chicago cubs logoWe’ve got another wedding today, and The Wife is in the wedding. That means I’ve got the kiddos for most of the day today before I head out to the wedding, myself, this afternoon. I’ll keep tabs on any breaking managerial stuff, but you might otherwise not see me around much today.

  • It should be no surprise that a broadcasting award that saw Tim McCarver win last year has Hawk Harrelson nominated this year. Apparently the criteria for the Ford C. Frick Award, which is given each year at the Hall of Fame, include (1) be a broadcaster for a long time, and (2) be talked about a lot. More attention for the award, I suppose. If Harrelson wins, however, hopefully he’ll include one of his 30-second-long silent pouting fits in the acceptance speech. Now that’s broadcasting!
  • Jesse Rogers continues his review of the Cubs, taking a look at the bullpen.
  • The Cubs remain happy about their decision to partner up with Kane County at the low-A level.
  • The Onion with a poll on the next Cubs manager.
  • Dusty Baker says he received racist hate mail during his time in Cincinnati (Baker was let go yesterday). You may recall similar stories from his time in Chicago upon his exit, which painted the city in a particularly negative light. With it happening in Cincinnati as well … I mean … it’s almost like you could conclude that there are racist idiots everywhere. (Also: stop being racist idiots, you racist idiots of the world.)
  • Filmmaker Matt Liston unearthed some old footage from 2002 that he shot with Joe Girardi. In it, Girardi says he’d trade his then three Yankees World Series rings for one with the Cubs. Now, Girardi was being interviewed for a Cubs-focused project, and he’s wearing a Cubs jersey, but still … it’s fun to hear him say it:

  • Dusto

    Let’s hope he still thinks that way

  • Eric

    What’s the old saying? If you meet an asshole first thing in the morning, they were an asshole. If you meet assholes all day, you’re the asshole. Sorry Dusty, but I’m weary of you playing the race card every time things don’t go your way. You’re the asshole.

    • ClevelandCubsFan

      I buy it. Look if you’re a public figure you’re going to get hate mail. That hate is going to try to get you where it hurts. So yeah. He gets racial hate mail. Some from racists. Some from idiots who have no problems with blacks but just want to hurt Dusty Baker out of some perverse anonymous sadism.

      I agree though with the sentiment that he ought not use it to deflect criticism. He’s reached the height of his profession and he should know these things by now. It doesn’t make it right that it happens. But in his field he needs to rise above it.

      • Eternal pessemist

        I think you characterized this very well…wait till you are fired, throw your city under the bus (’cause obviously cinci is also filled with racists, move to a new city, rinse, repeat…

        Nothing new here. Yes there are racists in every town (and of every color shape and size), but his whiny BS wears thin…really think this should be his last managerial stop!

      • hookersorcake

        I don’t think telling people who experience racism that they should be quiet about it is the way to go.
        And maybe Dusty sucks all that stuff up, all the negativity and pressure of being a big league Manager and going through health problems keeps quiet about it, doesn’t want it to be a distraction. And maybe when you get fired after a 90 win season it hurts and some of that stuff comes out.
        I like Dusty. He got the Cubs pretty close. Closer than they’d ever been in my lifetime. Alex Gonzalez makes that play and maybe we win it all and he’s a Chicago hero.
        Sure, I think his time has passed and he’s a little too old school with all the great analysis and info we have today, but I think he’s be a great bench coach and be a helluva an asset to a lot of organizations.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Where I think that it becomes different is the implications of the “hate.” A white manager gets a lot of hate mail calling him stupid for not bunting with the cleanup hitter. A black manager gets a lot of hate mail letting him know that his stupidity comes from his black skin, that he got the job over a more-qualified white guy, and that no white manager would be stupid enough to not bunt with the cleanup hitter. That has to get old really, really soon.

          (Just on a hunch, I’m betting that the sabermetrics crowd doesn’t mention his skin in their hate mail: not unless Dusty misinterprets Greek letters are somehow racist by associating them with too many college frats!)

          • cubmig

            I agree with the sentiments expressed in the two posts above (hookerorcake & Doc’s). All I would add is that unless you have walked in the shoes of one experiencing racism, I wouldn’t be quick to dismiss Dusty’s comments.. Second, when racism raises its ugly head, we need to address/confront it. Silence is consent.

            • Rizzovoir Dog

              Well put

            • EQ76

              Cubmig, so you’re saying that you trusty in Dusty?

