No sense in beating around the bush. Dan Berstein’s tweet says it all:

Well, actually, does it say it all?

joe girardi managerBefore you go too far, let me expound on what exactly this tweet is saying. First, at its most base level, it tells us that – according to Bernstein’s sources – the Cubs want to talk to Girardi, and Girardi wants to talk to the Cubs (well, technically that he’ll “listen” if the Cubs want to talk … but making that distinction, to me, is merely a negotiation tactic, if there’s a distinction at all).

How much does that really tell us? Maybe not as much as you might think. Mutual interest in talking is not the same thing as mutual interest in officially joining up.

Girardi is an impending free agent, and an attractive managerial free agent at that. He’s fresh off of a deal that reportedly paid him $3 million per year to manage one of the best teams in baseball, a job he did reasonably well. Like a 27-year-old slugger coming off a 1.000 OPS season, Girardi would be foolish not to explore free agency now that he’s gotten this close. “Talking” to the Cubs could simply be about wringing the best possible deal out of the Yankees.

That leads us to how this kind of information comes about. Did the Cubs reach out to Girardi’s camp via back channels (he’s still under contract, and direct contact is impermissible) to find out if he was interested in talking once the season was over? Or did Girardi’s camp present this information apropos of nothing? If it’s the former, well, then there’s genuine interest by the Cubs. If it’s the latter, there might not be a ton of interest by the CubsĀ orĀ by Girardi. It could just be a leverage play, and the Cubs are merely doing due diligence.

And that leads to another wrinkle: timing. Maybe the Cubs do have a little interest in Girardi, but also are fine with bringing Dale Sveum back for his final contract year. If true, the Cubs might want to “talk” to Joe Girardi as soon as the season ends so that they can get a sense of where he stands before they make an official decision with Sveum. That, of course, is a sticky situation, and one that could be difficult to accommodate – especially with the collective eyes of New York and Chicago upon the entire process.

Further, what if there are other candidates the Cubs are considering? If so, that means, even if they know that Sveum is a goner – which has not been established just yet – wanting to talk to Girardi could simply be a matter of the Cubs wanting to talk to a number of possible managers.

In the end, there’s a whole lot you can parse from and analyze into one little tweet (which may be why I love Twitter – because I love parsing and analyzing!). It may not tell us quite as much as we’d think at first blush, but there’s a nugget of something here.

Assuming Bernstein’s sources are correct, of course.

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    As I just posted in other thread, the games afoot…onward!

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    Sveum knows and he’s packing as we speak

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    Dan Bernstein isn’t the best of sources

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    Sveum is another example of the saberrattlermetrics failure

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        Don’t worry about it son

  • cms0101

    The closer we get to Monday, the more convinced I am that Sveum is done. I’d love to have Girardi, but there are so many other viable candidates out there now, that he can’t possibly survive. After all, he was the second choice when he was hired with lesser coveted available candidates. Now there are some real names to speak of. And forget the record. I grant him he wasn’t given the horses. But none of the guys we thought would be long term core players have improved this season. Again, not all on him, but he’s got to take the fall for it. This was always the plan, let’s pick the best unknown we can, hope he surprises us, but if not, we’ll chop him when a better candidate comes available after year 2. He gets the parting gift of year 3’s salary. Everybody wins. Well, kind of…

  • Gutshot5820

    It’s hilarious how quickly some of the regular posters/fan boys can change their tunes, The other day when people were basically saying that Sveum has not done a good job of developing the core or at the very least was not impactful. The hordes of regular bashers/critics (you know who you are Hansman, Goat,, ect.. ) came out of the woodwork to demonize anyone who had one negative thing to say in regards to Sveum.

    Listing a laundry list of players that have improved under the Sveum watch. Pulling out any satisfactory Stat that would even remotely, no matter how far-fetched prove their point. Every excuse for why Sveum was not the problem was being claimed. You would have thought that we have fielded an all-star team and not the bottom, laughing stock of the league team.

    All the sudden in recent days Hoyer and Epstein come out saying their displeased because the core has stalled in their development and suddenly their is silence. I mean why don’t we hear you all bashing the FO now? LOL Not to rub it in, but it shows that good fans with different opinions shouldn’t be demonized every time they are not satisfied with some of the performances with Cubs org.

    • DarthHater

      So, the “good fans” with opinions that you like should not be demonized, but the “fan boys” with opinions that you dislike should be demonized. Okay, I think I’ve got it now.

      • Gutshot5820

        No, I never criticized one thing you have ever commented on Darth. You have a right to your own opinion and I occasionally enjoy some of your quips. What I’m saying is that when others have comments that are not always rah rah lets get out the pom poms…maybe you should just take a time-out and let others write their own point of view without the same old bashing style.

