Scott Baker’s Cubs Debut Set for Sunday

scott baker twinsThe Chicago Cubs just announced that Scott Baker will start on Sunday against Milwaukee.

The start will be the culmination of an extended recovery period, which saw Baker go under the knife for one procedure, and wake up having had Tommy John surgery. He didn’t pitch at all in 2012, and the Cubs signed him after the season. Baker was getting in pitching shape in Spring Training, and looked to be on track for a late-April, early-May debut. He suffered a setback, and didn’t pitch competitively again until the second half in the low minors. From there, he got mixed results, and didn’t seem to have the same velocity he’d had pre-surgery. Then the minor league season ended, and it’s been several days of uncertainty about what the next step would be. Indeed, Dale Sveum said, whatever the step, it would probably see Baker coming out of the pen for the Cubs this month.

Instead, it’s going to be Baker starting on Sunday.

It doesn’t sound like he’s permanently joining the rotation, and no one is having his start skipped (just pushed back). The Cubs will see how he performs on Sunday, and then make a decision from there.

Baker, who turns 32 later this month, is currently making $5.5 million, and is a free agent after the year. The Cubs will see how his trajectory looks for 2014 – they wouldn’t be giving him this start if there was absolutely no chance of bringing him back – and make a decision on whether to re-up after the year. Baker, too, will have a say in the process, obviously, but he’s expressed interest in returning.

I guess we’ll see how he looks on Sunday.

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130 responses to “Scott Baker’s Cubs Debut Set for Sunday”

  1. mjhurdle

    Hopefully the bats show up on Sunday

    1. Myles

      I don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up, but I once threw a no-hitter with Scott Baker in MLB 2k11.

      1. hansman1982

        The fact that you once played MLB 2Kanything, should get you tossed into a black hole.

        1. mjhurdle

          i thought MLB2K12 was pretty decent.

          1. hansman1982


  2. ssckelley

    I am excited to see what 5.5 million got the Cubs. Will he last 3 innings?

    1. hansman1982

      On track to be the most expensive (per start) pitcher since Roger Clemens.

  3. mlb

    Only the Cubs would offer a TJ patient $5.5 million. What a waste of money, time, and space

    1. Kev

      Very true, but at least it’s not a Hendry contract. Then Baker would be making ten million per year over eight years and have a no-trade clause.

      1. Cedlandrum

        Sometimes this stuff gets so annoying. Go back and look at the way Hendry got Dempster to Chicago.

        1. Kyle

          Once Hendry got a player like Dempster, he’d offer him $100m/year for 20 years and then go out back and shoot some prospects in the head. That’s what Hendry would do. Thank goodness we don’t have Hendry anymore.

          1. TWC


    2. Coop

      You know what other TJS patients got good contracts? How about: Chris Carpenter, Roy Halladay, AJ Burnett, Adam Wainright, Jordan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg, Jose Rijo. Oh, and Kerry Wood and Tommy John…

      Sure, I’m cherry picking, but the point is TJS surgery doesn’t mean a pitcher is going to suck… Yes, it hasn’t worked out well. But Baker was a full year removed from the surgery. Success rate is something like 90% (+?). It turns out it was a wasted investment, but that isn’t the same thing as it being a bad investment. I think it was reasonable to expect that Scott Baker would earn his $5.5 M this year. Hindsight is great, but I had no problem with the signing.

    3. Koyie Hill Sucks

      They say they are limited in how much they can spend but they spend $5.5 on guy who hasnt pitched since 2012 and give Edwin Jackson $13 mil to be back of the rotation guy with a 5 ERA…

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say maybe those $57.5mil could have been better spent…

  4. MightyBear

    I think Baker will give the Cubs an incentive deal next year. He seems like a stand up guy and said he feels like he owes the Cubs and they treated him well. I hope he pitches well. I think the Cubs should try to bring him back. He is a solid starter and doesn’t walk a lot of batters. The old Cubs would lose patience with these deals and let him go and he would light it up with another team. I hope the new regime is smarter than that. Look at the Cardinals with Carpenter and Wainwright.

