Well then. That’s probably not how Edwin Jackson wanted to end his first season with the Cubs. Heck, most of the year is probably not how he wanted his first season with the Cubs to go.

Something wasn’t quite right with Jackson, who exited with a lat injury in the third. He was bombed out before he exited, and the bullpen’s solid effort didn’t really matter.

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  • Ron Swanson

    Well at least that’s over.

  • Cubbie Tim

    Was at the game. Lake looked flat. Had a good time

  • Chris S

    Am I the only one who’s never been thrilled with the acquisition of EJax? Sure hind sight is 20/20, and he’s been an innings eater, but from day one I’ve never particularly felt at ease when I see his name on the schedule.. At least with Shark, Arrieta, Wood, I’ve felt that at least there’s a chance they’ll have a good day… Never gotten that feeling from EJax..

    • Rich

      Always a head scratcher with ejax
      Never quite got the signing

    • Lyle Ernst

      I have absolutely NO confidence in Jackson. Didn’t from day 1. Disappointed that the Cubs signed him.

  • cubsin

    Let’s all hope Jackson has a turnaround to rival Dick Ellsworth’s (9-20, 5.09 in 1962, 22-10, 2.21 in 1963). He’s going to be here for the next two years, at least, no matter how well or poorly he pitches.

    • CubsFanSaxMan

      Jackson doesn’t have to be here as he does not have a ‘no trade’ clause. Just sayin’.

  • http://Www.bleachernation.com salesguy

    Congrats to Dale, he finally managed to shake lake out of his hot streak! I know it wasn’t all him and that pitchers adjust, and that St.louis is pretty good at this baseball thing, but you have to think losing time Bojosevic/Sweeney didn’t help.

    • Chris S

      I think at this point you need to play Sweeney/Bog to see what you have.. Or at least to showcase them to potential suitors. Can’t exactly make a call to Joe GM and say, ” Hey! You want this guys who’s been rotting on our bench?”

    • ClevelandCubsFan

      Or you could accept that a thousand voices telling anyone who would listen that Lake had to regress might have been on to something. ..

      • Chris S

        Agreed, and moreover, they realize Lake is going to come down to earth, and maybe they’re not worried about him since he’s only 20-21… So why not play Sweeney/Bog and try to get anything out of them.. Or at least figure out if their worth a roster spot.

        • Kyle

          Junior Lake is 23 and will be 24 before next Opening Day.

          • Chris S

            No kidding!? I thought he was younger. My bad. But my point still stands. It’s suffice to say he’s still pretty young for the league. And still has more room to grow than Sweeney or Bogusevic.. Sweeney being 29 before next year, and Bogusevic being 30 (I checked this time.. this internet thing is really cool!)

            • http://Www.bleachernation.com salesguy

              Junior lake is a five tool player, unproven at the MLB level, as shown, he needs to play, reps make him better. In Sweeney and Bojo you have a couple of 29-30 year old bench players, lets be clear on that because that’s what they are. Their ceilings are 4th outfielders, if you want to see what you have in a player, play lake, he has either led all NL rookies in hits, or been in the top 3 since he’s come up, he needs to play so you can see if there’s a chance he can hold down an outfield spot. If you want to “see what you have” in Sweeney and Bojo turn over their baseball cards, it’s very clear.

              • willis

                And notice his struggles have come since Sveum has been yo-yoing him in and out of the lineup. Another signal of masterful managing. One more day…one more day…

                • Hansman1982

                  Or he was performing at a level that was unsustainable and is coming back to earth.

                  • willis

                    All I know is this…he was playing every day, and was playing very well. Then, Sveum decided to put him the lineup basically every other day, and his numbers have dropped. Still an impressive first campaign for Lake I’d say. But I would have liked to see him keep that consistent playing time to see what may have happened.

