The story was familiar if you’ve watched the Cubs in the second half of this season. The starting pitcher threw well enough to win, and the bullpen kept the Cubs in the game.

Unfortunately, none of that mattered, given the complete and utter inability to score runs. I know that the impact talent making its way to the big leagues is generally on the offensive side, but let’s hope there’s an emphasis on grabbing a bat or two in the offseason.

Shut it down. On to 2014. At least the Cubs secured that number four draft slot.

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  • Matty Ice

    127-197. Good job so far Theo

    • N.J. Riv

      Yeah because the objective when Theo got here was clearly to win now,

      • MichiganGoat

        NJ meet Matty he’s a bucket of positivity

        • N.J. Riv

          Haha I can tell. I stopped watching the Cubs pretty much since mid-July and haven’t been visiting this site as often, so I’m not familiar with who the trolls vs who are serious.

          • Koyie Hill Sucks

            Because anyone who criticizes Theo or Svem is a troll, right?

            • MichiganGoat

              Well no but believe what you will

              • http://It'searly Mike F

                I have to admit, there a couple of these gargoyles that don’t discriminate. They hate everything about the Cubs uniformly.

                • MichiganGoat

                  They are consistent

  • clark addison

    A fitting end to this whimper of a season.

  • Brian Peters

    If you believe Girardi, it doesn’t sound like Chicago holds quite the charm as everyone else seems to think. If he has truly mulled over the possibility of going to the broadcast booth–not to mention allowing his CHILDREN, who have to be grown now, have votes in his decision–I don’t how there’s any chance he’s coming to Chicago.

    • caryatid62

      His oldest kid is 14.

      • Brian Peters

        DAMN, he got started late. He’s staying put.

    • jon

      What a shock,.Girardi has no desire to manage a major market team with a 70 million payroll

  • Greg


  • rockin’ dawg

    Season’s over. Let’s talk about that #4 draft pick….

    • Soda Popinski

      The twins made a good run, but I knew we could do it. haha.

  • auggie55

    A lot of Yankees are either retiring or their contracts are up. If Girardi has any desire to manage the Cubs he can’t pass up this opportunity should the Cubs fire Sveum.

    No matter who their manager is the Cubs need to add some bats to the lineup.

    • N.J. Riv

      I agree, the team’s era I believe was just under 4 before today’s game. Not too bad for a rebuilding team I suppose, but the offense was just terrible.

  • Boccabella12

    Thank you, Brett and Luke, for trudging through another rough season with us. Your positive but realistic view of the current Cubs and your coverage of the Cubs on the way helps make a bad year go down a little easier. It will be that much sweeter when we can follow a Cubs pennant race here. I think it will be soon.

  • 5412


    Guys, next year is the 70th season I will have watched the Cubs. I quit counting the number of managers and general managers they have had since I started. We can talk about changing managers all we want but so far it has not worked, nor has it in the last 105 years.

    Bottom line is simple. Until you have a team with a lot of good players, and an ownership committed to winning, with the means to do so; any championship you win is a fluke. When the Bulls brought in Phil Jackson, they had the good players and realized they needed a different kind of leader and it got them six championships in the process.

    We have had three different owners in my lifetime. The first was totally incompetent, the second had no interest in winning and the third is still an unknown.

    About the only thing we can say at this point is they bought a terrible team with an awful minor league system. I asked Tom Ricketts what his biggest surprise was after he owned the team for a year and he told me, “We knew the farm system was bad, we had no idea just how bad it really was.” Look at the kids the Cardinals brought up this year with envy, they understood the value of the minor leagues since the days of Branch Rickey.

    If we have anything to bitch about it should be the city and the rooftop owners. Here we have an owner who paid damn near a billion dollars for a team, and is now willing to put another $500 million into it so we have a shot at a winner and nothing is moving forward.

    Personally, I wish the Ricketts family would meet with the guy in Rosemont and throw down the gauntlet, that seems to be the only way things get done in Chicago.

    It is totally unrealistic for us to expect a guy to pur the kind of money into the team that it will take to get things turned around without some reassurance he will not get hassled by the city or the damn rooftop owners.

    Just my thoughts.


    • gutshot5820

      Umm… the Ricketts got the deal of a lifetime and purchased the Cubs for only 175M against MLB policy. THANKS BUD for the nice present before you left. The Ricketts probably.made many times over their original investment. And they are using baseball operations money to pay down their prinicipal and interest. The Ricketts should be using a portion of the money they were supposed to buy in cash for the Cubs to jumpstart the franchise, but they refuse to spend another dime until more money rolls in.

