2014 Chicago Cubs Schedule Released

chicago cubs logoThe Chicago Cubs will open the 2014 season in Pittsburgh on Monday, March 31, and the home opener comes that Friday at 1:20pm CT against the Phillies.

Interleague play in 2014 will feature the AL East, which means, yes, the Yankees are coming back to Wrigley Field (May 20-12), and the Cubs are going to New York (April 15-16). The Cubs head to Boston for a widely reported three-game set (June 30 – July 2), and will host the Orioles (August 22-24) and the Rays (August 8 to 10). The Cubs also head to Toronto to take on the Blue Jays (September 8-10).

The Crosstown Whatever will be May 5 through May 8, with the first two games coming at Wrigley Field.

The full schedule is here, and below:

Opening Day: March 31, at Pirates


April 2-3: at Pirates
April 4-6: versus Phillies
April 7-10: versus Pirates
April 11-13: at Cardinals
April 15-16: at Yankees
April 18-20: versus Reds
April 21-24: versus Diamondbacks
April 25-27: at Brewers
April 28-30: at Reds


May 2-4: versus Cardinals
May 5-6: versus White Sox
May 7-8: at White Sox
May 9-11: at Braves
May 12-15: at Cardinals
May 16-18: versus Brewers
May 20-21: versus Yankees
May 22-25: at Padres
May 26-28: at Giants
May 30-31, June 1: at Brewers


June 2-5: versus Mets
June 6-8: versus Marlins
June 9-12: at Pirates
June 13-15: at Phillies
June 16-18: at Marlins
June 20-22: versus Pirates
June 23-25: versus Reds
June 26-29: versus Nationals
June 30, July 1-2: at Red Sox


July 4-6: at Nationals
July 7-10: at Reds
July 11-13: versus Braves
July 14-17: ALL-STAR BREAK
July 18-20: at Diamondbacks
July 22-24: versus Padres
July 25-27: versus Cardinals
July 28-31: versus Rockies


August 1-3: at Dodgers
August 5-7: at Rockies
August 8-10: versus Rays
August 11-14: versus Brewers
August 15-18: at Mets
August 19-21: versus Giants
August 22-24: versus Oriols
August 26-28: at Reds
August 29-31: at Cardinals


September 1-3: versus Brewers
September 5-7: versus Pirates
September 9-11: at Blue Jays
September 12-14: at Pirates
September 15-17: versus Reds
September 18-21: versus Dodgers
September 22-24: versus Cardinals
September 26-28: at Brewers

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83 responses to “2014 Chicago Cubs Schedule Released”

  1. Brian

    What I’ve been waiting for 10 years. Chicago is coming to Toronto. Last time in 2003 was SARS and couldn’t go. I’m very excited about this.

    1. Ryan

      Am I the only person who finds this comment hilarious? Happy for you though.

    2. Hee Seop Chode

      I actually went to the Skydome 2 weeks ago to see the Blue Jays take on the Royals. What a weird stadium. It felt like I was watching baseball in a cave. And that carpet could really use a paint job. How does it fade so much under no natural light?

      1. SenorGato

        I thought it was weird because of all the Canadians, but otherwise pleasant. I’m a big fan of the CF view from the hotel/box/whatever that is area.

    3. N.J. Riv

      Didn’t the Cubs go to Toronto in 2008? I remember they played there right after they picked up Reed Johnson.

      1. Mike


    4. Meeshwo

      I AM so excited!! I’m a huge Cubs fan who lives in Toronto. Can’t WAIT!

  2. hansman1982

    So we get a half-month road trip in April (against a couple other “cold weather” teams) but no corresponding home stand?

  3. Derek

    A 14 game road trip?

    1. J.L.

      The first series against the Reds and the one against the Diamondbacks in April is actually in Chicago. (And the first against the Cardinals is actually in St. Louis.)

  4. Mikelach13

    April 15 – 30th on the road is like the Bulls and hawks annual Circus road trips!

  5. Derek

    Think last series with Reds in April must be at Wrigley.

  6. MightyBear

    Geeez, going to be tough to get out of the gates fast with that April, May and June. Thank goodness for the Sox. Probably sellers at the deadline again next year. What a weary world. I still think the time to add some pieces is next year, including Ellsbury. To tell the truth, if they Cubs signed Ellsbury, Scott Baker and Ryan Sweeney this offseason, I’d be happy

    1. SenorCub

      so you want guys who are either hurt currently or always hurt? Sweeney and Baker are already on the team. Maybe that’s why we are close to 90 losses again. You gotta set your goals just a tad higher.

