You may or may not recall that 2014 is the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field (sure would have been nice to have the renovation underway, eh?), and you may or may not recall that, in celebration of that anniversary, the Cubs asked folks to create a logo to commemorate those 100 years.

Whether you recall those things or not, you’ll know it now, because here’s the winning logo, which comes from Ohioan Brandon Ort:


I think it’s nice. I’d call it safe, but good. Given how prominent the logo will be next year – events, patches, decorations, etc. – I can understand going the safer route.

Now, about those renovations …

  • Eternal Pessimist

    How do they let anyone from Ohio participate in Cubs affairs…er…sorry Brett!

    • I love marmol

      Hey! Jerk…

  • Chad

    I like it. Very cool.

  • Cubbie Blues

    I don’t like it, as in I think it is ugly, but it would probably look best as a Christmas ornament.

    • C. Steadman

      agreed…it screams Christmas

      • Voice of Reason

        So we’re now forming opinions about some logo?

        I’d rather discuss the field on the team and leave the logo discussion to all the candys and shirleys on this message board.

        It screams Christmas…… lmao

  • Jono

    I think it’s telling that my first reaction was, “100 years, yet not a single championship”

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but that’s okay. I just don’t give a @#$% about this, all I want is for the organization to keep moving towards the ultimate goal. I’ll be more excited about a good trade that might happen next year than the 100 year anniversary

    • Funn Dave

      Right there with ya.

  • Spriggs

    Kind of nice. I like it.

  • Spriggs

    Actually, my entry was much better – I just needed TWC to help me figure out how to send the image.

    • TWC

      I take no responsibility for you spamming the Cubs with pictures of your entry.

  • AA Correspondent

    I was at Wrigley this weekend for the unveiling……and wouldn’t ya know….on Sunday they had all the new logo merchandise for sale. $99 for a sweatshirt and $45 for a t-shirt with the new logo seemed just a bit outrageous to me. Had a reat time though!!

  • Blublud

    Isn’t this technically the 100th season at Wrigley. Next year will the 101st.

    • DarthHater

      This is the 100th season, at the end of which the stadium will be 100 years old.

      • Blublud

        That’s my point. For my birthday, I tend to celebrate the build up and the day. The day after it passes, I’m done celebrating. I think they should have had the gear and logo out for the whole season this year, the 100th, and celebrated as the season when along.

        • J.L.

          You only celebrate your birthday for one day because you’re not Wrigley Field and you’re not 100.

    • MichiganGoat

      ah I thinking of a Seinfeld episode… The Newmannium.

    • Hansman1982

      Well, no this was the Cubs 98th year at Wrigley. It’s 100th year in existence.

      It’s the same reason the graduating class of 2000 was crowned the first class of the new millennium. Folks are inherently stupid when it comes to looking at numbers.

  • BleedCubbieBlue

    Anyone know when the last time was that the cubs redesigned their uniform and logos?

    • MichiganGoat
      • auggie55

        I like the 100 yr anniversary logo. The logo I HATE is the Crawling Bear logo that the Cubs currently use. I like the armpatch that was worn during the 60s as well as the one that was worn by the 84 team. Everytime I see a crawling bear I think of those bums Andy McPhail and Larry Himes.

  • pfk

    Its OK. I would have used the scoreboard on the very top part because the scoreboard and the ivy (too hard to visualize here) the 2 biggest features of the ballpark. The exterior graphic is OK but I think the scoreboard would have been best not only for the historic characteristic of it but also because it would have given a more pointed triangle effect to the design.

    • MichiganGoat

      I would just have used a can of old style

      • pfk

        Love it!!

      • Funn Dave

        So not only does Cubs apparel have the ability to make a woman twice as attractive, but the logo is also enough to make even Old Style look tasty!

        • Jim

          Nothing could make that look tasty. Whenever I see it I am always looking around for the urinal cake.

  • BJ Wanlund

    I like this logo. That’s all I have today.

  • baseballet

    At least they didn’t put a jumbotron in the logo.

    • Funn Dave


    • Jim

      I wonder if the rooftop owners are going to sue, since the logo doesn’t include them.

  • Aaron

    The Cubs have a .386 winning percentage at Wrigley Field this season, but their road record is.450. On the flip side, the Atlanta Braves have a .702 winning percentage at home. Last year’s winning % at Wrigley for the Cubs with a worse overall record was .470.

    Even the Miami Marlins have a better home winning percentage than the Cubs.

    Has anyone seen any stats on what is happening to the Cubs at home? Note: Other than they’re not a very good team. How can Wrigley Field be utilized at an advantage for the team?

  • wilbur

    looks like a bent birthday cake. But on the other hand, isn’t that about what wrigley looks like through the cubbie bear window? Maybe their new 100 year slogan can be “bottoms up”?

  • CUB5

    At least the field has had some success in the past 100 years.

  • Funn Dave

    For the record, the logo was originally supposed to be a picture of Kim Dejesus, but that went out the window when David did.

    • Jimmy James

      Now that’s a patch I could get behind…..wait, that sounds inappropriate….

      • Troy


  • http://Bleachernation Oliver

    New Logo.
    The most excitement we have had all year.

  • Jon

    It should read “100 plus years of losing”

    • Cubbie Blues

      That would just be false advertising.


    The last couple of years the team motto and commercials have been lame and makes Cubs fans look like a bunch of wt dorks.
    My personal fav is from 1984….the commercial was pretty cool with the Cubbie bear clawing at the screen.

    “The Cubs are coming out of Hibernation”

  • justinjabs

    I like it too. But I don’t love it. Stoked to buy the patch for a jersey.

  • N8theGr8

    Chicago Cubs: Committed to coming up with new logos that create additional sources of revenue.

  • Steve

    Watching this Cubs team play is enough to make a fan sick. ASs soon as Walker hit his HR in the first inning you knew the game was over. Rarely this season have any of the Cub victories come after being behind.

    • Brains

      The plan is working.

      • Jeff

        Which Plan?? The plan to drive off fans and piss people off?

        Tom Ricketts, ” Daddy, I need $850M to buy the Chicago Cubs.”

        Daddy, “Okay, but I want my money back in the first Five years!”

        Tom Ricketts, ” Okay Daddy, you got it!”

        fast forward a little bit…………….

        Tom Ricketts, “Daddy, I need $200M a year to run the Chicago Cubs! Please!”

        Daddy, ” Get the Fuck out of my office! Better make that loan repayment this month, or your out of the will!!!!”

        • Gutshot5820

          You got it all wrong. The Ricketts only put 175M down payment to buy one of the largest market franchise in MLB. That is highway robbery by itself. And now they are paying back the rest of the loan with their profits and crying poor.

    • Blublud

      At least I got my Cubs zubaz!

      • Blublud

        Why the fuck are you using my name?

  • Bill189

    This is the best they could come up with? I guess trying to field a winning team for 100 years was too much of an effort too..