joe girardi managerAs expected, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman met with Joe Girardi’s agent today to discuss the free agent’s return to the Yankees next year. And, not so unexpectedly, the Yankees made Girardi an offer, according to Jon Heyman.

The interesting part? Girardi’s camp reportedly laid out the parameters of a counteroffer.

The two sides plan to meet again tomorrow, and, if things are playing out as I’d speculated (i.e., Yankees say, “we want you back, here’s our offer, and we’re not granting permission to talk to any other teams until you tell us flat out ‘no’,” and now deeper negotiations with the Yankees, and only the Yankees, will continue). Unfortunately for the Cubs, if they’re pinning their hopes on Girardi, the Yankees do not have to allow Girardi to speak to other teams until his contract is up at the end of this month.

All of Heyman’s sources seem to indicate that Girardi will be returning to the Yankees for any number of reasons (storied franchise, good relationship with front office, family is happy in the area, etc.), and it would be an upset if he seriously entertained other offers. Keep that in mind if Girardi winds up returning to the Yankees. The Cubs can want him with all their hearts – but it doesn’t matter if Girardi is happy in New York.

Thing is: if Girardi were dead set on at least listening to the Cubs’ sales pitch, he doesn’t make a counteroffer to the Yankees today. For those who hope the Cubs have a shot at Girardi, you’ve got to hope that what transpired today wasn’t a true counteroffer. And whatever happens tomorrow doesn’t result in a deal.

  • arta

    Alomar spits too much.

    • cubmig

      ,,,you probably hated Alfonso Soriano….He was ALWAYS spitttting!

      • TheRiot2

        You must have loved Matt Garza. Hello Migster, nice to see you’re rootin dem Cubbies on.

        • cubmig

          wow…….a great “oldtimer” from another blog life…….Good to know We Rise Again! Will be looking for your posts to pick up where we left off……even though the suffering has not waned any.

  • Jimmy James

    Time for plan b……….Cubseco time

    • demz

      i, for one, embrace our new Cubseco overlord.

  • Cheryl

    Ok. Girardi’s probably out. When will the first interview take place and with whom? My guess is the tale end of next week with Sandy Alomar. What do you others think? Alomar will be followed by Acta and then Ausmus.

    • Jason

      I would go with Ausmus all the way. He’s the next Girardi in the making.

    • YourResidentJag

      I think Dave McKay at least deserves an interview. If he wants to manage, he would be a good one.

  • http://bleachernation arcola

    Bring Bob Brenly back to Chicago as manager.

    • cubmig

      Cubs could do worse…..I’m in.

  • Cheese Chad

    I wonder if the counteroffer is an over the top counter. Maybe he’s asking for so much more money and control of the team. A Phil Jackson clause allowing him to stay home for some away games. Knowing that they probably won’t accept, but if they do it’s incredible and you wouldn’t turn it down anyway……. not likely.

  • Mark Parton

    $25mm over 4 years gets it done…..

  • another JP

    These Girardi negs are reports only. If the Girardi camp set “parameters” for a counter-offer, then he really hasn’t countered. All that seems apparent is the Yanks made an offer, which everyone expected today. My guess is the Cubs are still in this thing, and don’t be so certain Theo & Co. would have to blow JG away with a much better offer. If Girardi doesn’t sign a new contract by this time next week then he’s definitely interested in the Cubs. And there’s no reason to talk an extension or make counter-offers if Girardi was burnt out and wanted to do a year of TV. He’ll be managing somewhere next year.

    • Gutshot5820

      You are in a state of “Denial.”

      • http://It'searly Mike F

        It’s not denial. I have never thought they were on the fast lane to JG. I question whether the he would take the FO monkeying. But that said, you are only hearing the Yankee spin. What else would anyone expect. If he has indeed countered, it suggest they aren’t exactly where they have portrayed themselves. We’ll have to see, and indeed and he may want to broadcast. But countering well could mean they close to letting him go and he will only stay on all not part of his terms. It also means he has leverage, think about that….

      • another JP

        Given your past opinions, I don’t really believe it matters what you think.

        • Gutshot5820

          Most of my opinions, however unpopular have been later proven to be spot on.

