joe girardi managerTo append that title, were the strictures and conventions of title-writing to allow it, I would probably explain that the “resolution” of which I speak has only to do with whether Joe Girardi will be re-signing with the New York Yankees, or whether he’ll be permitted to speak to other teams.

To explain: ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand writes that GM Brian Cashman was today expected to lay out the “parameters” of what it would take to get Girardi back with the Yankees (counteroffer? more than that?) to ownership. Meanwhile, Girardi is meeting with his agent about the negotiations/discussions he and Cashman had yesterday. Marchand expects a decision – with respect to the Yankees – to come as soon as this weekend.

I have a strong suspicion that things have played out thusly: with Girardi under contract through the end of this month, the Cubs – by way of back-channels – let Girardi’s camp know that they are interested in discussing their managerial vacancy with Girardi (some reports go as far as to say that the Cubs are preparing a huge financial offer, which, if true, they would also communicate). Meanwhile, the Yankees communicated to Girardi that they want him back, and that they aren’t interested in letting him speak to the Cubs while they are in negotiations (why let Girardi leverage a Cubs offer into more money from the Yankees if that’s where he wanted to be all along?). Some reports suggest that, at that point, Girardi requested permission to speak with the Cubs before deciding on the Yankees offer.

So, where does that leave things? Well, if Cashman is talking to ownership today, there are two possibilities. Possibility One: Cashman wants more cash, man. That is to say, whether by suggestion from Girardi or otherwise, Cashman wants the authority to make an over-the-top financial offer to retain Girardi. That would presumably require ownership’s involvement. Possibility Two: Girardi’s camp has been adamant that they want to have a chance to speak to the Cubs, and Cashman wants to discuss the implications thereof with ownership before allowing those conversations to happen.

Either possibility is plausible, as is some kind of hybrid third possibility. In any case, it sounds like we’ll know something by this weekend: either Girardi will have re-upped with the Yankees, or we’ll know that the Cubs are going to get their shot to make him an offer more formally.

In the meantime, the Cubs continue to line up other options so that they won’t be caught flat-footed should Girardi do what many in the industry expect he’ll do, and return to the Yankees.

  • Ivy Walls

    Again been there. Girardi has the leverage but the NYY have organizational as in not understanding that Girardi is no longer in an employee position to be submissive. NYY didn’t play this right, they should have said….great, go get the best offer the market will offer and we get the final offer.

    No they simply get the first offer.

    Because people like to say back channel, it is simply Girardi’s lawyer and agent who can and will do the job for Girardi. I think what the Cubs have offered is something the NYY can’t a real long term deal, something like 5 years plus player options possibly going 5 years.

    Come on, Girardi is 48, he is by far the best manager in the game, has a young family and they would like nothing but have a permanent home.

    • MichiganGoat

      I do think it’s the years that will ultimately be the deciding factor.

      • Cheryl

        I agree.

    • http://It'searly Mike F

      His handling of this is very strategic and impressive. You have to look at this and understand he’s a bright guy who is someone to imitate. You’re right he has a lot of leverage and has played this well no matter how it turns out.

  • Die hard

    You are missing the point– how has Theos plan gone so far– wasted years and star SS a wreck ? Insanity is doing same thing repeatedly hoping for different result– memo to Theo — put away all of the stats on WAR and saber metrics etc and just close your eyes and think with your instinct guiding you

    • MichiganGoat

      Agreed but I’m not very good with instincts and obviously theo is lacking, please lay out your instinctual plan to help the Cubs. I understand the first move is to fire Jed replace him with Dick and hire Kessinger to manager but after that I’m lacking vision. Please help me die hard you are our only hope.

    • baldtaxguy

      What leads you to believe that Kessinger is strong in player development?

      • MichiganGoat

        Don’t question this with stats and logic this is a pure instinctual decision.

        • Soda Popinski


          • Hansman1982

            Hey, Luke was successful when he trusted the Force.