                    • Cheryl

                      This has happened before with Sveum and a player. The player does well and then is in and out. It’s one reason Sveum shouldn’t be taking over the development of the younger players due up. Even if he fulfills the last year of his contract they’ll need somebody else as manager in 2015.

                    • http://It'searly Mike F

                      Have to disagree with all of this. Theo and Hoyer are involved in the decision making as are metrics. People don’t like this, but like LaRussa, Sveum also is a big data and match up guy. Further, I get Lake is a big tool guy, but Sveum didn’t bring the struggle on, he’s had a history of the some of the up and down and if he didn’t he has top tool stuff. I think too much is being read into Junior.

                      We’ll see now, JG is really a problematic fit, I won’t be surprised if rumors surface, but I think its a match made in hell. From getting it done, to management micro involvement, would be a real difficult situation. The other extreme is Ausmus, he’s not coached at any level, not a wise move.

                      While I understand the frustration, I believe the Sveum disgust is misplaced. Seems insane to me, that Cub fans wanting rebuild, viewing a big lack of a core and low major league talent want to run Sveum. I think it is patently unfair and misplaced anger. If you want to tar someone, and I don’t, the anger to me would be better placed on the men that put the team together.

                      Let the boiling tar begin.

  • cubsin

    Given the AL wild card race (Indians are one game ahead of the Rangers and Rays), I just can’t root for the Twins to win tomorrow. Given my location (Metro-East St. Louis), I just can’t root for the Cardinals to win tomorrow. So I’m going to watch Bears’ football, and hope for the best.

    • Rich H

      Wow some one admits to living in East StL. You are a brave man.

      • wilbur

        Well St. Louis did build that arch thing – The Gateway to East St. Louis

  • dying cubs fan’s last request

    Pretty much anyone who knows anything about baseball scratched their heads when the Cubs signed Edwin Jackson.

    • Chris S

      Perhaps it was one of those “hopefully he needed a change of scenery” things and they were hoping they could cash in on him and make his salary look like a deal.. I really think that if he would have been lights out,( or better than he has been) he wouldn’t be here right now.. At this point I can’t see anyone other than the younger guys being here for 4 years..

      • arta

        problem is how many change of sceneries does he need?

    • Patrick W.
    • Cyranojoe

      Wow, that’s respectful of Brett, ain’t it?

      • Patrick W.

        I don’t think it’s terribly disrespectful to Brett, it’s certainly not my goal. I was just pointing out an article where someone who knows a little something about baseball wasn’t scratching their head over the EJax signing. I happened to have it in another tab as I was just looking at preseason predictions.

        That said I can see why it might seem problematic and I have sent a note to a couple of the people who can delete it if they wish.

        • TWC

          I think he was referring to the OP being disrespectful, not you for your link.

          IIRC, Ace was fairly keen on the Jackson signing.

          • Patrick W.
            • Toby

              If you read the comment by Roy Hobbs then the Cubs came through with all his wants except for Bourn.

            • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

              Well, Bleacher Report though Baker, “expects to be back at 100 percent for Opening Day…If he excels early while the team struggles, the Chicago Cubs could flip him for a promising prospect by July 31. That would accelerate the rebuilding process while saving a few dollars.”

              So, both Edwin and Baker were considered pretty underrated moves.
              So far, Action Jackson had a good sabermetric year…all the bad luck, LOB%, high BABIP, just hit him in the cookies…http://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=1841&position=P

              Baker hopefully feels a twinge of guilt, and comes back for about the same price. Last start his velocity was up quite a bit.