  7. Werner

    Is that end of April schedule for reals? We go to the Reds twice in one swing that includes NYC and Arizona?

  8. Ed Wiese

    Who comes up with these schedules? Why are we making 3 trips to the NL WEST? Cant we make it in 1 trip. It would save on fuel to go ARI, SD, LA, SF and COL on the way home! NL EAST isnt as bad!

  9. KarenP

    Cubs host Cards on my B-day. Dare I risk starting year 26 on a bad note and attend? Given that it’s the second to last series, could be fun if the Cubs are playing spoiler for playoff hopes… hah

  10. amaury telemaco

    Pet peeve: Why is the White Sox series now relegated to weekday in early May?

    Certainly, the rivalry between the teams has been tempered because the Cubs (and now the Sox) have been so bad over the last few years. But, you’re really making it “just another series” when it’s played a freezing Tuesday night five weeks into the season. This is a series that traditionally was a summer weekend in June when people were really thinking about baseball. It seems insane to think that the local networks used to broadcast batting practice!

    If they aren’t going to even attempt to make these “natural rivalries” special, why even play them?

    1. MichaelD

      Well if the idea is to increase attendance, the best time to play the “rivalry” series is midweek in April, May or September. Most teams can draw well on weekends in the summer playing the Marlins.

      1. amaury telemaco

        I think that’s right, although it’s odd that for the first decade or so of the interleague series, it was always on weekends. From a television point of view, Fox always wanted to have two of those games and often ESPN would do one (if not two) of the Sunday nights.

        So, it also says something about the television value of those teams right now.

        1. MichaelD

          The TV issue should still exist since the rivalry games tend to be played at the same time across the league. While Cubs-White Sox seems a lot less interesting, Washington-Baltimore is a lot more interesting than before.

          I think they used the weekends to draw people into the concept at first. In particular, a lot of the “rivalries” were a little forced. They needed the help of the weekends to get off the ground.

          From an attendance point of view they should have moved them to mid-week, mid-May years ago.

  11. Jon

    I see a mighty impressive 67 wins.

    1. Hansman1982

      Nice to know we are predicting wins when we don’t even have a 2014 roster yet!

      In 2015, I’m predicting 153 wins!

      1. Jon

        Our expectations have been pretty much set(by Theo and Tom Ricketts) regarding spending for next year.

        1. jh03

          Maybe Tom Ricketts will win the lottery and decide to take his winnings and buy a player with it. You never know…..

          1. willis

            Even if he did, I wouldn’t expect him to spend it on the cubs.

            1. Jon

              He’s have to hand the money back over to Daddy.

              1. willis

                Funny thing is though, if we could say that Rizzo and Castro would be much better (play to expectations) and Lake and Castillo continue to grow, that’s a few more wins right there.

                Key is getting another good arm for the rotation.

                1. Jon

                  I keep hearing this “Castro is getting better” chatter. I even heard Len bring it up on the radio this morning. What is this based on? He’s had a OPS of .584 post all star break. His OPs in September is 542. He’s not getting better. It reminds me of abused wives who say “Believe me, things are different, he’s not going to hit me anymore!”

                  1. willis

                    I think he’s been swinging a little better, but his OBP and slugging still leave much to be desired. The slugging may not ever come HR wise, but I’d like to see more doubles out of him. He went on a little run there where he was making better contact and getting some hits, but even lately with a little bit of better ABs, he’s nowhere near where the cubs need him to be.

                  2. jaslhill

                    I will say, as worried as I am about him, if you follow his BAbip for the last three months, you’ll notice the downward trend in his OPS coincides with a sharp turn in is BAbip.

                    Now, I am not one to believe BAbip is ALL luck, but we that luck is factor. I think he is one to worry about long-term, but this is at least something to think about.


  12. abe


    Cubs are getting a Saturday off 8/16?

  13. Patrick G

    Finally get to see the Cubs come play the Yankees!

  14. SenorGato

    OK DC for the 4th of July sounds fun. Yaaaaay road trips.

    Love that they’re playing the Yankees again at Wrigley. Just like 2003!

  15. MichiganGoat

    It’s time to get rid of these regional rivalry series. It unbalances the schedule and is no longer unique or exciting. Just let it happen when it happens based on the interleague schedule. This way the crosstown matchups will have some increased excitement since it will only happen every three years. I don’t need to see the White Sux every year.

    1. MightyBear


  16. ClevelandCubsFan

    So we play NYY, BOS, TB, TOR and BAL…. that means if one of the big 3 in our division slips, our chances at the wild card are severely diminished against the Braves, Nats, and D’Backs (or whoever is competitive) because they will likely have easier schedules. Not only do we have the biggest share of our games going through 2013′s best NL division, but our interleague will be against 2013′s best AL division. It definitely looks like we should be setting our sights on 2015. It’s going to be a tough year to break .500.

