joe girardi manager[You knew this wasn’t going to take more than a day to become an Obsessive Watch, right?]

There’s still a ton to digest from yesterday’s Dale Sveum firing, and the managerial search that begins today. While everyone roots around trying to dig up a list of potential candidates, the one name that even a casual fan could have come up with is not only the most prominent, it may be the most viable.

I refer, of course, to New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who is in the last month of his contract with his team. From here, he could re-sign with the Yankees, move on to another team, or take some time off to do a little TV work. If it’s going to be that middle option, the Chicago Cubs reportedly very much hope it will be with them.

According to reports from Dave Kaplan, Bob Nightengale, Dan Bernstein, and Wallace Matthews, among others (some of whom merely imply interest), Girardi is the Cubs’ top choice. According to Nightengale, for example, the Cubs are “targeting” Girardi, and believe he would be a “perfect fit.”

Nightengale adds, however, that Girardi appears to be seriously considering the year-off/TV option, rather than re-upping with the Yankees or jumping ship to the Cubs.

In the end, though, there’s plenty of smoke to suggest that the Cubs are affirmatively interested in Girardi – and he definitely checked all of Theo Epstein’s enumerated boxes yesterday (and let’s not ignore that he offers certain marketing advantages) – rather than this being a mere media creation, connecting obvious dots and what-have-you. This could be a situation where Girardi’s family wants to stay in New York, Girardi wants to spend more time with his family, the Cubs want Girardi, and Girardi likes the idea of going to the Cubs. Add that all together in a stew, and you get a difficult situation to sort out (real life tends to be full of ’em). We’ll see how it plays out.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman is meeting with the media today, and he indicated that negotiations with Girardi’s camp on a possible new deal have already started. Cashman expects to sit down with Girardi’s agents tomorrow. It sounds like the Yankees will make a significant bid to keep Girardi.

It’s worth pointing out, and I’ll discuss this separately, that both Matthews and Nightengale mention that Brad Ausmus – previously mentioned as a candidate, and then dismissed by some reports – is also one of the Cubs’ top choices. Things are never this simple, but you should probably prepare to hear a whole lot of “Girardi Plan A, Ausmus Plan B” type stuff over the coming days and/or weeks.

  • Napercal

    Ausmus’ career managerial experience consists of managing the Israeli National baseball team. How does anyone think that is an indicator that he can develop young players a the major league level? He would be Sveum-redux.

    • mjhurdle

      He has been tagged as a managerial prospect since before he even finished playing (much like Joe G and Mike Matheny). He is incredibly intelligent, has a great mind for the game, and is well-respected.
      That being said, he is obviously un-proven.
      Girardi has many areas where he is much more qualified than Ausmus. Girardi has proven he can manage a clubhouse, deal with big market media pressure, work well with veteran players, and he has the experience of managing in the playoffs.
      However, Girardi is not a slam dunk at developing talent, mostly because he hasn’t had the time/opportunity to.

    • Harry Ramirez

      Ausmus is known for his ability to build from ground with young talents. That’s the reason why he was given a chance to coach the Israeli national team, and they had many familiar names on their list (such as former Cub pitcher Ken Holtzman, who has already coached in Israel before). From what I know, he was much more than just a manager, they basically let him do anything (scouting, recruiting players, organizing, coaching), and it was a huge success as they almost reached the WBC for the first time ever (lost 7-9 to Team Spain, one of the strongest teams in Europe, in the finals).

      I’m not saying Ausmus is a better fit right now, but it’s not a big surprise to hear his name given the fact that Theo followed the national team (Theo participated in a fundraiser for the Israeli national team last year) and he knows Ausmus personally.

      • Jono

        were you at the charity event?

      • Napercal

        Ausmus doesn’t meet Theo’s stated criteria. Sorry, but developing players to play in a meaningless tournament is far different than developing players at the major league level. Girardi played under Joe Torre. Matheny played under Tony LaRussa. Totally different training grounds.

    • Jono

      Easy: Star-“of david”-lin Castro. Perfect fit.

    • Funn Dave

      Everybody has to start somewhere….

  • pfk

    Once again Gordon W. shows his ignorance by saying that there is only one manager Epstein can hire – Girardi. He writes this so he can say that Epstein failed if he doesn’t hire Girardi. In other words, there is nobody else qualified to manage the Cubs. That’s nuts. Gordon W. just loves to poke at Epstein and his ways. In the process, he actually makes a fool of himself.