      • CubsFaninMS

        Nicely put! I agree with your perspective. Some people just like to “hit where it hurts” and resort to an infantile means of doing it.

    • Eric

      I didn’t saw that Dusty Baker should be quiet. What my point is, and I stand behind it is:

      1. Stop your crap. You can’t cry racism every time you lose your job.
      2. If you were the victim of racist letters, prove it. Show the letters. Otherwise, it looks like you’re trying to imply the only reason you were fired is because you’re black.
      3. We live in a racist world. Maybe at this stage in your life you can put on your big-boy stirrups and stop getting butt-hurt by it. Besides, it works both ways. In my travels I’ve seen just as much black on hispanic and black on white racism as I’ve seen white on black. Does it suck? Yes. Should we be evolved past it? Maybe when people start believing in evolution, we can.

      Bottom line Dusty, (and I hate that this even has to be said) people get fired. Go on about your day or retire.

    • Brains

      People who try to conceal racism are usually the assholes, from what I’ve seen. We have entire political parties dedicated to drinking afternoon tea to racism right now.

      • CubsFaninMS

        I like your afternoon tea analogy. Odd how it is backed be zero evidence. Maybe you should bother reading other than news article titles before forming your opinion?

      • Eric

        Nobody is trying to conceal racism. Had you read my comment you would have seen where I called for Mr. Baker to prove it. Nothing wrong with that, right?

        • cubmig

          Your calling for proof of racism (in Dusty’s case) is the Doubting Thomas story all over again. Another thing…….neither you nor I know what information Dusty has (or hasn’t) shared with the appropriate channels.

  • chrisfchi

    id give joe my hunting land if he helped win a world series.

  • cubzfan23

    His comments are exactly why I think he comes back. There are plenty of people in the MLB that want to be a part of that championship when it happens. To be at the helm will be special.

  • Blublud

    I wasn’t big on Girardi. I really didn’t care either way. But now I’m starting to want Girardi, because I feel he really wants to be here. Its one thing to take a job as for money, it’s better to be where you wanna be. If Girardi wants to be a Cub that bad, then I want him. Hope I’m right.

    • MichiganGoat

      Well let’s not kid ourselves he will get paid, he wouldn’t do it for the MLB minimum. But yes if the dream of leading the Cubs to a championship is real it’s a nice plus but I’m
      Sure there are millions of people who would love to manage the Cubs to the World Series but the fact that one of the top manager in the game want it is a nice bonus.

    • Scotti

      Yeah, he’d do it for free but you know in the back of his head he’d be doing it because people would be giving buildings away…

    • CubsFaninMS

      I’m of a similar mindset as you. It would be nice to have Girardi at the helm of the 2014 Cubs, but he’s not the only solid, qualified candidate. It’s a fair assessment that most of us on this board are discerning, knowledgeable Cubs fans. That being said, perhaps that makes us more emotionally invested? Most Cubs fans on here can see past the initial “GIRARDI!!!!!!” excitement and realize that he’s a great candidate for the job, but not a messiah. I have a great deal of confidence that our front office will utilize a methodical approach to find the best candidate for the job, whether it be Girardi, Acta, Alomar, Ausmus, or another manager with a last name that starts with an “A”. Can we say that Sveum’s hire was a mistake? Well, I present an alternate viewpoint. I found a job initially that moved me from LA to MS. That job was, in a word, excruciating. But that job lead me to find my dream job that I have now. I don’t see Sveum as a mistake. I see him as having served his purpose (just as my first job in MS did). This management selection will be quite a bit more important than the Sveum hire. I’m excited to see what they do this off season.

  • okiecubhawk

    I wonder if there is any chance at all Greg Maddux would accept a bench coach position. If Girardi comes back as manager how awesome would it be to have Maddux on the bench calling all the pitches! Maybe if that happens the other Maddux might be persuaded to come be the pitching coach…?

    • Scotti

      I think that depends on how things are going at home. The reason he wasn’t fulltime with the Cubs to begin with was a heath issue with a family member (he had a standing offer from Hendry to take a job whenever his family situation allowed).

  • Tommy

    Dusty Baker is a tool. Every job he gets fired from is followed by him talking about racist hate mail he received. I guess idiots that can write letters are a reflection on the entire city once he has been canned, and this begs the question why no word of this stuff when he’s in the honeymoon phase of his jobs? Does he only receive racist hate mail near the end of his tenure?

    I’m still sour over him getting Steve Stone fired.

