Rule 5 Success Story and Other Bullets

hector rondon cubs‘Breaking Bad’ came to a conclusion last night, and I have absolutely no idea what happened. As I’d mentioned previously, when we moved earlier this month, we decided to cut the cable (a decision that is proving difficult but doable). For the past two episodes, I was able to finagle a viewing with a friend, but I couldn’t make it happen last night. So now I’m scrambling to find a way to watch the finale before it is spoiled for me. I haven’t been on Twitter in 12 hours, and I dare not even look at the comments here – or anywhere, really. Hopefully, by the time these Bullets actually publish, I’ll have been able to find a way to watch, and we can all talk about those amazing things that Walt did or did not do. (UPDATE: Saw it. Solid ending. Watch that show if you haven’t, folks.)

Here are your non-managerial Bullets, with the managerial stuff coming shortly …

  • It sounds like Dale Sveum really does love the evolution of Hector Rondon this year, listing him among the usual story lines when asked about the successes this year. Reflecting now on the Rule 5 Draft last year, when the Cubs picked second, reliever Josh Fields was a slam dunk pick at the top of the draft, and the Astros took him. The Cubs went a little more off-board for Rondon – it’s the Rule 5 Draft, though, so let’s not pretend that almost every pick isn’t off the board – and it looks like they chose quite wisely. Fields, 28, was worth a negative WAR for the Astros this year, and had an ERA and FIP near 5. Rondon was worth slightly less negative WAR (ha), but his numbers were all much better, and we saw the improving trajectory as the year went on. Chalk one up for the scouting and development team.
  • On the balance, Jeff Samardzija feels positively about his season.
  • Starlin Castro finished the season with 666 at bats, most in the National League. For his part, Castro believes he’s learned a lot this year through his struggles, and will be better for it next year. If true, then you’d gladly take a down year from Castro in 2013, right? It’s not like he was the difference between last place and a playoff contender.
  • Mark Gonzales reports that, when Junior Lake plays in the Dominican Winter League this year, he will play exclusively in the outfield.
  • Everybody talks about the future.
  • If you want an early look at the roster implications of the offseason having arrived – and I mean the nitty-gritty roster implications – the Cub Reporter, as always, comes through in spades.

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98 responses to “Rule 5 Success Story and Other Bullets”

  1. MichiganGoat

    Well don’t worry the Breaking Bad was something you already know – it was all a purgatory dream HE NEVER COOKED METH, HE WAS NEVER ON THE ISLAND, THE BLUE ICE MONSTER WAS NOTHING BUT A POOR CAIN & ABEL STORYLINE.

    1. Polar Bear

      Don’t forget… he walked in and found Patrick Duffy in his shower.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Don’t spoil it for him…. But wasn’t it cool when Walt woke up with his wife from Malcolm in the Middle?

        1. On The Farm

          No way the guy from Malcolm in the middle is the same dude as Walter White. Walt would never let his wife push him around. WALT IS THE DANGER! HE IS THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!

      2. tim815

        Bob woke up, and was in bed with Emily, who couldn’t get over he had dreamt of a blonde.

        1. MichiganGoat

          Jinx you owe me a coke.

  2. Toddleevon

    Since we finished tied with the Twins, do we get the 4th or the 5th pick in next years draft ?

    1. MichiganGoat

      4th we had the worse record last year and win the tie breaker.

    2. tim815

      4th, on account of being worse last season.

  3. Toddleevon

    Thanks Guys !!

  4. Cedlandrum

    There aren’t that many guys that I think are that interesting eligible for the Rule V draft. Alcantara, Beeler(maybe), Loosen(maybe), Paniagua.

    There are other interesting guys, but I don’t think we need to worry about Marco Hernandez or Gioskar Amaya being taken. Darvill is interesting but he isn’t worth a 40 man for anyone yet. Peralta was taken last year and struggled all year. Ha? I’m not a big fan. He is a good outfielder, but nothing better then a 4/5 type outfielder.

  5. AB

    I would only protect Alcantra unless the other guys light the world on fire in AFL.

    1. hansman1982

      ??? If you don’t protect Alcantra in the Rule 5 he is gone forever. Considering his season and prospect status, it’d be dumb not to protect him.