        • TWC

          Says the twerp who infuses every comment he makes with whiny bitching about how he and his internet friends’ opinions are always marginalized. Like this one. And the one before that. And the one before that….

          • Gutshot5820

            Why is it so surprising you came out for this special occasion. No pile on gang bashing would quite feel right without you. The difference between you and me is that I would say any of my comments in public, in a crowd or among friends. Your deliberately nasty comments are so cowardly because you would never say the things you say online in public because you would have your teeth bashed in many times over for you snooty I’m so cool and you are so stupid mouth,

            I guess this is the age of the internet and why guys with small penises like you need to show how big of a guy you are by bashing other people with your nasty comments. You are a typical internet coward. Go ahead and keep talking big and hide behind the internet,

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              … he says from behind a pseudonym.

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                You want to meet in public? Let’s exchange phone numbers? I don’t need to hide from anybody because I don’t go around bashing people. I just get tired of the same old bashing and tired ass comments from the same old people. If you removed all your comments bashing other posters, probably 90% of your total comments would be removed.

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                  Lulz. One day when you’ve grow out of your “I want to fight people on the Internet” phase, we should have a beer. Until then, stay in school.

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                …and I’m no slouch myself!

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                8.5/10 best new poster. :)

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        • Mike

          Agreed. Darth is just a tad full of himself.

    • Hansman1982

      At this point, defending Sveum would be dead dumb and mute. He has three days left as Cubs manager.

      I still think that Rizzo has had a better season than his batting average indicates.

  • praying the cubs get ready to win

    I just wish we knew what the front office planned on spending or what their pool of cash is? I would like Tanaka and then I would like a trade of Castro, Rizzo and Barney for Price. Our SP would be out of the park. If we could trade Jackson for some young talent to say the Yanks or a potential contender that would be great as well. Salary wise we wouldn’t be too bad at this point. Then know in a year, we have Vogelbach, Alcantara, Baez and Olt, if any fail, Bryant is right behind them or he is in the OF, which leads to one more big bat would be needed. 2015 would look awfully good. If we can’t get Price, lets bring Feldman back and a big bat to protect Rizzo if we are going to keep him. The Cubs aren’t so far away. 2 players and a minor leaguer developing in 2014 and the in 2015, maybe another player and maybe a few minor leaguers and the Cubs would look great. Trade some International money next year for the following year.

  • Stevie B

    I’m not a Sveum hater, however, Id like to have some semblance of my Cubs I grew up loving. This team has no face, no Kerry Wood, no Keith Moreland…hell, not even a Steve Stone.
    Joe is a quality manager and strong ties with the organization. This is a good move if made.

    • Gutshot5820

      Maybe after a Century of losing…change and totally new faces might be a good thing.

    • TWC

      You’re correct, but I think that at least part of what motivated Theo to tell Sandberg to move on is that they were looking from a clean break from the past “lovable losers” image. (Unfortunately, this has lead to the Cubs just being “losers”.)

      I suspect, though, that if the FO thinks Girardi is the right guy for the job, the fact that they can trumpet it as an “accomplished prodigal son returns to the fold” won’t hurt their marketing one bit!

      • TWC

        But, really, if the Cubs were a good team, fans would find a “face” one way or another.

        • Stevie B

          Until that ” face” emerges, lets add a piece of something the fans can grab onto. People complaining about dropping attendance hasn’t really bothered me till I saw this year’s figures.
          Bring in Joe, let a couple of our studs develop, come in and contribute, sign a few big name free agents this year and the year after, and BAM, World Series in 2015-2016
          Yes, it’s that easy… I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night

          • Kansas Cubs Fan

            We would have won this year if you banked at Cap Fed.

    • Chef Brian

      I don’t really care if the coaching candidate has a Cubs Pedigree, I just want them to hire the best possible option and if that’s Girardi than great. Sveum hasn’t panned out really, but then again I wanted them to hire Mike Maddux.

  • Ivy Walls

    Please allow a moment of what is reality at this level having been a practicing executive recruiter at the C-level. Absolutely there has been plausible denial back channel communications. That is what an agent is for—period or at least a start. This is where Bernstein probably got the information which is meant to serve two purposes.

    A) inform the NYY that Girardi is looking at other opportunities
    B) Put the Cubs on notice not to do something rash like take their job off the table.

    Now here is the obvious Girardi is a local product and knows that the NYY and the Cubs are in rebuilding where the Cubs are now on the upswing. This is like the stars aligning. Now on Monday the real talks will begin.