    • YourResidentJag

      Actually, Gordon’s quite balanced and really likes Epstein’s development of the farm system. This is one of the few times I’ve seen him make such an outlandish comment.

      • cubfanincardinalland

        You gotta be kidding. Wittemeyer has had a hard on for ripping the Cubs for 2 years now. It’s like it is personal at this point. Complete anti Cub bias.

        • YourResidentJag

          Nah, that’s an overreach. Sullivan and David Haugh, yep.

  • YourResidentJag

    Like I said earlier, I wonder what it would take from SD to get Bud Black. I’m not sold on the Girardi thing. I think he’s going to take time off and get approached by MLBNetwork to do broadcasting. With the tie between them FOX and TBS, he would make a solid MLB analyst, especially considering some of the musical chairs resulting from Tim McCarver’s (THANK GOD) departure this year.

    Also, just as an afterthought, I believe anyone taking the job will most likely get a 3 yr deal to correspond with the remainder of what’s currently left on Theo’s contract.

    • YourResidentJag

      Also, it would appear per Patrick Mooney’s recent tweet, that if the broadcasting thing doesn’t come first the Yankees thing will. Looks like Cashman will do everything he can to keep him.

    • Frank

      You should be nicer to Tim McCarver. Just because he’s a total asshole and an ignorant, biased color man, it doesn’t mean he’s……Oh hell, he’s just an asshole.

      • YourResidentJag

        Joe Buck: Player X just drove the ball for a lead-off double. 2-0 Giants.

        Tim McCarver: Yep, Joe, they gave a him a fastball over the plate and players tend to hit those pitches hard.

        Joe:Anything else you’d want to add, Tim.

        Tim: Nope.

        GAWD, I’ll miss that. 😉

        • cubfanincardinalland

          My uncle was in a National Guard unit with McCarver back in the late 50’s. Said without a doubt one of the biggest assholes he ever met. Everyone else in the platoon was ready to throw a grenade in his tent.

          • Song Cycle

            In 1959 McCarver was still in high school.

            • cubfanincardinalland

              Give me a break, maybe it was in the early 60’s, my uncle has been dead for 10 years. It was in Missouri when McCarver was in the minor leagues he said.

    • MichiganGoat

      Um Bud Black has been die hard’s prediction for a long time.

      • YourResidentJag

        Well, I’d we give him….gulp….a pass….on this one

        • YourResidentJag


      • DarthHater

        Yesterday, Doe herd was saying that the Cubs would only hire a manager that Papa Ricketts could push around. So I guess he must think Bud Black fits that description.

        • MightyBear


  • Leroy K

    Brad Ausmus? His days with Houston still really haunt my past lol…

  • Frank

    I just got through watching the Brian Cashman press conference on MLB and I think that If Joe Girardi is looking to the future of the Yankees and the Cubs, he’ll go with the Cubs. I’m NOT saying the Cubs should sign him, I’m saying the Yankees minor league system sucks according to Cashman and it’s going to take a while to get back in contention.

    • When the Music’s Over

      Unlike the Cubs, the Yankees can and will spend themselves out of any minor league deficiency. They’ve done it for years to great success.

      Anything you hear about them dialing back spending quite a bit is pretty much nothing more than lip service. Sure, their’s a good chance they get under the Luxury Tax limit, but what is that, $185M?

      • Hookers or Cake

        The thing is, it doesn’t look like they Yanks can just outspend everyone nor are willing too, like in the past. There is a soft cap they are trying to get under and free agency aint what it used to be. Add to that other teams are getting more revenue through TV and sharing. Also teams can’t just buy a draft or IFA’s.

        On paper the Yanks look screwed.

  • pfk

    For the writers it is so easy to say all this about Girardi. He may be a good fit but I think there are others who could be just as good if not better. Lets hear more about them and why they are a good fit. If I’m Girardi, I can see not being too excited about the Yankees over the next few years as they rebuild. The FA market isn’t what it used to be and the Yanks don’t have a ton of talent coming along. So, this could be a good time to exit saying that, “Its been a great run with the Yankees. At this stage of my life I want to go back to my roots and my wife’s roots. I will always love New York, the Yankees and their fans but its time for a new direction for me and my family.” He will be entering an exciting phase of Cubs history and few would understand that or enjoy it better than Girardi. I hope he comes. If he doesn’t, there are certainly others who will be excellent.

    • pfk

      Actually, speaking about “roots”…one has toe remember that while Girardi’s and his wife’s roots are in Chicago, their children’s roots are maybe in New York.

      • clark addison

        Also, he spent more time as a Yankee than as a Cub.