      1. Kyle

        He said he would *only* protect Alcantara.

        As in “Alcantara for sure, the other guys no unless they have awesome winters.”

        1. hansman1982

          Ahhh, I misread the ‘unless’. My brain read it as he would only protect Alcantra if the others lit the world on fire which made no sense what so ever.

          1. mjhurdle

            i read it the same way and was thinking the exact same thing.
            Kyle’s explanation makes much more sense though.

            1. hansman1982

              his only needs to be shifted one word to the right

  6. Polar Bear

    Let’s not forget about Jokisch. I mean he did throw a no hitter the year.

  7. Jon

    With Breaking Bad, there’s one thing I just can’t get out of my mind, it doesn’ make sense that in ‘ozymandias’ Jack would not only let Walter live, but also give him 10 million. I know he gave the explanation that his nephew Todd respected him, but flash forward, and all Walter does is show up at their compound and they are ready to kill him.

    Why would they have let him live in the first place? He’s going to be mad that 80% of his money was stolen, and if not coming back with avengence, might also flip on them, if he ever got caught.

    1. cubfanincardinalland

      I believe it was because Lydia wanted Walt killed. He is talking about getting back in business, doesn’t want the competition, or the heat Walt brings. When she calls Todd and Walt picks up, she asks “Is it done yet”. Thinking it was Todd on the phone of course. So I believe Jack and the gang were carrying out Lydias request.
      Some questions I had, did Walt put the risin in Lydias sugar packet before she got there. I guess he knew she always sat at that table. There was only one packet left.
      One picky point, there is no automatic trunk release on a 1982 Cadillac.
      The episode was brilliance. Spectacular plot writing.
      The last scene with Skyler and Walt is unbelievable acting. Perfect how Walt admits, he did it all along for himself. “I liked it, and I was good at it.”

      1. On The Farm

        ” did Walt put the risin in Lydias sugar packet before she got there. ”

        I assumed when he said that they used to meet every week at 10:00, that he knew she would sit there and put the resin in the packet before hand.

        “One picky point, there is no automatic trunk release on a 1982 Cadillac.”

        Walt turned a wheelchair into a undetectable bomb, I am sure he could find a way to make the trunk automatically release.

        1. cubfanincardinalland

          Good point. I mean he made a battery to start the RV in the middle of the Chihuanhuan desert of New Mexico.
          Sorry if I messed up anything for someone watching old episodes still.
          One question that was left unanswered, is where is the 70 million bucks. I think I will get a shovel and head out to the compound.
          I know a guy who really is in the DEA. He told me that in real life, Walt’s house would have been torn down, because otherwise people would be constantly breaking in a tearing down the walls and digging looking for cash, at some major drug dealers house.
          Anybody who hasn’t watched this show, get on Netflix and start from the beginning. One of the best shows ever on television.

          1. On The Farm

            I think one of my favorite Pinkman lines is “So you do have a plan. Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, science!” The whole ‘Yeah, science’ thing had me laughing on end.

            1. cubfanincardinalland

              That’s what I say to Theo. “So you do have a plan. Yeah, Mr. Epstein! Yeah, prospects!

              1. On The Farm

                Nicely played. Well done

    2. Hatfield

      Jon, you might want to put that into a spoiler, especially for those of us who still may be a few episodes behind. Or you could just post the details of the episode and ruin it for us, idiot.

      1. Kyle

        It aired. It’s not a spoiler anymore. If you aren’t watching it as it airs, that’s cool for you, but it’s not everyone else’s problem.


        1. hansman1982

          I’m a year behind with Doctor Who and I’m pissed they spoiled it for me and said they are getting a new Doctor!!!!!!

          1. On The Farm


        2. On The Farm

          Agreed, it is not the job of the public to cater toward your interests. If you are behind, stay off the internet, stay off Twitter, you might not even want to listen to certain radio shows if you know they will talk about it. Breaking Bad is one of the most talked about shows in recent memory, people are going to discuss it online, especially a series finale.

          1. Hatfield

            On the Farm, you can take that BS elsewhere.

            The shear arrogance and sense of entitlement from some of you is amazing. You come on to Brett’s site and clearly read that he hasn’t seen the last episode, yet proceed to discuss the details.