    • iowacubs

      The only reason I liked Dusty was he got Stone fired!

      • Eternal pessemist

        Stone-carey were the best booth combo the cubs ever had…the. Announcers have been fair to poor since. Stone could predict just about every pitch and result. Carey was a great color guy, who knew his baseball too. Neither were ridiculous homers like a couple we have seen since (RIP). I wish we could get stone back.

        • Scotti

          The Stone “predictions” are about the worst thing in all of sports.

        • Awakeape


          • Awakeape

            I agree wish we could get Stoney back Harry and Steve were the best.

        • caryatid62

          So…much…wrong… in this post.

      • ClevelandCubsFan

        I thought it was comments be made about Kerry Wood. Been a long time though. honestly I really miss the Thom Brennaman Steve Stone days. 6 innings great analysis and rising to comedic commentary stirring some dismal years and 3 innings of steve both trying not to upstage Harry while keeping him from making a fool of himself. ah for childhood again.

    • ssckelley

      I agree, I miss Stone in the broadcast booth for the Cubs.

  • Kevin

    Steve Stone was a great color analyst with the Cubs. You could watch and learn a lot at the same time. If Dusty was the reason for Steve’s departure then I agree with your comment 100%.

  • jeff1969

    I don’t like Baker either but the racist stuff is very real.

  • Rich H

    I am still wondering who deficated on the top step of the doughout. Did that happen in Cincy as well?

    If so then Dusty needs to look at the possibilty that he has more of an issue than some racist idiot writing a letter.

  • jeff1969

    On another note, did anyone see what Gammons reported? From MLBTR, “One assistant GM proposes that the Rays could trade David Price to the Dodgers for Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, Julio Urias and Chris Withrow”. I guess the biggest grain of salt in this one is the “assistant” in the GM description. But it is a kind of a baseline as to what Price might haul. Price is fabulous, but he’s 28, and the arm stuff he had earlier this year is troubling especially when possibly paying this kind of price for Price. Looking at the supposed timeline for supposed Cubby success, does trading for Price even fit? If they aren’t really going to be in playoff contention until he’s in his early 30’s, maybe their might be a younger cheaper guy to be had? How old is Bumgarner? 25, 26? Or Chris Sale? Just some thoughts.

    • http://It'searly Mike F

      I would be very concerned about trading for Price. The arm stuff and his throwing motion are troubling. The drop in velocity is a leading indicator. Even if you could trade him for say Castillo, Castro and Vogelbach the cost of resigning him is likely to be very high. I wouldn’t get involved on this one.

      • Toby

        That’s the rub with trading for a #1 starter like Price. The package for Price is going to be very high which, as far as the Cubs, will include one of the big four, plus 3-4 prospects in the 5-10 range plus look at what KC gave up to get Shields and Davis and they aren’t even #1’s. If the Rays demand for Price is met by the Cubs and Price suffers the ultimate pitching injury then what is gained?

        • http://It'searly Mike F

          It wouldn’t be hard for me. Castro would have to be part of the package and I honestly wouldn’t wouldn’t kiss their ass and send them Bryant, Almora or Soler. And bluntly while’s their risk with Baez he has unlimited upside and is at 20 a better prospect than Castro. Castro will struggle to ever hit consistently at the level people expect, especially in this system. Further, he doesn’t have power, and that’s why they tried to make him more patient and restructure his swing. And most importantly Price has too many miles given the drop in velocity. And just for icing, he will want a at least 150M to sign. No thanks.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Dusty plays the race card every time things go south for him. That said it is reprehensible that he gets racist tinged hate mail. What I really want to know though is who in the hell still writes a letter and sends mail?!? Crikey.

    • Jed Jam Band

      Racists, presumably.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Why on earth would San Francisco trade a young cornerstone in Madison Baumgarner? Answer is they won’t. And Chris Sale is THE franchise player for the Sox. He isn’t going anywhere unless a team very severely overlays.

    David Price is likely to be moved. I see the Dodgers, Diamondbacks or Rangers as most likely destination.

    • Carew

      That is exactly why the white sox would trade him. pow!

  • Die hard

    Porque? Girardi es gato loco uno!

    • Johnny

      Girardi is cat crazy one?

    • Jed Jam Band

      First of all, “porque” is actually “por que?”. Aside from that, Johnny got the translation right. That is just….wow.