    1. mlb

      I’d only offer him a minor league deal…if not then c’ya

    2. ssckelley

      But you are basing everything before he had all these arm problems. Yes he was a solid pitcher before he got hurt but this is a “prove it” start for him. If he struggles like he did in the minors I doubt the Cubs will give him a look next spring. The Cubs have a few young arms that will audition for the 5th starters spot (Arrieta, Rusin, Hendricks, and Grimm) and I think they bring in another inexpensive with high upside free agent.

      1. willis

        Yeah this kid is toast. He’s throwing mid 80s and getting hit around in A ball, what do you think is going to happen to him Sunday? He may get through 3 innings. Although I’d take the under on that.

        Sunk cost, wasted money. Time to move on.

        1. cms0101

          Completely agree Willis. They’re giving him a flyer because he’s there, but I would be extremely disappointed if they tried to bring him back next year, under any circumstances. With the rotation looking like it’s set, and having a few younger arms available in Iowa for depth, I can’t see a reason to bring this guy back. Now if he pitches on Sunday, starts hitting 95 on the gun, and looks like a real major league pitcher, all bets are off. But I’ve seen him in Kane Co. and he looked pretty awful. I don’t expect that to change. Comparisons to Dempster are not the best fit in my view. Dempster was younger and they started him out in the pen until they felt confident his arm would hold up.

  5. cubchymyst

    This will sound like I should have on a tin foil hat, however, having Baker (I don’t think I’ve seen a report of a 90 mph fastball yet) starting against the Brewers has me think the FO is jockeying a bit for draft position for that game. I think the Cubs have a chance of winning it, but I think Baker gives the cubs a worse chance compared to any of the other starters.

    1. willis

      Starting him Sunday is losing before the game starts. I don’t know about tin foil stuff, but they in no way plan on winning that game if they are starting Baker.

      1. cub2014

        Probably good idea by FO to start Baker.
        Show future FA that they will give them a
        chance after an injury. Though it doesn’t
        sound like he is ready.

        1. mjhurdle

          ^^ this
          I think the Cubs realize now that Baker isn’t in their plans, but they want to show good faith and build up a solid reputation, so they are letting Baker get an audition or two in at the big league level to help build whatever value he can for himself in the off-season.
          Could be way off, but i dont see any other reason to run Baker out there. He was struggling in the minors, and even one or 2 decent games isn’t enough for them to bring him back on anything but the most team friendly contract to be a Villenueva type guy.

    2. Rcleven

      This is a big mistake starting Baker. Saw him pitch last Monday and he is not ready to pitch to MLB hitters. Topped at 87 MPH on three pitches averaged 84. Change and curve coming in at 54.
      He was hit hard all threw his 5.2 innings. A ball hitters teed off on him from first pitch till they took him out.
      Without a fastball MLB hitters will kill him sitting on that 54 MPH pitch.

  6. Jeff

    Let’s hope he throws 75 pitches in this game, that’s only $73,300 a pitch.

    Sure am glad the front office held firm on that pledge not to overpay for past performance!!

    The fact that he’s even getting a start is laughable. I have to laugh, cause all I really wanna do is cry…lol

    What a joke

    1. Coop

      If they paid based only on past performance, he would have gotten much more than $5.5 M…

  7. willis

    Ol’ Sveum says “he deserves to start because of all his hard work to get back.”

    So, anyone who works hard gets a turn? What a loser mentality and statement. Whether that’s Sveum talking or him just being a mouthpience for the FO, that’s a terrible way to approach competitive sports. Well, the kid with no talent really hustled today, so tomorrow we will play him because he derserves it. Who gives a crap about the outcome.

    Hooray Cubs! You wonder why it’s been so long…

    1. jaslhill

      My assumption is that is just Sveum talking and sounds to me like he’s just trying to be a supportive manager. For me, and I would thing the FO, this start isn’t about what Baker deserves at all. More about how he looks against major league hitters as they get an offseason plan together.

      1. willis

        Then if that’s the case, say it. Don’t bullshit everyone with the “well he’s tried hard, so he deserves to start” crap.

        If the FO or Sveum came out and said “look, we’re using this month for serious talent evaluation for key decisions that need to be made going forward, and what better time to see what we have in Scott Baker than this weekend.” Then fine, I’m good with that (although still stupid to pitch this guy)

        Instead he pulls the YMCA 8 year old bball league schtick.

