cardinals win world seriesFirst off, before my postseason predictions, you know that heart-wrenching scene in “Of Mice and Men” where George feels obligated to shoot Lennie in order to save him? I feel an eerie similarity between that and the Cubs season right now.

The Cubs, as we all know, are not going to the playoffs. But yet there they are, trotting out to play baseball for us every game from now until September 29th. Bless them and their efforts. Why can’t we put them out of their misery? I know they mean well, but gosh darnit we have to save them from public scrutiny. They’re not going to get to tend the rabbits this year. Hell, they’re not even going to make it to the rabbit farm. Let’s do the humane thing here.

Just shut it down, guys. Maybe institute a “White Flag” policy that let’s any team who is statistically out of the playoff race go home and play Xbox. I think it could work?

Nah, it couldn’t ever work. But I do want to fast forward to the MLB playoffs. It’s going to be exciting. There is no other postseason like baseball postseason. Don’t argue with me here. I’m right. You’re allowed to have your opinion, but sometimes opinions are just wrong. So there.

Anyway, let’s talk about my predictions. It’s only a little less than 3 weeks away.

AL East vs.Wild Card:

Boston wins the East and awaits the winner of the AL Wild Card game between the Rangers and the Yankees.  The Yankees squeeze in after sweeping the Rays during their final 2013 homestand.  The Yankees end up overcoming the loss of Jeter in the postseason and ride on the shoulders of their new savior, Alfonso Soriano.  However they lose the ALDS to Boston in 3 straight games. Boston moves on to the ALCS.

AL Central vs AL West:

Detroit and Oakland square off in this ALDS.  Oakland puts up a fight while riding on the backs of their pitching staff. They also get a lift from their budding superstar, Yoenis Céspedes, who proves to be clutch in postseason play.  However they ultimately fall to the Prince and Cabrera losing in 4 games. Detroit goes onto the ALCS to face Boston.

NL East vs Wild Card:

Atlanta wins the East and awaits the winner of the NL Wild Card between St. Louis and Cincinnati.  St. Louis falls to the Wild Card spot after losing their lead to the surging Pirates down the stretch. In the Wild Card game, there’s at least 2 bench clearings, but ultimately Molina and the Cardinals pull it out late. The NLDS between St. Louis and Atlanta goes the distance needing all 5 games to declare a winner. The Cardinals pull it out and head to the NLCS.

NL Central vs. NL West:

Pittsburgh makes their first postseason appearance since 1992. The Dodgers, having clinched the NL West weeks before, seem rusty. The Pirates however, playing all around good baseball with solid pitching and timely hitting, surprise the Dodgers in Game 1. AJ Burnett almost gets tossed. Dodgers win Game 2, the Pirates win Game 3, the Dodgers win Game 4. In Game 5 Puig shows what the the hype is about and is a triple short of the cycle. The Dodgers go on to the NLCS.


Boston seems to be hitting their stride after keeping their momentum going into the playoffs and wins Game 1. Detroit comes back with a vengeance, however, taking the next two as Cabrera and Fielder combine for 5 home runs. Boston hits back harder and wins the next 3 games to clinch their third World Series berth in 10 years.


This ultimately ends up being one of the best postseason series in MLB history. With 3 walk-offs between the two teams, the superstars Molina and Puig deliver for their clubs. Going to 7 games, the Cardinals again pull out an impressive World Series berth.  

World Series:

The Postseason never seems complete without the Red Sox and the Cardinals.  Now they face off against each other for the championship. Clay Bucholtz proves to be a huge addition for Boston as he pitches a complete game shutout. But Molina shows why he’s the NL MVP and manages his pitchers getting everything out of them. This and hitting with runners in scoring position proves again to be the difference for the Cardinals as they go on to win the 2013 World Series.


I’m sorry. But I think that the Cardinals are that good.  Agree? Disagree? Let’s tweet it out (@mphelps11). [Brett: Boo this man.]

I can’t wait for October.

  • X the Cubs Fan

    EL Tigres

  • Frank

    Fuck the turdbirds, I’ll go with the Dodgers. unfortunately

    • Coop

      I hate the Dodgers.

  • Spriggs

    OUCH. That was almost as bad as what probably will happen.

  • EB

    If the Cardinals win the World Series, I’m gonna go into hiding indefinitely

  • Hee Seop Chode

    I hate the Cardinals.