      • cubmig

        In Spanish, nouns go before adjectives…..(e.g. casa grande = big house)….so in English, it reads: “crazy cat” even though the literal translation is “cat crazy”. The “uno” at the end is what doesn’t make sense though there are, imo, two explanations. One, it was misplaced in the sentence. Two, it’s playing off barrio slang…..though I have my doubts the latter is the case, because it would be “ese” and not “uno”.

        • X The Cubs Fan

          Correct “Cubmig”

    • MichiganGoat

      I think die hard is broke

    • arta

      par kay?

      • Brad


    • X The Cubs Fan

      Did you mean “Girardi es un gato loco”?

      • Carew

        3rd grade Spanish at work

  • Jed Jam Band

    I can honestly say that I have never really disliked Dusty Baker. I always found him to be the consummate professional who handled his job with the utmost respect and class and was certainly deserving of being a major league manager. Yes, I do think the game has probably passed him by, but I also feel the same way about Jim Leyland and dear God, should you EVER criticize him Detroit fans will jump down your throat. Dusty is sortave a relic of a time gone by in baseball and that is a problem in the new age where there is more solid information coming into the hands of organizations than ever before. Still, I have great respect for Dusty, as he has handled his affairs the way you would expect the best of managers to do so and I believe that’s why he’s been successful for so long. He knows how to handle the players, the clubhouse, the media, and the criticism. Him talking about racism is honestly a GOOD THING. People need to hear that stuff so that they understand that it is still happening. If people like Dusty don’t make a point of putting that out there, then people will get the ridiculous idea that somehow baseball is a utopia in which racism doesn’t exist and I, for one, appreciate that someone is willing to be so open and honest about something very personal and very hurtful.

    • Jed Jam Band

      Also, I have to mention, if you actually read the article, Dusty made a point of telling Jocketty to fire him so as to save the job of one of his coaches. Class act all around. That doesn’t sound like a guy who is trying to race-bait to me.

      • Joe

        Well you’re not supposed to actually READ the article!! This is about jumping to conclusions!!

      • arta

        the way i read it was, if u fire him u may as well fire me. dusty was going to be fired no matter who else left.

      • Scotti

        So, by being fired, Dusty DOESN’T get paid? It was all for a coach? If Dusty resigned instead of being fired that coach couldn’t stay on? That sounds like a compelling article. I might get around to reading it.

      • Scotti

        Okay, I just read the article. Baker did NOT save the hitting coach’s job. He just opened his mouth and got himself fired, too. Not so heroic.

    • cms0101

      I have to take an opposing view on Dusty. How professional was the whole war of words with Steve Stone and Chip Carray? Or allowing his players, like Todd Walker, to verbally abuse those guys as well? That team should have been focused on the on-field stuff, not what two announcers might be saying. Bob Brenly was much more critical than anything those guys ever said, but Dusty’s thin skin allowed it to be a team wide distraction. If this guy has such a good W-L record every where he goes, why do teams get sick of him after 3-4 years? The Giants couldn’t wait to dump him when the Cubs picked him up. His “professionalism” rubs management, fans, and some broadcasters the wrong way so much that they are usually happy when he leaves. I don’t like to hear about idiots sending him racist mail. That’s an embarrassment to all Cubs fans in my opinion. But how long has he been gone from Chicago? There are idiots in every city. Why talk about it and give those morons the glory that they were looking for? Now he’s acknowledging more idiots in Cincinnati. Dusty plays too many games in the clubhouse and with management. He burns out pitchers way too often. He did not do right by many of the young players he had while with the Cubs. He has a shelf life. If your team needs a players manager, and you are a veteran club, give Dusty a call. Only give him a 3 year deal, because that’s when the honeymoon seems to end. And make sure you have a ton of pitching, as he’ll burn up the best guys pretty quickly.

  • arta

    he should stop crying, move on.

    • Joe

      This might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Satch Dobrey

    There is one aspect involving Girardi’s decision apart from being from Peoria, going to Northwestern and playing for the Cubs. He grew up being a Cubs fan. That just might tilt the balance.

    • #1lahairfan

      Solid point.

    • #1lahairfan

      I actually didn’t even know this.

  • Die hard

    Don’t count out Ivan DeJesus as mgr

    • Professor Snarks


      All ex-Cubs shortstops for manager.

      Larry Bowa, anyone?