  • Jason Powers

    In an aside, but relevant, I compiled some data and scouting sources on Masahiro Tanaka. Very detailed for those that like that stuff. NPB does have its version of Brooks Baseball:

    Comment, complain, and flame if that is your deal.

    My short answer: He’s likely between Daisuke and Yu, so far. But I think the innings pitched makes his arm OLDER than he is to go with other issues.

  • Cardfan

    Would be a drastic improvement and a huge “win” for the Cubs org. You haven’t had a leader since Lou and I look forward to some inspired play in the not-too-distant future. I do think that it is most likely that G stays in pinstripes – unless NY is not conducive to his personal life. If not, I would see him heading to the Nationals. Probably the most attractive opportunity for anyone right now.

    PS Turn your TVs off after the 8th inning tonight.

    • Jon

      Pinella wasn’t a leader. He was a cranky old man coasting into retirement

      • Cardfan

        Last time I took notice of the Cubs playing “inspired” ball was under his leadership. He was a cranky old man going through the motions in his last year – no doubt.

        • Rizzovoir Dog

          Inspired ball until they got to October. 0-6

          • Eternal Pessimist

            I think Pinella’s lethargy was well documented through his four years (I think it was four) in Chicago. Seemed like everything was run loosely and he frequently made comments to the tune of “He’s a veteran…he knows what to do” to explain why the players weren’t going through drills on the field.

            Aramis would show up for his rehab late, if at all, with little to no recourse. I’ve forgotten most of why I thought Pinella sucked as a manager (at least during his Cubs years), but think he really mailed it in.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Or until September: the ’08 Cubs collapsed a month before the playoffs, after all!

        • Professor Snarks

          In 2008, the Cubs played inspired ball because they scored a LOT of runs. The hitters were experienced guys who all had good years. Lou had nothing to do with it.

  • Aaron

    Firing Sveum on Monday BEFORE actually hiring Girardi??? Doesn’t look like a smart plan. The Cubs would lose alot of leverage with this scenerio.

    I sure hope the FO doesn’t make this a PR nightmare where we let go of Sveum but lose out on Girardi to the Yankees or Nationals. Yes, this would be a worse situation that what we have right now…Dale going into next season as our manager.

    • Mannylake

      I don’t think they really care if they lose Sveum and don’t get Girardi. If the FO lets Sveum go they are saying they feel there are 2 to 3 candidates out there better suited than Sveum.

      • Jon

        If by “inspired ball” you mean an “insanely more talented team” , then I would agree with you

    • Jason Powers

      Yeah, I’ll give you it would not look good.

      But, if you are going to fire the guy, that decision is made whether you land the next “ideal” manager or not, else you would not be firing him to begin with – this isn’t wife swap.

      1) If they evaluated Sveum as not gonna fill the bill, then he’s gone
      2) If not Girardi, Brad Ausmus is not a bad fall back from my perspective.
      3) The FO is around 40 (Epstein/Hoyer); Ausmus and Girardi are close in age (44 and 47); highly educated – like those FO guys.
      4) So there is that to be said for the interpersonal dynamics we don’t necessarily get much insight into from our fan location. Sveum was not likely their ideal first call – but their prior knowledge and working relationship drove that. 2 years, he did not catch lightening in a bottle while here. (Yes, he was not helped out by the revolving door, but that’s Managing…)

      We shall see.

  • Mannylake

    I think if they actually do sign Girardi it’s a sign that they are willing to spend a bit more than they have lead on to. I don’t see Girardi making the move knowing he is three years from a consistent winner. I think the only way they get him is by assuring him they are going to make a few moves to “right the ship” for 2014. I’m not sure if this is really the right thing to do, but I think a little free agent spending could be a good thing. I would compare it to Terry Francona going to the Indians.

  • http://Bleachernation Oliver

    Don’t blame dale.
    Blame Epstien..the guy in charge.

    • Jason Powers

      The entire organization on a yearly basis is blamed for the success and failures. If we want to, we could just divvy up the blame:

      1) Ricketts: 30% – finances that are of higher import than team field success. Caught in a change cycle, he’s been a bit nebulous about his firm expectations and timing of those expectations. But, the family (Tom) are the owners, its their money, and their investment to do with as they will. Theoretically, they should be 100% responsible, even if they don’t know every player inside and out.

      2) Theo & Jed: 30% – They have done some good in the foundations, but the move towards success is gonna be a long process. In the McDonald’s land of WANT it NOW, 3-4 years of more losing does not seem all that appealing to the fan base. They have to answer up to ownership; keep Manager involved, and oh, get some players to play beyond projections. So they are responsible, but others control their fates too.