          • http://It'searly Mike F

            Well you’re guessing here and sure you could get lucky. You seem to form a lot of opinions that make the Cubs look bad too, so if you throw enough stuff it might stick. And yes you could be right. This is a lot touchier than a used car. A counter in this instance likely suggests something of a pretty good heft or laundry list, enough that it is something Cashman had to think about, mull, take to superiors and or counter. Does’t suggests a deal in principle unless the Yankees accept his terms. And terms of counteroffer are large proof JG has leverage. And make no mistake that comes in the form of broadcasting and likely the Cubs. The Cubs will give him the 4 year 25M deal he wants. Whether he wants the Cubs and they would meet his other terms, JG has leverage and if they don’t get something in principal the next part of the opera will shift to the Cubs, and I find it hard they will be able to meet JG’s other terms.

  • BlameHendry

    Yeah Girardi is pretty much ruled out. He said he’d listen if the Cubs wanted to talk, but he’s happy in NY, his family is happy in NY, NY is happy with him… and come on. It’s the legendary Yankees. The Cubs have a rich history but their history and public image has been nothing but the exact opposite of the Yankees history and public image. The Yankees are in much more of a win-now than the Cubs, obviously. So unless Girardi really dislikes NY, there’s no chance he’s leaving.

    Just please dont stick us with Hinch… Please…

  • carmine ziccarelli

    girardi sucked as a player and he sucks as a manager unless his payroll tops 200million.

  • carmine ziccarelli

    yankees can keep that bumb.

  • carmine ziccarelli

    cubs should hire don zimmer or mike ditka

    • TOOT

      Mike Ditka! Yes. He would straighten out the Cubs for sure.

  • Brian Peters

    Let’s not go overboard here. Lol

  • dustin

    Joe has proven himself!!! He didn’t always have this muliti million Dollar linup 2 manage!! My god he was managing the marlins b4!!! Who got lucky!!! Kids wify may b happy n new York but he’s still a young manager who has proven himself thru both leagues!!! His roots r n chi town!! The yanks r getting old!!! Y go thru a rebuilding process when there’s a team that just needs someone 2 help the youngster?? Help them thru the 3rd yr 4th yr of mlb ball 1 that won’t take n bs!!! We the cubs and all of our devoted fans will cum even if it looks like the attendance has been down the past couple yrs!!! Yes if they do land him that will help that but just because its him! On the other hand if we do get him not only will we win n 2014 atteandace will go up cuz were winning!!! I 4 1 don’t think this is a publicly stunk 2 get Joe I think the cubs the front office believes that we can win with a manager that can will develop young talent!!! And help the big leagues….no from the reports I’ve read and heard he’s not leaving but it would b freaking great!!! Lets all cross our fingers!!! And ik he doesn’t have any manager experience but what bout Greg madux?? What’s he doing now a days?? Or even I hate 2 say it Ozzie….the former sox manager?? He turned something out of nothing!! What’s he doing??? Buf he hates the north side!!! But with all this young talent y the hell not???

    • themusicbox

      Learn to type. Shorten your posts and quit using !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, maybe just then, someone will read your ignorance. And to get my point across because i am unable to put a sentence together that makes sense…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dustin

    We need something a proven winner a proven manager not this o well it will take a y!! Didn’t Theo only sign a 5 yr deal??? He’s n yr 2??? I could b wrong but he’s always said we r not rebuilding with the dismissal of dale we r rebuilding unless we land Joe sum how some way and just 4 the record I’ve personally been thru this crap like so many of u have be 4 me!! I started watching cubs baseball as a lil kid just because some old dude “Harry” when I got home from school was singing the 7th inning stretch I didn’t know who he was any of the players back then it just put me n a calming state….ive watched the bad yrs I watched as baker screwed priors arm n that no die hard cub fan can 4get!! Its been 105 yrs counting I get we need 2 rebuild and do all this other stuff 2 make budget blah blah blah!! But as a die hard fan just put a decent team a 500 club on the field and quit putting all these well numbers show!! Hell b good!! No!!! Get as a manager who can help these guys and get us a veteran!! I don’t agree with dales dismissal but our 2 prospects sucks this yr!! Like all die hard cub fans and yea I even have a tat with a skull and cubs hat 2 signifying that I just want 2 win!!! I also have the cubs W on my left arm and cubs win on top and holy cow under!!!

    • ClevelandCubsFan

      It’s the Trail of Trolls! Ozzie!

  • Jose Canseco

    The Cubs need me. I am the future.