        1. Hansman1982

          I really do enjoy how much effort you put into dissecting Sveum’s comments.

        2. ssckelley

          I really don’t care what Sveum says, we all know why he is pitching and nothing Sveum says about it matters.

          1. TWC

            “we all know why he is pitching …”

            Enlighten us, Svengooli.

        3. jaslhill

          He’s the guy’s manager. I would expect him to sound as supportive as possible.

          1. ssckelley

            Yep, I agree along with being supportive of what the FO wants as well.

          2. cub2014

            Its what Svuem said a couple of days ago!!
            Baker if used at all would be as a reliever”
            now he has earned a start? Come’on really.

            1. jaslhill

              Well, here’s a scenario: Earlier this week Dale Sveum is asked about Baker and gives his opinion about being used in bullpen, if at all; a couple days later the FO comes to him and says, “Look, Dale, we want to get a look at him against major leaguers so we can start making offseason plans, so we’d like him to start on Sunday and push everyone else back a day …”

              Now, Sveum, as the manager of the team, is asked again – knowing Baker is starting Sunday. Does he: a) Tell everyone the FO does not know what they are talking about, Baker should be in the bullpen – risking looking like he does not support the player or the FO and possibly hurting the teams chances to win while at the same time hurting his chance to keep his job … or b) do the exact opposite, say something supporting about the player, hopefully giving his team a better chance to win and keep his job?

              Sveum chose answer “b”. I probably would, as well.

    2. Hansman1982

      Yes, I do love some over analysis of the comments of the manager! The only reason Baker is starting is because Sveum’s an idiot.

      1. cubsfanforever

        LOL agreed

      2. willis

        I don’t think anyone has said that at all, including me and I hate Sveum. I said that having the attitude, whether Sveum’s direction of the FO’s, is the wrong attitude to have in any professional sport. I even gave him the benefit of that he was just spewing what the FO told him. Who knows who made this decision, but it’s a wrong one.

        1. mjhurdle

          one PR sentence does not constitute an attitude.

    3. chrisfchi

      Now I really hope, with your statement about baker getting the start because he worked hard, being a loser mentality, he throws a no hitter. What a load of crap. I applaud the fact that he can still pitch after an injury that usually end careers.

      1. willis

        Nothing would make me happier than if he goes out and throws lights out. But he isn’t ready to do that. Ask anyone who has seen him this season rehabbing.

        I’m glad he’s working hard and trying to fight back from a severe injury. That’s all well and good. Giving him a shot to start a major league game just because he has worked hard, and has shown nothing to this point on the bump…that’s where my problem is.

        1. chrisfchi

          So please tell me what you think the criteria is for a guy to get a shot in the show (specifically a guy coming off of an injury like baker). I mean how many rehab starts were rained out? It’s not like were competing for the wild card so what’s to lose?

          1. willis

            Show something. Show effectiveness. Show durability. Show control. Earn your way back up. He’s getting a start not because he’s ready. He’s far from ready. It’s a “well, we paid this guy so may as well run him out there because dammit, he worked hard.” Yes it’s a losing mentality. This is major league baseball and the guy was getting smoked by A ballers, what do you think will happen Sunday? Now, miracles happen here and there, but all signs point to him getting hit hard and struggling. So what’s the point of trotting out a pitcher, no where near ready to compete at this level, for this game Sunday? The Cubs aren’t desperate for arms that can just go out there and throw BP. There are plenty of them.

            1. mjhurdle

              It’s a “well, we paid this guy so may as well run him out there because dammit, he worked hard.”

              how do you know this?

              1. Koyie Hill Sucks

                Have you seen his numbers? He is struggling down in the minors so how does he get a shot?

                1. mjhurdle

                  i don’t know why he was given a shot, because im not in the Cubs Front Office.
                  I have some ideas, but i don’t know anything for fact.
                  hence my question….

            2. mjhurdle

              To elaborate on my previous post, if you are judging the reason behind this based off of a ‘rah-rah’ PR sentence from the manager showing support for a player, then i think you are way off.
              If you have some other evidence as to the Cubs running him out there just because he worked hard, then i would love to hear it.

