Edwin Jackson lasted just four innings, and, although he wasn’t awful, he was lifted for a pinch hitter in the fifth inning. He wasn’t too happy about it, and there was an argument in the dugout. These things happen.

The Cubs didn’t muster anything offensively, and the pitching staff each wanted in on the run-giving-up-action.

sept 16 box

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  • Jim

    No Gatorade machines were harmed during this game.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Ha. See, the times really are changing.

  • Jon

    Didn’t someone on this blog predict that there was no way we would finish with a worse record than the Brewers

    • hansman1982

      Wow, that person was an amazing soothsayer…

  • Gutshot5820

    Apparently, Sveum embarrassed Jackson earlier in the game in public for not pitching with conviction. Of course, Jackson retaliated in public when he was pulled from the game. Sveum to me is a good guy, blue-collared hard working, but is one of those in-flexible, hard-nosed my way or highway kind of person.

    I read earlier in an article about why the White Sox pitching coach is able to get the most out of his pitchers and to a man, everyone said the most important thing is that he instills confidence in you. I mean wth? First Sveum tinkers with Castro’s swing and messes up the 23 yr old 2 time all-star in the head along with his confidence. But to top it off Sveum embarrass him in public for every mistake he makes, magnifying his problems in public. Way to go Sveum.

    To me, Sveum is a good guy with communication problems who probably doesn’t have the talent to be an elite manager and is himself probably feeling undue pressure to win and produce in order to keep his job. To top it off, he makes a load of glaring mistakes (debateable)strategically, but do the players call him out for it in public? Hell no, at least not yet. But Jackson’s blow-up is probably an early warning sign that he is losing the clubhouse. Which is DUH, you can’t keep covering up your own mistakes by pointing at other people and continue to embarrass your players in public and expect to gain respect from your peers.

  • hansman1982

    As a saber-ninja I’d just like to say bully to Castro for his wonderful 2-4 performance tonight. Hopefully he can get a few hits to fall and keep improving. Surprising that he has 31 doubles and 9 homers on the season.

    • Cubbie Blues

      His triples are way down though. But, yes, his power numbers seem to be on par with the last couple of seasons.

  • Aaron

    Here is to hoping for a great pitching prospect in next springs draft.

  • cub2014

    I think the Cubs have officially
    secured a top 10 finish this year,
    after 3 straight losses. I would say
    anywhere between 4-8 spot in the
    draft. Let go sign a couple of free
    agents everything is in place. Lets
    get this thing going.

  • C. Steadman

    Team W L Pct. GB
    Houston 51 99 0.34 –
    Miami 55 95 0.367 -4
    Chi. White Sox 59 91 0.393 -8
    Chi. Cubs 63 87 0.42 -12
    Minnesota 64 85 0.43 -13.5
    Seattle 66 84 0.44 -15
    Milwaukee 66 83 0.443 -15.5
    N.Y. Mets 67 82 0.45 -16.5
    Toronto 68 81 0.456 -17.5
    Colorado 69 82 0.457 -17.5
    San Francisco 69 81 0.46 -18
    San Diego 69 80 0.463 -18.5
    Philadelphia 70 80 0.467 -19
    L.A. Angels 73 77 0.487 -22

    • C. Steadman

      that didnt come out as neat as it looked in the comment box but the cubs are 6 games “ahead” of the “11th place” Giants with 12 games left for the Cubs…it will be hard to lose a protected pick..especially the way we’ve been playing

  • Eric

    I tend to agree with the sentiment that there are only so many times you can embarrass your players publicly before they start trying to embarrass you back.

    I’m not quite on the “fire Sveum” bandwagon yet but things like this are not needed.

  • ruby2626

    Sometimes I think MLB should go the route of basketball and hockey and do the lottery thing to determine draft order. Maybe take the 10 unprotected picks and weight them like the other sports and give Houston the 4th pick if they aren’t picked top 3. Things go in cycles and when the Cubs are in a down cycle doesn’t seem fair that they don’t even have a shot at the top pick. Of course Houston’s cycle seems to be longer than most. Baseball also needs a salary cap on the low end, there should be a stipulation that if team payroll isn’t above X amount then they don’t get to share in National TV money. Just sayin.

    Waiting for someone to say the Cubs down cycle has lasted 105 years, very funny.

  • dash

    ‘Spreading’ is misspelled, but that’s actually a highlight compared to the box score.

    • Rob

      I was gonna say, I hope someone else noticed that too