      3) Dale Sveum – 10% – He would get more 2012-2013 blame if he had the resources and stability. He made errors; the team did not crack 70 wins. It happens.

      4) The players – 30 – they play the games. They probably could be 100% responsible if you were the ungrateful owner. But as is, they get the fair pass on their being just as much a victim of the long-term plan as their Manager was.

      Just an argument. They all share responsibility and blame and credit for whatever happens.

      • sven-erik312

        Billiant Jason. If the team starts winning next year, it will be because the players have matured enough to start winning. It won’t be because they have a new manager.

    • Rizzovoir Dog

      Yeah, just look what that idiot has done with our farm system.

  • Jon


  • Dustin S

    Theo again passing on an opportunity today to say Sveum is safe and instead saying wait until Monday, is putting the hot seat in the boiling range.

    I don’t know where Gammons came up with Ausmus though. I think he was grasping at straws. Making Sandberg spend years working up through the minors only to pass on him, and then a couple years later go with a guy who’s never coached professionally at any level, would make them look pretty awful. So I have to think Gammons was just pulling names out of a hat. He might make the interview list, but I couldn’t see him getting it.

    • Professor Snarks

      “Theo again passing on an opportunity today to say Sveum is safe and instead saying wait until Monday, is putting the hot seat in the boiling range.”

      At this point, the FO is really opening themselves up for criticism if the DON’T fire Sveum.

  • Jon

    Rick Hahn just said Ventura will be back in 14, so by not saying anything, they (Theo) are pretty much saying he’s gone

    • turn two

      Yes because everyone must make decisions when and how rick hahn does

      • jon

        Not really my point dipshit

        • turn two

          Your point is misinformed. The cubs are feeling out other candidates before they announce anything. If no one they like bites they will stick with sveum, its why they are being quiet. The Sox want to sick with Ventura no matter what for next year. Therefore either you think we need to do what Rick hahn does when he does it or you dont understand what the cubs are doing. Great job name calling instead of making a coherent argument though.

          • Professor Snarks

            The Cubs will NOT make the decision on Sveum because of who’s available. They WILL make the decision on Sveum because of their opinion of Sveum’s performance. What the Sox do has nothing to do with what the Cubs do.

            • willis

              They’ll make it because he blows as a manager. Who cares how it looks. They’re doing the right thing for the organization moving forward. And they’ll find a good fit.

            • turn two

              snarks i disagree, i absolutely think they are making it on who is available as i originally stated. The plan had always been to release him after next year, he was a stop gap. If we release him this summer it is because someone is available that we can’t wait until next year on.

              • Professor Snarks

                It could work out that the guy they want comes available now, but I agree with Willis, they just don’t want Dale anymore.

        • #23

          wow, nice to see people can still be civil toward one another on the internet

  • Seth N.

    if you are DATING, Sveum is fine. We are not old enough to get married.

    However, you don’t say no to a supermodel if she is interested….

    you might be the marrying kind before you planned

    Girardi is that super model. He might have us saying “yes” sooner rather than later.

    And competitive.

    You play the field.

  • Fastball

    Pay Giarardi $4MM. Play hardball with the Yankees. Maybe we can win one with the check book. I dont care about Ricketts budget. Get some damned leadership in the dugout that knows what the hell is going on. That knows what winning is all about. Sveum and band of boys did not produce anything measurable that most of us care about. So yes American Van Lines is out feont if his packing him out tonight.

  • Rich H

    It is funny to see everyone decide it is Girardi or Bust. You all seem to forget that Theo wanted Gardeneimer in Boston at one point.
    There are going several candidates out there that are closer to Team Theo’s way of thinking than just Girardi. Just because the Peoria guy coming home would be the best story does not make it the best fit.
    I personally would have a short list of guys that have proven to be able to get young guys to maximize potential.
    The only way that Girardi comes to Chicago is with guarantees of a salary level for the team. I just do not think Ricketts will sign off on that kind of demand from a manager.

    • aCubsFan

      You mean Ron Gardenhire of the Minnesota Twins. He would definitely be a very good option, and from all indications he will be available on Monday.

      • Rich H

        Yeah that is who I meant. Was half asleep when I wrote that and did not spell check.
        I think he would be a great choice as well but if LAA is in play that might make him very expensive.

  • Cheryl

    Sveum is probably gone. The season is another losing one. Castro and Rizzo had bad years.Their years were bad enough that many wondered if they would really be core players. The fans are dwindling not only because the team is bad but they have a problem because the change in personnel leaves few players fans can identify with or follow. Change was necessary, but who or what is the product going to be like next year? The economy is also having an effect on the dwindling attendance. People are cutting back and tey look at the cost of cubs games as an expense they may have to cut.