  • Myles

    Sorry, guys. You may scold if you wish.

  • On The Farm

    Reverse Psychology… I like it Myles

  • Whiteflag


  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    My dad is a lifelong Braves fan, who has experienced a whole shitload of postseason disappointments after decades of suckitude. I would love for them to win it all. After surviving three bouts of cancer, it would do my dad a whole lot of good.

    However, I think their offense will again kill them in the end.

    It’s funny that we agonize over every guy in the Cubs lineup, and yet the Braves have trotted out two guys that have comfortably hit .190 for the entire season, and are getting paid big money to do it.

    Once the playoffs start, Freeman, McCann and the Upton that can actually hit will get pitched around, and the other guys will fail.

    The BJ Upton signing makes the EJax signing look good by comparison.

    Oh yeah, Red Sox/Dodgers World Series. Kershaw wins series MVP after 3 Koufaxian efforts in Games 1, 4, and 7.

    • Spriggs

      Yes, don’t count on the Braves beating anyone. They won’t score enough. Hasn’t that been their problem in the post season since the 90s?

  • miggy80

    If there is that much drama in this years playoff I’ll take it.

    • Myles

      I have faith.

  • http://BN Sacko


  • Joker

    You Judas…

  • Dustin S

    Nice article, I like the Xbox idea. The farm playoffs kept me going for a while, but now I kind of feel like they’re being trotted out to wolves every day. Kind of like the old Hogan’s Heroes episodes where they’d threaten to send guys to the Eastern Front…

    The Girardi rumbles are interesting though. A longshot, but I’d certainly feel a move like that or Scoscia would be a good step. Dale isn’t bad, and I know he hasn’t had much to work with, but can you picture Dale leading a team deep into the playoffs? He’s more Riggleman than LaRussa.

  • forlines

    booo urns….

    I wouldn’t place $ on it, but i’m pulling for the A’s all the way

  • Brian Peters

    You’ve lost your neverloving mind, Brett!!! The Braves are going to go to the Series and probably win it. I don’t think Boston will make it through the first round.

  • DocPeter Wimsey

    Never bet on who will win the first round without looking at which team had the better run-differential the last 4 weeks of the season! That predicts 75% of first round winners.

    In particular, when teams tank in September (and there is no exception for the “they were resting the regulars” teams), then they almost always get bounced in round 1.

  • P Town

    I disagree based on the fact that, regardless of record, the best team in baseball rarely, if ever, wins the World Series. If you contend that they are that good then I bet they get eliminated in the Wild Card game. That’s what makes the baseball post season so exciting. There can actually be “upsets”.

    • ssckelley

      But it dilutes the accomplishments of the regular season. Now all you have to do is get in the playoffs, get hot, and be considered the champion. In baseball it used to be about winning the pennant and then beating the champion of the other league. But it is not different than football, the best team in the NFL does not always win the Super Bowl either.

  • Patrick G

    I may be wrong but can the wild card team face a team in the ALDS as the division they’re from? I don’t think the Yankees can face the Red Sox first round or is that before the 2 WC teams?

  • cavemencubbie

    I’m with you Myles. One cannot attend a major league game in a ballpark more than a few times, and not come away with some affection for the home team. As a student at the U of I, I had buddies from southern Illinois who were die hard Cardinal fans. I would take in Cardinal games with them, along with free room and board from there families, just because I loved MLB! Grew to love the Cards a little bit making them my second favorite team. I will gladly accept the hatred, with love in my heart, from all the turdbird fans on this site!

    • PR Cajun

      Yeah, I went to SIU and went to a lot of Cards games while there. Never missed a Cubs series while there either. I learned to respect the Cards, but it was hard to root for them at times. Even now leaving in GA, after the infamous in field fly, it’s even harder. Like Myles, I think Molina is MVP caliber and Beltran is still solid, and I feel I must root NL central all th e way, but I’m going Pirates…shock the world.

  • N8theGr8

    If that’s how the postseason goes at Myles’s house, I’m showing up late September (I’ll bring the beer), staying until Bucholtz throws a WS gem, then I’m walking my drunk ass home and going to bed…until April. Dude, just text me yer address; it’s okay, I’m a great houseguest.

    • Myles

      Sounds like a blast to me

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