  • jmc

    come on hookerorcake wasn’t season painful enough that you have to bring up that Alex Rodriguez play?oNow I’m going to be bummed until the Bears start

  • Steve

    If Joe Girardi isn’t the next Cub manager, someone such as Sandy Alomar, who is bi-lingual, would be a huge benefit in the rebuilding of the Cubs. Many of the Cubs promising minor leaguers speak Spanish and having a manager who also spoke Spanish would be a huge benefit in their future development. If Girardi does become manager, it’s imperative that at least two of his coaches are bilingual!!!

  • TheRiot2

    A catcher with MLB experience needed to manage ? Chiti,Bertell,Thacker,Davis,Hundley would be a list to go through.

  • Jon

    Racism sucks, but I’m kinda tired how Dusty is bringing up as a “thing” every time he gets fired…like a crutch

    • Scotti

      “The last couple weeks, I’ve been getting a rash of hate mail, racial mail,” he said. “Maybe it is time to go.”

      “This is really ugly,” he said. “There are all sorts of references to Barack Obama. So now I know where they are coming from. I don’t know, maybe people are mad at him, so they don’t like the idea of blacks in authority.”

      White or black, managers who lose key games get hate mail. White or black, managers who stump, as Baker did, for (ultimately) unpopular politicians are going to get hate mail.

      Unless there is more to it, I don’t see the racism.

  • Die hard

    Baker may complain because maybe he has a tough time dealing with anyone not of his race

  • cubzforlife

    I watched Dusty at spring training in 03,04 and he was the coolest dude. Stayed long after the game was over signing autographs, talking to friends, all shapes sizes and colors. Saw the same thing at wrigley. Sat in the bosses seats first row by on deck and Dusty was like the host of a big party. Again the friends were caucasian. I just wish he would of came out and talked to Prior after you know what.

    • Die hard

      Maybe the marine in Dusty wanted Prior to quit whining and suck it up

  • Oswego chris

    I met him as well and he could not have been a nicer guy…this city went from “In Dusty we Trusty” to wanting him gone in a flash…

    Who was better Dusty or Lou?

    I think Dusty, but he still invokes such vitriol from so many fans…not necessarily due to race…but Lou quit during the middle of the year, and didn’t really get any heat for it…

    • Brains

      It’s no irony that under Dusty we contended and that Dusty has contended with every team he ever was in charge of, San Fran, Chicago, Cincinnati. The man’s a player’s manager that understands the game as well as anyone. Is he logistically perfect? No, there are inconsistencies that become glaring with losses, but I don’t remember anyone criticizing him when times were good. That’s just baseball. I agree that he overpitched Wood and Prior at too young an age. It happened to Strasburg too, and now Harvey, so it’s not just a Dusty thing.

      • Joe

        I agree with most of this, except your statement that Strasburg has been overpitched. How on earth is that true?

        He’s been babied from the start and still can’t stay healthy.

        • Eternal pessemist

          I didn’t like Dusty, but lou was the worst…thought that veterans didn’t need to be coached since, well, they’re veterans.

          I don’t doubt for a second that Dusty got attacked with some racist barbs, but every manager that wears out his welcome gets attacked in some way (doesn’t need to be racist to be cruel and wrong).

          The objection I have is saying nothing and suddenly, after getting canned, getting your voice back about the racism thing. Racism sucks, is weak, and is pulled out when you can’t figure out anything smart to say. But Dusty keeps pulling out the race card when he is fired to tell the world how unfairly he is treated…wrong context to keep doing this…and very weak.

  • Brains

    Look guys, we’re not getting Girardi. He’s going to go to a team willing to pay him well, a team actually making effort to win, or a team willing to court him and not embarrass him when their bad decisions come out badly. He doesn’t want a repeat of Florida. We have the second worst owners in baseball after Florida and he’ll be understandably skeptical of owners who put themselves and their caprice in front of winning.

    • turn two

      If you love baseball the cubs job has more appeal than you give it credit for. Fact is the coach who wins it all here is in baseball immortality. I could see a competitive individual with all things equal choosing us over the Yankees where the coach will never get the credit, the owners will.

    • Kevin

      At least with Girardi the car is in drive, not stopped.

  • Oswego chris

    He was fired in Florida because he refused to adhere to some of the things the GM was asking him to do…that is what I got from a Marlin’s employee at the time

    • Brains

      “Some of things”, meaning bad play and being embarrassed by the owner during the game. When you hire a guy to coach, you gotta let him coach. Otherwise the entire approach is inconsistent. Baseball 101.

