albert pujols hold onIt was a good wedding last night, and I’m glad to see that I didn’t miss any breaking news on the managerial front while I was breaking it down on the dance floor. Smooth.

  • It was a litigious Friday for MLB, with Alex Rodriguez suing the league in connection with his PED suspension, and Albert Pujols following through on his threat to sue Jack Clark for claiming that Pujols used PEDs. The former is salacious reading, with Bud Selig in the crosshairs for most of the complaint. The latter would be very interesting if it proceeded to the discovery phase (i.e., the exchange of documents and interviewing of witnesses). Does Pujols really want to be deposed about all of this stuff? Then again, should he let people make PED claims without responding? Friday also saw MLB in a San Jose court defending itself against claims that it is unlawfully preventing the A’s from getting out of Oakland. As I said, it was a litigious day.
  • That extremely expensive amusement tax on Chicago Cubs tickets could be getting even more expensive. Chicago is considering raising the already 9%(!!!) tax on large sporting event tickets, which is one of the highest in the country (and artificially depresses the price the Cubs can charge for their tickets). An increase could easily make it the highest ticket tax in the country. Try not to break any teeth when grating them so hard as you think about the money your Cubs ticket purchases are directly contributing to Chicago, while also thinking about how the Wrigley renovation process has proceeded.
  • Mark Gonzalez writes that, whoever takes the Cubs’ managerial gig, will find it a difficult balance of many tasks.
  • A local (Baltimore) take on the Scott Feldman trade, where it seems like they are generally satisfied with how the deal worked out, even if the O’s missed the playoffs and the Cubs saw Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop turn their seasons around.
  • CSN Chicago looks at the state of catching in the Cubs’ system (up to the big leagues).
  • A reminder that tends to be particularly useful this time of year: online communities can be awesome, and ours is no exception. But the barriers to entry when it comes to commenting are extremely low. That is to say, pretty much anyone can say anything at any time. And some folks get their jollies out of getting a rise out of you. I know it can be difficult to resist the urge to put them in their place or “prove” them wrong, but I’d encourage you to resist. With these kinds of commenters, you can never win. That’s because, when you respond in any way – ANY way – they win. You’ve given them precisely what they’re looking for. The solution, as difficult and painful as it is? Stop responding. Let them shout themselves into tizzy while their words drift in a vacuum where no one will hear them. It’s the only tried and true solution to getting those kinds of people to move along. This applies to a tiny minority of posters here, and you’ll know it when you see it. Otherwise, carry on and enjoy the discussions.
  • http://It'searly Mike F

    If he says no to the Yankees, and the Cubs delay the pick it would be obvious. Frankly if he says no, they’ll part ways and let him talk. It is completely going to be his decision.

  • X The Cubs Fan

    I think it would be awesome if the Cubs got the Maddux brothers as manager & pitching coach and Ripken Jr as the hitting coach.

    • DarthHater

      If they’re not careful, they’ll end up with a coaching staff that could crush the major league team.

      • Jp3

        Ha! So true

      • Eric

        HA! That’s hilarious and true!

        • Nate Dawg

          Haha this is awesome.

      • Brains

        Darth has identified the next phase of “The Plan”. There’s another hole in the system that Team Theo has figured out. Bring in venerable HOF caliber players, pay them the lesser salaries of a coaching staff, and then make them player managers. And then fire them.

  • DjanogUnchained

    Longtime African American reader and first time posting folks. Felt had to speak out @Brett #bleachernation for his dismissive tone regarding comments about racism & @gutshot5820. Disconcerting, no matter how the tone and intent. Brett, you silenced a voice in crowd and silenced pursuit to speak freely question powers and address racism in baseball. @gutshot5820 lack of civility does not help the cause but brings valid points. @bleachernation racism is alive and well today!@#@@#@! @DustyBaker HatersWillBeHaters @AfricanAmericanNation BoycottBleacherNation

    • MichiganGoat

      Hard to seriously take a post that is full of @ and hashtags this is not twitter, if you would like to post in actual sentences. I will gladly listen, but hard to measure the seriousness of this post.