            Would it really have been so difficult for you all to post something like:

            **********SPOILER ALERT**********

            That would have been the courteous thing to do, for Brett and others who may not be caught up yet, however I clearly see that some of you all are incapable of acting in this manner.

            Now you all can proceed to tell me how wrong and stupid I am for trying to be polite and respectful

            1. jon

              Quit crying Nancy, I forced myself to watch the final episode last night because I knew that if I didn’t and saved it for later, I would pretty much have to avoid the internet altogether.

            2. mjhurdle

              your first post involved calling someone an idiot.

              how does that fall under “trying to be polite and respectful”?

            3. Kyle

              “The shear arrogance and sense of entitlement from some of you is amazing. ”

              The irony here is delicious and fluffy.

              Brett said that he wasn’t going to read the comments until he had caught up. Which is the smart thing to do if you don’t want to be spoiled.

            4. Kyle

              You were the one who didn’t bother to read Brett’s whole post (or couldn’t understand it) and started throwing around “idiot” at people.

              You don’t get to play the “I’m just trying to be respectful and polite” card.

            5. On The Farm

              So wait a minute Brett specifically said he is going to avoid the comments (because he knew people were going to talk about it) and oh by the way I am the entitled one because I want to talk about something that aired on TV last night? No you are the one who thinks he is entitled to people avoiding talking about the show until everyone has seen it, but how long with that be? Some people are on season 1, some are just starting the final season. No this is a message board and if I want to talk about Breaking Bad, I am going to talk about Breaking Bad until Brett says specifically in the article, please don’t post anything on Breaking Bad. He and Sharma have talked about it on their podcast (which is primarily about baseball), but did I get upset they were talking about season 4, when I was only on season 2? No. It is ridiculous to think that everyone is going to conform to the select few. If you worry about reading spoilers it should be up to the person who is behind to avoid situations where they may find out what happened. I shouldn’t have to filter my comments (in this instance) because a few people didn’t figure out Breaking Bad was a good show when I did. That is a you problem, and you need to get over it.

              1. On The Farm

                oh and for the record, I didn’t post comments on Breaking Bad until I saw the comment at the top of the page that said
                “They WERE on the Island!

                Also, I have now seen the finale. It was solid.”

                So I did respect the owner’s wishes in that regard.

              2. Hatfield

                Had you just had the finale ruined for you, I believe you may be singing a different tune.

                And to think all any of you would have had to have done was simply take 2 seconds to type out *********SPOILER ALERT********

                That’s it. I frequent about 6 or so message board forums on a daily basis and you are the only ones (I know small sample size and all) who failed to do this. To me that is very disrespectful and someone who acts this way is much more than an “idiot” as well

                I’m done being butthurt about it. See ya’ll next April. Some of you are a bigger beatdown than the 2013 Cubs season

                1. On The Farm

                  Well I made it my mission to catch up (and I did). So, no I understood people are going to talk about the ending (like they did with the Sapranos) So the only way to avoid that was to catch up.

                  ***********************SPOILER ALERT******************

                  No one cares if you are butt hurt. If you are going to cry about not being caught up on a show, again that’s a you problem.

                2. jon

                  In the little comments section on the right hand side, are displayed the first few words of a “post”, if you don’t have the intellect to see that and from deduce that you shouldn’t read this blog post, I doubt a *********SPOILER ALERT******** would have saved your dumb ass.

                3. jon

                  Also, there is no possible way in hell I could have had the finale ruined for me. It’s not my fault you don’t know how to navigate social media.

            6. Cleanup Poster

              Brett, clearly stated that he was NOT going to read the comments until he had seen the episode. As for your entitlement statement, expecting the world to shut down at your whim and not discuss a show because your pouty face hasn’t seen it yet seems more entitled to me. You will get along better in life if you don’t expect people to slow down to your speed.

        3. Hatfield

          It’s not disrespectful to Brett at all who clearly stated in this thread that he has yet to see the last episode and hopes it doesn’t get spoiled for him before he does, yet some of you have no problem talking about the details of it. Show a bit of courtesy maybe.


