In some ways, it’s relieving that the Cubs did nothing with the bat tonight. Had they managed to score six runs, overcoming that immediate five-run deficit, only to lose late, it probably would have been more frustrating.

As it is, it’s just another crummy game in a crummy season. Much easier to turn the page.

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  • Brian Peters

    Wow. This sucks.

  • Kyle

    The bullpen is really showing flashes for next year.

    • Jason P

      Absolutely. Rough outing by Cabrera, but I think he might just be one of those power arms that takes a little while longer than most guys to figure it out.

      Parker, Strop, Russell, Gregg is a nice place to start for any pen.

  • BlameHendry

    Come on White Sox, win so we can take your #3 draft pick!!

  • True(ly) Blue

    I love Barny’s baseball IQ and his defense but I shudder at his offensive liabilities. Why are we not looking at Logan Watkins at 2nd base for the rest of the season? Have the mgr and the FO already decided that he he can’t cut it in the majors? What gives????????

    • Jason P

      I still think he’ll wind up as either a valuable bench piece or fringe starter a few years down the road, but I’d say a majority on this site disagree with me. At the very least, he should get a couple starts a week.

      Barney’s reached his ceiling — he’s done developing. There is absolutely no conceivable scenario where he would be or should be the permanent second basemen going forward. Watkins may not be a permanent solution either, but he’s still developing, and we don’t know for sure yet what he’ll be as a big league player.

      Next year, he’s either going to have to make the roster out of spring training or be gone out of the organization for good. Alcantara and Baez will man the middle infield at Iowa, Vitters, barring a trade, will be in one of the corners, and Silva will be in the other corner. There won’t be room for him at AAA.

      One thing I can say for sure is that Barney never showed the combo of speed, on-base ability, and pop at any one level in the minors that Watkins did in 2012 at Tennessee. Even at Iowa this year, which was not a good year for him by any stretch of the imagination, he still put up as good or better numbers than Barney did during his 2 years at Iowa in 2009 and 2010. Because of Watkins approach and solid fundamentals, I think his line translates better from the minors to the majors than your average prospect.

      • kscubfan

        I know a lot of people have talked abut this, and I am no expert in who is ready and who isn’t. But Dale sees something in Watkins that he doesn’t like, did the same thing last year with Cardenas. He seems to be more comfortable with Barney and Valbuena.

        I understand your point, if this is a throw away season why not see what you have in Watkins. But in a throw away season why not let a GG 2B try to figure it out at the plate as well. Barney may not have much upside, but there is no reason to think that Watkins has more at this level. (I know Minors league comps). Watkins in the few times he has played has looked more like Vitters last year and that is worse than Barney this year.

        More over with this FO and with Dale there is a plan, not sure where Watkins and Barney for that matter fit in, but there is a reason for this. Watkins may not being doing the everyday things to the level that Dale expect, I don;t know and neither does anyone else. But Dale has proven that he will play people he thinks are ready, Lake for example.

        Watkins just may not be ready for this level and by playing him could do more harm than good. (Mentally or via trade value)

  • #23

    At this point, the higher the draft pick the better and we call it a season. Definitely some potential for next year’s bullpen to be much better than the start of this year. We will need a frontline starter to boost the rotation. Tanaka may be the primary target, although I am intrigued by Jiminez.

  • ssckelley

    What is that thing above the W? You flipping us off or did you get excited? πŸ˜€

    • Idaho Razorback

      I was gonna ask that too.

      • EQ76

        That’s just Brett dicken’ around..

  • http://bleachenation Sacko

    Barney will be traded.

    • AB

      more likely non-tendered

    • baldtaxguy

      By the end of next season, I’d like to see Barney in an infield bench role, backing up SS and 2B, maybe 3B.

  • Die hard

    What if they had a game and nobody attended? Does a falling tree make a sound if nobody in the forest to listen? What if next time Theo speaks nobody listens? Point is– who cares any more?

    • MichiganGoat

      Obviously you do since you are on here everyday spewing your thoughts.

    • cubsfanforever

      Agree Die Hard. I am pretty sure you spew your thoughts everyday as well, Goat

      • Feeney

        Yeah but Goat at no point claimed that he or she doesn’t care. That’s the point.

  • RY

    I just keep telling myself they are throwing these games so it keeps me from hating this team as it is right now even more!

    • baldtaxguy

      I’d hate the team if they were throwing games, but I see no evidence. Rusin’s luck caught up to him last night. Bullpen did not throw the game. And offensively, there is a lack of lineup talent. Hate as you see fit, but don’t tell yourself that games are being gifted away.

      • willis

        Yeah I think throwing is a bit much. Not going 100% and shrugging shoulders at times? Maybe. Why I hate this team? Castro and Rizzo continue to be meh and the starting pitching has turned into mostly crap. Bullpen has promise, Lake makes me happy and I have been ok with the offensive output of the catchers.

  • Cubbie Blues

    I hate Aoki. When does he become a FA so we can sign him?

  • Stevie B

    Why so much Die Hard hate?

    ” C’mon people now, smile on your brother….”