    • cms0101

      He yelled at the owner of the team because the guy was being rude and yelling/heckling at opposing players and umpires. I have to give him respect for having the stones to tell his ownership they are behaving unprofessionally. The Marlins owner is clearly a clown, so taking the viewpoint that Girardi was at fault in that situation is difficult for me. There may have been things he could have done better, but he won manager of the year on that team. He was doing pretty well for the first time out in my opinion.

      • Oswego Chris

        I also think he probably grew and learned a lot from New York…

        Hey I want him…just see it as doubtful

        • Brains

          With different owners, and a different team composition we’d have a fighting chance. I’m sure Theo wouldn’t mind a better pro-level team, but for now he’ll have to take credit with “good potential” and some smart drafting. Until he leaves for a different big market team for being blocked by the owners from building.

  • Oswego Chris

    Unless he is over-using young pitchers and you asked him no to… In his first job..

  • 70’scub

    After the JG situation gets resolved, the next best candidate maybe Dusty.

    • turn two

      And now class our lesson on burning bridges.

    • udbrky


    • DarthHater

      And monkeys may be flying out of my butt.

      • Die hard

        Would pay to see that

  • Gutshot5820

    This board is full of a bunch of old white male crybabies. If you do a web-analytics search you will find that the predominant number of visitors to this site are old, white, middle to upper class men, Now it makes sense why all these old white farts are complaining about Dusty?

    I didn’t care much for Dusty as a manger but you know what? I can totally understand his frustrations, GIVE THE FUCKIN GUY A BREAK. He just got knocked out of the first round of the playoffs for the umpteenth time, he’s been getting progressively worse hate/racist mail for who how long, the guy is fat and old as a dinosaur, will probably never get another job as a manager and he just got fired from his boss!! You know what? He’s having a freaking bad day!

    How many of you that just lost your job, got fired, been getting hate mail, too old to get another job would be happy about that? How many of you would go home and kiss your wife with a smile and say “honey I’m home” as if nothing ever happened. I would venture to guess many would bitch and moan and swear and cry your eyes out.

    The dude sucked as a manager and got fired so he started talking a lil shit. LOL I i wish I had a mouth like his. The guy totally sucked as a manager, so he must be one hell of a talker to get so many jobs and make millions running his mouth off. And for all you Dusty haters (me included) if you don’t like Morgan as an ESPN analyst, get ready for Dusty in his new career as a ESPN Sportscaster/Analyst.

    • Boogens

      Spoken like a true racist.

    • caryatid62

      $3.5 million will make a good pile to lay down and cry on for the next year.

    • jt

      “This board is full of a bunch of old white male crybabies.”
      What is your point?

      • jkppkj

        You mean baseball fans?

        • jt

          sorry, I was quoting the gunshot guy.
          who cares what the demographics of the site is?
          it is folk with a common interest having some fun
          screw squirrels that don’t get that.
          so yeah, agreed
          baseball/Cubs fans.

          • Gutshot5820

            You think any of the people on this board complaining that Baker pulled the race card are African-Americans? LMAO, Yea right buddy, some African-American guy is going to start complaining on a baseball blog that Dusty always pulls the race card about hate/racist mail when he gets fired. Only on this board led by a white blog writer no less (yes I’m pointing at you Brett) would make a big deal out of a few comments and make it a big deal. I checked ESPN comments section and there is literally zero reference to Dusty’s statements about hate mail. Mostly, the comments are about why Dusty sucked, which should be the focus.

            But not here on this board. Brett, the white blog writer had to point it out and stir the sheep of white old men that frequently comments on this board. Lo and behold, a bunch of white old men started talking shit about Dusty and his race card comments every time he gets fired. Should of been a non-story until the blog writer and his bunch of merry white old men started making a big deal about it.

            • mjhurdle

              in fairness, it should be known that there are mentions to Dusty’s racial email quote in the comment section of ESPN.

              but dont let that take anything away from the train-wreck that is Gutshot’s post.

              • Eternal Pessimist

                The comments are specifically relevant to this audience since he made nearly identical comments on his way out of Chicago (not sure if the ESPN site was specifically the ESPN Chicago site), so the pattern of getting fired followed by talking about the boatload of racism that has surrounded him in [insert city name here].

                Again, I don’t doubt for a second that he has received hate mail as he said (I wonder what percentage was about race and how much is about his suckiness) in both cities and has been affected by racism throughout his life. I would be less sceptical of his motives if the timing wasn’t always right after being fired. Given the timing it looks more like throwing the entire city under the bus due to an epidemic of sour grapes for being canned.