            3. Werner

              It’s seems obvious that the reason they are trotting him out for a start that doesn’t matter in a season that is over is the reason they paid 5 million for him. Past performance in an MLB uniform and an audition for next year. And what arm in the system is Baker blocking with this one performance?

              1. willis

                It’s not about who he’s blocking. He isn’t ready. Again, he was getting tossed around and never got past High A ball in his rehab. I don’t care what the standings are or point in the we are in. It’s a stupid way to approach a professional sporting.

                And if it’s not a “well just because he worked hard let’s reward him” reason than what is the reason? To evaluate him for next season? Fine, I’ll buy that. But what really will they learn? That’s he’s not nearly in the form that he once was way back when and may never regain it. If they are doing this just to put the period on writing him off, then ok. I get that.

                1. mjhurdle

                  but if they are just doing it to “period on writing him off”, or if they are just doing him a favor in hopes of boosting their reputation to future FAs, or some combination thereof; what do you expect Sveum\the organization to say?
                  “Ya, we are pretty sure this dude is done, but we are going to throw him out at the big league level just to make sure his arm is toast before we cut him”
                  or roll out the usual flowery praise that they did?

                  1. willis

                    No, they have to spin it as a positive once the decision has been made (wrongly). No other choice. But that attitude of “he’s worked hard so…” when he’s proved nothing that even reflects anything close to that he’s ready to compete at this level, that is what irks me.

                    Again, if they said to the press “look we have to see what the guy has left. He’s worked his way through a rehab, and we’d like to take a look at him.” I’d still call it a dumb decision, but at least it wouldn’t be bullcrap.

  8. Jed Jam Band

    I think we’re all taking this a bit too seriously. No, he’s likely not ready to pitch, but what’s one more loss this season? We have a lot of decisions to make for next year’s team, which may actually be decent. So, let’s not forget that.

  9. willis

    1.1 IP, 6 H, 2BB, 6 ER, 0K

    That’s my prediction.

    1. TWC

      I’m sure you’ll be as correct with that prediction as you have the dozens of other times this season you’ve predicted that the Cubs get no-hit.

      1. willis

        Because I’ve said that dozens of times. I’ve said it once, against Liriano early in the year with a terrible lineup and he had wicked stuff. And you know what, the cubs got 2 hits off him that night. So I was close.

        I’ve commented on tough pitching matchups against patch work lineups plenty. I’ll grant that.

        1. TWC

          “Because I’ve said that dozens of times. I’ve said it once…”

          Make up your mind.

          Honestly, I really don’t have the time or inclination to wade through all the sky-is-falling cynicism you have appended to your name over the course of this season, but if you really believe you’ve only claimed once this season that the Cubs would be no-hit by an opponent I congratulate you on you ability to delude yourself to such an extent. That takes talent.

          1. willis

            I figured a loser like you would have the time? damn, shocked.

            Sure I’m cynical. Why wouldn’t someone be about the Chicago Cubs. They are not good. They are not managed well. They find ways snatch losing from winning all the time.

            Like I said, I’ve said plenty that pitcher A or pitcher B better have his best stuff because it’s going to be hard to score today/tonight or collect a bunch of hits today/tonight. I claimed one time during a dominant performance that they would get no-hit and shut out. And you know what, two singles later and a shutout…I was damn close. I’ll take that whooping.

          2. ssckelley

            “Honestly, I really don’t have the time or inclination to wade through all the sky-is-falling cynicism you have appended to your name over the course of this season, but if you really believe you’ve only claimed once this season that the Cubs would be no-hit by an opponent I congratulate you on you ability to delude yourself to such an extent. That takes talent.”

            Great then leave. Evidently the only “talent” you have to offer is being a dick. I don’t agree with everyones comments on here either but I certainly am not going to act like a teenager by putting them down.

            1. TWC

              I’m sorry, I was still waiting on you to explain what you meant by “we all know why [Baker] is pitching”. But thanks for chiming in, kid.

              1. willis

                And calling people “kid”. What the hell dude? Does it make you feel better or something? It’s a put down and unnecessary.

              2. miggy80

                haha, Willis called you a loser
                Na na na boo boo

                1. TWC

                  I know. It’s a put down and unnecessary.

                  1. miggy80

                    Now you can go back to eating your Kale chips and drinking your IPA’s

                    1. Cubbie Blues

                      Great, now I want kale chips.