          1. On The Farm

            “and I dare not even look at the comments here – or anywhere, really.”

            Actually Brett said he dare not look at the comments because he realizes people are going to talk about it. Get over it.

          2. jon

            oh my bad bro.

      2. jon

        oh, I’m sorrry, I should have used the spoiler button next to the image button right?

    3. Cleanup Poster

      I want to know what happened to Huel(sp?)

      1. Cleanup Poster

        Is the poor guy sitting in a room somewhere thinking someone is coming to kill him?

      2. cubfanincardinalland

        I think I saw him playing linebacker for the Raiders yesterday. Maybe the Cubs should hire Badger for the manager, he has great communication skills.

        1. Cleanup Poster

          Skinny Pete can work in the front office

    4. Cedlandrum

      You know what would be awesome? If this was a Breaking Bad board. Sigh.

  8. Good Captain

    Unless there’s an extremely interesting pitcher w/ potential TOR stuff, does anyone else believe the Cubs are likely to select another Rule 5 pitcher, given its relative “abundance” in the bullpen headed into next year? IIRC both Arrieta and Cabrera could be exposed to waivers next year and I think the Cub’s hope to at least flirt w/ .500 next year, so stashing a likely non-contributor seems at least less likely this year. In fact, I think the Cubs would be more likely to go w/ an interesting position player, assuming there’s somebody matching the description. Thoughts?

    1. mjhurdle

      not sure how they will go with the Rule 5, but i love that the roster is finally getting to the point where you have to wonder if there is room for a Rule 5.

  9. Edward

    It amazes me how many people don’t watch that show.

    Breaking Bad
    The Wire

    All up there together as the best TV dramas of all time. I can’t really rank them, but I think they are definitely better than anything else. Boardwalk Empire / Game of Thrones are settled in there a tier below. Golden Age of television. Boardwalk Empire could have been so much better and its really freaking good as is.

    1. On The Farm

      I am not saying they are as good as Breaking Bad and company, but Dexter, and in my opinion, Walking Dead and Mad Men deserve to be in that group with Game of Thrones. Dexter could have been really good, and I haven’t seen the last season, but it kinda seems dragged out. As for Walking Dead and Mad Men, maybe I am on the AMC bandwagon, but Walking Dead keeps me on the edge of my seat in suspense that I think its good. Mad Men seems like it is very intellectual. Not that my fiance isn’t really smart (she is), but she doesn’t get the show. I am not saying I am smarter than her (I know better than that), but I pay attention more to the show and I think I understand what is going on a lot better, and can follow when a flash back is occurring. If you have Netflix and haven’t watched either of those shows, I highly suggest it.

      1. Hatfield

        As for Dexter, Deborah dies and Dex rides his boat into a hurricane, assumed dead only to reappear as a log truck driver as the credits role.

        And if you don’t like that I spoiled that for you, then you need to get over it, you should have been caught up.

        1. mr.mac

          And this is why people on the internet suck. Thanks for the reminder.

          1. On The Farm

            Don’t let this one entitled poster ruin it for you. Apparently because the rest of the world doesn’t stop to wait for him to catch up to Breaking Bad we are at fault. How dare posters of BN comment on current events. I bet Hatfield didn’t want anyone to comment on the Sveum firing because he hasn’t seen the Theo’s press conference yet, and doesn’t want anyone to spoil it for him.

            1. Hatfield

              I really don’t give a damn, you can comment on the details of the show until your blue in the face, but at least have a bit of courtesy and take all of 2 seconds to let others know what your intent is. I really wasn’t expecting to find out what happened in the Breaking Bad finale in a Hector Rondon / Rule 5 draft pick thread, but for whatever reason none of you decided to give a heads up before you decided to ruin it.

              You are one of two things when doing this, actually both, and they both end in the word head or hole.

              1. jon

                I thought you were done crying about this?

                1. mjhurdle

                  stop! don’t tell me when he finishes whining!
                  you will spoil everything!!