                • Brains

                  Yes but African American players are repeatedly bombarded with racist comments from the stands at games, in emails, on the street. These things become all the more acute when momentum has been stopped. It’s like, OK I worked hard, had to deal with a bunch of monsters on the periphery, and this is what I get at the end of it. I don’t blame him at all. If it happened, he has a right to voice discomfort. Why in the world would a blog reading fan be indignant about a guy who doesn’t want to be dehumanized? Plenty of Cubs players have reported hearing bullshit from the bleachers over the years.

                  • davidalanu

                    While I’m sure that there are isolated instances, I truly doubt that players are “bombarded” with racist comments from the stands. I’ve seen fans removed for much less, and I don’t believe that sort of thing is tolerated in this age.

                  • Eternal Pessimist

                    I definitely see your point. I wish he had handled it better (talk about racism during your tenure when it happens instead of after the ax has fallen).

                    He may be a great guy, and it sounds like he has shown a lot of character in many situations throughout his career. Unfortunately, the way he characterizes the events seems to spread the blame over the entire city, and doesn’t put into context the support that he has probably received from people of all races in each town.

              • Gutshot5820

                How about instead of Brett completely de-humanizing and dismissing the racial aspects of Dusty’s comments and trivializing it instead as a slur to an entire city and maybe, just maybe look at Dusty’s comments from an African-American point of view. Really disappointed/disgusted at Brett’s off-hand remark about the racist/hate mail Dusty has been receiving.

                Do you think that possibly, just maybe Dusty has been receiving these types of mail both in Chicago and Cincinnati and instead of speaking about it, he was FORCED or UNWILLINGLY repressed voicing his concerns until after he was fired or no longer was held in an accountable position to the major league club.

                Maybe he held back speaking in both cities because if he talks about the racist problem he knows that it will look bad on the org and city he works for and he realizes it would be unwise for him to make waves while he is still employed. Or in addition to that maybe he is worried that if he speaks out publicly against the race/hate mail he is receiving there is a possibility that the very same type of racists would cause even more harm against his children while he is being employed by the team.

                Maybe after receiving letters like “die you f**kin nig**r, or go back to Africa with Obama” or similar letters that typify racist/hate mail, Maybe after getting fired in both cities, he was finally relieved to be able to speak freely about those pent up type of circumstances? Could it possibly the only real available time to be able to speak freely about the racist hate mail was when he was no longer employed with the orgs? Naw, no way, reading Brett’s remarks, it seems as if Brett pre-judged Dusty as just another African-American pulling the race card after getting released out of pure spite. Forget about the circumstances in which Dusty and his family probably had to live with out of courtesy to the org while being employed.

                • Brett

                  This is the last response you’ll get out of me – you’re reading things that aren’t there (no surprise). My criticism was of the heat Chicago got as a racist town last time around, not of anything Dusty said. Read what I actually wrote – not what you imagine I said.

                  I have wasted my time once again.

                  • Gutshot5820

                    Once again trivializing your comments. It is pretty clear what you meant. At best you are racially insensitive.

                    • Eternal Pessimist

                      …says the kettle to the pot…wait, that would bring Brett down to your level, so I take that back. Your racist rantings agains old white men (an assumption, even if true), are fair game in your world. What a dick. Get a life, troll.

                    • caryatid62

                      If only you weren’t forced to come here and read his blog…

                      If only there were some way to possibly, somehow, avoid coming to a site you feel is run by a person who is, in your opinion, a racist.

                      Alas, there is not. So you must keep fighting that good fight: convincing random internet strangers who come here to discuss baseball that they are actually racists through the tried-and-true bridge building strategy of ad hominem attacks and put downs.

                      Good luck to you, sir.

                    • X The Cubs Fan

                      @Gunshot I’m actually half black and I just the racism and actually I think Brett did acknowledge that racists are idiots as well.

                    • Internet Random

                      “random internet strangers”

                      Leave me out of this.

                • hansman1982

                  “Do you think that possibly, just maybe Dusty has been receiving these types of mail both in Chicago and Cincinnati and instead of speaking about it, he was FORCED or UNWILLINGLY repressed voicing his concerns until after he was fired or no longer was held in an accountable position to the major league club.

                  Maybe he held back speaking in both cities because if he talks about the racist problem he knows that it will look bad on the org and city he works for and he realizes it would be unwise for him to make waves while he is still employed. Or in addition to that maybe he is worried that if he speaks out publicly against the race/hate mail he is receiving there is a possibility that the very same type of racists would cause even more harm against his children while he is being employed by the team.”