    I never really liked Sveum and couldn’t understand his management style. He has a bunting contest in spring training but rarely had his players bunt, Will attendance continue to dwindle if Sveum is retained? Probably. Could a new manager make a difference with the current roster? I think so but the FO can’t afford to stay with the status quo, so whoever is the manager next year will have a better team to work with. To get that better team they need to make three major moves on the Big League level imo. They need two first class starting pitchers – Tanaka and Price. To get Price they’ll have to offer a pretty good package. That package may include Rizzo but more than likely it will have the V man as part of it. They need a better catcher, although that is not as major a need as starting pitching. Despite their desire to build from within some of those prospects will be traded.

    They need to bring up Bryant and Baez, Bryant is comfortable at third so I’d leave him there for now, I think Baez should be at SS but that may not be in the cards. Castro and Rizzo will probably start off at SS and first but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are changes if they continue to slump. I’d try Castro at second and Baez at SS, I’d also bring up one of the minor league outfielders.They can’t afford to wait. They have to make the moves this off-season and next year.

    • Professor Snarks

      Cheryl, there is no way Price and Baez will be on the same team next year. If we get Price, it’ll cost us Baez.

      • Cheryl

        You may very well be right but who else can we go for other than Price? All I know is we need two quality starters. Who else could we offer?What other scenario would you go with?

  • Kramden

    He’s using the Cubs as leverage

  • macpete22

    Does Rothschild come back if Girardi is hired? I hope McKay stays, everyone else can go. Maybe keep Bosio

  • CubsfaninAZ

    Honestly these posts and Sveums job security , should have been posted at the beginning of august. I believe this front office in rebuilding, still though this team should have been alot better than they were. And saber-metrics go out the door as soon as it turns into a revolving door of players coming and going, so kill that argument. Fact of the matter is the young players should have developed a whole heck of alot more. The ones that did, in the minors(prospects). Sveum had lil to do with that. His guys he needed to develop didn’t, minus the catching position, Castillo and Navarro had awesome years behind the dish. Honestly it became noticeable how much Soriano meant to the team, when he left, he thrived again doing what he does, but the young guys on the team went the other direction. The Cubs were a respectable 45-55 at the time of the trade, now they’re 66-94. Trading Soriano was supposed to help the Cubs youth, but it hurt them. That reflects solely on the coaching staff, if the Cubs would have finished 10 games under 500 like they were at the time of the Soriano trade, Sveums job wouldnt even be up for debate. He’d be the guy, now its clear, he aint the guy. They need the youth to produce a .500 team, thats when the FO will make the big splashes and get the Cubs over the hump, and the last half of this year proved Sveum cant lead the youth to that .500 team. To compare how bad the Cubs were after Sori’s departure take the Brewers, who were 42-59 at the time of Sori’s trade. They also lost a slugger later in Ryan Braun (yr suspension) and are currently 73-87. 7 games better than the Cubs, play same division, so schedule aint much different. Thats the reason he’s toast, his team coudnt compete anymore.

    • mjhurdle

      ‘Trading Soriano was supposed to help the Cubs youth, but it hurt them.’
      how is trading your best hitter ever a good thing for your players, either young or old?

      And you can’t compare the Cubs and brewers after the trade deadline without also mentioning all the other players that the Cubs trading they may have also played a part in the bad second half record.

  • JayPaul

    My biggest problem with this is that while I think Girardi would be awesome, cutting ties with Sveum most likely means cutting ties with Bosio and that could be an epic mistake.

    • YourResidentJag

      Yeah, pretty much.

    • Fire Bosio

      Why does anyone care about bosio? The guy is a joke. It would not be a mistake – girardi could get any number of better pitching coaches. Send Bo-zo back to Milwaukee. Or hire mike Maddox.

      • Toby

        be careful what you wish for as Girardi might bring Rothchild with him.

      • TOOT

        Yea! Girardi and Rothchild rank right with us in pitching stats.

      • TOOT

        NOt good.

  • Aaron

    To fire Sveum without having another candidate lined up to take over managing the Cubs and with Dale all ready under contract for next season does not bode well for what Theo and Jed thought of what Dale has done over the past 2 seasons as manager.

    I believe being the manager for the Chicago Cubs may be the toughest jobs in sports today. The pressure to win is so intense from the fans given the championship drought of the organization and scrutiny of the media is never ending.

    Joe Giarardi appears to be the perfect candidate to be the Cubs next manager. Brad Ausmas has NO big-league managerial experience. He also played in Houston for most of his playing years, which is a much smaller media market than Chicago and New York.