                2. On The Farm

                  Its funny how he refers to me as a D head and an A hole, yet I am the person at fault. Apparently I am the one that is being inconsiderate and showing no courtesy. Yet rather than be polite about it, he resorts to name calling, therefore making himself into hypocrite. I just really found it funny he said, ‘okay I am done being butt hurt’, and then he is not done being butt hurt. Typical

                3. Hatfield

                  Well it’s kinda fun messing with you inconsiderate morans. If I didn’t know any better, and by judging the posters in this thread, I would have thought this was a Cardinals board, but of course that isn’t the case as they likely smell better and are more intelligent.

                  1. Jon


                    1. mjhurdle


                    2. ClevelandCubsFan

                      Nice pull from the gospel coalition, Jon; don’t know the context though.

                  2. On The Farm

                    Really you are messing with me? I don’t feel messed with at all. I find it amusing that you are still all whinny and sad that you read through comments (which Brett said in the post he was avoiding to stay away from spoilers) so I am not sure where you thought it wouldn’t be discussed. Again, the thing I like about BN is that some of the posters do get off topic on random things, and we can discuss tv shows, or beer (goat), hamburgers (hansman), or what streaming services people prefer. Calling me inconsiderate is still laughable because you still feel the need for name calling, but whatever makes you feel good bud.

              2. On The Farm

                By the way welcome to Bleacher Nation where not all comments are related to just the title. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but if you take the time to read that first paragraph of the bullets articles, Brett usually talks about something off topic. For instance over the last few weeks Brett has asked for advice what Fantasy QB to start since Aaron Rodgers was on bye week. The other week he asked what is the preferred method of posters they use to cable tv. I guess I didn’t realize this was a baseball only website, but clearly the owner of the site didn’t get the memo either.

              3. Edward

                The only reason people commented on Breaking Bad is because Brett mentioned in the post that he hadn’t seen it yet, and was avoiding looking at twitter/comments to this post/etc. until he had watched it.

                Spoiler tags would have been nice, I agree, but once he said he was avoiding reading the comments, that kind of suggested that there may be spoilers in them for the Breaking Bad finale.

                Not sure what any of that has to do with Dexter and why you felt the need to spoil it under my comment about great TV shows. Thanks, I hadn’t watched this season yet. Obviously you only did it to piss people off good job.

            2. Hatfield

              No, the rest of the world, at least the internet world, was respectful enough to warn those who may not have seen the finale yet that they were discussing the details. I would think that would be a common courtesy, but apparently I expected too much out of some of you on here.

              And maybe I am still a little bit butthurt. I really wasn’t expecting to have the finale ruined in this thread and would have thought that you all would have at least had enough common sense to use some type of spoiler tags.

              As for the name calling, it’s immature, childish and I apologize that I went there, but I was pissed off, what can I say, you all ruined the finale of my favorite show of all time. If I didn’t have a great deal of respect for Brett and others who keep this site afloat, I would have been much more explicit than I was.

              1. Kyle

                The rest of the internet world is being too accommodating. If being spoiled bothers you that much and you can’t watch a show when it airs, avoid the internet.

              2. mjhurdle

                From what i have seen there have been two shows “spoiled”.
                there was a group of people that, at worst, made the honest mistake that people would understand there were spoilers in the comments (Breaking Bad)
                There was one person who deliberately attempted to spoil a show for anyone that read his/her comment.

                I could really care less because i have seen both shows, but if i had to pick which person/people showed the least amount of respect and courtesy, im going to go for the one person that intentionally attempted to ruin other people’s enjoyment of a show.
                Gotta love that victimized attitude about it though.

              3. DarthHater

                Dude, the finale is great. If it’s your favorite show of all time, you will still enjoy it immensely. From my perspective, I was surprised by a few things, but the fun of being surprised was a lot less significant than my overall appreciation of the episode So just prepare yourself for a fun ride and enjoy it.

              4. On The Farm

                I am not familiar with your name Hatfield, but I will say this: Usually what Brett puts in that first paragraph gets some mention (again the fantasy advice, streaming options, heck one time he talked about fishing in the Hamptons – by the way Brett I sill want to see some pics of the monsters you caught) and get discussed. If you are newer to the site, I apologize, as most of the people that regularly know what Brett mentions has a good chance of being talked about, especially something as big as Breaking Bad. If you are a regular, I don’t know what to tell you, maybe people that review things say **spoiler**, but most people are going to talk about it if they want to. No one wants to wait to talk about something that just happened as big as a series finale. If you missed that first paragraph of bullets and you are a regular here, shame on you, if you are catching up to Breaking Bad you should assume there will be chance of spoiler at every turn for the next two weeks.

