jed hoyer aj hinchWhile Joe Girardi is the most visible and maybe most desirable managerial candidate on the Chicago Cubs’ list, this front office won’t be caught with its pants down. Whether it’s a true Plan A, Plans B/C/D situation or not, the Cubs will have a number of candidates in mind as they go through this process.

We’ll discuss a number of those candidates this week, I’d think, and Ken Rosenthal reports that one of the guys on the list is former Diamondbacks manager and current VP of pro scouting for the Padres A.J. Hinch.

Hinch, 39, was brought into the Padres’ organization in September 2010 to head up their pro scouting department by then-GM Jed Hoyer. Before that, he’d served a little over a year (two partial seasons) as the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Record-wise, he wasn’t very successful in that role, given that the Diamondbacks finished 89-123 in the games he managed. As it was with Dale Sveum and the Cubs, you could make the argument that it was a transitional period during which Hinch may not have been responsible for the record. After all, Kirk Gibson relieved Hinch halfway through 2010 and proceed to go 34-49.

Hinch’s connection to the Cubs’ front office actually pre-dates his time in San Diego. Before managing the Diamondbacks, Hinch was that organization’s farm director (so his background is very much on the player development side, though he now perhaps focuses on big league scouting). There, he was close with GM Josh Byrnes, who had formerly worked in the Red Sox front office with none other than Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer.

Before his front office life, Hinch was a big league catcher, with a career OPS+ of 65. Good thing that doesn’t matter. At all.

On paper, this is a match. Whether Hinch is a quality candidate for the Cubs’ gig is a separate question. He does, however, check all of the boxes, insofar as he’s a guy with managerial experience, as well as a great deal of experience developing young players at both the major and minor league level.

  • YourResidentJag

    Manny Acta?

  • http://Yes Dude

    Does Joe and/or his wife have siblings that live in Chicago area? I know Joe lost a brother but thought he had 3 others. Not sure where they live but that’s got to play a factor.

    • Brian Peters

      You wanna know what plays an even bigger factor? Girardi’s kids, who I’m sure are saying “Daddy, we don’t wanna move!! We’ll never make the kinds of friends we have here!” Boofriggin’Hoo. If I’m pulling the kind of money he’s pulling, my kids are going where I SAY they’re going.

      • Voice of Reason

        Girardi is going to get a big payday from the Yankees. If he was going to make $50,000 a year to coach the Yankees or $100,000 a year to coach the cubs then he wouldn’t care what his kids say. Just as any other middle class family man would say.

        This is a totally different situation. He is going to get millions with the Yankees or millions with the cubs so why uproot the family? You’re logic in this case makes no sense at all.

    • Voice of Reason

      @ dude,

      Girardi is worth millions of dollars and his next.contract will be worth millions more. He will have enough money to have a home in new York, a place in Chicago to “see his siblings”, a nice little place in Hawaii, etc.

      If he wants to see his family in Chicago he can fly in.

      Siblings living in Chicago won’t play a part.

  • B

    Mlb trade rumors said cal ripken might be interested in managing the nationals

  • Chase S.

    Would it suffice it to say that Hinch could be a candidate to fill another position in the organization that could very well become open soon i.e. director of scouting and player development? If a team in need of a new GM lures McLeod away to fill that gig, would it be realistic for a guy like Hinch to fill that void? Just curious.

    • Brian Peters

      Good insight!

  • Chase S.

    I bring this up because maybe the Cubs are “talking to” Hinch (to whatever degree that may be) but about another role; perhaps they are being preemptive on this growing possibility that Jason McLeod could land himself a GM gig. Just speculation, though, of course.

    • josh ruiter

      what if we “trade” hoyer and promote mcleod?

      • Chase S.

        I’m perfectly content keeping things how they are now, though that’s unrealistic (eventually anyway). Judging by the upswing in the farm ranks, I’m happy keeping McLeod and Hoyer where they are.

  • Brian Peters

    I think it would definitely help to hire a Latino manager who can communicate with the folks coming up.

  • Die hard

    What a tool toot to try to tie that to that- tsk tsk

  • Brian Peters

    I didn’t mean it like that. Not in the slightest. I meant, and this point has been made, that if it’s the younger players coming up who need to be communicated with in a different way than Sveum did–and given that a good number of prospects coming up in the next couple years are Latino–a Latino manager, such as Manny Acta, Sandy Alomar, Tony Pena, etc. could maybe help the youngsters grow. Too early for me to type. I apologize for my insensitive comments. That’s not what I was going for, I promise you.

    • MichiganGoat

      hes not responding to you he’s responding to a comment by TOOT earlier, die hard just struggles with the reply button sometimes

  • Brian Peters

    Well, I still didn’t communicate my point very well. Thanks for pointing that out, though, Goat!

  • Aaron

    Yankees want Girardi back as their manager. A contract in the range of three years at $12 million to $16 million — or maybe even a fourth year — may be offered. Would the Cubs’ ownership and FO be willing to pay that kind of money to a manager of a last place team while they are rebuilding. The contract would make Girardi one of the highest paid managers in the majors. I say this is not the time or place to go cheap. If you want Girardi…pay him!

  • Voice of Reason

    I’d like to see what shark brings us in a trade this winter. We have enough #3/#4 starters on this team and he is at a price in his last year of his contract that we should get a really solid return.

    Pull the trigger!

    • Cubbie Blues

      The 2nd half of the year might have sullied several suitors opinions of Samardzija.

      • Chad

        I doubt it did too much. They see the same things the cubs see. High upside with really good stuff, just needs to learn to harness it. He had never gone close to 200 innings until this year, so I think some of that is just getting used to it and I believe that there are a few teams that would give up a lot of young talent to get him.

  • Brian Peters

    On Monday, I was listening to mlb network radio, and on all three shows, the analysts remarked that nowadays, organizations in general aren’t interested in paying managers exorbitant salaries. If you believe Girardi, who said money was not going to play a factor in his decision, then the Cubs shouldn’t have to offer that much money. If he really does want the money, I say no thanks.

  • josh ruiter

    how about the ultimate slap in the redbirds face…jose oquendo!!!

  • Ryan budden @Baseballmind34

    They are gonna hire Brad Ausmus….mark my words!!!

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