Travis Wood was particularly sharp in his latest return to Cincinnati tonight, and he was backed by a couple solo homers – plenty to give the Cubs the win.

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  • Boccabella12

    Yay! Beat those Reds! If two runs were always enough to win, the Cubs would be doing pretty well…

    • MichiganGoat

      Hmmm according to die hard we have to score six runs in order to win… must be Bizarro Cubs

      • Die hard

        No – point was need a shutout cause offense is so anemic as shown again tonite– 6 is needed more often than not cause pitching usually can’t get past 5 innings- tonite was exception as to pitching but proves point as to lack of punch

        • EQ76

          it’s tonight not tonite.

  • I love marmol

    Spring break 4eva

    • kuvihorken

      smokies lost. i need a beer.

      • Cubbie Blues

        Huh, you must have killed all the capitals.

        • I love marmol

          What does this even mean?

  • wax_eagle

    Kevin Gregg 31 saves. Most hilarious thing about 2013 Cubs.

    • Hansman1982

      Makes sense, mediocre teams will win only a few of their games by blowouts.

  • Chris

    In 3 straight days…
    Saturday: Illinois def. Cincinnati
    Sunday: Chicago def. Cincinnati
    Monday: Chicago def. Cincinnati

    • Jason P

      Ha, I noticed that too. Funny thing is, the Illinois teams probably weren’t favored in any of the games, either.

  • http://Bleachernation Jay

    Smokies out! 4 errors tend to lead to losses. Unfortunate!

  • The Dude Abides

    Always enjoyable to listen to the game on Reds network and listen to them talk about how bad the Cubs are. They just don’t get it, I can’t wait until 2015 or 16 when we show them.

    • http://Bleachernation Jay

      I know exactly what you mean. Yeah, we’re so bad that we shut them out at home.

  • kuvihorken

    daytona cubs pitching rocks.

    • Corey

      For sure. CJ Edwards is real. What is it, like 50 innings with a Zero ERA?

  • Bret Epic

    With today’s win, we have tied last years win count with 19 games left. Winning more games, along with lowering payroll is always a good thing. Hopefully we can add more pieces next year with the payroll we’ve shed and have a decent chance at a winning season.

  • salesguy

    Glad to get a win, however is anyone else tired of the “Hey Lake, great game yesterday, you really smoked that HR, but I’ve really got to find som AB’s for a guy who’s gonna be our 4th or 5th of’er next year” approach. I am not an expert, just a fan, but on the way to 90 losses… Again… Can’t we just run the 23 year old 5 tool player out there everyday, and let him learn, and get a feel for MLB pitching. Maybe, just maybe he might be more valuable next year than the two vets we picked up off the scrap heap? Pinella, Quade, and the guy in the opposing team dugout Baker, used to do this all the time, drove me nuts. Don’t mind the losses, we’re building for the future, but at some point, shouldn’t we find out if the future can actually play?

    • jeff1969

      You sold me salesguy.

    • hansman1982

      Jesus Herbert Christ. Since Lake’s callup he has not started a grand total of 6 games including today’s.

      • Bill

        It’s not that big of a deal but probably about 4 or 5 more than it should be. The other guys don’t figure in the Cubs future. Lake does, he should play every day.

      • Jason P

        But he hasn’t started 3 of the last 7. Sweeney returned 8 games ago, so Lake not playing everyday seems to be a developing trend and a product of the Cubs trying to get looks at 4 outfielders with only 3 spots to play them.

        • willis

          It seems to be an every other day thing between Bogusevic and Lake. Which, both have played well so it’s hard to get bent too much about it. Saying that Lake can be a part of the future and Bogusevic I don’t think will be. I’d start Lake every night/day. But there are three spots for four players and really all of them are doing well enough to warrant playing time.

        • salesguy

          My problem is when the term “getting a look at guys” enters the debate, or even the 3 guys for 4 spots.argument. It’s not that i don’t understand when that is said, i just believe differently. Both of these guys (Sweeney and Bogisevic) are known commodities, you’ve gotten extended looks at both of them at various points this season, I believe you give them a “look” in the role they project for, that is as a 4th of’er, so if you want to switch them off with each other in center or left to decide which one you keep, I’m good with that. My problem is that since their return from the DL both have cut into Lake’s playing time, and we should not restrict the growth, or playing time of what could be a very talented young player to decide which 4th of’er we want to keep.

      • Adventurecizin’ Justin

        Yeah, but that is 6 chances to give him much needed experience. When losing 90+ games, why sit him that often?

      • N8theGr8

        Should’ve been “Sherbet” and on a popsicle stick. If you’re going to blaspheme, please get as much out of it as you can.