            • Internet Random

              Damn you.

              • Hansman1982

                Fail at the Star Wars reference you will.

                • wilbur

                  now we’re getting somewhere…

        • Cheryl

          The Force be with you.

    • Internet Random

      “Theo — put away all of the stats on WAR and saber metrics etc and just close your eyes and think with your instinct guiding you”


      • Soda Popinski


    • http://It'searly Mike F

      Yoda you have been watching too much star wars.

      • Cleanup Poster

        No such thing as ‘to much Star Wars’ unless you are referring to episodes 1 and 2. Episode 3 wasn’t to bad though.

  • http://jjcubs jj

    I still think the challenge will bring joe to the cubs. money will come cubs as well as the yankees. the yankees no doubt try to get high price fee agents but I think they owe 29 millons in penalties.and other teams are going after the same free agents. I think joe is tired of working withmega millionaires and their big egos. joe is getting near fifty years old and another ring won”t fit on his thumb. HE WANTS A CHALLENGE

    • ClevelandCubsFan

      Yeah I was talking with Joe the other day at the gym. Told me the same thing. By the way… where do you know him from?

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    Lynn McGloughlin and Larry Bittner. I can still see that line drive going off Lynns head, was there that day and how he walked away from that is something I sill marvel at.

  • DocShck88

    If we just want a big name to draw fans then how about Tony Gwynn or Cal Ripken. However, based on the names being offered it seems like they are looking for some specific skill set and not just to bring fans out. Just my 2 cents.

    • cubes

      Girardi Manager
      Mike Maddox Bench Coach
      Greg Maddox Pitching Coach
      Larry Child Ass. Pitching Coach
      Tony Gwynn Jr. Hitting Coach
      Cal Ripken Jr. Every Day Coach
      Ken Griffey Jr. Left Swing Coach

      • ari gold

        Boom! Just that easy. Let’s get it done

      • Eric

        Tony Gwynn Jr. as hitting coach?!?!!? Isn’t he still playing for the Dodgers?

  • Jono

    Why don’t umps have little cameras on their heads? That would be sooooo cool

  • Cubsick

    Just a thought….but is there any chance of getting Joe Maddon away from the Rays? I highly doubt JG will be coming to Chicago anytime soon and JM seems to get the most out of all his players….THIS…is the kind of manager I feel we need. Just Saying….

    • Jono

      I believe his contract was recently extended.

    • cubes

      JG has a higher chance of coming to Chicago than Maddon. and its not even close. did u see him after the win game 163… dude is happy its rude and dumb to think he would leave TB. he is the best manager in baseball atm. Tampa FO also prob best if not top 3. also tampa attendance up and tv ratings up so money is coming for them… not Dodger or NY money but more than they had.

      • Scotti

        “also tampa attendance up and tv ratings up so money is coming for them… not Dodger or NY money but more than they had.”

        Tampa’s attendance is dead last in all of MLB (this year was the 6th BEST all time for MLB) and Tampa’s lowest since 2007 (they were 66-96 that year). Attendance is so low that the Commissioner called their attendance “economically not tolerable” and “beyond disappointing” just earlier this year.

        2013 – 18,645 – 30th
        2012 – 19,255 – 25th
        2011 – 18,878 – 29th
        2010 – 22,758 – 22nd
        2009 – 23,147 – 23rd
        2008 – 22,259 – 26th
        2007 – 17,130 – 29th

        “…Sternberg said this season’s poor attendance would affect their ability to hold onto high-paid players and compete for valuable free agents.”

        “We budget for certain numbers and we’re extraordinarily conservative when it comes to expectations and budgeting, but it was below our expectations,” Sternberg said. “We have to change our sights for next year now.”

        • Pat

          So, if you’re dead last in attendance, that means your numbers can’t be on the rise? Not saying they are, but that is an exceeding flawed premise there.

          • Pat

            Uugh. Yeah, nevermind.