    (And chances to win are sacred, and you play all 162, and anything can happen, and yadda yadda yadda. But we have to be a little realistic too. The Pythagorean die rolls were not with us this year against the AL West; we’ll need a lot more to go our way against the AL East.)

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      I would say facing the AL East won’t help, but unless something unexpected happens over the off season, we should be more concerned with the 13 NL teams that are better than us.

      1. ClevelandCubsFan

        I think if the EXPECTED happens, we’re a fringe-competitive team. No reason, all things being equal, to not expect improvement close to .500, which would have put us in the top 8 this year–and in striking distance of top 6. So it’s not unreasonable to think that all things being equal, there’s an outside chance at a playoff spot next year. But all things are not equal. With interleague play, our schedule looks to get tougher next year, and that makes those playoff hopes even further “outside.”

        1. willis

          Curious to know what makes you think this team will improve that much from this year to next? I just can’t see it unless they sign 2-3 pieces and I don’t see that happening. I think the growth of a few players will add some wins, but I can’t see .500ish at this point.

          1. Kyle

            I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect significant improvement from an entirely replaced bullpen. That’s close to 10 games right there. Our bullpen has been historically awful.

            1. Edwin

              Historically awful seems a bit much. It’s one of the worst in the league, but there’s no way an improved bullpen makes a 10 game swing.

              1. Kyle

                Using net win percentage added, the Cubs’ pen has been six wins worse than league average, 8 wins worse than the 10th best pen and 15 wins worse than the best pen in the league.

                1. Edwin

                  How do you calculate net win percentage added? I haven’t heard of that.

                2. Edwin

                  Never mind, I see what you’re looking at. I’m not sure if I buy using WPA as the best way to evaluate relief pitching, though.

                  1. Kyle

                    It’s not the best way to evaluate the individual talents of relief pitchers, but I firmly believe it is the best way to evaluate the impact of a bullpen on a team’s win total in a given year.

          2. hansman1982

            ” I just can’t see it unless they sign 2-3 pieces and I don’t see that happening.”

            They did more than that last year.

            1. willis

              Sure they did, and I used the wrong word with “pieces”. I should have said “significant contributing pieces”. I’d love to see it but the spin has already begun regarding payroll and available money. Which is why I’m expecting a mostly quiet offseason for any impact additions.

              To Kyle’s bullpen point-we’ve had that discussion before and I totally agree. The pen should be the strength of this team next season. Now, IF they can add a good arm to the rotation, the whole pitching staff should be a strength.

          3. cms0101

            I don’t know… a better performing bullpen than in the first half this year… improved production from Castro and Rizzo… Better production at 2B, be it Barney or someone else… I think they can approach .500 in 2014 without signing big time free agents. The starting pitching seems to be a strength, and they’ll still probably add one more veteran guy to at least start the season in the mix. The bullpen is much better than it was when Marmol was the closer. There are enough arms to make a healthy competition a reality. I like the OF of Schierholtz, Sweeney, Lake, and Bogusevic. They could use a little more power, so adding a low risk – high reward type of player like Nelson Cruz to a short term deal could make it that much better. A Valbuena/Murphy platoon at 3rd isn’t awful, while waiting for Olt/Vitters/Bryant/Baez to come up. Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe this team will be a legitimate playoff contender in 2014. But I do think .500 is attainable, and that is a nice stepping stone for a team that lost 100 last year and will lose 90 this year.

            1. willis

              The rotation as it stands isn’t a strength in my eyes. I see a very good Travis Wood, high ceiling/wild card production in Shark and Arrieta, and a 5th starter in EJax. It needs a little upgrading or for Shark to pitch better, then that with the pen become this club’s biggest strength.

              1. cms0101

                I could definitely see them going out and bringing in another veteran type player to compete for a rotation spot. Feldman, Maholm, or someone else available and under the radar. While I think they have enough depth for their rotation, I won’t argue that they can’t improve it, because they always can. It’s much better than it was exiting last season. They’ve got 3 definitive starters. We can call Jackson a 5th starter, but he’s got potential to be a 3rd starter. Nobody is stepping up to be #1, but for now it appears to be Wood, by default. I don’t think it’s wise to spend large dollars in free agency on bullpen arms, so I hope they can use the guys that are here to fill that out.

                1. willis

                  Yeah no need to spend on a BP arm, there are plenty of very good candidates for the 7 spots. Strop, Parker, Rosscup, Villanueva for sure, then options like Russell, Raley, Vizcaino, Cabrera…maybe you bring Gregg back. I feel like I’m missing someone.

