dale sveum cubsAfter an evaluation process that lasted a couple of weeks – really, you could say a couple of years – the Chicago Cubs today decided to part ways with manager Dale Sveum, who had been under contract through 2014, as first reported by Ken Rosenthal and Dave Kaplan. Official word came soon after their reports. The Cubs will eat the cost of Sveum’s final year, and proceed with a new managerial search.

That the move comes just two years after Sveum was hand-picked by the front office after a lengthy, exhaustive search is something of a black eye, and you’d be hard-pressed to make an argument that there wasn’t a mistake in here somewhere.

In any case, we move on to the next shiny, new thing, and the Cubs will hope to get it right this time. The next manager will, like Sveum, inherit a young, turnover-prone roster, which will hopefully soon feature the building blocks for a near-term competitive club. Heck, hopefully the next manager will be one of those blocks, too.

I’ll have more on Sveum’s departure, and on the next steps soon.

(UPDATE: Just taking the reportedly out of it. It’s official. He’s fired.)

  • kuvihorken

    brett dropped the ball on the picture. should have been classic “I haz a sad” sveum

    • I love marmol


      • kuvihorken

        i love marmol is the most productive member in the bleachernation community. hands down.

        • EvenBetterNewsV2.0


  • Kevin

    3rd largest market in the country and the Cubs throw games away for better draft position. Pretty sad when their highlight of the entire season is getting the 4th pick in next year’s draft.

    • RIch

      Kevin…no kidding right? WTF…

      If the Yankees lock of Girardi…Dale still employed…

  • josh ruiter

    more importantly…does bell and rowson and rob deer go with him? and can we keep bosio and mcKay? That would be fine with me

  • ClevelandCubsFan

    Alright. Done deal. Let’s move on. What we thought of Sveum doesn’t matter; let’s get the best guy available. If that’s Girardi, then make him an offer he can’t refuse. If it’s not, so be it.

  • JM

    I was so wrong…

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  • CubsFaninMS

    Sink or Sveum? Looks like Sveum sunk. I believe this is the right move. Although I believe Sveum has some good managerial traits, he is not a polished product. His handling of the media, handling of players in pressure situations, and handling of the pitching staff need much more work. I’m glad this decision was made but I believe Sveum can be a solid manager with more years of experience under his belt..IF…he can learn to adapt. That’s somewhat of a question mark IMO.

    • Cyranojoe

      Largely, I agree. Good guy, got some ability especially in the locker room and in terms of field positioning, but he’s got a good lot to improve. I wouldn’t have complained at giving him another year to work on it; I doubt he’s the difference between the playoffs and not next year.

      • gutshot5820

        Field positioning? Thats a joke right? There are a lot of 12 yr old kids that are computer savvy that could do just a good a job or better at looking at a bunch of dots and deciding where the most concentrated areas are.

        • TWC

          Right. It took over a hundred years of baseball for teams to do this with any regularity, but it’s something that a 12-year-old could have figured out. Sure.

          • Gutshot5820

            TWC, thanks for the daily laugh. It took thousands and thousands of years to invent the light bulb, but guess what? I learned how to go to Costco, buy a light bulb and replace the light bulb on my lamp.

            • Cyranojoe

              Considering the source of the counterargument (and the counterargument’s merits, irrespective of the source), I feel all the more confident in my position. Sweet.

  • Aaron

    Dale Sveum is a solid coach and great guy but he wasn’t ready yet to manage a major league club, especially like the Cubs. Theo and Jed got this one wrong.

    The next hire will be even more important. The more I think about it, all roads lead to Joe Girardi as the next manager for the Chicago Cubs. His resume and accomplishments are nearly perfect for what the team needs at this point in time.

    The future is exciting with all of the young talent that we have coming up from the minors. If the Cubs hire Girardi, they will be getting a manager with experience, that can work with both younger players and veterans, that has been a part of 4 World Series Championships as a player and manager, can handle the media, and knows the organization and the challenges of Wrigley Field. Look like a perfect choice to me.

    • Die hard

      Agree tho sink or Sveum was copyrighted by me as you know…Daddy Ricketts was behind this as he didn’t want Sveum driving Daddy’s gravy train after sinking billions into this—as I have stated numerous times Daddy is the Wizard behind the curtain

  • Die hard

    And I called this one too in May — you can look it up– if a non baseball player like me can see this stuff why does it take so long for management? He should’ve been gone at AllStar game which I pleaded for to save Castro — what’s the use?

  • Die hard

    Only positive is Castro should hit a ton next yr

    • Chef Brian

      I’m still waiting for Castro to Center Field.

      • mjhurdle

        Im still waiting on Castro to AA.

        though maybe Die Hard meant Castro to AA to work on becoming a CF

  • Aaron

    Die hard…I actually remember you calling this one earlier this season.

