The good news is that Jeff Samardzija was far better this time out than he’s been the last few (though he’s got to stop that bad habit of giving up multi-run homers in his last inning of work). The bad news is that it didn’t matter, as the Cubs ultimately lost on a suicide squeeze.

A notably awful ratio didn’t help …

sept 17 box

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  • dying cubs fan’s last request

    As bad as the Cubs played tonight you cant ignore the fact that Dale basically gave it up on the 9th, he didn’t even worried about getting someone warming up in the pen. He’s managing like he won’t be there next year.

    • cubes

      or hes managing like he is seeing what next years players will do in high leverage situations… potatoe potato

  • cubes

    only pussy die btw

    • Blublud


    • MikeW


      • Mike W

        I like the name :) very clever.

  • Blublud

    I think next year will be the transition year. There will be a wave of prospects called up next year. Looking at this roster, I can’t think of more then 10 guys who I want to return. Hopefully next year we will see Baez, Bryant, Alcantara, Ha, Szczur, Hendricks, Vitters, Olt, Rohan, Schlitter, Ramirez, Villanueva, Andreoli and even Jackson at the big level. I know they won’t all last or be successful, but at least we can start to get a look at the future, weed out the ones that eont make it so we csn see what blanks we need yo fill.

    • CHC_13

      I agree with blublud I think next year will be about the prospects. Should be fun to watch if nothing else maybe we can even suprise a little bit

      • Frank

        That’s if Sveum and his staff doesn’t crush their spirit.

        • hansman1982

          Ya, Sveum will probably call them all dumbasses and pants them when they go out of the dugout and then force them to go club baby seals.

          • Funn Dave

            All healthy teambuilding activities.

        • Cyranojoe

          Because Sveum’s known for his poor player management skills. Oh, wait.

      • On The Farm

        “…Should be fun to watch..”

        I never get the whole calling up prospects would be fun to watch. The Marlins have had a lot of bad teams using this method. I think the only real exciting thing will be watching Baez hit a Homerun 30+ times (even if it comes at the expense of 150+ Ks). Maybe I have been burned too many times, but of the list BluBlud listed I don’t see too many names to get excited about (pretty much just Baez and Bryant). Everyone else I am just hoping I can be content or indifferent, with them being league average.

        • Funn Dave

          Well, we’ve been hearing and reading about these guys all year–if not longer–but most of us don’t get a chance to watch them play. Now, we do. How’s that not fun?

  • Frank

    This has nothing to do with today, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Whenever a manager comes out and pulls a pitcher, he always says something, takes the ball and pats him on the back. Every time I’ve seen Sveum pull a pitcher, he comes out, takes the ball and that’s it. No words of encouragement, better next time, no nothing. Does he just have a dickish attitude, because I see him as someone that can’t really relate to the players.
    I think sometimes a manager has to massage a pitchers ego whether you like it or not. But I think I’ll go with a dickish attitude.

    • Toby

      How do you know that Sveum doesn’t talk to the pitcher when he gets back to the dugout? What could he say in the few seconds that when he gets to the mound and when the pitcher leaves that would allow him to “massage a pitcher’s ego?”

    • mjhurdle

      you are really reaching for ways to validate your irrational Sveum hate when you are critiquing the way he talks to a pitcher while pulling him.

    • Senor Cub

      Frank – would it make you feel better if he gave them a huh? Perhaps bring them a rose as he pulls them from the game? Maybe a kiss on the cheek? Or even a tight squeeze in the ass instead of a pat?

      • Mike W

        Lmao. nuff said.

      • Frank

        Senor Cub…I’m glad your not their manager. You seem to stuck on kissing them and squeezing their ass. You must be a real shower friend.

        • Cubbie Blues

          Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • Kramden

    Did they pick up anything on he White Sox for the #3 next year?

    • Jeff

      3 back

    • On The Farm

      Right now the Cubs are struggling to hold off the “surging” Twins.

  • Kramden


  • Eric

    Oh look, another one run game.

  • Die hard

    Sink or Sveum with one run games– too bad

    • Adventurecizin’ Justin

      Sink or Sveum…nice one!

  • RY

    hey once we lose out the rest of this season, we will have had a nice 2 game improvement over last year; Monumental!

    • willis

      Ha, 61-101 to 63-99. Yay Cubs!

      • On The Farm

        At this projection we should be in the 90 win territory in 2027, and will be a 100 win team in 2031.

  • Funn Dave

    As much as I hate the Cardinals…I really, really hate losing to the Brewers.