bnpodcastimagesmallThe 40th episode of the BN Podcast is here, and Sahadev and I talk about the state of the farm system, the future for Scott Baker, the attractiveness of Josh Johnson, the perils of public financing, and the value of Runs versus RBIs (“he did the hit”).

We also get into the value of the Cubs improving their win total over last year. Does it mean anything other than a worse draft spot?

It’s a shirtless, pantless podcast – and you’ll see what I mean within the first 10 minutes. Also: singing. Lots of singing.

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  • chrisfchi

    When I was younger, we used to take the chrome air valve covers off of cars. They were the preimer bike accessory. Also in regard to lake effect, in the winter when cold, dry air moves across the warmer lake water, it creates snow, usually large flakes.

    • cubs2003

      Chromies! We would take all of them in the parking lot after school when I was in 4th grade. Every day. I’m sure the people who worked at the school loved us.

      • miggy80

        Oh man we would do the same. We would hit up the semi’s at the truck stop. Some times if you were lucky you would come across some eight balls, Dice, or Skulls.

        • cubs2003

          I remember there was one type of car that had the best. I think it was BMW. I grew up in a middle class area, so a beamer was pretty rare. When you found one, though, it was like a goldmine.

          • miggy80

            BMW’S! Damn, we would have to act coy until the truck drivers would go in to pay for their diesel. Then quickly ride up to the truck locate the tires with chromies and then unscrew them with our weak 10yr old hands. We would sell them at school from 50 cents – $2 .

            • chrisfchi

              The jewel osco by my house was always payday. $2 a set. Every Friday afternoon we would head to the baseball card shop and buy packs of upper deck and donruss cards. That’s how I got my Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie card. Ah the simpler times.

            • cubs2003

              I would trade them for baseball cards. Kids will be kids.

        • chrisfchi

          Still think I have some chrome skulls somewhere.

  • Rizzo1684

    I always thought the Lake effect was “If you think you are going to drink 6 beers, bring 12 and so on” you can tell where my mind always is when I’m on the lake.

    • chrisfchi

      Also true

  • Phredd Groves
    • Cubbie Blues

      It shows Castillo being one of the top defenders in baseball, not just catcher and it has Barney as the top 2nd baseman again. It looks like a really cool metric.

      • Eternal Pessimist

        Very depressing, showing Castro and Barney a -25 and -26 run rating offensively. Also surprised to see Rizzo rated a -3 run on defense…am I reading that wrong? Thought he was doing borderline gold-glove work until reading that stat.

        • Cubbie Blues

          It is all relative to league average, not position average. He has the 3rd best rate in baseball when you sort by 1B.

          • Cubbie Blues

            Actually, tied for 2nd and 1st in the NL.

        • Drew7

          Keep in mind, those ratings are taking into account the positional adjustment, that way, all players – no matter the position they play – are able to be compared to one another. A -3 is a good number for 1B.

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