    • Cyranojoe

      He “calls” so many things it’s ridiculous, man. How many nonsense trades has the Troll of Trolls insisted would happen?

      • TWC

        Julio Borbon was just the first part of the Garza trade!

        • Blublud

          Hey TWC, he actually called that before Garza was traded. So he might have had some inside info.

    • mjhurdle

      It is a brilliant strategy on Die Hard’s part. Call out every possible scenario at the start of the year (Castro gets demoted, Theo resigns, Sveum gets fired, etc etc). Then at the end find one that might have come true and act like a prophet.

      • TWC

        Struck will stick!

  • Aaron

    Cyranojoe…who would you like to see for the Cubs next manager? My earlier post makes a good argument for Girardi.

    • Cyranojoe

      I have been a huge fan of Girardi since his Miami coaching days. Thought it was going to happen then, actually, but now I think he’s made it fairly clear his family wants to stay in NY. I think he negotiates for bigger bucks from the Yanks and stays, which is a small bummer.

      Suggestions of Gardenhire and Maddon-like guys are exciting. I think Scoscia has kind of lost it or something, so I’d rather see him get a year or three off first. This Ausmus suggestion sounds good…

      But at root, I’m hoping we see someone who *really* fits the Jed/Theo mindset, the “Cubs Way.” I liked Dale, but he just didn’t ever quite fit that approach — he’s a little too much old school, not quite bookish/brainy enough. His strategies with placing the infield worked hella great, so I tried to take that as a good sign in the Cubs Way direction, but not much else panned out like that. Not that I blame him (fully) for what happened with Castro, for example. Anyway…

      I’m hoping we get a manager who doesn’t just “buy in” to advanced stats, but understands them and their place. They don’t *replace* the fundamentals of “old school” coaching, they just provide new and better tools for analysis and understanding WTF is going on. You don’t stop running out grounders. You don’t start watching your fly balls. But you understand which pitchers are better under which conditions — which helps you when managing your bullpen, etc. You know?

      Dale brought a good “players’ manager” approach. I hope we don’t lose that too much. Wish I knew more about the potential hires to give you a straight answer about who I want!

      • Diesel

        You from Northern California dude?

        • Cyranojoe

          Born and mostly raised in Illinois, 3 years in Florida, spent the last 18 years in the Los Angeles area.

          What did I say that made you think Northern Cali?

  • Aaron

    Possible Short-term 1 or 2 Year “GOOD VALUE” Deals for Starting Pitchers for the Cubs this Off-season:

    Tim Hudson, SP
    Hiroki Kuroda, SP
    Bronson Arroyo, SP

    • Cub Style

      Kuroda was one of the best pitchers in the AL this year…

    • Noah_I

      Hudson inexpensively I’d be interested in. Still a solid midrotation pitcher. Kuroda has a very limited list of teams he will play for (it’s essentially NYY, a Los Angeles team or bust), and the Cubs are definitively not on that list. Arroyo only if he’s dirt cheap.

  • 5412


    Hasn’t worked for last 105 years, sooner or later they will get it right.

    If I was Girardi I would ask for a five year deal.

    I was not surprised with the firing. What would be the criteria for the next guy? I never felt a dale was a motivator.


    • 1060Ivy

      Girardi will ask and most likely get the world including a 4 – 5 year deal if he becomes Cubs next manager but if Theo/Jed leave/fired then he – like any other manager – will most likely be looking for work shortly after their departure.

  • Aaron

    Kuroda was 1-7, 5.40 in his last 10 starts. He will be 39 years old on opening day. He may be open to just a one year deal with a team option for a second year.

    The typical Kuroda season features an an ERA under 3.50 and 200 innings. He’s not going to be “cheap” but he wouldn’t be looking for a long-term deal which may be a great fit for the Cubs next season.

    • Noah_I

      Kuroda will only play for the Yankees or a west coast team. Otherwise, he’s going back to Japan.

  • North Side Irish

    Julie DiCaro ‏@JulieDiCaro 1m
    I’m told negotiations with Girardi are much more “developed” than people know. #Cubs

  • Satch Dobrey

    Firing Svuem is the first thing Epstein got right except maybe their pick in the draft…we’ll see…too bad about Girardi…great man and coach but Theo would be too worried about tarnishing his Chicago rep if the team stinks…

    • bbmoney

      That seems a little harsh. Theo and Jed have made some good trades and have more than just 1 good draft pick (well it’s probably to early to say that, but it’s looking good). As Theo’s statement said it hasn’t all been good. But so far, I think the good moves > than the bad.

      Also I sure hope the possibility of tarnishing someones reputation in Chicago doesn’t factor into any managerial hiring decisions. If that’s how the Cubs are making decisions….we’re in trouble.

