dusty baker classyThe Cubs are looking for a new manager, and a top name just came on the market. That’s because this morning the AP reported, and John Fay confirmed, that Reds manager Dusty Baker would not be returning to the team in 2014. The Reds lost in the NL Wild Card Game to the Pirates earlier this week.

Perfect timing, right!? Baker was the Cubs’ manager for their 2003 playoff run, and is clearly the right guy to bring back and put this rebuild over the top.

Be advised: in this post, the sarcasm font looks the same as the regular font.

  • FastBall

    In order to improve attendance and at the same time solve the manager and coaching issue Ricketts could take this approach.

    Much like the 7th inning stretch have a different manager everyday. Most of the numbers guys on here don’t think a manager has much of WAR effect on the games. One manager decisions vs another don’t change the outcome all that much.

    So for every Cub fan who buys a ticket to a game home or on the road. Their ticket goes into a lottery and 1 hour before each game Ricketts draws a lottery ticket out of a bucket. The winner gets to manage the Cubs that day. Who wouldn’t buy a ticket and show up if they thought the could manage the Cubs for a day. It’s a 1 in 38M shot every home game. Hell I might be inclined to buy a bunch of lottery tickets to increase my odds of winning. Wrigley is sold out every home game win or lose. Revenue goes up and we get better players. Ricketts could go ahead and have the same lottery drawing for all the other coaching jobs. He saves probably $5MM a year on coaching and managerial salaries which he could put back into quality players or pocket for himself like he currently does or give that money back to his dad.

  • walterj

    I would be so mad if he was brought back .

  • Jon

    You know what’s annoying…how he brings up the hate mail every time he gets fired.
    (yes the hate mail sucks, and people that send it need to die), but he’s not the only minority in spotlight that gets hate mail. I just don’t get the point.

  • http://bing mallcop58

    Well if my mined surfes me write lol when dusty was here we was winers and was in the play offs and lue did to had susses . But the cubs hasn’t seen nothing above but dead last since so why not trust they in dusty again least we would be winers agian : )

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