        That said, I still hope he signs with us.

  • itzscott

    That’s quite a range between Girardi and Ausmus…..

    Pretty obvious that Girardi is the 1st choice, but it would be more interesting to know who the other options are besides Ausmus…. who inspires nobody’s imagination and will put as many asses in empty seats as Sveum did.

    • mjhurdle

      I would love to see Ausmus as the manager.

  • jon

    Len Kasper also suggested on the radio this morning, that the Cubs saw an “opportunity” here with Girardi and that’s why they made the move.

    I’ve got to ask though, if that’s indeed true, but in the end, you don’t get him, that kinda is a failure.

    • CubbieBubba

      if they were for sure going to make a bid and try to get Girardi because he is the answer to their problems, it was at least honorable to not drag Sveum through that and let him go first.

  • pfk

    The thing about Girardi is that he will have instant respect with “the kids” and they will pay attention – in the beginning. However, if he has trouble relating to them, the respect will slowly erode. Another choice may not have instant credibility but he could turn that around in a hurry with his demeanor and actions. Remember, except for Miami, Girardi has been with very veteran teams – and he treated them like Torre did – hands off – let em play. Kids require alot of attention.

  • macpete22

    Kaplan said on his radio show last night that Bud Black could be the backup plan

    • YourResidentJag

      I’d sure hope so. :)

    • Voice of Reason

      Why do people quote Kaplan on this website?

      Talk about someone with ZERO credibility. He is the perennial mouth piece of the Cubs. It would be like asking Rush Limbaugh to comment on the Republican Party!

      • jon

        When it comes to personal opinions/commentary, I can’t stand Kaplan, but in terms of sources, he is pretty plugged in to the Cubs organization.

        With Bud Black, he’s under contact two more seasons, so how’s that going to work out?

        • YourResidentJag

          So? Everyone has a price.

          • jon

            You would have to negotiate compensation with San Diego to release him out of his contract. What motivation does San Diego have for that? He’s done a great job and I think they are quite happy with him.

            • YourResidentJag

              IDK the lack of their farm system growth and the fact that Hoyer and Byrnes have a good standing relationship. *See Rizzo trade. What if Bud Black approves of the move as well?

      • YourResidentJag

        IDK because it makes sense in this case.

  • Frank

    Just hire someone that has experience, knows how to help young players develop their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses. Know when to kick a player in the ass and know when to stroke their ego.

    • On The Farm

      And while they are at it, they should only draft/trade for players that pan out. :)

      • Frank

        On The Farm. Are you pissed off because your favorite sheep said no this morning?

        • On The Farm

          No, but the :) was supposed to indicate some joking so take it easy bud. Obviously I am not the only person who had this thought because mjhurdle just posted something below…

          • CubsFaninMS

            Most people with the name Frank are serious. It’s quite a paradox if you think about it.

            • On The Farm

              To be honest when Frank posted that I did think he was joking. That’s why I put the thing about prospects underneath that. I guess I learned my lesson..

    • mjhurdle

      So, all the Cubs need is someone with experience, that knows exactly what to do with each individual prospect to get the most out of their talent, and knows exactly when to be tough with the players and when to be lenient?

      I would also add that the guy we get should know exactly when to pull a SP, and what reliever to use, and exactly when to make lineup changes and platoons.
      Oh, and he should also be able to call the correct defensive shifts when needed.

      • Frank

        Your absolutely correct. Quade and Sveum worked out really good. So lets just hire any ass they find willing to take the job.

        • On The Farm

          I don’t think you get it. What you are saying is we need to go hire one of the best managers in all of baseball…like that’s not what the FO is trying to do. You make it sound so easy, but if it was easy as “Just hire someone that has experience, knows how to help young players develop their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses. Know when to kick a player in the ass and know when to stroke their ego.” Every team in baseball would have that kind of manager…

          • Frank

            You apparently decided to shit on anything I write, so have fun. You know this will take away from your time stump breaking your cows.

            • On The Farm

              First of all my name if a funny play on being from Iowa, growing up on a farm, and catching the Cubs farm system when they are in town. (Get the farm reference now?). You seem intent on not having a constructive disagreement, even when my first comment had a smiley face in it to indicate I was joking with you. The fact that you are resorting to saying I am in to “breaking cows” and “my sheep say no” shows how childish you are in this argument.