    • http://It'searly Mike F

      Great post 5412, the only thing I would quibble with is the Tribune Co.. They wanted to win, and they tried until they had financial trouble. They even tried to invest in the minors up until early 2000’s. They were though ultimately an entertainment company and paid a lot of attention to fans.

      The other thing people fail to account for is both the physical toll and party time day baseball have had on players over the years. Add to that the cracker box dump Wriigley is and the fact it plays like Virginia Wolf depending on the fickle winds, and its damn hard to build a team for it. 1984 is the perfect example, what people don’t really know is how messed up some of the personnel on that team became. But talent wise both that and the 2003 were good enough to win a WS.

      • 5412

        Hi Mike,

        I interviewed Dallas Green for a book I wrote, that I have been unable to find a publisher for. He told me the story about how he got canned and I won’t go in to all the details. He was a guy who got the Cubs into the playoffs for the first time since 1945, tripled attendance, sold the city on letting them install lights and get this……the team made $25 million in profit….after having paid $20 million for the team just a few years earlier. He was fired for philosophical reasons…….

        Tribune milked the cash cow for 25+ years. I documented a lot of that in the manuscript. If you look at the 1989 Cub playoff roster an inordinate amount ot those players came through the Cub farm system, plus they had traded away some other great players. The Tribune dismantled the entire system that Goldsberry and Green put together and never won.

        Only time the Tribune tried to win was after they decided to sell the team. They signed a bunch of high priced players with back loaded contracts that we are still paying today. Finally, after 2014, we are out from under Soriano.

        As far as Ricketts getting a sweet deal, that is not so either. They had the money and Zell did not want to structure the deal in any way other than a high debt load. The Tribune still owns about 5% of the team, but they did not have to pay any taxes for profit on the sale. They spent $20 million for the team and sold it for over $900 million and paid zip for taxes. Zell insisted the buyer do the deal on his terms to avoid taxes. Not sure when that will come back to haunt the Tribune down the road however.

        Ricketts and family sold a good chunk of their TD Ameritrade stock and gave up a couple seats on the board to have the money to buy the team so he was not trying to buy it on the cheap.

        BTW, Dallas green told me that his 1984 team peaked too quickly, his real team was 1989 and they had fired him by then.

        I personally wish Ricketts would throw down the gauntlet and force a decision on the stadium. This is my last year for season tickets as we sold our summer home in IL. Wrigley is wonderfully nostalgic to all the fans who go to a couple games a year. As as season ticket holder I feel it is a dump. I’d love a stadium like they have in Milwaukee.

        Best regards,

        • Bacboris

          Sir, Amen to this entire post. Honestly, such posts are few and far between. Thanks!

        • http://It'searly Mike F

          Yeah, I met him in Peoria after the first got the job. He was with Harry. He was an interesting cat. Of course Harry was one of a kind. I still love to think about Harry and Jimmy in the CF bleachers for the White Sox.

          Yeah they may peaked too early, that’s a tough thing, you want to play the best at the end, gel at the end, pretty hard to time perfectly. But the 89 team was a very good team. Baker’s 2003 team was one that gelled right and was so close.

          But you make a good point. If an owner is a corporate owner, the temptation to do it all for the money is always there. You almost have to have a sport of kings type mentality and an owner who does it for the love of winning. I see where you are coming from there. And I completely agree on Ricketts, he is an unknown factor and too much of this he’s doing it only for the money is made around here. It is truly TBD. Pleasure reading those comments.

    • wilbur

      yes, and yes agian. YOu’ve got a few years on me but I agree with your view 5412. At least they seem to have a clue now, and saw a need in the farm system and went out and did something about it. That is a positive. And with the 4’th pic they should be able to continue building on that.

      The stadium renovation, and the media deals and the rest of the mess the franchise was in are going to take longer to correct. Not just the tribune company though. Did you notice how the owners and mlb wouldnt allow mark cuban to buy the team but had no problems with how the tribco ran things into the ground for 2 decades. Do you suppose it had anything to do with the brewers and white sox owners prospering with new stadiums during those years? Both using interleague play and a bogus divisional rivalry, which was really just a chance for cubs fans to park easily at miller park, to boost their own franchises. The rickets also have these fellow owners and bud the commisioner to thank too.

      As Cubs fans who had to put up with it for decades, I think we have to gvie the new owners a chance to right the ship, get the barncles off, weigh the anchor and dam the torpedos. Or, maybe just put her into drydock for a season or two to see if the old girl can still float. As they said in that shark movie, I think we’re going to need a bigger boat!