    • willis

      I do agree with this. May as well let Lake, unless he goes to management and says he needs a day off, play every day. See what the cubs have. He’s played very well to this point. I’m sure getting jerked around isn’t going to help him.

      But, always like beating the Reds. Wood was dynamite.

      • Josh

        And then when he starts to struggle people will scream, WHY IS HE PLAYING SO MUCH, HE NEEDS DAYS OFF…..DAMN YOU DALE SVEUM, DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!

        • Bill

          Can you play a kid his age too much? The “he needs a day off” mantra for struggling players is stupid. Players go through slumps and they need to play through them. Even dumber is giving him preemptive days off before he even “struggles” in anticipation that he’ll struggle if not given the days off.

          You can add this to the list of why Dale has been a bad manager, although I’m not sure this would be high on my list.

          • cub2014

            Did Svuem say that Lake needed a day off? I
            hope he didnt, that would be ridiculous. Who
            you can tell needs a day off is Schierholz(.252)
            he has played everyday for as long as I can
            remember, he looks tired.

  • Jason Powers

    Step into the Hot Tub Time Machine watching 80s Cubs games:

    Harry Caray makes the most lucid comments EVER at 3h54min15secs. For 45 secs, Harry, and then Steve, note how Rafael Palmeiro needed more playing time. Later at 4hr1min00sec, they reiterate the Rafael situation…

    So, the Cubs soon get a 23-yr old 1988 All Star and trade him, and Moyer, for Wild Thing and a pile of mediocrity. (Yes, I heard he was pumping Ryno’s gal.)

    1988: Palmeiro, Ryno, Grace, Maddux, and Moyer all under 30; 3 under 25.

    So, it might be nice to keep a few prospects playing – Lake et. al – and decide right on their futures. The minor leaguers, if they are ever ready, we should not hold them back.

    (Palmeiro got through the minors in 1000ABs – 8.8% K rate, WOW! Won’t see that again from a prospect.)

    • ssckelley

      I remember that trade quite well, the Cubs were trading surplus to try and get (what they thought was) solid pitching in return. The Cubs had some good prospects they wanted to use in the outfield (Dwight Smith, Jerome Walton, and Darrin Jackson) and they did not need 2 first basemen so giving up Palmeiro and keeping Grace looked like the right move, giving up Moyer was the head scratcher.

      Hopefully these recent deals the Cubs have made with the Rangers will level it out. The Cubs definitely got burned with that one.

      • cub2014

        Trade that is painful for Cubs now is 3B
        Josh Donaldson (Cubs 1st round pick)
        to A’s for Rich Harden. Scary part about
        giving up top picks for proven players.
        Like Baez for Price?

        • Edwin

          It’s crazy, cause at the time, Donaldson wasn’t even the main part of the deal. He had a wRC+ of just 78 in A ball at the time of the deal.

          He was a first round pick, but I think he was taken 48th overall. Going into the season he was rated the Cubs 7th best prospect by BA.

          All in all, I think the Cubs are pretty happy with that deal, but it sure is interesting how things turned out.

  • Frank

    In the post game interview, Dusty didn’t bash the Cubs. Is he getting soft in his old age?

    • Cubbie Blues

      I think you must have misremembered. That just isn’t possible.

  • cub2014

    Schierholtz in 6 seasons has 44 career HR, 20 this
    year. Career .260/.310 hitter. Hits lefties poorly. As
    far as platoon goes he is a prime candidate. Choo
    has hit 15hr or better 5 of 6 years with .290/.390.
    I think you have to try really hard to get him. The
    other 4 guys they have had success in a limited
    amount of time, we need a proven hitter out there.

    • CubFan Paul

      Yeah, we need a run producing Outfielder, not another Dejesus, nor all of Sweeney-Schierholtz-Bogusevic returning.

      • bbmoney

        What’s the definition of a run producing outfielder?

        • CubFan Paul

          Did you know that Bleachernation is a baseball site?

          • bbmoney

            I did, and still do. However, I still don’t know what you consider a “run producing outfielder”.

            I’m not sure if you’re talking about a slugger, someone who’s clutch, or some other kind of player. Personally I don’t buy into most of the “run producing” player ideas. Unless your idea of run production means guys who get on base/makes as few outs as possible. But since you be little DeJesus who actually gets on base at a decent clip, it seems that might not be what you’re talking about and makes me think you’re talking about someone with big RBI totals.

            • CubFan Paul

              I like hazelnut creamer in my coffee. Good stuff.

              • bbmoney

                Well if that’s what you want to discuss instead…….

                That’s disgusting. Almost as disgusting as mixing soda with whiskey or drinking lite beer.

                • N8theGr8

                  Unless it is Yuengling Lite. Good stuff. And whiskey, in any form or concoction, is inherently disgusting. In my honest liver’s opinion.