              Also, the fact that you can’t realize that you are asking for the Cubs to just go out and sign the next Joe Torre to be our manager is amazing. I am not shitting on your posts, I think if you took the time to calm down, you would simply see I am just trying to point out your flaws in your ideal manager. The fact is if it was that easy to find someone as you described, they would have done it from the get-go. If you can’t understand that, then I guess you are a lost cause and I just don’t need to debate with you. That’s fine if you want to be offended every time someone doesn’t agree with you line of thinking.

              • Frank

                I never asked for your comments or any debate. And where did I say “asking for the Cubs to just go out and sign the next Joe Torre” ? I simply stated a few things about a manager, not like the last two they hired.
                One last point if you feel you need to reply…Read the first sentence.

                • On The Farm

                  Well guess what, just because you don’t want my comment, here it goes. People post on the BN to create a conversation. I guess what you are saying is that you didn’t want anyone to respond to your post? If that is the case, why do you even feel the need to respond to my reply, it shouldn’t bug you if you don’t feel like debating, but obviously you do. The Joe Torre thing was in response to whom you think the Cubs should hire, what you wish list demanded was the greatest manager available.

                  Bleacher Nation thrives off comments and people having discussions. If this site had everyone agreeing all the time or having the same line of thinking, Brett would either be broke, or back to being a lawyer full time. The whole point of a blog is discussion. If you don’t like it I am sorry. I don’t think anyone else has a problem with my posts on this topic. If they do please respond and I will gladly talk it out with you.

                  If you think the Cubs purposely hired Sveum or Quade to be complete and utter failures, you are most likely wrong. No one purposely hires duds, they are looking for the next big thing, and at the start of their tenure, taking a shot on a guy wasn’t a bad idea because no one would really blame them if he was a dud. Not like Dale cost us the playoffs or anything.

                  If you want me to apologize, I will. I am sorry. I originally thought your post was a joke, so I decided to respond to you with a joke. I guess I did not realize that is what you really want the Front office to do. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings on this matter and I truly mean that, no sarcasm intended. Take it for what its worth, but I can’t see anything that I said that should have set you off so easily and for that I am sorry.

                  • Frank

                    I think we need to play nice from now on. My wife made me sit in the corner and take a time out and made me promise I wouldn’t be a boo boo face anymore.
                    Deal? (I don’t like sitting in the corner)

    • Cyranojoe

      Obviously. I’m guessing you don’t do any actual hiring yourself, because your post suggests a failure to understand that it’s not that simple.

      • http://It'searly Mike F

        It is today, one of the most difficult things in professional anything. First of 2/3 of the people lie about their history. Second, you almost always are projecting. The more you remove the projection from the equation the better. The best way to do that is on the basis of a history of performance. Third, it is so hard to judge character. Character of someone under fire is crucial. Finally, the most important thing I see in sports or any field, is a demonstrative proof of overcoming adversity combined with having been around winning. It isn’t impossible to be successful without this, but pretty damn hard. And when you have it, the chances of success are much higher.

  • Voice of Reason

    The Cubs front office and owners have set themselves up to where they have to hire an established manager and not someone like Ausmus.

    If they swing and miss with Girardi then they have to go after a manager with a proven track record in the bigs.

    Any other move would leave fans wondering what in the hell they are doing! Why fire Sveum and roll the dice on another manager with no proven experience at the major league level?

    • On The Farm

      Especially when they compared Dale to Francona.

  • Toby

    Buster Olney on Twitter says that Cashman and Girardi have started negotiations.

  • 5412


    Too many empty seats. I do agree that there is a marketing side to this which must be considered.

    We do not need someone on their learner’s permit.


    • http://It'searly Mike F

      Absolutely, the whole Ausmus thing really reminds me of some of the early 80’s miscues, Essian and Vuckovich especially. I think it would be a huge misreading of the Cub marker and reckless to be frank.

  • FullCountTommy

    If Ausmus is mentioned, how can Sandy Alomar Jr’s name not be brought up???

    • mjhurdle

      i think we are just in Girardi overload right now. If Girardi isn’t interested, i would bet that we start hearing a lot more about Alomar.

      Ausmus is mentioned because Gammons brought him up before Dale was let go.

      • FullCountTommy

        Ya understandable. Personally, I like Alomar Jr as a candidate. I know he doesn’t have managerial experience but the guy is a baseball guru and will be able to connect to the young hispanic players (Castro, Castillo, Baez, Almora, Soler) that the Cubs have

  • Ron Swanson

    Am I the only one who is surprised that Mike Maddux isn’t being talked about anywhere?