                My local radio station (which was once mentioned on this site) gets frustrated because they get so many angry calls when they talk about the latest episode of Breaking Bad, and I have to agree it is annoying for them. But when I was catching up I avoided the show when Breaking Bad was mentioned. Its one of those things you have to deal with in life.

                As for the name calling, I can get over that. The Dexter spoiling was a little low blow, but again one of those things I will have to get over. I am sorry you were late to the game, but that’s what happens. I would suggest starting Walking Dead now (seems to be talked about a lot in the drama field – could be AMCs next big thing). So this doesn’t happen to you again.

                1. Hatfield

                  Fair enough and if I could edit my dexter post, I would. IMO, I was using the same logic you all are using on me, if I don’t want something spoiled, I should avoid the internet. I find that to be a ridiculously lame excuse. I would hope that I wouldn’t have to avoid the internets and be able to interact with others who have respect enough as to give advanced warning, knowing that not everyone around them is able to keep the same tv viewing schedule as them.

                  Bottom line, this is all Al Gore’s fault. Had he not invented the tronz, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

                  1. On The Farm

                    If we are talking about Gore we should blame Global Warming. I can understand in the heat of the moment, you probably weren’t happy. As Darth mentioned, if you truly love the show, you will still enjoy it. The writing is so good even with the spoilers I knew watching it I was so caught up I never really minded. Just as I am sure, I will enjoy the Dexter season finale.

                    Anyway, I am just glad you finally calmed down, and we could get to level heads. All is well.

        2. On The Farm

          Ha, were you waiting all day to post that. Funny. I really don’t care if you would have spoiled it. I am too cheap to pony up for Showtime so yeah its a ME problem. I knew that Deb caught Dex killing Colin Hanks before I watched it because I saw stories online. But, since as I already have mentioned I am too cheap to pay for Showtime I don’t really care.

          Glad you got over your butt hurt though.

          1. mjhurdle

            And for Star Wars, it turns out that Leia was Luke’s sister, which made that a bit weird, and then Darth Vader was Luke’s dad!!!

            HA! now i totally spoiled Star Wars for you! payback!!!

            1. On The Farm

              It does make episode 5 really strange. I mean I get that at the time he didn’t know it was his sister he was kissing, but in episode 6 he figures it out pretty quick. Oh and by the way Frodo makes it to Mordor and destroys the Ring FYI.

            2. Kyle

              Guys, I’m still too upset about what happened to Jesus to keep reading after his crucifixion. Nobody say a word about the rest of the Gospels!

              1. On The Farm


                Jesus gets up again, and is all like, “I am alive again and stuff. What up?”

                (Hope this spoiler was considerate to the rest of BN who didn’t know what comes next)

                1. DarthHater

                  Rumor has it there are also plans for one killer finale episode in which all the old characters get brought back and reunited, but it seems like it has been getting back-burnered for millennia.

            3. mr.mac


            4. Leroy Kleimola

              The Titanic SInks

            5. On The Farm

              Just don’t tell me how the Cubs 2013 season ended, I still have all the games on my DVR and plan on catching up on the season this winter.

              1. Kyle

                Spoiler alert: Epstein’s contract extension is allowed to run out after 2018. His final totals with the Cubs: No division titles, 3 WC game appearances, only one of which advanced to the division series, which we lost 3-1 to the Cardinals. The 2020 Cubs win the World Series under a new GM and we debate forever whether or not Epstein should get the credit.

                1. On The Farm

                  3 out of the next 5 years as a playoff team and a WS title in 6 years, endless controversy? I’ll take it.

  10. jon

    Spoiler Tags are useless unless the forum/blog software a built in function for it.

  11. Bill

    What about Tommy Lasorda.

  12. Die hard

    Nelson no relation to Ted Cruz (hopefully) may be dangled by Texas …. To complete Garza trade?

    1. cms0101

      Garza trade is complete. Cruz is a free agent, so they can’t trade him.

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