              Maybe next year…the Cubs tradition lives on![img]http://www.brooksbaseball.net/pfxVB/cache/speed.php-pitchSel=435044&game=gid_2013_09_20_atlmlb_chnmlb_1&batterX=0&innings=yyyyyyyyy&sp_type=1&s_type=3.gif[/img]

              • jt

                Career Jackson’s BAbip is 0.311; 2013 0.222
                Career Jackson’s BA against FB is 0.205; 2013 0.213
                Career Jackson’s BA against GB is 0.247; 2013 0.228
                Career Jackson’s BA against LD is 0.734; 2013 767
                Career Jackson’s BAbip in Wins is 0.270
                Career Jackson’s BAbip in Loses is 0.361
                2013 Jackson was more efficient in turning GB’s into outs but was less so in turning FB’s and LD’s into outs. It could be luck but it indicates to me that the FB’s and LD’s were hit harder than in other years.
                Jackson has a very low career BAbip in games in which he was awarded the win and a very high career BAbip when awarded the loss. To me that indicates that he pitches very well in games in which he wins and he pitches very poorly win games he loses.
                Not Luck!

                • jt

                  Jackson’s BAbip for the year 2013 not counting yesterdays game was 0.322
                  and is 2013 line drive BA should read 0.767

          • Internet Random

            That’s my reading, too, Patrick. I’ve known you to be wrong, but never even close to disrespectful. You’ve certainly got me beat for civility.

            • Patrick W.

              Screw you dude I’m never wrong! :)

              • Internet Random

                Heh. I suppose it would be too easy to point out the wrongness of that very comment… feels a little like stepping into a trap.

  • Gutshot5820

    Theo has a pretty bad track record when it comes to big contract free agent signings. His trademark is drafting and player development (maybe). I’m not at all convinced he is the smartest guy in the room anymore. We have a lot of hype on the farm but that’s about it. I’m going to go by, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

    • Gutshot5820

      When the Nationals sucked ass they had the top farm. Minnesota has the top farm because they sucked so bad and drafted early. Now Houston has to be favored to have one of the strongest farms in baseball because they are tanking so bad,. I would have to say a large part of why our farm is ranked highly is because we stink and not so much anything Theo had to do with it.

      • Chris S

        I disagree with that. I think Theo has a lot to do with it! I could start in about the whole Hendry thing, but I think he tenure was a quandary.. But it wasn’t until Theo came in did we have a definitive direction – good or bad.

      • wilbur

        So you are saying you agree with yourself and your previous comment?

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    Pretty unfair, Theo has had a lot to do with the farm system improvement, just can’t act as though it is by happen stance. We have to separate the Major League level from the minors. Theo deserves tremendous credit for the investment in and a lot of the prospects in the Cubs Minor League. It’s unfair to just piss on everything, not everything is wrong with the Cubs. In fact, unlike so many, I think there is far more right than wrong. Yes, I think the core is a big deal and there are some issues philosophically, but as a whole we Cub fans, who just 2 years begged for this, are damn immature and ignorant.

    • Gutshot5820

      If you look at our top 30 list, I can make a excellent case that a large part of the top end talent were no brainer picks that any one on this board would have been able to pick with a million dollar scouting system. Another majority was drafted by Hendry and the rest was traded for because we literally sold off our entire major league roster. Doesn’t take a genius to do that. Granted he got a few gems through trade, but he is supposed to get value for MLB players. There is a long laundry list of GM’s that made awesome trades for minor leaguers. Not saying he did a bad job. Just that, it’s not such a great accomplishment when you are drafting at the top for many years and selling off your entire MLB roster. You are supposed to have a great farm. Just Like Nationals, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Houston, etc…

      • http://It'searly Mike F

        I get it, no GM can satisfy Cub fans, there is a tremendous overhang of dissatisfaction for the futility of an organization with a history of over 100 years of losing. Ultimately fans as much maybe as anyone bare some of the blame. When 2600000, show up and then turn up like this to bitch and moan about everything, maybe mental health has way to go.

        Theo is no idiot and it certainly is not a no-brainer. Anyone can argue the world is flat, obviously I’m certain that some will and do, but argument aside, the arguing doesn’t make it true. I happen to believe Theo is damn intelligent GM. Is he flawed? Sure we all are, but find fault with everything that he does, frankly continues our proudest tradition as Cub fans, to simply be negative. More than anything, the smartest thing Ricketts could do is blow up Wrigley and put a rest to some of the nonsensical self loathing more Cub fans than any of us care to admit. More than any man, the wretched venue that is locked into an ungrateful neighborhood, has made it almost impossible to win. Want to know Dusty secret, just like a former star and Cub manager told me long ago, there it is….