    • On The Farm

      I think mjhurdle’s comment fits here as well:

      ” think we are just in Girardi overload right now. If Girardi isn’t interested, i would bet that we start hearing a lot more about Alomar.”

      In this instance sub Maddux for Alomar

      • Brett

        Correct. Other candidates will be discussed separately.

    • 1060Ivy

      Now that the Rangers are out of the playoffs, we may begin hearing more about Maddux. As he wasn’t selected the first time around / dropped out of the running, fans should wonder what’s changed in the decision making / decision makers.

      • YourResidentJag

        I’m not sure. I would think if they retain Washington, Washington will want to keep the Madduxes around.

      • Frank

        I don’t think they’ll contact Maddux since he turned them down two years ago, but you never know.

    • johnbres2

      Mike Maddux turned the job down two years ago, so there is no reason to think he would want it now.

      • On The Farm

        Two years ago this team had little to no farm depth, and pitching was very thin. Since Theo has taken over he has added Soler, Bryant, Almora, Johnson through draft and signings making them a strong farm system. On top of that the Cubs have Olt, Hendricks, Grimm, Edwards, Ramierez, and Villaneuva from the Ranger system. They have added a high upside bullpen arm (Strop), vastly increased SP depth from two years ago – Wood’s emergence, Arrieta trade, Grimm, Villaneuva signing, Rusin’s effective rookie season, ect. Two years ago this did not look like a fun team to take over because there was nothing on the MLB team and nothing in the minors. Fast forward and you can see the direction the FO is taking the team, the farm system is a top 5 system, and there are some guys on the MLB roster (as opposed to just Castro) that are looking like future MLB stars (Rizzo, Castillo) and a good regular (Lake). Maddux would be foolish to dismiss the Cubs and not even consider the possibility for a promotion.

  • Rich

    I know the Cubs need permission to talk to Girardi, but are the Cubs allowed to contact the agent without permission to get a feel if he is interested?

  • MightyBear

    Here’s a rumor that just came out. The next Cubs manager – Brad Mills.

    • DarthHater


  • http://It'searly Mike F

    I think Ausmus could be a huge problem for the Cubs. Reminds me a good deal of the Old Jim Essian move. Former catcher with a rep of being bright comes in and busts immediately. In the case of Jim he had minor league management experience. I think hiring a guy with no coaching or managerial experience is a an extremely reckless move. Shows a real lack of understanding exactly where they are and who and what Cub fans are. I don’t see the benefit to the players either or how it helps attract anyone. He has every right to fire Sveum, but to do so and then hire someone with less credential and experience just is not a very well thought out move.

    • Professor Snarks

      Sveum was the evil they knew. It was unlikely they thought Dale would get better. that is why he is gone. The next guy may or may not fail, but they were sure Dale would. That is why he is gone.

    • Hookers or Cake

      Essian was a back up catcher who went from highschool to the minors and filled in after Zim got canned.

      Ausmus is an Ivy League grad multiple gold glover who played for 18 seasons 14 of em as a starter.

      • http://It'searly Mike F

        Ivy league stuff is irrelevant frankly. Where you go to school means nothing in this instance other than he is bright. Yes he played in the ML, but again while helpful doesn’t say much. Anyway you cut it, replacing Sveum with a guy who has never managed or coached at this or minor level, is reckless in this situation. There’s no one that can say rolling the dice won’t hit. just that is very risky for Theo. The connection to Theo imay well play against the next manager. We can stick our heads in the water, but Theo knew Sveum well and made that choice. It was risky choice. Given how Theo summarily fired him, Theo repeating it is likely to lead to his dismissal. I like him a lot, but he is cocky and continually underestimated Cub fans negativity and the long knives of the Chicago media. Face it, Theo is cocky and a repeat of Sveum will cost him. He needs to get this right.

  • Spoda17

    Alomar and Ausmus do not meet the criteria Theo has already said publicly. If they hire another [Sveum]… it will make them look pretty bad, especially after listing the criteria Theo listed.

    • cms0101

      Theo went out of his way to say they would like to have an experienced manager, but would consider other candidates without managerial experience, if their leadership ability was strong. Alomar and Ausmus fit that mold, as strong willed catchers that displayed leadership ability in spades during their playing days. Clearly, Girardi is #1 on the list, but that list gets awfully short if he passes.

  • itzscott

    Now that Epstein’s gotten rid of all the slugs that turned the clubhouse into their own personal country club and couldn’t be managed, maybe it isn’t far fetched to consider Piniella again for a young team that could be managed and capable of being taught to play hard and with a chip on their shoulders.