    • Jimmy James

      Sold…..bring terry steinbach with you (catchers being all the rave and all)

  • dustin

    U know sorry all ryno would have been freaking great!! I u could have just kept him!!! He’s another chi Towner like joe

    • Ghost of Ron Santo

      Theo told me it’s Steve Stone.

  • AB

    Take your medications Dustin.

  • dustin

    U what do u have 2 offer??? Have u plaied do u have c youngs under your belt have u won a Ws??? Can u develop young up.coming stars without and real vets on the team!! Batting wise I think not!!

  • dustin

    Yr 3??? I could b wrong of the Theo were not rebuilding I expected 2 yrs of crap yr 4…..is it 2 much 2 b a at least 500 club?? Miss the playoffs but build??

  • dustin

    Taken my meds thanx!! Just ya I think this move was good and bad!!

  • mditka

    cant wait for a BN BEARS SITE!!! so awesome Brett!

  • Brian Peters

    Dustin, can you try typing in English or some other recognizable language? You make no sense.

    • TOOT

      No, he does. He still communicates with Jim Morrison believe it or not and good old Jimmy told him to recite these poems.

  • dan

    Girardi turns down yankee’s till he talks with cubs !!!!!!!!

    • Brian Peters

      Where are you getting your info, Dan?

  • Brian Peters

    Found this on Chicago Cubs Online…..the way *they* see it, the parameters Girardi laid out assumedly included the opportunity for him to talk to the Cubs. Don’t know how trustworthy the site is…..


    • Scotti

      “They” are doing nothing other than quoting from a Wittenmyer article (who claims to have a source) that says:

      “According to at least one national report Wednesday night, Girardi countered the Yankees’ offer with “parameters” it might take for him to return. His contract expires at the end of the month.”

      “Those “parameters” are believed to go well beyond financial considerations — and, according to a source, are believed to include permission to talk to the Cubs before committing to the Yankees.”


      • Scotti

        I would also suggest that one way to get Girardi’s attention is to float numbers like “$4-5 million per year” out there as your starting point…

  • cubs2003

    I’m guessing Girardi will stay in NY. I wouldn’t mind him as manager, but I’m not sure if he’s the best fit for the Cubs. Theo and Co. seem like they want a good bit of control over their manager and I’m not sure Girardi would be OK with that. It’s kind of a double edged sword. Most really smart(or respected around baseball) managers want control and most really smart FO types want control. The best bet in my opinion is to find an up and comer who’s really smart, but hasn’t proven enough to dictate terms yet. Hopefully, over time, the FO and manager grow to have the same way of going about things. Not an easy task. I honestly couldn’t tell you who’s best for the job. Hopefully Theo and Jed can figure it out. They already have strike one.

    • http://It'searly Mike F

      Ahhhh, excuse me what the hell was Sveum, they tinkered with people who aren’t as talented as fans or the FO thought and made him pay the bill. I am a Theo guy, but maybe it’s time for someone with some balls and Theo to butt out some. Just a thought.

      • cubs2003

        I agree Sveum didn’t have much to work with, but I think he was hired to get the most out of the talent he did have and help them grow into their roles. He didn’t do that. There were some good stretches, but overall he didn’t prove to be a great in-game manager and it didn’t seem like he was great with players either. That’s basically the job.

    • CubsFaninMS

      I mentioned this a few days ago on here… but I believe our management and ownership would be more hand’s-off with a more experienced manager than Sveum. It is the difference between a trusted leader and a management trainee.

      • cubs2003

        I basically agree, but I’m not sure you really need an experienced manager. You need someone who is exceptionally baseball smart in terms of game planning, in-game decisions, dealing with players, and assembling a staff. If the front office is happy with the way he’s doing those things, I’d guess they leave him alone and let him work. I think an experienced manager is a safer bet because they’ve proven they’re adequate at those things. That doesn’t mean a young manager can’t do it and prove it along the way. After the Sveum hire it might not be a bad idea to go with a proven guy just for the certainty that comes with it.

  • Jason

    Cal Ripken Jr. Please!!!

  • Aaron

    Girardi to me is the only real choice to make in filling the manager position with the Chicago Cubs. If you look at his resume, it is nearly perfect for what is needed to take the Cubs to the next level of success, plus he’s available. If the Cubs don’t get Girardi and settle for a so-so plan b candidate, I’ll seriously not follow the team next season. I believe there are many fans out there that feel the same way.