                  So in the span of a couple of hours, you have painted Dusty as a coward and a tool while simultaneously painting Brett as a tool for racism and claiming the rest of us on here are racist old white dudes.

                  Good work, you have further cemented your position as the greatest dumbass in the history of BN.

                • Brains

                  I see the problem in baseball, but not as this blog. I can’t remember one raised eyebrow regarding Brett’s past posts. I race is actually a very serious and central question in the history of baseball, but what you’re reading there from Brett is a little snark, and an attempt to not make the race question into a central debate at this board. It’s bad for business and creeps come out of the woodwork once that pandora’s box has been opened. That’s my interpretation of his post at least. And a follow-up comment that baseball is by nature the most egalitarian sport in construction. There’s absolutely no way to win without distributed democratic participation and it’s the only sport of its kind in which those principles are at the core of analysis. So racial inequities undermine the very core of the purpose of the sport itself. It’s a social question and a logistical ones for those who care about the sport as an American tradition.

            • ClevelandCubsFan

              Wow this is still going on?

              “You think any of the people on this board complaining that Baker pulled the race card are African-Americans? LMAO, Yea right buddy”

              You’re right. NO African Americans are offended by blacks complaining of racism at convenient times. And of course no black person could possible be intrtedted enough in baseball or the Cubs to read this blog. I mean I can’t even think of… wait… nevermind.

              “Only on this board led by a white blog writer no less (yes I’m pointing at you Brett)”

              Brett is white?! That explains it….!

              “would make a big deal out of a few comments and make it a big deal.”

              Yeah you tell him! Tell him how he made a big deal AND made a big deal.

              “I checked ESPN comments section and there is literally zero reference to Dusty’s statements about hate mail.”

              Zero? Well anyhow you might think that when Dusty’s Cub history repeats itself it might be of particular interest to Cubs fans.

              “Mostly, the comments are about why Dusty sucked, which should be the focus.”

              Mostly they were here too until you trolled us. (Why. Must. I.feed?)

              “But not here on this board.”

              No i just said that. It was the same here.

              “Brett, the white blog writer”

              !! Twice! It must be true!

              ” had to point it out and stir the sheep of white old men that frequently comments on this board.”

              Who areyou calling old?

              “Lo and behold, a bunch of white old men started talking shit about Dusty and his race card comments every time he gets fired. Should of been a non-story until the blog writer and his bunch of merry white old men started making a big deal about it.”

              !! Twice! It must be true! I’m old!

              But hey. I’m merry. That’s not too shabby.

              • TOOT

                What is your point Really not clear.

                • ClevelandCubsFan

                  Like the original to which I responded, my point was muddled unclear and unhelpful, bordering on worthless.

            • jt

              there are those that are twisted and bitter in all races and creeds. Does it rise to the level of the segregation era? Yeah right, as if that is a serious question!
              A more serious question that perhaps you should ask yourself is what you are doing picking fights with posters who for the most part express opinions as to baseball and crack jokes.
              there are those who are twisted and bitter….

            • Hansman

              Well, I’m glad that you could discuss racism without being a racist yourself. Thank you.

              • Eternal Pessimist

                At least he didn’t call me a ‘cracker’.

            • http://ODU Greenroom

              As someone who studies race and ethnicity for a living, this comment is completely out of line. It is one thing to discuss racism, discrimination, prejudice, etc. Dusty has every right to be pissed about racial comments. But to call Brett “out” for reporting on something that Dusty said as being an aspect of white privilege or racialism, is just ridiculous. Given the fact that the majority of your posts are crap anyways, this is of no surprise.

              • Gutshot5820

                “As someone who studies race and ethnicity for a living”

                As if posting some sort of anonymous meaningless credentials qualifies you for?

                I’m pretty confident I didn’t offend many African-Americans with my posts. I wonder what majority ethnicity all these posters getting offended by my comments are?…hmmm

                • Boogens

                  Mostly us old white farts.

                • ClevelandCubsFan

                  The standard isn’t “did I offend anyone” but rather “did I offend the truth, goodwill, and common sense?”

                  You failed the test.

    • mjhurdle

      this could be your stupidest post yet, which, considering your history of posts, is actually quite impressive.

      • Gutshot5820

        Coming from you and your history of posts, that’s actually one of the nicest things you’ve said. Thanks!

        • mjhurdle

          I would definitely try to hold onto this moment. Maybe take a screenshot?