    No one could’ve managed that hodge-podge of a team he was saddled with and finally gave up on.

    • cms0101

      Piniella was asleep at the wheel at the end of 2008. What makes you think he has enough energy to wake up now? Sure, his mom was ill in 2010, but she was ill before that and lived into 2012. He quit on the team, he didn’t leave to go take care of his mother. She was “ill” in 2006 when he took the job. They hired Lou 10 years too late. They should have hired Girardi in 2006. Maybe things would have been a little different now.

  • XavierGunz

    Although I think the hiring of Girardi would be a step in the right direction to getting people to come back bout to the ball park again. And also that step towards what Epstein and the Cubs need to take to get to a World Series. But I also think that if Girardi was not hired it wont be a total Loss.
    Who ever they hire I have complete faith they will make the right decision. Like Epstein said its gotta be somone that has knowledge of the Cub way, in otherwise someone w a history. Someone that at some point in time has been linked to the Cubs. Be it player, announcer etc. I think its pretty obvious he has Girardi in mind. Who else out there w Cubs history was an elite player who has won etc and who was loved? Sandburg is gone so next in line w great managerial experience in line has gotta be Girardi…….or maybe he has Ozzie in mind. Noone will know until it happens. Anyway, Go Cubs Go!!!! In Epstein We Trust.

  • C. Steadman

    theres no way Cubs get him, but I would want Joe Maddon hands down over any manager in baseball

  • http://permalink papad1945

    How about mike tyson as manager and carlos zambrano as pitching coach. At least we would learn how to kick ass.

    • CubsFaninMS

      Everyone would be earless and the dugout would be flowing with Gatorade.

      • On The Farm

        Where is a picture of that minor league dude canoeing a trash can with a baseball bat as his paddle. I imagine that is how everyone would get out of the dugout to get to the on-deck circle.

  • Andrew


  • Crazyhorse

    I think the firing of Sveum was justified. Sveum did not improve the quality of play for the Cubs. The Cubs was a disappointment in batting and relief pitching. A move was made by the front office to dispel the notion that losing without improvement is not satisfactory. The term lovable losers should not be associated after the firing Sveum.

    Everyone knows the Cubs have played terrible baseball these past two seasons and as the old regimes veteran and holdovers vacate the 25 man roster, The upcoming season will offer no logical explanation to blame yesteryear’s ownership and coaches for next year performance.

    I am not excited in whom the Cubs may hire as a manager. I am more curious in who the Cubs may hire. Whoever the Cubs hire I am sure people will analyze the signing and show a blueprint on the direction of expectation the Cubs will expect from the 25 man roster.

    Until that manager is hired The Cubs are in a state of flux the difference being this is Theo flux –

  • Joker

    Since I want to be able to gloat, I’m going on record now to say the new manager will be Dave Martinez. I will remind you frequently (or run and hide if/when I turn out to be wrong).

    • Patrick W.

      In that spirit I say Eric Wedge. Eric Wedge will be your next Cubs manager.

  • EQ76

    I never have believed that he Theo’s plan was to suck for 3-5 years and put all their eggs in one basket hoping that the prospects all turn into studs.

    I believe that building up a great farm system is PART of the plan but not the only plan. This stadium remodel and the upcoming TV deal are coming. This team will start spending again soon and will be trying to win no later than 2015. Theo isn’t dumb enough to think they can get Girardi with a AAAA team. If Girardi is managing the Cubs next year, I fully expect them to start being more active in the FA/trades this winter and next.

  • ramy 16

    Joker..totally agree!…Dave Martinez great canidate

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    Here’s a fact, Theo needs to take a step back. He has made 3 managerial hires as GM. Two ended in a blaze of glory and the other was run out of Boston and Theo politely turned him down here.

    I am a Theo guy, but there is a lot more here than people think. Many of the same groupie band wagoners saying anyone is better, signed up for 5 years of losing which they already sick of. I don’t buy Dale was the problem, I think it was talent, and frankly Theo was premature in paying both Castro and Rizzo. But that doesn’t matter. Theo has underestimated Chicago. Ausmus is flat out the wrong guy. It is complicated. you have to be humble enough to see the whole field. If JG or say Bud Black get off to 8-20 start, they will survive. Ausmus on the other hand would not and well could cost Theo his job and disgrace. Add to that, I remain fairly optimistic about the Cubs sooner than most, but some of these poetic musings about just how good Theo sees the Cubs now, to me on his part seem a little delusional.

    To borrow a Harry-ism, there’s danger here cheri.