The Cubs battled back from an early lead only to lose it late. Badly.

Scott Baker didn’t quite have it tonight, and neither did Kevin Gregg (about which, more later). That was all it took, even though the bullpenners in between pitched well.

And who’d’ve thought that the Justin Upton trade would actually prove to be the Chris Johnson trade?

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  • Deacon

    Any chance the Cubs might buy low on Maholm this off season when he’s a free agent again?

  • Jon

    What’s all this Kevin Gregg drama?

  • Drew7

    So, Gregg feels like he’s been “mistreated” by a team that, 1) signed him off the scrap-heap, 2) installed him as their closer, and 3) pitched him enough to achieve a $500,000 incentive bonus?

    What a jagload.

    • RY

      What a baby, he can go “F” himself! The dude never has been great; get over yourself Gregg!

  • kscubfan

    Well I just started commenting on this site and I have commented more on ribs and beer than the cubs baseball team. Does that make me a bad fan or a good fan during a bad year?

    • MichiganGoat

      Well beer is always a good thing to discuss on here

      • hansman

        Speaking of…Sam Adams Oktoberfest is very tasty.

        • willis

          Bingo, that is a great beer. Many bars around here put it on tap for football season and make a killing. It’s probably my favorite of the Sam Adams beers.

        • Pat

          The Trooper. If you can find it, try it.

          • MichiganGoat

            Who brews that there are lots of brews called trooper

            • Pat

              It’s Iron Maiden’s beer, Robinson’s is the brewery.

              • Ian Afterbirth

                Up the Irons!!!!!!

        • CubFan Paul

          Oktoberfest is $23 a case at Costco. I’ve stocked up

      • kscubfan

        Thanks if you get the chance tank 7 is a really good farm house ale. At least it is doing a number on me tonight.

    • MichiganGoat

      I look into it right now I’m twisted in a couple bottles of Old Rasputin – those Russian Imperial Stouts really cloud the mind

      • kscubfan

        Yeah old r and I have spent a night or two together… problem is the morning after old r is not a long term friend.

        • MichiganGoat

          The Stouting the Stouting never stops.

          • kscubfan

            Very true forgot the essence of stout forgive me

            • Goldcoast cub

              My favorite of all Michigan stouts (fresh) is founders breakfast stout. One of the beat releases every year.

              • MichiganGoat

                Oh I know Founders very well in fact I’m headed there today.

                • Internet Random

                  “I know Founders very well . . . .”

                  That’s the first I’ve heard of this. You’ve always claimed to be an InBev man!?

      • http://gameagame Brandon

        Ever tried Zombie Dust beer, it’ll take your legs right out from under you.

        • kscubfan

          I will put that one on the list…who needs legs. There is a plum farm ale from Tall Grass that will set you back a step or 2.

          • Internet Random

            Finding it is no easy feat.

    • Ian Afterbirth

      So this is what happens when you mention beer around here.
      Use this power wisely.

  • hansman

    Wait, the bullpen was emptied and Russell wasn’t used? Hooray Dale!

  • 5412


    I just read through the Gregg comments and misunderstanding. I hope cooler heads prevail and he is resigned for next year. He would be a good piece and if he has any kind of year he could be flipped at the trading deadline. While Gregg has not been perfect, he sure does not raise our blood pressure like Marmol did.

    I feel sorry for Sveum although he may have brought it on himself. He does not get a vote of confidence, then his boss has to come in and pick up the pieces because he mis-communicates with a player. He should have had that issue resolved before Gregg left his office the first time.

    The next couple weeks could be a lot more interesting than we first thought.


    • cms0101

      Re-signing Gregg would be a huge mistake. Take a closer look at what he’s done the last 2-3 months. He’s no longer fooling anyone. The save stats have been padded a bit, but he’s been awful. This reminds me of what Shawn Camp did last season. He was also awful in the second half, but they looked past that and signed him again anyway. I really hope they let Gregg sign a contract with somebody else, stealing their money using his meaningless save total as leverage. Just because he’s not as frustrating as Marmol doesn’t mean he’s someone they should invest in for 2014. Marmol, at his worst, never was hit as hardly as Gregg has been getting hit the last 2 months. He just couldn’t throw strikes. And if Girardi leaves the Yankees, they HAVE to pull the plug and Sveum. There would be no miscommunications like this made by Girardi.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        I don’t think that Gregg was fooling anybody earlier, either: he just had a lucky run. (The Cubs FO did a hard sell with other teams trying to convince them that Gregg was doing better because of pitch selection, but I think that they had to stop when they realized that repeating lies that big could destroy the space-time continuum.)

        Regarding Girardi, there is absolutely zero basis for claiming that this miscommunication would have been avoided if he’d been there. Players (like most people) hear what they expect to hear, not what is actually said.