              3. ssckelley

                Your welcome, and thanks for the compliment. It has been a while since I have been called a kid.

                1. Coop

                  Your grammar is poor. You’re welcome.

            2. willis

              This. Have discussions and arguments. That’s why we are here. But sitting around going through posts looking for ways to take personal shots and put people down…annoying.

              1. Koyie Hill Sucks

                You should know by know that criticizing the FO, owners or Sveum is a no no here. No decision can really be questioned and every bad news that comes from management has to somehow be spinned into “good news”(ie. the financial situation).

                1. cub2014

                  Koyie speak for yourself. There are many
                  anti-svuem guys here. Also a fair amount
                  FO haters. Certainly going to lean towards
                  favoring FO, but they have lost a few more
                  this year.

                2. mjhurdle

                  it is too late on a Friday for the ‘poor, victimized non-Koolaid drinker realist’ attitude Koyle. Save that for Monday morning.

      2. gutshot5820


    2. Jeff

      What, that’s probably only 45 pitches at $122,222.22 per pitch!

  10. cub2014

    Svuem got hoodwinked on this Baker thing.
    This is all FO it makes sense, for future FA
    possibilities. Plus since Baker should get
    hit pretty hard we should get to see: Raley,
    Grimm & Lim in this one.

  11. Bwa

    Is everyone forgetting that he was supposed to be ready shortly after opening day? The front office took a risk and it didn’t work out. It sucks, but it’s not like they signed him knowing he’s be hurt the whole year.

    1. ssckelley

      Yeah, the FO took a chance on Baker and lost. But taking these kind of chances also netted the Cubs some decent prospects via Feldman and Maholm signings.

      1. mjhurdle

        well said

      2. Kyle

        When you start adding it all up, those are some awfully expensive prospects. We’re not coming out wildly behind, but I’m not at all sure we came out ahead.

        1. ssckelley

          Seeing how much money the Cubs spent on 16 year old prospects spending money on free agents to net players like Arrieta, Strop, and Vizcaino might be cheap.

        2. Coop

          Well, you used to be able to buy prospects in the draft simply by going way over slot. Now, the rules force you to buy prospects in other ways. This seems the be the slight market inefficiency Theo and Jed have been working with – spend money on rentals players and try to buy prospects that way. Not nearly as clean or reliable (? eh, not like drafting players is super reliable either…), but they are working with the options they have.

          1. Kyle

            I’m not all that sure it’s an inefficiency. It may be a valid way of spending money, but that doesn’t make it an inefficiency. Especially given how much trouble we had trading marginal guys for prospects at the deadline.

            1. Coop

              Agreed. I only used the term because it is a lazy/catchy way to say strategy…

            2. ssckelley

              What marginal guys are you referring to? If it is DeJesus I think the difficulty in trading him was because he was coming off injuries to his shoulder. I thought the Cubs have done well at the trade deadline, heck they turned Soto into a decent prospect and I like the return they got for Campana.

              1. Kyle

                DeJesus, Schierholtz, Navarro, Villanueva, Gregg.

                They did well in advance of the deadline this year with what they traded. Very well. But for some reason, at the deadline this year, teams just stopped being interested in trading prospects for anything.

                1. ssckelley

                  I don’t think the Cubs made much of an effort to part with Schierholtz and Villanueva, both are under contract through next season. Greggs value dropped every time he took the mound in late July and the Cardinals thought they could get Navarro for free and in the end I am glad they did not trade him to the Cardinals.

                  You’re right, teams did tighten up at this years trade deadline but I still like what the Cubs got for Garza, Feldman, and this Black kid they got for Soriano might turn into a decent pitcher.

          2. ssckelley

            Had Baker not reinjured himself in May who knows what prospects the Cubs could have gotten for him. Veteran pitching is always in high demand at the trade deadline.

        3. Noah

          If you look at the amount the Cubs spent combined for Maholm (about $3 million before trade), Feldman (about $4 million), and Baker ($5.5 million), and look at the return on the three (Vizcaino, Arrieta, Strop) and the amount of above contract value the players the Cubs are likely going to get from Vizcaino, Arrieta and Strop, they only need to produce 2.5 wins in value above their contracts for the Cubs to break even. I think the Cubs have pretty strong odds of that happening in 2014 alone.