      • Satch Dobrey

        Well, they didn’t want to tarnish Ryno so I assume the same goes for Joe…and I spelled Dale’s name wrong but I really don’t care…he gone…

  • Internet Random

    “You’d be hard-pressed to make an argument that there wasn’t a mistake in here somewhere.”

    Yep. The FO was either wrong then, or they’re wrong now.

    • N8theGr8

      Your logic is as sound as that of Kyle. Well played, Internet Random.

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  • walterj

    I would not be against the Cubs checking in on Mike Maddux to see if he changed his mind .

  • Ivy Walls

    Another one [58] Bites the Dust in Cubs history and he joins a big list of who? No no names have ever made an impact.

    In my lifetime

    Dale Sveum 2012-2013 124-197 [fall guy?]
    Mike Quade 2010-2011 95-104 [wat?]
    Lou Piniella 2007-2010 316-293 [A song and commercial good hire]
    Dusty Baker 2003-2006 322-326 [Dusty is a HOF manager that is active]
    Bruce Kimm+ 2002 33-45 [trivia question]
    Rene Lachemann+ 2002 0-1 [was 1B coach for CO Springs SkySox here]
    Don Baylor 2000-2002 187-220 [led the league in being hit as a player]
    Jim Riggleman 1995-1999 374-419 [went on to be Mariners and then Nat’s Mgr]
    Tom Trebelhorn 1994 49-64 [another trivia question Brewers retread see above don’t hire Brewers retreads]
    Jim Lefebvre 1992-1993 162-162 [hey he was a .500 Mgr and as a kid had his glove]
    Jim Essian 1991 59-63 [former catcher no one liked actually succeeded Zim]
    Joe Altobelli+ 1991 0-1 [fall guy]
    Don Zimmer 1988-1991 265-258 [Zim was wonderful, Girardi’s bench coach]
    Frank Lucchesi+ 1987 8-17 [isn’t this an Italian dish]
    Gene Michael 1986-1987 114-124 [became NYY brain as GM for the ’90’s]
    John Vukovich+ 1986 1-1 [who?]
    Jim Frey 1984-1986 196-182 [the exception a good Mgr, later Cubs GM]
    Charlie Fox+ 1983 17-22 [transition between Frey and Elia]
    Lee Elia 1982-1983 127-158 [Famous for losing cool”

    I’ll tell you one f******n’ thing – I hope we get f&&&&n’ hotter than shit just to stuff it up them three thousand f%%%%n’ people that show up every f#####n’ day. Because if they’re the real Chicago f^^^^^n’ fans, they can kiss my f@@@@@n’ ass, right Downtown, and print it! They’re really, really behind you around here. My f!!!!!!n’ ass! What…what the f@@@k am I supposed to do? Go out there and get destroyed,and be quiet about it? For the f*****n’ nickel/dime people that show up? The motherf%%%ers don’t even work! That’s why they’re out at the f$$$$n’ game! They ought to get a f####n’ job and find out what it’s like to go out and earn a f@@@@@n’ living. Eighty-five percent of the f^^^^^n’ world is working. The other fifteen come out here. A fuckin’ playground for the c##ksuckers. Rip them motherf****ers! Rip those country c@@@@suckers, like the f!!!!!n’ players! We’ve got guys bustin’ their f+++++n’ asses and those f*****n’ people boo…and that’s the Cubs? My f^^^^^n’ ass! They talk about the great f@@@@@n’ support that the players get around here, I haven’t seen it this f$$$$n’ year!”

    Preston Gomez 1980 38-52 (remember the quiet one)
    Joe Amalfitano+ 1979, 1980-1981 66-116 [one of the worst]
    Herman Franks 1977-1979 238-241 [one of the best]
    Jim Marshall 1974-1976 175-218 [another fall guy]
    Whitey Lockman 1972-1974 157-162 [almost 500]
    Leo Durocher 1966-1972 535-526 [one of the best at playing the same lineup]
    Bob Kennedy* 1963-1965 182-198 [became GM]
    Charlie Metro* 1962 43-69 [who]
    Lou Klein* 1961-1962, 1965 65-82 [huh?]
    Elvin Tappe* 1961-1962 46-70 [reminds me of tripe]
    Harry Craft* 1961 7-9 [got in baseball almanac]
    Vedie Himsl* 1961 10-21 [see above]
    Lou Boudreau 1960 54-83 [good kid couldn’t even win here but became best radio guy]
    Bob Scheffing 1957-1959 208-254 [more wins than Sveum]
    Stan Hack 1954-1956 196-265 [former star couldn’t win with Ernie]

  • #1lahairfan

    It isn’t the manager it’s the players on the team.

    Anyhow I don’t really mind since I’m not the biggest fan of Sveum.

  • Die hard

    Sveum did such a bad job that Cubs are paying him next year NOT to manage