        2. Jon

          Your ‘Expected’ would have to include a major free agent signing like Choo or Cano, a significant trade like David Price, and a major prospect like Baez coming up and hitting the ground running.

        3. Mr. B. Patient

          Don’t see how we make up 20-25 games. Nothing is impossible, but I just don’t see it.
          Yes, Castro, Lake and Rizzo can improve.
          Can we really expect Navarro and Schierholtz to continue their power output? (numbers say regression is expected)
          Do we really expect to get 30 homers again from the 3rd base position?
          Sadly, do we really expect Wood’s numbers to stay the same. (advance stats say unrealistic)? Even if Wood’s regression is offset by Jackson reverting back to his numbers, it’s basically a wash.
          I can’t remember a starting pitcher missing many starts this year. (once they started to pitch, i.e. Garza) Can we expect that again?

          How much do we spend on free agents? Who would have that much of an impact?

          Hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see it.

          1. cms0101

            Both yours and my perspectives are speculative. Going into this season, I thought there was no chance they could approach .500. Same with last season. But next year, I feel like they’ve found some cost effective players to keep with some of the new faces brought in. They’ll certainly try to add a few more next year. And while we can’t predict Wood to be as good as he was this year, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. He showed signs of being this good in 2012. Shark should improve a little. Jackson should improve. Maybe Arrietta, Rusin, Villanueva, or another veteran free agent can rould out the rotation. I’d settle for approaching 80 wins in 2014. It’s still progression from this year. We’ll be another year closer to some of the higher impact prospects to make their debuts. Nothing is guaranteed with those guys, but at least you should be able to see who’s got a chance and who might wash out.

            1. Mr. B. Patient

              Yes, this exercise is ALL speculative. All I am saying is too many things need to align for the Cubs to reach 81 wins next year. Could it happen? Sure. In my opinion, history say it probably wont.
              As it stands right now, my biggest hope for next year is Castro/Rizzo/Lake become solid. Baez settles in and gets good MLB experienxe. And one of Bryant, Olt or Soler surprises and gets called up in Aug or Sept.. That would bode well for 2015.

          2. ClevelandCubsFan

            I doubt 81 wins for several reasons. One of the biggest is that if we are sitting behind the Reds-Pirates-Cards, that’s a) a lot of games against tough teams and b) going to be very hard for an 85 win team to make it into the playoffs. If we’re on pace for about 79-83 wins but in 4th place, we’re going to sell, sell, sell.

            That being said, it’s not unreasonable to think that with a couple improvements we’re “fringe-competitive.” This year we had a team that’s Pythagorean W-L was around .500 for a long time–without starting with guys like Garza or Barney. So what’s to say with some of the similar type free agent signings we’ve made the past couple off-seasons, I expect we head into 2014 better than we headed into 2013, which was better than we headed into 2012. So we SHOULD field a team that is CAPABLE of a .500 record. (Long way of saying we WILL be .500). And if the “luck” goes in our favor rather than against (as it did early in the season), we have a shot. Am I expecting this? No. But I’m not NOT expecting it either.

            Now, let’s say we make a splash or two. What if last off-season we HAD landed Sanchez? (BBRef has him at 5.2 WAR so far this year), how much better would we look? We took a shot and missed. There’s probably nothing comparable this year, but let’s say we do make a splash on top of the run-of-the-mill improvements. Just sayin’. Wouldn’t expect it, but I wouldn’t not expect it either.

            1. ClevelandCubsFan

              Oh. And Marmol’s gone.

  17. N.J. Riv

    2014 might be an improvement, but it might be hard to tell by the record and also depending on the roster. Not only do the Cubs have to face probably the best division in baseball right now, the NL Central, regularly throughout the season, but now they are going to face arguably the 2nd best? It depends on the roster, but 2014 may be another long grinder.

  18. jt

    Cubs Pen had an OPS against about 0.060 pts higher than lg avg
    Cubs Pen had an ERA about 0.65 runs higher than lg avg
    Just getting the RP’ers to perform to lg avg would add several wins

  19. Cubman

    Off topic, but is anyone else disappointed that Watkins isn’t playing more. Why was he brought up and why did he stay up just to sit on the bench? I was advocating trading Barney last off season and now you couldn’t get much for him. I definately want a different 2B next year. Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to see if Watkins can be the man next year?

    1. Kyle

      Watkins’ opportunity to show he could be the man next year was at Iowa during the regular season, and he didn’t do well.