    • Brains

      Couldn’t disagree more. Respectfully so, but I think this pro-owners having a bigger say than the entire combined city thing is a PR stunt by the new owners to squeeze more big money out of a fake investment. They put very little into the team, and are paying themselves back already with profits from team revenues. Cubs in Rosemount wouldn’t be the Cubs, they’d be the Malls.

  • Brian Peters

    I’m 47 years old. When I was a kid, we moved 5 times. Neither my sister nor I was consulted about any of the moves. We were told to buck up and get over it.

    • http://Isa Voice of reason

      First of all I’m sure your father worked very hard, but you cannot compare your dad’s job with Joe gorardi’s. It’s not apples and apples

      Second, Joe girardi has a very bigmset of stones to not only be a successful manager, but to be a successful general manager for the most under the microscope managerial position in all of sports, managing the Yankees!

  • gutshot5820

    After reading Girardis article, it souns as if we have no shot to sign him. At best he is posturing for a better contract with NY. My guess? He signs o e of the biggest contract evef for a manager. 7M per year. Or he takes a one year break until th Yankees thrifty spending in 2014 is done and then returns

  • Brian Peters

    That’s sure what it sounds like to me, gut. He needs to grow a set and tell his wife and kids what’s REALLY going down.

  • Ron Swanson

    Rosscup…seriously. Nice showing in September!

  • MichiganGoat

    Well at least MLB be a bonus play-in game btwn the Rangers & Rays

  • arta

    sounds like he’s staying in NY.

  • Jason (Thundermug)

    What is APROPS ?

    Did the Cubs clinch the 4th pick ?

    • MichiganGoat

      Question 1 –
      Question 2 – yes

      • kscubfan

        Wow Internet has so many wonders.

        • wilbur

          someday we’ll even have spell check

  • Jason (Thundermug)

    Thank you very much :) MichiganGoat for answering my 2 questions

  • salesguy

    Looking forward to Monday to see what the cubs decide, if development is truly the key, then I don’t see how we go forward with Dale. However, on a more positive note this years record notwithstanding I really don’t see us as very far away from a .500 team or better. With the talent we have on the Horizon, and a little more stragetic shopping in the offseason, and one or two good acquisitions, next year could be a lot more fun than this year.

  • Sean

    We locked down the 4th pick in the draft. Nice. I’ll take it. Wish we could have caught the white sox for the 3rd pick but beggers can’t be chosers. I took this season for what it was. All it was abiut was developing young guys, getting a top 10 pick in the draft and trading veterans for prospects.

    • Sean

      Feel bad for saying this but that what next years is about as well. Top 10 pick, development, and trading vets for prospects. Hopefully we can add Tanaka or another significant youngish impact talent to the MLB roster this season though

  • #23

    If the draft were today, who would they take? Kolek, Hoffman, Jackson, Beade? I would have to lean toward Kolek. That kid may be special. Any of those four could be a pretty good pick depending on who is available. Of course, so much can change by next draft date, but it is fun to think about the possibilities with a #4 pick.

    • X The Cubs Fan

      I think the first three picks are: Rondon, Hoffman, Turner. The Cubs would probably pick Tyler Beede.

      • #23

        yeah, I was assuming Rodon wouldn’t be available, taken #1.

    • Jason P

      Much, much too early to say. Manaea, Stanek, and Appel were the 3 most talked about this time last year.

  • cubsin

    Beginning tomorrow with the coaching and managerial changes (if any), this will be an interesting off-season. Will there be major trades? Will we sign Tanaka? Will we sign a few agents to keep, rather than to trade them off in August? Will the owners seriously consider a move to Rosemont?

    • Jason P

      The answer to your last question is almost assuredly no. Unless something major goes wrong, which would seem to be fairly unlikely at this point, I would be surprised if the Cubs even brought up the idea again.

  • The Show

    2014 Cubs line up
    LF: Choo/Lake
    CF: Choo/Lake
    RF: Schierholtz/ Corey Hart
    3B: Olt
    SS: Castro
    2B: Baez
    1B Rizzo
    C: Castillo
    SP: Samardzija, Tanaka, Wood, EJax, Arrieta

    • Bwa


    • Sean

      Its looking a lot more likely will price in himself out for the cubs. Hunter pence just got 5yr-$90M contract. Makes you think what Choo can get? Choo probably won’t get that kind of money maybe 4yrs-$72? If thats the case I would pass on him. I’d only be willing to go 3yrs for choo at 40M

    • Sean

      I also think Arrieta might get traded this offseason. Maybe part of a Cargo deal? Maybe included in a huge 3 team deal for Stanton or Price?

