bnpodcastimagesmallThe 42nd episode of the BN Podcast is here, and Sahadev and I talk about – what else? – the ‘Breaking Bad’ finale.

Ok, we also talk Cubs baseball, with a healthy portion necessarily devoted to the ongoing managerial search, including thoughts on the Girardi situation, the other candidates, and what the departure of Dale Sveum means for the front office.

It’s also an email blowout episode, with approximately 1 million emails to respond to.

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  • Curt

    The breaking bad finale was weak just like dexter was. 8 years of watching and yr left saying that’s it .

    • cms0101

      I disagree. Dexter was weak, Breaking Bad was solid.

      • SalukiHawk

        No spoilers please :)

  • cubs2003

    I love the site, but your Breaking Bad discussion sounds like a public access TV show.

    • Brett

      Well, in fairness, we hadn’t planned on discussing it, and then we tried to discuss it without revealing what we were discussing.

      In any case, as long as the Cubs discussion is solid, I’m comfortable.

      • cms0101

        I thought the Breaking Bad conversation was both timely and entertaining. You’re not just Cubs robots after all…

      • cubs2003

        Just kidding with ya. Good Cubs discussion as always.

  • Diamondrock

    Just listened to the podcast…

    Brett! The Ivy of the Ivies is Harvard, where I am currently a graduate student. Sure, I don’t have a lot of personal connection to Harvard, but c’mon. Yalies are jerks.

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