      1. gocatsgo2003

        While he clearly wasn’t hitting the cover off the ball, .243/.333/.379 isn’t TERRIBLE if he could bring a solid glove. He could also be on the same career path as Darwin Barney, who returned to AAA as a 24-year old after being moved up in his 23-year old season and put up a .346/.304/.330 line. Would guess Watkins gets at least another year at AAA to see if he can bring up his average a bit before Theo and Company cut bait.

      2. jaslhill

        Thought I replied:

        Sure, his OPS was .711. But, honestly, why bring him up, then? What’s the value in bringing him up and sitting him on the bench. I kind of don’t get it. Maybe someone can explain?

      3. Jason P

        He’s one year removed from a season in the pitcher-friendly Southern league that was comparable, if not better, than what Arismendy Alcantara did this year at the same position. Now that it’s September, him riding the pine every day isn’t as damaging as it was when he could have been getting regular at bats at AAA, but I still don’t agree with bringing him up when they did just because they needed a body. Claim someone off waivers, or something. Or bring up Edwin Maysonett. I wouldn’t have cared if we lost Eduardo Sanchez through waivers to clear the 40-man spot.

    2. cms0101

      I think they only brought him up because he was on the 40-man and they had injuries. They just kept him up because Iowa wasn’t playoff bound and he’s a good guy off the bench to pinch-run and play multiple positions if need be. Watkins showed limited success in AA last year, but did nothing in Iowa to warrant ML playing time this year. If not for Valbuena, Sweeney, and Bogusevic all getting hurt at the same time, he never would have been called up. I don’t think it’s highly possible, but it is possible that they might remove him from the 40-man altogether if they make multiple moves this offseason. They’ll wait for the Rule 5 to take place before they do something like that, but I won’t be too surprised if he is removed.

      1. jaslhill

        Ok, there’s an explanation. Why not just pick someone up off the waiver wire, then? Doesn’t matter who it is if they are not going to play. Just easier this way?

        1. cms0101

          No 40-man spot at the time available to pick somebody up. They could have called up Edwin Maysonet, but they manuevered the roster to get Murphy on it and had no more moves to make.

          1. jaslhill

            Alrighty, then. Asked and answered. Makes more sense to me, now. Thanks!

  20. jaslhill

    Sure, his OPS was .711. But, honestly, why bring him up, then? What’s the value in bringing him up and sitting him on the bench. I kind of don’t get it. Maybe someone can explain?

    1. cms0101

      It was due to injury. He was on the 40-man and they needed a body. It wasn’t to give him ML at-bats, it was for insurance. They had already brought up Murphy and added him to the 40-man, but didn’t have another roster space to call up Maysonet. Hence, Watkins got the call.

      1. jaslhill

        Oh, and that explains why they could not pick someone else up off waivers. Because they did not have a spot on the 40-man and didn’t want to drop Watkins at that time?

        1. cms0101

          Correct. I think they still see something in him, perhaps a bench player. And he’s young enough to not just give up on. But it wasn’t a promotion to reward him for what he was doing in Iowa. It was a roster numbers game.

    2. Mr. B. Patient

      At the time they brought him up, they had just lost Valbuena, Ransom was playing horrible, so they needed infield help. Once everything settled in, Iowa’s season was pretty much over, so there he sits, at the end of the bench with a few pinch hit strike out opportunities.

      1. jaslhill

        Well, I just hope he gets a longer look in Spring Training. I irrationally want him to do well. Is it because I am looking for a replacement for Barney? Possibly. Maybe it’s because I am just hoping to get some fruit from the prospect tree, be it low-hanging or not. I don’t know …

  21. Cubman

    Hopefully Alcantara will be our 2B in 2015, if not mid-season next year. In my mind we are really only looking for a one year plug and maybe they feel they might as well stay with a gold glover. Also, Castro could be our 2B by mid-season next year. Mid-season position shifts are not desirable, but something will have to give in the next year or less with Castro/Baez.

    1. jaslhill

      I think I would be more in favor of Castro moving to third and keeping Baez at SS. I think Castro would be a league-average third baseman. Not a ton of thinking … catch and throw. He has a strong-enough arm for it, does he not? I think SS is too much of a thinking man’s position.

      1. Mr. B. Patient

        Think you’ll see Baez at 3rd before Castro. By all accounts, Castro is the better defender at SS.

        1. jaslhill

          That’s obviously the missing piece. I would not know how to compare them at SS.

          1. ClevelandCubsFan

            Plus it’s hard to stick Castro’s 10 home runs over at 3B.

            1. jaslhill

              OOoooh, another good point. Unless his power develops more or is made up at another position, which I am not sure I see at the moment.

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