    • ClevelandCubsFan

      He’s signed through 2015. He is not available for a lateral position in another club. Just won’t happen.

      • Jono

        I thought he signed a 3 year extension before last season. I don’t know as a fact, I could definitely be wrong. Either way, he’s not going anywhere. He loves it there, they love him.

    • Scotti

      What kind of “chance” did Ricketts seem to have to get Theo? Not much from a media/fan perspective but I’m sure there was a very high level of confidence, going into the process, that Theo had a high level of legitimate interest (through back channels) and he was Ricketts’ target from day one. Personally, I wouldn’t doubt that Ricketts/Theo had had informal discussions WELL before Hendry was ever let go (GM meetings, etc.).

      Re. Girardi, I’m certain that A) the Cubs have a high level of interest in Girardi (they would have nipped the media speculation in the bud if the media was way ahead of itself–it’s only bad press and bummed out fans of this doesn’t go down) and also B) Girardi has a very legitimate high level of interest in the Cub job this time around (someday Girardi WILL be a former Yankee manager and playing the Cubs now, just to get more money from the Yankees, would be a tremendously stupid and shortsighted–and uncharacteristic–thing for Girardi to do).

      This thing still may not happen–family considerations, etc.–but there are no signs that this is doing anything but rolling along as planned, thus far.

  • Steve

    Great work as always!! Thank you for your hard work!!

  • Lou

    Brett, the reason Cashman has to go to ownership is that next years team is without Mariano, probably without A-Rod, has Cano taking a higher % of their payroll, Jeter at 40, Granderson gone, and no youngsters on the way. So he went to ownership to ask if they will consider raising the budget. The Yankees brought in $471 million in revenue last year, so they have the room to raise the budget.

  • Cheryl

    Lou, That may be a prime reason why Girardi is even looking at the Cubs. He knows they have some players in the pipeline that may be pretty good. He knows the Yankees will probably be even less competitive next year. The family aspect may be the situation that causes him to remain in New York but if the Yankees don’t offer him the length of contract he wants he may believe he’d be better off with a club like the cubs. He also has to be sure that he has freedom to manage.

  • Seth N.

    Better family environment. NYC or Chicago. I’d go Chi. And I’ve lived in both. It’s a much more pleasant town.

    • D.G.Lang

      The Great Jazz Clarinetist Benny Goodman was born and raised in Chicago and yet lived out his life in New York.

      I also attended the same high school that he did, Harrison Tech and in 1962 I had the pleasure of playing on stage with him when he returned for the school’s 50th anniversary.

      His old neighborhood that he grew up in changed from Jewish to black.

      He found New York much more to his favor especially after his old neighbor hood went down hill so fast.

      I would suspect that while Joe Girardi hasn’t had the decline in his old neighborhood that Benny Goodman experienced there is still enough of a change that Girardi doesn’t feel much pull from it any longer.

      In so far as the neighborhood which produced Benny Goodman, it also produced Arthur Goldberg a former U.S. Supreme court justice.

  • BubblesHargrave

    I just want to say that one of the biggest mistakes this organization ever made is having the two-headed monster of Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein. Whether one is Gm and the other is the President, we all know that Epstein is really the GM. Why is there a need for Hoyer? This relationship will eventually lead to it’s demise which will implode once again in the face of Cubs leadership. A partnership is the only ship that sinks.

    • Jimmy James


  • arta

    say what?

  • sven-erik312

    I hope it’s not true that the only reason they threw out Sveum was to take a chance on getting Girardi. Becasue if they don’t get him, they will really look like fools and everyone, including the team, will see whom ever they hire as the “second choice” Field Manager. It seems to me that the ownership and the FO are really in a bind here. It’s like they HAVE to get Girardi now to keep the credibility that they have.

  • AnkenyHawk

    Dusty Baker is available!

  • Jon

    Hearing some twitter rumors that Dusty Baker has been fired

  • forlines

    I see what you did there Brett. Very clever, man