    • Paul AssenmachWAR

      Well, some of those things are true. Baez really needs to be out of his mind in spring training to break with the team. Choo isn’t going to be a Cub unless the market shakes out the same way it did for Michael Bourn, and maybe, just maybe, Edwin Jackson will decide he wants to walk away from baseball to follow his life long dream of calligraphy.

    • Jason Powers

      Well thats about 220 million on FAs. Improbable they’d consider going big…but stranger things do happen.

    • Hutch

      Theyd be spending 200 million this offseason to have that lineup. Don’t see it happening. Would love to draft Jackson too. Hes gonna be a beast

    • Scotti

      It’s possible that the Cubs could go after, and get, Choo and Tanaka but Hart, A) wouldn’t sign to platoon and, B) would necessitate a long enough deal to block key assets (Soler and possibly Bryant). Choo and Tanaka would be a hell of a haul, player wise. For the Cub’s needs either one would be a good (not great) offseason all by his lonesome.

      • Jason Powers

        Tampa Bay has a option decision on Ben Zobrist, 33 in May.

        Cubs should be hot on him, even through trade, as he can play corner OF, 2B, SS. Just that alone is worth the look. And it offers a way to move him around as players come up.

        • Bret Epic

          Well he is versatile, has a good batting eye, some pop and some speed. I think he’s definitely worth trying to grab ahold of, though it wouldn’t surprise me if someone else outbids us.

          • Jason Powers

            That same argument can be made for Shoo, Tanaka, Ellsbury, Hart.

            I just know we NEED 2-3 offensive pieces to tide us over until all these uberprospects come up.

            Zobrist might be a $11mil per for 3-4 year guy we can really use right. Maybe more, but I’d give him a shot.

  • #23

    I am happy with the starting rotation going into next year: Shark, Arrieta, Wood, and Jackson. Definitely need to add another starting pitcher (Tanaka, Jiminez, Feldman . . . somebody). The bullpen looks like it will be good as well: Strop, Rondon, Parker, Russell, Rosscup, Villanueva and perhaps Grimm, . . . etc.? The offense is still going to struggle barring any big additions, but at least there is some hope there for 2015 with Baez, Bryant, Alcantara, etc. I think there is a lot of reasons to be optimistic going into 2014 and 2015. I am still hoping Ausmus will be the new manager if Svuem is gone.

    • Sean

      Jiminez is bad (lost too much velocity). Not much buy low-sell high value there. Feldman priced himself out and will be looking for a multi yr deal.

      Tanaka is the only one that makes sense. We also should try and find another buy-low sell-high (Mahlom, Feldman) type pitcher this offseason possibly.

      • #23

        Jiminez has turned things around this season.

        • Sean

          Your right. He definitely has improved this year but I’m not sure if he’ll be able to have continued success. His FIP and xFIP are a little inflated compared to his ERA, but his BABIP is league average, strike outs are up and BB% isn’t too bad either.

          His velocity is still down about 4 MPH from his peak years but it still sat at 92.2 MPH on avg this year which is the worst of his career. If cubs scouts think he can pitch affectively and think that he can improve or have sustained success then I’m all on board for signing him but only if we get him at a value price and this little resurgent year might convince someone to overpay him. So we will see. But thanks for bringing that up because he would be an interesting pick up if we could get him at a bargain price

    • mreverything

      #23, I think you have our 2014 bullpen exactly right including Grimm.

  • Aaron

    I predict the Cubs will sign Bronson Arroyo to a two-year deal this off-season. The deal will be worth $14 million.

    • rockin’ dawg


  • N8theGr8

    Chicago Cubs: Committed to long, painful seasons, ending with just 2 runs squeezed out in the last pisser series of the seaon.

    • N8theGr8

      Going for some consonnance at the end there. Apparently ran out of s’s shy of spelling “season” soundly.

  • Mrs. Howell

    There is a good analysis on regarding whether we will still be flipping assets next year. I agree that it will be greatly reduced as we are beginning to use assets we want to keep, like a bullpen that has a chance to be good for a few years.

  • #23

    I agree. I am intrigued by our 2014 bullpen potential.


    Appreciation to my father who informed me on the topic of this webpage, this website is genuinely remarkable.

  • Bret Epic

    I personally cannot wait to see a complete breakdown of who is likely to stay and go in the 40 man roster. I have gone through before, but it is difficult to say what will happen to a lot of these players, as well as if the Cubs want to keep players who are filling “gaps of time” instead of signing bigger name players.