      • cubbiehawkeye

        Your point makes no sense. You should probably leave the Pirates and Nationals out of this next time. Two good/young teams who are headed in the right direction due to great player development. Kick me in the junk if I’m wrong but I think I’ve heard Theo mention that as one of his goals…just sayin’.

  • Dustin S

    The next couple of days will be interesting for the Cubs. Tomorrow, either they lose to the Cards and/or the Twins win and the Cubs lock in draft position #4. Then Monday we should learn Dale’s fate. Sadly the most excitement since the trade deadline and Lake being called up, but I’ll take it.

  • Brains

    OK I got one:

    Rizzo, Castro, and Lake for Manny Machado.

    • Geo

      Ok, your cut off no more bush light for you.

  • Kramden

    Sveum’s gotta go…. he couldn’t even get his team to put up a fight to try to save his job the past week. Obviously they don’t want to play for this guy or else they would’ve shown something. They didn’t have to win, but they could’ve at least shown a competitive spirit.

  • macpete22

    If we lose tomorrow the Cardinals get home field throughout the playoffs. The least the Cubs could do is make them face the Dodgers and probably Kershaw twice.

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    Edwin Jackson is a steaming pile of crap. I knew I’d read the “something was wrong” BS after the game. He sucks. Simply put. I don’t care what the peripherals say either.

    When they pulled TWood after one inning against a team fighting for home field, and our biggest rival no less, I couldn’t believe it. What happened to integrity and honor? I sure hope it was Sveum’s decision to pull him, and that it didn’t come from the top. I sure hope the Cubs don’t need the Braves for help in the next couple eyes at the end of the season, because they won’t forget this.

    Sorry, I know I should have ranted about this yesterday, but it needed to percolate for a bit.

  • RY

    Thank god only one more day in this godforsaken horrible season! Another horrible outing for Jackson, ho hum!

  • Jason P

    Anthony Rizzo OPS by month:
    April – .846
    May – .807
    June – .745
    July – .701
    August – .667
    September – .641

    That .641 OPS in September comes with a .284 BABIP, his highest BABIP in any 1 month. Granted, 25 games is an extremely small sample size, but the progressive OPS drop is still rather disconcerting.

    Another stat I found interesting with Rizzo: If the first pitch he sees is a ball, his OPS is .898. If it’s a strike, that number drops to .448. Of course there’ll naturally be that split throughout the MLB (more likely to get a pitch to hit with the count in your favor) but that’s a huge difference.

    • jt

      only in May did he have a higher BA than he did in Sept.
      only in May did he have fewer BB than he did in Sept.
      I don’t know the hit trajectory by month. I’d imagine that would tell more of the story.

      • Jason P

        OPS does factor in hits, except it also considers walks, HBP, and power numbers. I can’t imagine why hits would tell more of the story.

        • jt

          “I can’t imagine why hits would tell more of the story.”
          –Jason P
          It was hit trajectory.
          If he has been hitting earlier in the count he would have fewer BB and more bip. If he has been taking more balls to left field and left center then it would indicate a change in approach, that is to say he is either taking the outside pitch the other way instead of trying to “hook it” or is inside outing the inside pitch. That the BA has risen but the SLG has lowered indicates he is doing so with less power. Again, that indicates there may be a change in approach at least some of the time.

  • Bill

    Is Rizzo the second coming of Carlos Pena?

    • jt

      “Is Rizzo the second coming of Carlos Pena?”
      Of course I can not say. Rizzo had contact problems while called up by “The Dads”.
      Rizzo did not seem to have contact problems in the minors nor last year nor the first 2 months of this season.