chicago cubs logoThe Chicago Cubs will open the 2014 season in Pittsburgh on Monday, March 31, and the home opener comes that Friday at 1:20pm CT against the Phillies.

Interleague play in 2014 will feature the AL East, which means, yes, the Yankees are coming back to Wrigley Field (May 20-12), and the Cubs are going to New York (April 15-16). The Cubs head to Boston for a widely reported three-game set (June 30 – July 2), and will host the Orioles (August 22-24) and the Rays (August 8 to 10). The Cubs also head to Toronto to take on the Blue Jays (September 8-10).


The Crosstown Whatever will be May 5 through May 8, with the first two games coming at Wrigley Field.

The full schedule is here, and below:

Opening Day: March 31, at Pirates


April 2-3: at Pirates
April 4-6: versus Phillies
April 7-10: versus Pirates
April 11-13: at Cardinals
April 15-16: at Yankees
April 18-20: versus Reds
April 21-24: versus Diamondbacks
April 25-27: at Brewers
April 28-30: at Reds


May 2-4: versus Cardinals
May 5-6: versus White Sox
May 7-8: at White Sox
May 9-11: at Braves
May 12-15: at Cardinals
May 16-18: versus Brewers
May 20-21: versus Yankees
May 22-25: at Padres
May 26-28: at Giants
May 30-31, June 1: at Brewers


June 2-5: versus Mets
June 6-8: versus Marlins
June 9-12: at Pirates
June 13-15: at Phillies
June 16-18: at Marlins
June 20-22: versus Pirates
June 23-25: versus Reds
June 26-29: versus Nationals
June 30, July 1-2: at Red Sox


July 4-6: at Nationals
July 7-10: at Reds
July 11-13: versus Braves
July 14-17: ALL-STAR BREAK
July 18-20: at Diamondbacks
July 22-24: versus Padres
July 25-27: versus Cardinals
July 28-31: versus Rockies



August 1-3: at Dodgers
August 5-7: at Rockies
August 8-10: versus Rays
August 11-14: versus Brewers
August 15-18: at Mets
August 19-21: versus Giants
August 22-24: versus Oriols
August 26-28: at Reds
August 29-31: at Cardinals


September 1-3: versus Brewers
September 5-7: versus Pirates
September 9-11: at Blue Jays
September 12-14: at Pirates
September 15-17: versus Reds
September 18-21: versus Dodgers
September 22-24: versus Cardinals
September 26-28: at Brewers

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