    • Southside Cubs Fan

      Right, if Girardi never makes it to free agency (he is not available yet) it would really show the FO is unwilling, or does have the ability to make a big acquisition.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Best. Satire. Ever.

    • ssckelley

      If you are going to let who they hire as manager get in the way for rooting for the Cubs then you were never a fan in the first place. Girardi holds all the cards on if he wants to manage the Cubs or not.

    • Voice of Reason


      Will you also sit in the middle of your bedroom floor and kick and stomp your very really hard?

    • OlderStyle

      Yeah, right on. Girardi or bust!
      Of course, Plan B should be Ryno. How could Ricketts let him get away? Oh right, Theo can’t share the spotlight with a true Cubs demigod.
      Ok, Plan C: Dick Tidrow’s moustache. But how good is the ‘stache with sabermetric gobbledy-gook? …or TWTW? The head swims with the dilemma.

  • Brian Peters

    If you choose not to follow your team simply because they are, hypothetically, unable to land the perfect candidate, you are probably in your twenties and haven’t properly grown the thick skin that is a prerequisite for Cubs’ fans, and they aren’t your favorite team. I’ve been on this planet for 47 years, and I’ve seen countless manager searches unfold. You know what I’ve always noticed when those choices inevitably went down the drain? 1) the sun came out the next day, and 2) I turned the Cubs game on. They are my team. I won’t turn my back on them. You’re welcome to do what you like.

    • cub2014

      Brian P well said. Remember we dont know:
      1. If Girardi had any interest in the Cubs
      2. If the FO had him as a priority
      We are dealing at the best some 3rd party
      here say, at the worst pure speculation.
      If the FO has targeted him and cant get him
      unfortunately it is mostly out of the FO control.

      • Southside Cubs Fan

        People need to first realize Girardi is not a free agent. He is under contract until 11/01. He may never become a free agent. The Cubs may never get their chance to negotiate with him. Also, if they do get their chance and don’t land him, we will never know the reasons why he didn’t sign. There is a lot that plays into these decisions. Timing, location, family, team going foward, relationship with people in different FO, loyalty and much, much more. If one acquisition or non-acquisition will make you change or end your fandom, then you were never a fan to start with.

    • bbmoney

      Hey….easy on the 20 somethings.

  • 1060Ivy

    It will be interesting if Girardi and family are at Northwestern’s homecoming this weekend. Media will go crazy with speculation as I don’t believe that he was at previous years but he often had teams in the playoffs in previous years.

  • Brains

    This is ridiculous. The Ricketts took a bad situation and made it hopeless. They’re like the house republicans who wont provide veterans with medial benefits unless they remove the bill that guarantees veterans medical benefits. Except in this case they wont provide Chicago with a team unless they don’t have to put any personal money upfront toward building the team.

    • Southside Cubs Fan

      As a conservative independent that leans republican, I am ashamed of these tactics and it’s tactics like these by the rupublican that may force me never to vote for them again. Not to get into politics.

      Ricketts is doing fine. He has had a bad run of it over his first half decade, I agree. However, I think he is laying the foundation for some very good years to come. I don’t think he is cheap, as this guy has shelled out some big bucks for several FO pieces and has invested lots of money into the organization. Just because we don’t see it on the big league payroll, doesn’t mean the money is not being spent. Give this plan time. If in two or three seasons we are still competing for 4th place with a decreasing payroll, then I will jump on the Ricketts is a bum banwagon with you. Until then, just have fun watching the transformation or the ball club.

      • caryatid62

        If in two or three seasons this team is in 4th place with a decreasing payroll, this will have been the worst possible ownership group that anyone could have imagined in 2011.

    • bbmoney

      Medial? What’s a medial benefit?

      I kid. But you deserve it for bringing that stuff here.

      • Brains

        hah, touche’

    • CubsFaninMS

      Keep it apolitical, please. If you’d like to argue this topic, point me to a political website and I’ll offer you a very compelling argument to the contrary.

      • On The Farm

        Agreed, this site already had to deal with a racism topic today, we don’t need to deal with political beliefs this morning too.

        • Brains

          It’s a question of operations management. Operate it as charged, or throw a wrench in the gears until you get things your way? Theo’s being held hostage and playing diplomat right now, by the end of next summer he’ll be looking at other options and explaining things mostly this way…

          • On The Farm

            A case for operating as charged can be made for both sides

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