weekend?? In Port Charlotte “visiting” the wife’s family…..and about 5 minutes away!! Daytona has a few guys who played in TN this season (Soto, Giansanti, Chen) and game 3 of the best of 5 moves to Port Charlotte this Saturday. Hopefully, I’ll get to see the Cubs win a title this weekend.

    Life is Good.

    • Fishin Phil

      Nice how things work out sometimes, eh Brandon? Good for you!

      • AA Correspondent

        For sure. I was so upset when the playoff schedules came out and I saw that I would miss the Smokies home games 3, & 4 in round 1.

        But…..getting to see Daytona possibly win a FSL title has helped ease the pain.

        I just hope my wife and her family don’t get too upset when I “have to run a 4 hour errand” on Saturday night. haha

  • SalukiHawk


    I haven’t heard a whole lot of buzz about Ivan Pineyro, the kid we got from the Nationals in the Hairston deal. At the time, I saw him as an underrated talent and his performance since coming over has only increased my curiosity. His numbers look very solid, and I guess I am wondering why we aren’t hearing more about him, and why he isn’t higher in the Cubs organizational rankings. If you’ve mentioned him and I just missed it, I apologize. I am just curious what it is that I am missing about this guy. Seems legit.

    • Jed Jam Band

      He’s mentioned him several times. It’s just that he often gets lost in the shuffle, as he is the firm #3 behind Pierce Johnson and C.J. Edwards on that Daytona staff. But, have no doubt, if he keeps pitching the way he has for Daytona…we’ll be hearing a lot about him next year. He, Edwards, and Johnson will likely head up the Tennessee rotation for all or most of next year, so that should be a lot of fun.

      • cubsin

        Corey Black and Ben Wells might have a different opinion as to who is Daytona’s #3 starter.

      • SalukiHawk

        Thanks for that. I would say I am a regular but not avid checker of this site, so I admit I miss some stuff. But I appreciate the update and it’s good to hear that the pitching depth is improving. If guys like Black and Pineyro can pan out…watch out!