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High Fives for BN Shirt-Wearers at Games and Statues – And a Special Offer (Free Shipping)


It’s been a little while since I gave due respect to those of you cheerily braving your Bleacher Nation gear around the world, and I owe several high fives. The timing is perfect, because there’s a special offer right now in the BN Store: free shipping on any order that includes at least two items. The special runs from today through September 17, and requires only that you use the coupon code “FALL2013.”


So get on it, and get a couple things from the store!

And then you can join BN’er Shawn at Target Field in Minnesota to hang with Harmon Killebrew (high five!):

Harmon was a big dude, I guess.

You can always wear your BN duds at the home away from home that is Wrigley Field. High five to BN’er Chris:

If you wear your blue BN shirt to a Cardinals game, however, you may become intermittently terrified a la BN’er Caleb (but less than if you were wearing full-on Cubs garb – high five!):


And, if you’re feeling lucky, you could head out to Vegas and hang with some dancers (even if they are strangely unmoving and camera shy) – high five, BN’er Daniel:

You are all awesome, and well-travelled.

For those of you who get a shirt or two with the free shipping offer (“FALL2013”), or who’ve already got a shirt, don’t hesitate to send in your pictures for your own Internetty high five. It’s the coolest!



Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation.