Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 0, Reds 6 – September 11, 2013

Today it was the Reds’ turn to blow out the Cubs, with half of their runs coming on a three-run blast in the sixth as Jeff Samardzija seemed to run out of gas. It’s unfortunate.

sept 11 box

Full box.

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155 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 0, Reds 6 – September 11, 2013”

  1. zach

    mark it zero dude

  2. jj

    Who suffers more from Samardzjia’s regularly awful outings – Samardzjia with the lost income or the Cubs with the loss of trade value? Selling him this summer looks increasingly like a sell low and limited return. His monthly numbers are downright ugly.

    1. Cizzle

      He’s got 2 more years of control. Selling this summer would be foolish.

  3. northsiders6

    Rizzo’s OBP is sure driving in a lot of runs lately.

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      But the walks, swoon..swoon..swoon…., the walks. Well, at least they are caused by his incredible batting eye, since line-up protection is a myth (according to the genius of Tom Tango).

      BTW, Rizzo’s OBP is a whopping .324….wow.

      1. willis

        Yeah it’s getting to the point where his OBP can’t be seen as that great. He’s having a pretty poor season compared to expectations, but maybe expectations were too inflated because of his immediate success last year?

    2. Brains

      You guys are all turning on the wrong people. You’re made at Sveum, you’re mad at Castro, you’re made at Rizzo, and for some reason some of you guys are sadistic enough to pick on Junior Lake, who’s done a very nice job in a partial season.

      If you’re going to be mad at our horrible team, be mad at the people who forced the team to be that way for ideology or profit, not some guys giving it their best.

      1. northsiders6

        Ricketts doesn’t swing a bat last time I checked.

        1. cubs2003

          Yeah, but he holds the checkbook last time I checked. A big, proven bat behind him in that order could make it way easier for guys like Rizzo to develop without so much pressure on them. Just my opinion. We all knew this would be a losing year, but I’ve been worrying about “the core” for the better part of this season.

      2. northsiders6

        Your comment made me think…why is no one held accountable for their actions anymore? Always someone else’s fault, and everyone is a victim. I guess that’s how society operates now.

        1. Brains

          I just think we need to accept that these are young players given a bad situation. We can’t judge them based upon all of the tumult in the organization and lineup. Same goes for Sveum, who occasionally makes mistakes (all managers do) but has done a great job with a truly awful team that just keeps getting further decimated.

          Cubs culture is becoming bring in a new guy, knock him down, and then step on his face. And then make fun of him for his injuries. It’s getting ugly, and this ugly precedent is being set by the team administrators for god knows what reason.

        2. Joe

          Your crazy if you think society has ever operated any other way.

          1. Joe


          2. Pat

            I have to assume you’re under 35 Joe, because the no accountability crap is relatively recent.

          3. Brains

            So you agree with me.

      3. hansman1982

        I don’t think anyone is mad at Junior Lake. We just think that he isn’t likely to replicate what he has done this year in 2014 and he shouldn’t be inked in as a starter.

        1. Bill

          Exactly who would you ink in ahead of him? Unless Theo is going to get a couple of FA OFs, Lake should be inked in as an opening day starter. This doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed the job for the entire season. If he doesn’t produce then you see if there are better options available.

          I’m also not convinced his numbers are going to slide that much. His numbers seemed to improve as he went through the system.

          1. hansman1982

            Just in FA? Choo and Granderson.

            Including trades, add in Stanton.

            That’s my easy, off the top of my head list.

          2. Cubbie Blues

            Inked and guaranteed are one in the same.

        2. 70'scub

          Who would ever want to compete in an organization that does not make decisions based on MLB results? A 300 hitting Lake with a decent spring is the Cub opening day starter period. It is called leadership through example, Cubs reward players that develop, become coachable flexible (Lake plays were they put him in the field and in the batting order), team player (bunts, steals bases has some power) and play with heart a winning attitude. Yes to a 100 plus Cub farm hands looking at this a real opportunity, the Castro/Rizzo contracts, plus a Lake type (gamer) makes the show. These young players are motivated and will continue to work hard at being the next real call up. Why trump and/or block this process with some old players on expensive long term deals? Cubs maybe use some money to bring in a catcher and more pitching.

          1. Feeney

            I am not sure about the catcher aspect at this point. Combined Castillo and Navarro are 4.4 WAR. That’s top 10 in all of baseball for production from the catchers spot.

  4. Blublud

    At what point is it non-sense to pull, if not your best hitter, your hottest hitter, out the game on a doyble switch. Sveum confuses me.

    1. wvcubsfan

      Here’s what happened. In a panic to shake things up Sveum turned to his most trusted water cooler and asked “what can I do to irritate the folk over at Bleacher Nation especially that Willis fellow and that crazy dude that calls himself Blublud”. Of course the answer was “blub, blub, blurb, blub”, immediately the light blub went off “that’s is we need defense and less speed”. So Dale called over Junior and told him “kid you’ve been doing great but what we need is less of those extra base hits and a little more belly fire, so I’m going to take you out in a double switch.”

      Or at least something not even reasonably close to this.

      1. DarthHater

        β€œblub, blub, blurb, blub”

        The water cooler obviously was trying to say “Blublud.” ;-)

        1. Tommy

          I thought it was Blubird?

      2. ssckelley

        Wrong, Sveum said “Lake, you better start hitting like Baez if you expect to stay in this lineup!”

      3. Blublud

        Crazy because I have my opinion on baseball. I played at a higher level then most people on this board, and I know quite a bit more about the game then most people.

        Sveum is a horrible manager. I’m not pushing for him be fired, but I definitely would not bring him back after next year when his contract runs out.

        1. mjhurdle

          “I played at a higher level then most people on this board, and I know quite a bit more about the game then most people.”

          absolutely love when people drop this line on random message boards.

          1. Alb_daKID

            If its true…then its true…

          2. Blublud

            I don’t need to lie. I sucked once I got there, with the exception of my glove and speed, but I played. Plus I got part of my education payed. That’s even better.

            1. ruby2626

              I have to be honest I’m getting a little tired of Rizzo also. The he’s just having a bad year logic doesn’t fly with me when the guy really has had only one good year. Maybe he’s just not that good, good hitters don’t have as many 0 for 10 streaks as this guy has. Just sayin that while I once thought he was the real deal, just not so sure anymore.

              BTW I have won 3 National 16″ championships and currently play in 2 over 50 leagues where I am way above average so I clearly know more than most people on this board. LOL.

              1. Eternal Pessimist


                Some people can play the game (sounds like you did pretty well), but that doesn’t mean you understand the concepts of putting together a good team, or the math that goes into predicting former, current, future performance.

                I played at a higher level don’t mean jack when debating the game. Some of your comments are just out of left field!

            2. CubbieBubba

              of course, there are no shortage of players who did have success at the mlb level, who also don’t know anything about how to play. …or manage.

            3. Cizzle

              Got part of your education “payed”? Must not have been for all 4 years.
              I kid, I kid. You kind of opened yourself up for that one.

              1. D.G.Lang

                They just cut the spelling lessons short.

            4. mjhurdle

              i don’t doubt that you played a little baseball somewhere past high-school.
              the part i have trouble believing is the “know quite a bit more about the game than most people.”
              I find that most times, when people do actually know more than most, they dont have to take the time to point it out to people. It is more of an obvious thing.

            5. arta

              i can see, your spelling is great!

        2. wvcubsfan

          1st paragraph – you serious?

          2nd paragraph – agree

        3. ssckelley

          It is hard for people to take you seriously when you use home runs as a way to gauge how good a prospect is.

          1. Blublud

            Go back and read what I said about Almora. I never said he would suck because he doesn’t hit homers. I said that he is called a 5 tool player, but he doesn’t have the power to hit homers. The guy is a 2 maybe 3 tool player. The other point is people keeps saying all these prospect who are 19 and 20 will develop power. Well hell, I can’t wait to see what Baez looks like when he finally “develops power.”

            1. On The Farm

              No, but you did say Lindor is overrated because he has no power..

              1. Blublud

                No, I think Lindor is slightly overrated when compared to Baez. I think Lindor is a good prospect, but should not be in a class with Baez, and the power is the main thing that separates that. I still think Lindor will be a great player. Remember, slugging is more important than average or OBP. You guys taught me that.

                1. Mr. B. Patient

                  Blu, stick to your guns. If you like power, then like power. One thing though, watch out for those advanced stats, what’s deemed important this year may not be next year.

                  BTW, if you were to plug everyone’s minor league stats into a WAR like formula, Baez would be behind Springer, Buxton, Correa, Russell, Sano, and Lindor. Don’t know if that means anything, but that’s the way these guys will be judged/rated.

                  1. Blublud

                    I’m actually not a power is everything guy. I value speed a lot more then most people. But the advance metric guys say slugging and OPS is more important. Baez is crushing everyone not named springer, but yet he gets no credit. Funny.

                    1. Featherstone

                      Actually when it comes to OPS, OBP is more valuable than SLG.

                      Player A .250/.380/.420

                      Player B .250/.330/.470

                      Both players have the same OPS of .800 but Player A will be much more valuable in overall run generation.

                      OBP is worth anywhere from 1.7-2.1 times that of SLG when measured point for point.

                2. On The Farm

                  Most of us probably haven’t played at the level that you have (at least I know I haven’t), so I find it hard to believe that we could teach you anything.

                3. ssckelley

                  Power is not the only thing that separates them. Lindor defensively is superior than Baez, makes more contract, and draws more walks. I like Baez as much as anybody but I would not knock anybody for ranking Lindor as a better prospect, certainly not just because Baez has more power.

            2. Bails17

              And this is a good example of why not all guys who played the game are good coaches/evaluators of the game.

            3. Scott

              Blublud, can you elaborate on what Almora’s 2 or 3 tools are? Because people who scout professionally (which is different than playing professionally) seem to think he has 4 to 5 tools.

              1. Blublud

                Arm, defense, and his bat for average could be. His speed is not elite, nor is it even close, and his power is not going to develop enough to be anything close to elite.

                1. ssckelley

                  Almora has above average speed and can still develop into above average power. When they say a player has 5 tools I don’t think they mean they have to be “elite” in each category. If scouts say he can develop into a decent power hitter I will believe them before I believe anything you say.

                2. hansman1982

                  I think you are grossly underestimating how valuable a 3-elite-tool player can be.

                  1. Rich H

                    Raul Mondesi! He was a 5 tool guy with 3 Elite tools. Not comparing Amora to him just an example of what a 5 tool 3 elite tool player looks like.

              2. Really?

                Scott, do you have a link to any of Almora’s scouting reports? Or do you consider the Law’s, Parks’ and Mayo’s of the world scouts?

            4. Jason P

              That’s why on the scouting, there’s “present” tools and “projected” tools. Right now, Almora’s power is probably a 2 or 3. In the future, it could become a 5 or 6 or it could stay a 3. It’s an imperfect science projecting how much power a prospect will grow into, but that’s what professional scouts are paid to do. And most professional scouts believe Almora will eventually hit at least 15-20 home runs.

              Granted many (but fewer than with Almora) said the same thing about Szczur, but like I said, it’s an imperfect science evaluating prospects and there’ll always be misjudgments .

              1. bbmoney

                2 seems a bit bleak. 2 power is pretty rare and would entail nothing but singles. That aside your general point is well taken.

              2. Kyle

                His power is not a two. That’s absurd.

                1. Jason P

                  For some reason, I was thinking the scouting scale was 10-80, not 20-80, so you’re right, 20 is too low. But 30′s probably about where he’s at right now. He was on pace to hit 6 home runs if he had a full, 600 PA season this year. That certainly qualifies as “well below average”. But I do believe he’ll eventually get at least into the high teens ,he’s just not there yet.

              3. Blublud

                I don’t see Almora being a 20 HR guy. I’ll give him 10-15, and that’s because if his bat is as good as they think, then 10 should come naturally.

                1. Kyle

                  10-15 is like 35 power

                2. Scott

                  As you have said SLG is the most important stat and Almora slugged .466 this year. Power is more than just home runs. Doubles are often believed to turn into homers as a prospect matures. I don’t have the hard analysis to back it up, but it is a common scouting belief (see: J Candelario).

        4. TWC

          “I played at a higher level then most people on this board, and I know quite a bit more about the game then most people.”

          Total. Fucking. Douche.

          1. Blublud

            Cool. If I’m a douche, that means I get to go into and let off into a lot of you know what. Considering I’m now a single man, I would love to be a douche.

            Actually, that may have something to do with me being single now.

            1. On The Farm

              I thought earlier you said Kim DeJesus wasn’t as hot as your wife…that was like a month ago. I feel like something is going on here..

              1. Blublud

                Oh, no. We are still married. Legally separated. It takes a year in N.C. for a divorce to become final.

                1. Norm

                  She was probably jealous of your love of Javier Baez.

                  1. Blublud

                    Until baez puts on a skirt or a pair of skinny jeans and heals with a nice butt, and at least a face thats a 8, there is no way he could effect my marraige.

                    1. CubFan Paul

                      What til Rookie Hazing Day next year. Those costumes get weird…

                    2. Funn Dave


                      -BN Grammar Douche

                    3. DarthHater

                      How ’bout some Mike Olt? Marriage affected. :P

                    4. Blublud

                      Those thighs are mighty curvy, but that face is no 8.

          2. Gutshot5820

            TWC, you are total jerk. What right do you have to call someone what you just did over the internet? Sounds like you have a small penis complex. A large majority of your posts are targeted at posters you deem stupid or inferior to you? Always with their comments in quotations followed by disparaging remarks to show your superior intelligence? The jokes on you idiot.

            1. Blublud

              Gutshot, no need to respond to that. If you get offended by what someone over the internet calls you, it says more about you. Besides, his life has to be miserable when you can only comment with negativity.

              1. Really?

                BluBlud, this comment deserves to go down in the internet Hall of Fame.

              2. Riceowl

                How about everyone stops with the dick measuring contest and talks about baseball. This is the reason people are starting to switch to cubs den. The readers actually have intelligent baseball conversations.

              3. Sacko

                I’m interested blublud with your comments. I have really hammered DALE at times, mostly as he just seems to know how to lose which really isn’t all bad concept. I have to think he is getting instructions from Theo and uncle Jed. We are like a shitty high school team in which the fans are saying let someone else have a shot at some playing time. The problem is we don’t have seniors that will graduate so we continue to coddle Rizzo and Castro, they are horrible “this year”. Like they are learning something because they are part of the future plan? Just sit these guys down once in awhile. Why the F..does he sit Lake? He is the future also. Sweeny and Scheirholtz should play EVERY day. Whats with this Mcdonald stuff? Does Barney have to play everyday while Watkins sits.

                1. Sacko

                  well there it is now their making masturbating comments not BB comments.

            2. TWC

              “[Y]ou are [a] total jerk. What right do you have to call someone [names] over the internet?”

              *blink* Cognitive dissonance.

              “Always with their comments in quotations followed by disparaging remarks to show your superior intelligence? The joke[']s on you[,] idiot.”

              *blink* Irony.

          3. D.G.Lang

            What’s that old saying?

            Those who can’t play teach, those who can’t teach post on the internet.

        5. miggy80

          I’ve played with myself at a HIGHER level than most people on this board, and know quite a bit more about masturbation than most people.

          1. willis

            That’s outstanding.

          2. On The Farm

            When you say higher like that, do you mean that you gave yourself a john handcock in the John Hancock tower?

            1. miggy80

              That would be at a pretty high level. I was more along the lines of chocolate from the parking lot of a Wide Spread Panic concert high of a level.

              1. Danny Ballgame

                Hahaha. Wook

                1. miggy80

                  Yeah that’s who sold me the chocolates. I bought two more after the show.

        6. C. Steadman

          well what level was that, may I ask

        7. Kyle

          I’ve generally found that being an athlete is more of an impediment than an aid to understanding the sport.

          1. frank

            And maybe even moreso with talent evaluation. As an example, Michael Jordan was probably the greatest basketball player ever–couldn’t, and still can’t, evaluate talent worth a damn.

            1. Cizzle

              Kwame Brown begs to differ.

              1. bbmoney

                Cut to Kwame Brown….”Hey!! What’d I do? Can’t people just forget about me already?!”

                1. Hansman1982

                  Who’s kwambe brown?

                  1. bbmoney

                    Cut back to Kwame Brown…… “Exactly”

          2. jj

            Blubud, can you reconcile these two points? You assert that because you “played at a higher level then [sic] most people on this board” that you “know quite a bit more about the game then [sic] most people.” Yet, you assert that Sveum is a horrible manager. Did not Sveum play at a higher level than most people on this board, including you, and, if so, does that not mean that he knows quite a bit more about the game than most people, including you? By what right can you question Sveum, given he knows more than you?

            1. ssckelley

              ohhhhhhh, good one!

            2. Funn Dave

              Nice catch.

            3. DarthHater

              Logic? We don’t need no stinking logic!

            4. baldtaxguy

              Lol, nice

            5. Kyle

              Only people who played college baseball can understand the explanation, don’t bother asking.

              1. mjhurdle

                well played sir, that one had me laughing pretty hard.

        8. Drew7

          I assume you think you played at a higher level than most people here because nobody else ever mentions doing so. You think maybe others simply prefer to back their opinions up with, oh…I don’t know… facts?


          Harold Reynolds
          John Kruk
          Joe Morgan

          All 3 played in the ML’s, one is, arguably, the best 2nd baseman ever; Jayson Parks has forgotten more about player evaluation than the 3 of them have ever known.

          1. DarthHater

            “nobody else ever mentions doing so.”

            Ummm, have you been reading this board for very long?

            1. Drew7

              Meh, and Fastball, I guess :)

            2. Chef Brian

              Ha! True story.

        9. CubsFaninMS

          I believe Sveum’s performance can be assessed more specifically than “he sucks” or “he’s awesome” (<— not a jab at your comment btw). For example, one of the other managers where I work does a great job of ensuring that her employees complete their job functions to ensure customers are served. On the other hand, if something goes wrong at any point in that department, she immediately points fingers and raises her voice at another department head. Very good at operational results; very bad at the team player mentality and accepting accountability. In my assessment of Sveum, I believe he's above average in making a lineup. When forced between the abysmal limitations of choices of who to put in what part of the lineup, I think he's done pretty well. In speaking to the media, I believe he's below average. He needs to learn how to manage that side of his job better and choose his words more carefully. He's contradicted himself on multiple occasions (sounds like our Commander-in-Chief!). When selecting which pitchers to bring in situationally and how long to leave them in, I'd say he's been slightly below average, although (again) his abysmal limitations of choices made it significantly more difficult.

          I believe Sveum's a decent manager and could be even more decent if his experience grows with the team. Honestly, though, I would prefer having a more experienced manager come along when we begin to contend more seriously. Sveum will have served his purpose and the Cubs will have given him the opportunity he wanted.

  5. jon

    Will Rizzo keep his OPS north of 700 before the end of the season? I don’t see how Rowsen or Deer keep their jobs this off season.

  6. deej34

    At least Phillips went 0-4… I truly, truly hate that man.

    1. DarthHater


      1. frank

        Or Joe Morgan.

    2. ssckelley

      I do to, but I could like the guy real fast if he wore a Cubs uniform.

  7. cubchymyst

    With the way Samardzija is pitching I am happy the Cubs are going to the 6th man rotation to finish off the year. He is at a new high in innings pitch so fatigue could be setting in at the end of the season. If fatigue is setting in he needs to get that arm strength up if he wants to be paid like a top pitcher. A pitcher that can’t finish the season isn’t worth nearly as much.

  8. Cubman

    Jon, I agree with you, but also I think Sveum may be the most to blame. He is tinkering with the hitters. He has certainly tinkered with Castro and Rizzo. Of course, we don’t know what goes on regarding coaching, etc and who does what and who interfers or whatever. What we do know is that Casto and Rizzo have not had good years and their development is a big part of the Cubs future and some one should pay for it before it gets worse, or they ruin one or more of the big 4. I would can all three.

    1. Mr. B. Patient

      Cubman (and Jon), this has to be our biggest fear. We have waves of star minor league talent coming to the big leagues that we have to maximize. Sveum, Rowson, and Deer have shown nothing. Nothing. Let’s see if Theo the Great can admit his mistake and replace them. I say no. Theo’s ego won’t allow it. Lets just hope any damage done is reversible.

  9. Aaron

    Samardzija may be foolish not to have accepted a nice 5 year, $60 million deal last year with the Cubs. He is controlled through the 2015 season and has two remaining years of arbitration eligibility from his original contract. The Cubs should listen and be open to trade offers with young starting pitching this off-season for Samardzija.

    1. Reality Check

      maybe all the screaming about how JH ruined Samardz is showing to be false; with stuff to be a 2, he really looks like a #4. he was jerked up and down from iowa, but maybe his 2ndary stuff is not good enough other than a 4. his high heat; maybe he’s a closer; something thought about in the JH regime. he’s value in the offseason will be low now; maybe is best traded at ’14 trade deadline. considering this team won’t be a contender, we hope, till 2016 at the earliest, Smardz will be over 30 then; low miles on arm, but maybe not a building block. seeing how castro and Rizzo have fizzled too, what a horrid year to look to the future for these ‘future” leaders of the kids.

  10. CeeDeeVee

    Sveum just couldn’t resist pulling Lake. He had to pull his best hitter, it was the most logical thing to do!

  11. Gutshot5820

    Samardzia should no longer be considered a part of the core. You have to have control of his future years when you are anticipating to be in contention to be considered a core player. Since he is only under contract for two more years with zero intent on giving the Cubs any discount because he perceives his value to be way higher than the FO, he is as much a part of our core as David Price. Should have traded him before the trade deadline this year. His trade value has now totally fallen off the map,.

  12. When the Music's Over

    This team is really stale right now. No point in getting wrapped up in the final 3 weeks of performance, whether good or bad.

    Unless some truly remarkable offers come across the table this summer, guys like Castro, Rizzo and Shark aren’t going anywhere, so may as well just call this year a wash for all three of them and hope for better things ahead. Probably best to save the sanity, enjoy football (and playoff baseball) and keep an eye out on the fall/winter leagues when they begin.

  13. Bill

    Yea sveum’s tinkering has done wonders for Barney and once top prospect Jackson.

  14. Aaron

    Trade proposal: Cubs’ Samardzija for Arizona’s Archie Bradley. Straight up.

    Bradley was 12-5 this season at AA. 119 SO in 123.1 innings. ERA of 1.97. Seven years younger than Shark. Could be in the big show in 2014…2015 for sure.

    1. frank

      If you’re Arizona, would you make that trade?

    2. CubbieBubba

      I don’t think either team would want to do that

  15. Aaron

    Before the beginning of this season both teams would have made this trade. The Cubs made this proposal with Arizona, but they also wanted another top pitching prospect in addition to Bradley.

  16. Die hard

    Again and again –shark is sushi against good teams🐟🐟🐟🐠🐠🐠

    1. Funn Dave


  17. #23

    Brett, I was curious as to your opinion on who may be the extra lefty in the bullpen next year? Rosscup, Raley, or Rusin?

  18. #23

    It is funny how every time a player has a bad game, comments pop up to “trade him” and then when they have a good game “sign him to an extension.” I am glad the FO is not as fickle as some fans. They are sticking to their plan while making adjustments as needed when parts of that plan doesn’t work out. But for the most part, they have great patience and a clear vision for the long term and that is very refreshing for this long time die hard Cubs fan. Not every member of the core group of players will always work out, but the FO is allowing them time to grow and mature and even if one or two do not work out as planned, they are trying to develop waves of talent to fill those gaps. This is a very smart FO. They have gained my respect for the way they are rebuilding the minor league system with obvious results in such a short amount of time.

    1. ssckelley

      But some people have a good point, Samardzija is looking for ace kind of money. He is 28 years old and has been in the majors for parts of 6 seasons, so how much more time does he need to “grow and mature”?

      1. #23

        I don’t think there should be a rush to trade Shark yet. He still has the potential to be a very good #2 starter for years to come. I would hold off on the long term contract for now, but no reason to rush to trade him right away.

        1. ssckelley

          I don’t either, I think ideally the Cubs would like to extend him. But he deserves Edwin Jackson kind of money not Justin Verlander type of money. Samardzija thinks he is an ace and wants that kind of contract, while the FO and many here do not want to overpay for someone that cannot put 3 quality starts together.

          1. Eternal Pessimist

            The problem is if Shark continues to think he deserves more money, he will just hold out and go in FA for nothing, or someone else 1st round pick if the Cubs make a qualifying offer.

            His value in trade diminishes as control years evaporate and his performance slides. If the Cubs could get a good trade for him over the winter or maybe mid-year 2014 (giving him some time to restore some of his image) I would probably jump at it…after again making him a final offer (number 3 money for 4 additional years). If he isn’t indicating he will stay for what the Cubs are offering, trade him.

            1. Headscratchin

              I would say the Front Office’s past performance in dealing with Garza would suggest that this is exactly what they would do.

          2. Joe

            Has Shark actually said he wants Verlander type money? I don’t recall him ever really saying this. I think it’s just more fan speculation because he didn’t want to sign before the season. We don’t know what he wants.

            1. CubFan Paul

              He probably wants matt harrison type money (5/$55M). The ceiling would be Danks money (5/$65M).

            2. ssckelley

              I used Verlander as an example, his name has not been brought up but Samardzija is 28 years old and he knows this will probably be the only shot he gets at a big contract.

              1. Joe

                I guess I just took isue with you saying Shark thinks he’s an ace. i’ve never heard him say anthing like that. I’m sure he knows he has work to do, and I don’t think he’s claiming anything different.

        2. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

          How long do you hold off though? Has he found his most value on the trade market if we can’t re-sign him? That is the million dollar question. If he doesn’t align with our future this FO or any FO isn’t above finding something that does align with their future. I hope we sign him, but he isn’t getting ace money.

    2. MichiganGoat

      Agreed about the reactionary nature of the comments lately especially after a loss.

      1. Die hard

        Well —when are there reactionary comments following a win? Where else would they appear? Duh! you win the prize for most non sequitur πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

        1. MichiganGoat

          Well Mr Duh there are plenty of reactionary comments after a win: Hitter A is great and will continue to be great and therefore should start more, Pitcher B is great and should be extended immediately, Bullpen C is what this team needs, Prospect D is great and should be called up immediately. It runs both ways but since you are the Big Kahuna of over reaction after a loss I guess you are right except the 80% of the time you are 100% wrong.

          1. Headscratchin

            You had to go and get all saber ninja on him with all them algebra A B C D terms and percents and stuff. How’s are we sposed to unnerstan yer point?

            1. 70'scub

              His won loss record sucks for a reason, I hope the Cubs move him this off season or next mid season, he may increase his trade value. Line 1 stuff poor command it’s called unreliable plus given his age his prime will not match the Cub time line.

              1. bbmoney

                Well he hasn’t pitched all that well, but a big reason his w/l record isn’t good over the last two years is because he’s pitched for a really bad team. Not much he can do about the team around him being really bad.

              2. CubsFaninMS

                I hope the White Sox ascribe to your idealogy, man. If so, we’ll be able to get Chris Sale in an even trade for Valbuena and Barney.

    3. mjhurdle

      Im not sure what is more prevalent lately: the reactionary comments, or the assumption that if the player/manager/front office does something i dont think is smart, it is obviously because that player/manager/front office is stupid.
      both are running way out of control

  19. chrisfchi

    At this point in the season, its best to find the smallest positive out of what we have, instead of dragging up the ‘ol “this guy is a scrub” bs. Hell for us we should start looking at the positives after the trade deadline. I mean were already out of it, what’s bitching about it going to do? (for the record, I have been disappointed with this team all year, but I don’t own them and don’t play for them so I’m not going to stress myself out over it.)

    1. cubsnivy56

      At this point in the season I am a dreamer. Baez, Bryant, CJ and many others……the stuff dreams are made of! Sweet dreams my friends!

  20. SenorGato


    Just a reminder that this interview happened and it’s one of the good ones.

    1. Hookers or Cake

      Yep, that’s a good read.

  21. Dustin S

    I think we have to take any September stats with a bit of skepticism. Other teams already out of it are playing their AAA guys too. These are almost exhibition games honestly except for the games against teams on the bubble. If we can a guy or two with promise to see if they can carry it over to next year, that’s about the most you can hope for.

    Keeping an optimistic spin on things, there is a decent chance the team could end up around 90-92 losses on the year. If they do that and we can point to a 10 game turnaround from last year in what has been a season to forget, I’d take that. At least that in the bigger picture would point to the rebuild being into the upswing rather than still bottoming out. Realistically about a 20 game turnaround from one season to the is the most you can hope for if all goes well, so ~90 losses this year would at least make a .500 or slightly above season for 2014 a good target. 102 losses in 2012 to the playoffs this year just wasn’t ever going to happen without a miracle. But maybe 90-92 losses this year, .500 in 2014 should be the minimum goal (or Dale is gone IMO), and then 2015 starts looking competitive. One big difference in 2014 should be that I hope that any talk of tanking for draft position is behind us. If they’re tanking in 2014 for draft position of guys that won’t get to the majors until at least 2017-18, I’m going to take up curling or badminton or something and forget about baseball for a few years.

    1. ssckelley

      But teams like the Reds are still playing their regular lineup, trying to make the playoffs.

      You are right, this team is much better than last years team. Last year the Cubs were tossing out guys like Germano, Volstad, and Berken to start games and the bullpen was a mess. This year the Cubs are still trying out different players but the talent is much better. This team may still end up losing 90+ games, but on paper they are much better this year than they were last year at this time.

    2. DocPeter Wimsey

      Take September stats skeptically for one reason only: it is a tiny sample size. The “talent” issue is lower than it ever has been due to the expanded WIld Card deluding even more teams that are “only” 5 games behind a WC leader (but with multiple teams in between) that they are contending.

    3. 70'scub

      I like to see a top 10 pick with the extra draft money for two more years especially with this FO. Cubs need pitching system depth from the 18-24 age band. Next year expect a better record at the 100 game point.

    4. C. Steadman

      September call ups dont mean that the entire lineup is made up of AAA players…look at the series against the Brewers…two bottom dwellers this year threw out lineups that were very similar to ones they have been throwing out there all season…with maybe one or two callups getting a start here and there..and some pitchers getting a spot start…the issue is more SSS like Doc mentioned

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