      • Dustin S

        Not much chance of Gregg being re-signed now after his interview today. He bashed the front office and will be lucky to still be on the roster by the end of tomorrow. If they don’t release him it will just be to finish out the season with only 8 games left rather than deal with a MLBPA complaint. Strop needs the closing experience anyway and should have already been the closer for at least the past month.

        • BlameHendry

          Regarding Gregg’s misunderstanding, if I was in his shoes, I probably would have felt the same way and said similar things. Some people read into things a little too deep and take things too personally, and they wear their heart on their sleeve. Gregg is apparently one of those people. His comments were still very unprofessional, but I at least understand his feelings. If Sveum really did miscommunicate the situation that badly, then I blame Sveum more than Gregg, and I don’t think Gregg deserves more than a verbal reprimanding (I don’t think there needs to be discipline).

          …All that said, I still think Gregg sucks and I never had any desire to see him return next year, even during his lucky stretch. I want a PROVEN closer, and I also want to see Strop try closing.

          • demz

            Gregg should finish out the season sitting in the bullpen while Strop takes his opportunities. If they release him it might send a bad message to the players. Let him finish out the last remaining week and a half of the regular season and just let him ride off into the sunset.

  • Dustin S

    It does seem like things have been un-rattling a bit here at the end between Gregg today and the recent E. Jackson incident. It’s probably more just frustration built up over the year coming out, but when Dale is suddenly on at least a lukewarm seat the timing isn’t great.

  • ClevelandCubsFan

    Closers are the field goal kickers of MLB. Unless your name is Mariano you’re not a special closer. Get a guy who can throw strikes 15 pitches at a time. We don’t need to resign Gregg because there are a lot more Greggs out there to be had next year.

  • arta

    Cubs don’t owe this nut an explanation for anything.

  • BlameHendry

    Forget about Gregg.

    Dioner Freakin Navarro. I feel like he’s been pretty under-rated this year. A switch-hitting backup catcher hitting .300 with 13 homers?? Yeah I know 3 of them came on 1 game but still, Sveum captured it perfectly when he said Navarro was the perfect backup catcher. I’d be willing to bet that if the Cubs were in contention this season, Navarro would have been the primary catcher during the 2nd half. The only reason he’s not the primary catcher is because Castillo is young and developing, obviously. But if Navarro doesn’t resign with the Cubs I think a team will give him a chance to be an everyday catcher next year.

    • demz

      No way. Castillo is the best everyday catcher in the system right now. Not to mention Navarro doesn’t seem to be too well conditioned for an everyday role as a starting catcher. He does, however, have a fantastic bat and would play well as a backup catcher in the NL, or a DH and backup catcher in the AL, where I think he is more valuable.

      In any case, as long as Castillo is healthy he will be the starting catcher for the Chicago Cubs. He has begun to develop at a rapid pace this second half. He started seeing the ball really well and is starting to find his power stroke. Of all of our prospects, at this point I am most excited about his development.

    • TOOT

      I would have to agree with demz. No way is Navarro a starting catcher. He is a backup that has had a good year. Thats all. Look at his career numbers and you can see what he did this year is unsustainable.

  • ruby2626

    Any team making Navaro the starter better resign themselves to leading the league in wild pitches. Throws fine on guys stealing but really embarassing at trying to block a pitch in the dirt.

  • Eric

    Gregg is an idiot. A terrible team gives him a chance and he performs well. He is not traded at the deadline – most likely because most teams felt it was a mirage and we wouldn’t have received value.

    He has some rough patches but continues to pitch well for the most part. And now he pitches a fit because he might not be used as a closer for the last week in a lost season when a bad team gave him a chance to rebuild his value? Common sense? Even if you weren’t “communicated with properly” you shouldn’t be so oblivious.

    Good riddance jackass.

    • TOOT

      Yes, he is a gone.

  • MichiganGoat

    This is the money quote from Theo and yeah expect after “sleeping on it” Gregg is gone

    “I told him how disappointed I was with him given the way we treated him this year — bringing him back after the first stint didn’t go well,” Epstein said. “He ran to the media. That was his decision. I told him, as a man, I didn’t respect that. … After a couple minutes he understood that he was wrong and apologized profusely.”

  • Die hard

    Sounds like a mutiny on the Theo Bounty… Captain Sveum Bligh to go overboard … A ship of fools no more– 🚣🚣🚣

  • cubzforlife

    I tried to go to the Hamptons once but when asked for my “millionaires card” all I had was one of those cardboard credit cards citibank sends and my season ticket holders card. The Rolex wearing guard had a good laugh and sent me on my way. Hope you’re having a good time “Big bucks Brett”. Is the new house on the water?

    • Brett

      Ha. The new house is in a fairly generic (but lovely) Columbus neighborhood. This is quite a special excursion.

      And my diamond shoes are too tight.

  • cavemencubbie

    After seeing Gregg blow up twice, I think I will switch from Dos Equis to Mezcal and try to find the larva at the bottom of the jug. I might not find it, but would have a little fun in the process. Better than watching the Cubs the past few weeks.