          1. Kyle

            This is where win/$ really breaks down. Mediocre players aren’t worth nearly as much as it implies, though I don’t mind having them.

          2. jt

            From Feldman and Maholm The Cubs got 211.3 IP and an ERA of 3.62.
            You are saying they paid $12.5M for the above 2 guys plus Baker? That is about the payday due and production expected from 2014 James Shields.
            They also recieved Vizcaino, Arriata and Strop as a bonus?
            Such a deal!

      3. cub2014

        Ended up being a bad signing but look
        at the other successes. Our minors is
        now filled with quality potential arms and
        specifically starters. Remember 2 years
        ago we were talking about: McNutt,Maples,
        Simpson& Wells. Wells is having good year.
        The guys they have brought in are already
        having success at higher levels.

  12. Toby

    I’m seeing Baker’s start in two different ways. One, it does give the FO a chance to see Baker is as far as MLB talent. He must be as close to 100% as he’ll ever be and the FO are evaluating whether or not he is worth bringing back. Second, it pushes guys back a start lessening the amount of innings Woods, Shark, Rusin, and Arrieta will have. I’m not sure why the Cubs don’t go with a 6 man rotation here on out to minimize the number of innings for those four.

    1. jaslhill

      Another great way to look at it, in my opinion. Take some innings away from the other guys. Why stress them more at the end of the season? Very good point.

  13. mjhurdle

    So now somehow it is Sveum’s fault that baker is starting?
    And then Sveum had the audacity to be supportive of the player and not just toss him directly under the bus before he starts?!!!

    :shocked face:

  14. Bigg J

    Glad we paid him 5 mil to pitch for 1 month

  15. ssckelley

    After reading all the comments on here about Baker I now expect him to pitch 6 shutout innings.

    1. TWC

      Right. Because why not result to some dickish reductio ad absurdum/strawman fallacy?

  16. SenorCub

    He can’t be worst then the other’s on this rotation. Hope he does well. I wouldn’t put too much stock on one outing in 2 years. Need pitching so let’s see what he has left and if it’s worth extending a purely incentive based contract for next year.

  17. 70'scub

    If he continues to suck he would be glad to give the Cubs a team “friendly” deal. Cubs need to cut him if he gets shelled or not, at this point he is taking space from a Cub farm pitcher and has less chance of being decent trade bait next July. Hope the FO makes future TJ deals based on innings pitched.

  18. clark addison

    If Baker has any integrity, he’ll sign an incentive contract after the Cubs gave him 5 million to rehab all year. Money talks, but he’s already made enough that his children won’t have to work a day in their lives.

    1. willis

      The thing is, he hasn’t pitched since 2011 and he has been hit around in A ball this year, I don’t think there will be anything out there for him much more than incentive contracts/minor league deals. So if the Cubs do offer one like that, they’d have a good chance to nab him for another year. Just don’t expect much competition for his services that would be much better than minor league/incentive filled contracts.

      1. ssckelley

        But unless Baker can prove he can be that 4th starter I don’t know where the Cubs would put him in the minors. The Cubs will already have to find room for the players that lose out on the 5th spot between Arrieta, Rusin, Raley, Hendricks, and Grimm along with the pitchers coming up through the system. If Baker shows he cannot be effective at the MLB level then I think he needs to find another organization to work his way back.

        I see no downside into letting Baker pitch in this last month of the season.

    2. Edwin

      I think Baker deserves a chance to try and maximise his earning potential. If he likes Chicago, and is willing to sign a cheaper deal to stay in Chicago, then great. Otherwise, if he can get a better deal elsewhere, more power to him.

  19. Eternal pessemist

    I like pitching baker. Hope they can get enough out of hon to shut down shark for the year. A bad performance, as anticipated, would also provide ample opportunity to test the young reliever arms, though i can’t recall how many were called up.

  20. LER

    It’ll be a great first two innings for the ballhawks out in the streets.

  21. cubmig

    Questions regarding the signings by the Cubs of rehab projects :

    Is there any record of the number of pitchers the Cubs have taken on as reclamation projects (say over the last 10 years), and what has been the outcomes of those? How many of those moves have paid-off and how many have not?