    • Cubbie Blues

      Everybody get together. Try to love one another. Right now.

      • Stevie B

        Thanks Cubbie. Let’s love our fellow Cub fans.

        Diehard is a fan, no matter his opinions.

        • Cubbie Blues

          “Diehard is a fan, no matter his opinions.”
          I have my doubts about that sometimes.

      • willis

        Can we turtle? :)

        • Cubbie Blues

          Well, the current team looks a bit like a turtle head …

  • Spoda17

    Well, we just stink… all about draft picks now… (as if it hasn’t been all year pretty much)

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    I don’t understand why Watkins has been so quickly dismissed. FWIW…He & Danny Descalso have near-identical career minor league OPS. And, Descalso has been a nice backup for the Birdies. Watkins should be getting more than pinch hitting duties, especially this time of year..

    • Cubbie Blues

      Descalso is the epitome of replacement player. In 4 years he has accumulated .5 WAR.

  • Eric

    I don’t get what Sveum has against Watkins. He should have never been called up if he wasn’t going to be used.

    Bullpen looked really good overall. It was nice to see Rondon.

    Side note to Brett: Anyway we can stop the auto-playing advertisements this morning? That really makes it hard to sneak a peak at the site while I’m at work. πŸ˜‰ Plus, the don’t even have a mute button!

    • Eternal Pessimist

      One thing Watkins can get now that all his minor league teammates cannot is ongoing coaching from a big-leagues coaching staff. Maybe that was the idea in bringing him up.

  • http://Bleachernation Oliver

    Professional baseball team.
    You gotta be crazy
    Even the good guys are not good.

  • Stu

    The FO really has their work cut out for them this winter. Cubs CON-vention might not be the love fest that all the enablers want it to be.

    Trolling can also be accurate.

  • cub2014

    Stu, here is my take. I am a supporter
    of the FO plan, I think it makes sense
    and its working. But if they don’t bring
    in a couple long term pieces in for next
    year that fit into a their long term plans.
    Then I will begin to wonder? Certainly
    I will be more cynical towards this FO.

    • Fife

      With a long term FO plan to have an outfield that resembles Lake, Almora, and Soler and an infield of Bryant, Baez, Castro and Rizzo. Castillo behind the plate… makes 8 of 9 positions spoken for…. what long term additions are you referring to?

      If Lake continues to produce and Baez, Bryant, and Hendricks come up next year, I would argue that they are in fact bringing in the long term pieces.

      • Kyle

        They (and you) are going to be quite disappointed if that’s the plan.

      • cub2014

        Fife you really think all those guys
        are going to make it? That had better
        be plan B. I hope they all make it but
        not remotely likely. They better have a
        plan to add some proven players in
        that mix. At least 2 or more.

        • willis

          If that’s the plan…then get used to the basement. You have to build new talent up along with bring in experienced talent. And as far as if the plan is working, it surely is in the minors, but at this level it’s failing. And soon enough even the staunchest of staunch regime supporters are going to get edgy when the big club continues to blow year after year. There has to be some effort, not just to sign a few guys, but to sign guys that are going to help win. (or trade for those guys)

  • Spriggs

    This team is really hard to watch. I have never been so detached from a Cubs team in my life. Unheard of for me to not know what time their next game is or who is coming up next in the schedule – things like that. I can actually go for a few hours at a time without even thinking about the Cubs. And I really can’t bear to watch Barney hit anymore. Thank godness for the fast forward button. And thank goodness for the Instructional League starting up (next week).

    • kscubfan


  • itzscott

    >> But if they don’t bring in a couple long term pieces in for next year that fit into a their long term plans, Then I will begin to wonder? <<

    Like who?

    Cano, which will end up being another Soriano contract for a player who's best years are likely behind him?

    Ellsbury, who is chronically injured and should wear a red cross on his jersey?

    Trade Baez, Almora, Bryant, Soler or other gems for someone you're suggesting when these guys seem to have a pretty good chance of becoming the same type of player the you're describing the Cubs should get? (Lou Brock ring a bell?)

    Winning now is great, but at what cost?

    • Spriggs

      I don’t know what pitching is available in trade or the FA market, but I really hope they make a run at a good starter. And also hope they have some sort of plan that includes a 2nd baseman with an OBP over .265.

    • cub2014

      itzscott, who makes sense to bring in?
      Through trade or free agency OBP guys.
      Theo even mentioned it the other day.
      Who those guys will be I don’t know
      (I have some ideas:Choo,Gonzalez,Ellsbury)
      But our FO had better know.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Lou Brock was 50 years ago. For all that people diss Hendry about “trading away the future,” when does that future start for anybody? OK, Nolasco has been an OK starting pitcher, and Donaldson developed into a plus hitter 5 years after he was traded. Archer (who was a Indians signee) might amount to something for the Rays. The rest of those future HoFers never even made All-Star ballots.

      If you live in fear of repeating a mistake from half a century ago, then you are not going to get anywhere.

    • Kyle

      Lou Brock was in his age-25 season when the Cubs traded him and had played almost 500 MLB games.

      Trading prospects isn’t remotely the same thing.

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  • michela

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