joe girardi managerAs expected, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman met with Joe Girardi’s agent today to discuss the free agent’s return to the Yankees next year. And, not so unexpectedly, the Yankees made Girardi an offer, according to Jon Heyman.

The interesting part? Girardi’s camp reportedly laid out the parameters of a counteroffer.

The two sides plan to meet again tomorrow, and, if things are playing out as I’d speculated (i.e., Yankees say, “we want you back, here’s our offer, and we’re not granting permission to talk to any other teams until you tell us flat out ‘no’,” and now deeper negotiations with the Yankees, and only the Yankees, will continue). Unfortunately for the Cubs, if they’re pinning their hopes on Girardi, the Yankees do not have to allow Girardi to speak to other teams until his contract is up at the end of this month.

All of Heyman’s sources seem to indicate that Girardi will be returning to the Yankees for any number of reasons (storied franchise, good relationship with front office, family is happy in the area, etc.), and it would be an upset if he seriously entertained other offers. Keep that in mind if Girardi winds up returning to the Yankees. The Cubs can want him with all their hearts – but it doesn’t matter if Girardi is happy in New York.

Thing is: if Girardi were dead set on at least listening to the Cubs’ sales pitch, he doesn’t make a counteroffer to the Yankees today. For those who hope the Cubs have a shot at Girardi, you’ve got to hope that what transpired today wasn’t a true counteroffer. And whatever happens tomorrow doesn’t result in a deal.

  • Victor M

    how much do you think he is looking for? i think 6 mil a year

    • aCubsFan

      I have to believe he is looking to at least get equal to Scioscia who is making $5 million / year for 10 years. And, Scioscia hasn’t achieved as much as Girardi has with the talent they’ve been given. So I can easily see Joe wanting the rumored $6 – $7 million / year.

  • macpete22

    The more I think about it, the more I want the Cubs to hire Manny Acta

  • Frank

    I hope we have a good plan b. sounds like joe is staying in my.

  • Hutch

    I hope plan B is davy martinez

  • Ed

    Sandy Alomar jr., Dave Martinez or mike Maddux are my choices.

    • Jay

      Maddux was their first choice two years ago, would be nice if he’d be willing to make the jump and bring his brother with him.

    • macpete22

      Alomar jr was who I wanted them to hire before they hired Svuem so I definitely wouldn’t be against him getting the job

  • Playoffs!

    Hope the Cubs can at least talk to him… If not I don’t know who else could fill the job the way JG could… Hello Dale2.0

  • Hutch

    Jim hickey sounds good too

  • Gutshot5820

    Another bitch slap in the face for the Cubs FO.

    • Carew

      I’m sure they were prepared for this, so it ain’t much of a bitch slap

      • CGruegs45

        Enough of this #bitch slap bullsh*$ cuz u is the real bitch. #Aight #RealTalk #ChevyWitDaButtaFlyDoors #StuntinIsAHabit #GetLikeMe #Ayyyyyy

    • baldtaxguy

      Really? Now we are just making shit up.

    • N8theGr8

      See what happens when people start talking about other people gettin’ b!tch slapped in the face? South Siders get involved. Learn from this you should.

  • Evolution

    As much as I’d love Girardi, I still can’t imagine that the Cubs cashed in their chips with Sveum on the slim chance of getting Joe. They must have other candidates they like more than the idea of staying with Dale.

  • Robert Johnson

    I ‘m missing Dale 1 already!

  • Hutch

    Giardi isnt coming here so we might as well look at real possibilities

  • cubzforlife

    I agree with Ed. In fact, Joe loses my vote. Sounds like he’sjust in it for a raise. The Yankees are going to be a 500 team at best and while the Cubs may suck next year the kids they are a coming. I like Martinez and Alomar. Shoot, the team will be moatly Spanish speaking before too long.

    • Clark Addison

      Most teams will be mostly Spanish speaking before long.

  • cubzforlife


  • Jason

    Joe’s staying with the Yankees that’s the bottom line folks. The Cubs had their chance to get him before and decided to go with Old man Lou. Another thing getting a high profile manager won’t get the fans in the stands. I think wins do.

    • CGruegs45

      #ItsAllBoutTheW #RealTalk #PutItInTheAlley

  • Playoffs!

    Anyone have a top 5 manger ideas list of who they’d like for Dales replacement…

    • Hutch

      1 Dave Martinez 2 Jim hickey 3 Alomar jr 4 as much as it pains me to say this because I really dislike him don cooper. Hes a really good coach 5 Hale

  • Vladi644

    I think the Cubs could go with Tony Pena, the yankees bench coach, he knows how to work with young talent and have mlb managing experience. I like Maddux a lot and Manny Acta, too.

    • CGruegs45

      I think #youre wrong. #AyBayBayAyBayBay #WeInDaClubHollin

  • Edward

    Rather save $6 million a year and hire somebody else. It’s the players not the manager.

  • Ivy Walls

    Cubs don’t need to talk to Girardi directly, call it what you will, back channel, off the record, private, Cubs know the NYY offer and Joe is in the driver’s seat.

  • Hutch

    or just call tampa and trade them a top 10 prospect for joe maddon and agree to pay him 8 million a year if we want to dream

  • Die hard

    Say it ain’t so Joe … That you played the Theo game of planting false rumors to influence your deal making–

  • Ed

    1) Joe Girardi- no explanation needed.
    2) Sandy Alomar JR.- has manager experience (granted it’s limited) and has experience working with young players.
    3) Dave Martinez- Joe Madden pedigree and has experience working with Rays youngsters.
    4) Mike Maddux- successful pitching coach who will be able to help mold this young staff into successful pitchers. If we hire him however we need to hire a bench coach with managerial experience.
    5) Jose Oquendo (cardinals 3rd base coach)- coached under a hall of game manager and mike matheny.

  • Ed

    Hall of fame manager*

  • Brian Peters

    Why does it have to mean that the Cubs’ FO is being bitch slapped if Girardi doesn’t come here? He’s not the only friggin’ fish in the effing sea, people. Y’all don’t know….maybe the Cubs are eyeing a manager currently under contract with another team. Maybe they aren’t. Maybe they pick a guy who has *some* managerial experience but not a lot. Maybe he doesn’t have experience, but he turns into a Mike Matheny, who I like an awful lot. I have a good feeling about the next hire. I think he’s gonna do some good things. If he doesn’t, then the Cubs will start from scratch again. Some of you act like if it doesn’t happen this time, it won’t happen at all. I wake up every morning how my wife is going to feel…if she’s gonna have the oxygen to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. I care about who the Cubs get, too, but it really isn’t as end-of-the-world important as y’all are making it. Just saying.

    • Matty Ice

      How many F#$%cking times do the Cubs have to start from scratch?

    • YourResidentJag

      Problem is that Joe Sheehan has pointed out on several occasions what a mediocre manager Methany is. He’s surrounded by a team of good players–that can actually make you look better than you really are.

  • Ed

    Not A.J. Hinch!

  • Eric

    I’m not out of AJ Hinch’s corner, but I like him. I have to believe he is a known commodity by this FO.

  • Ed

    So was Dale Sveum, and you could argue the diamondbacks had work talent to work with then the cubs and he still couldn’t get the job done. He’s working in the front office, he’s not a bench coach or anything like that.

  • Hutch

    Like that oquendo idea. Next manager has to come from a winning organization

  • Ed

    I wonder if bob brenly would be interested… I know, I know wishful thinking.

  • barroof

    Ok… Am I the only one that feels like CGruegs45 is like graffiti on a new building ???

  • Arrieta’sUncle

    I just thought he was a douchebag

    • X The Cubs Fan