    The FO owns any and all that Baker does in however many starts he’s allowed and however long he’s kept. Some people saw something worthwhile in Baker and convinced the powers-that-be he’s worth a risk. As fans, we’ve heard that song so many times before…….but there’s a new leader of the “band” in town now. I just hope the “band” doesn’t turn out to be a band of idiots. Sunday should prove enlightening.

  22. FastBall

    I think players coming back from a TJ surgery or anything comparable should have to play at league minimum until they prove they are healthy. It’s okay to sign them for whatever contract $$ a team wants. But until they pitch on a major league mound they get paid league minimum and then they get pro-rated to their contract $$. So if you can get back in April or May you make more of your real contract $$. If you don’t then you don’t get paid but league minimum until you do. Kind of like being on disability. You typically don’t get paid very well to be on disability like 50% if your working for most companies. This would protect the teams investment and incent the player to get himself ready to play ball. I have a little sympathy for hurt players but not much. Getting paid a full contract without being a contributor doesn’t flush with me. How is a player incentified to get his ass back in the game if he is re-habbing. He is collecting a big paycheck and if he doesn’t become healthy it’s no sweat of his back. Not saying Baker was a slacker or a malingerer. Just don’t pay them until they play MLB ball if that’s the contract they signed.

    1. Jim L.

      Somewhere, Marvin Miller is laughing his ass off at this ridiculous idea.

    2. bbmoney

      In a word…..No.

    3. Edwin

      So, injured players should not be able to recieve guaranteed contracts?

      1. Jim L.

        Doesn’t matter if they should or shouldn’t, I think you would have a hard time getting the players union to agree to that. Teams know the risk when signing players to guaranteed contracts, so what you are really saying is you want the players to protect the owners from their potential mistakes. Why should they do that?

        1. Edwin

          Agreed. The union would never agree to it, nor should they.

          For what it’s worth, I think the labor situation in MLB is a joke. Mike Trout would easily by worth $30-$50 Million on the open market. yet this year, he’s making $.5M.

          1. mjhurdle

            that door swings both ways though.
            Plenty of good players making less than they deserve, and bad players making more than they deserve

            1. TWC

              “that door swings both ways though”

              Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

              1. mjhurdle

                heh, well played sir

            2. Edwin

              How many of those “bad players making more than they deserve” were, at one point, being underpaid earlier in their career?

              When you look at career earnings, and actual career worth, how many players actually end up making more in their career than they were worth?

  23. FastBall

    I personally think he is washed up. All baseball careers will come to and end. Most come to an end because of injury. It’s the cold truth. Baker made an extra $5.5MM on his career in baseball courtesy of the Cubs. Hope he invested wisely over the past 10 years.

    1. Edwin

      I’m sure he did.

      For his career, Baker has been paid $16.6M, roughly, by the Twins, and $5.5M by the Cubs, for career earnings of around $22M. He’s provided about $88M of value over his career. So, who’s actually getting screwed over here?

  24. Koyie Hill Sucks

    I think Baker was a waste of $5.5 million but I do agree with throwing him out there, gives the cubs a better chance at getting a higher pick.

  25. jon

    He’s gonna get shelled.

    1. Cubbie Blues

      Depending on what type of shell, I’d rather get shelled than stoned.

      1. MichiganGoat

        TWC might disagree with you

        1. Cubbie Blues

          Ha, I caught the double meaning of shell, but missed the stoned part. How the heck did that happen?

          1. MichiganGoat

            The longer you are away from your Cobra the less hip you become and thereby more old, crusty, and boring- therefore we are all slowly dancing toward become die hard… its just a matter of time.

            1. Cubbie Blues


              1. MichiganGoat

                Tip your cap old man tip your cap

                That was a well placed gif

        2. miggy80

          I know I disagree. In order Stoned, Chocolates from the parking lot at a Wide Spread Panic concert, drunk.

  26. Sacko

    5.5 mill and 3 weeks left, we have to look at him. Theo doesn’t like giving up on his decisions. Worst case scenario, minor league contract.

  27. Joey

    Personally, I’d like to see Justin Grimm get some starts down the stretch but I guess the FO figures that $5.5 million is already sunk into Baker. Hopefully he is throwing harder then 87 MPH

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