emperor seligCommissioner Bud Selig will retire after the 2014 season, and MLB will soon establish a transition plan for his exit. Selig has put off retirement a number of times before, but this announcement comes straight from Selig and MLB. So, it’s happening.

Selig, 79, has led baseball through one of his most prosperous and strife-free periods in the sport’s professional existence. He became the acting commissioner in 1992, before getting the official designation in 1998.

Say what you will about some of his decisions (All-Star Game deciding home-field advantage? Seriously?), but the man has been a laudable success by professional sport commissioner standards. He was also relatively progressive in a sport that has been historically anything but. He also made for great photoshops.

In the announcement of Selig’s retirement, he mentioned that the upcoming transition plan “will reorganize centralized Major League Baseball management,” which is an odd thing to include in a statement without any additional context. Are we going to see something other than a traditional “commissioner”? Maybe just for the transition period?

Whoever takes over for Selig will have considerable shoes to fill. It can’t be easy managing the interests of such a diverse group of teams, cities, and owners, and Selig has handled it with aplomb.

To the new chief, when he or she is named, let me say just one thing:

Bring the designated hitter to the National League.


  • ssckelley

    Boras for commish!

    • Funn Dave

      You trynda give me nightmares?

  • Cubfanbob

    My radio was breaking up did anyone catch who Gammons said he thought was in line for the the next Cubs manager job ? Couldn’t make it out but it wasn’t Joe G.

    • Spriggs

      He said Spriggs. Something about that Spriggs fellow being a freakin genius and him being someone the Cubs really, really like. Then he said that Barney would never start another game…

      • cubfanbo

        Score repeated his comment. He believes the next Cubs manager will be Brad Ausmus..

        wtf ? really

  • Jim Gillmeister

    After the DH in the National League, I’m guessing you’ll next advocate for aluminum bats.
    Just as easy to say kill the DH in the American League,and to quiet the union, expand the roster to 26-27 players.

    • C. Steadman

      if you kill the DH in the AL, i would think you would have to kill the DH all the way down the minor league system as well…which would be a way harder task than just killing it for the NL and ending the special non-DH rules in AA and AAA

  • mjhurdle

    Not a huge fan of the DH, but at this point i would just like to see both leagues play by the same rules. I don’t see any realistic way that they can eliminate the DH now, so if they decide to bring it to the NL, then i won’t be too upset.

    • Funn Dave

      I like having different rules in different leagues. Variety is the spice of life.

  • Dougy D

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, “fuck the DH!”

    What a sham. THe DH isn’t baseball.

  • Jason

    I still can’t say that I *like* the idea of DH in the NL, but it is growing on me. However, let me throw another radical idea that I think would help protect pitchers, lower the length of games, and help bring more casual fans to the game…
    2 strikes = a strikeout
    2 balls = a walk
    3 foul balls = a strikeout

    Looking at 6 pitches max per batter and with only 2 balls walking a batter, you’re looking at pitchers trying to hit the strike zone far more often which should mean more balls in play which means more excitement. To counter this in favor of the pitcher, they only need 2 strikes to strike out a batter, and they only get 2 “free” foul balls (1st foul ball could still be strike 1, but can’t strike out on a foul unless it’s a foul bunt or the 3rd foul ball of the appearance). Also, because the pitcher is forced to try for the strike zone far more, I think this would also help pitchers at the plate (or make the DH all that more exciting, if you really want them).

    Not a very serious or well-thought out idea, but one I came up with just now. What do you guys think? Not “What’s the likelihood?” because I know that’s pretty much 0, but what WOULD you think if MLB announced this? Other than “Change is bad!” answers, of course. 😛