      • http://It'searly Mike F

        I think there have been some people recently who have taken it to the brink with anti-semitic tones and don’t know what he is referring to. I take Dusty at his word, but he never seems to bring it up when he is succeeding. I think when people use this as a crutch it sets back the cause. That said, Brett to me has been more than fair on many of these issues. He’s not a nanny. I think he does a great job. In the end, silencing people is often more harmful than letting them spew. Most of the time, idiots expose themselves.

        • AlwaysNextYear

          It’s simply that black people yes black people not African Americans, cause lets be honest there are very few that came straight from Africa simply use race as a convienece to help them out of a situation they got them selfs in. Racism is terrible when it’s brought on for no reason but just plain dumb ignorance but people like Jesse Jackson and Al Shapton happen to be what I think as some of the biggest racist of anybody out there. Thousands of black on black crimes happen yearly along with black on white but the minute it’s a white on black crime we have to have a formal announcement on the television by those two how blacks are not treated equally. Everybody has the same rights in this country but it’s up to the person to make their future what it is. On another note all the hashtags and such just make you look goofy like Goat said its hard to take you seriously

          • Blublud

            That first sentence is absolutely the dumbest thing that has ever been posted on this site. That statement, alone, is proof that racism exist. That is nothing but a racist statement.

            How would I sound if I said that all people with white in them like to act like fake cops, patrol the neighborhoods, and kill innocent black boys. I would sound like an idiot and a racist. That’s the act of one man(guilty or not guilty, who cares, I dont really have an opinion, just using this as an example) and to form an opinion of a group of people because the act of one or a few is as, if not more, racist as the act itself.

            I to, dislike Sharpton and Jackson, about as much as I dislike Hannity, O’reilly, Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. They are all public figures who spew hatred for the benefit of their wallet. However, all blacks don’t “use race as a convience to help them out of a situation they got them selfs in” no more then all white people use their radio shows to spew hatred and fear, all to force people to vote against the “non-citizen” for president.

            I know I may have my own view of baseball, and other things, but you should really think before posting a sentence grouping all people of one race, religion, nation or backgroup based off the acts of one or a few person(s).

            • bbmoney

              Blublud, we don’t always agree on baseball stuff. But well said.

            • AlwaysNextYear

              Believe what ever you wanna believe BluBlud. If you wanna think a big racist go for it.

              • MichiganGoat

                AlwaysNextYear and everyone else… please walk away from this discussion. There are much better forums to have such complex discussions but a baseball site full of anonymous posters is not a place to get into a very real problem that deserve serious discussion, thought, and most importantly deep reflection. As a teacher in an urban school where I am the minority I find myself everyday facing the reality, the ignorance (of what people believe are the issues and causes), and the struggles that society faces with regard to race. I’d love to get into a meaningful conversation with everyone concerning race issues, it is important to have rationale, intellectual, and honest conversations about race on a regular basis- but BleacherNation is not the place to successfully enter such a conversation. Racism is very real, its very complex, and it takes real honesty and a reflective mindset to fully understand, cope, and change the culture. These things cannot happen on an anonymous sports site.

                We should just go back to arguing about batting average, scrappy factor, and who sucked the most and will suck next year vs. getting into a political an social debate about race with a bunch of people that hide behind pseudonyms and barnyard animals. mkaythxbye

                • AlwaysNextYear

                  And I grew up in Gary as a minority as well but I absolutely agree wrong place to have this discussion.

          • Chef Brian

            Take it easy, Always Next Year. Why don’t you sit this next one out, stop talking for a while.

    • MichiganGoat

      Also you misspelled Django

    • chrisfchi

      Can’t we all just get along, and continue to talk baseball? Who cares if poster x,y,z are black, white, hispanic. This is a baseball blog, keep the hate shit out.

      Now my thought:

      A lot of talk about Price out there. I don’t see the Cubs trading for him. Just doesn’t make sense at this time. There’s a lot of concern about his arm, and I believe its foolish to spend big money on a guy who may need TJ at some point. Granted this FO seems high on reclamation projects with pitchers,to go out and spend somewhere in the ballpark of 10-18mil on a guy who has seen a decrease in velocity seems like a bad idea to me

    • notcubbiewubbie

      why oh why does a baseball website have to deal with the issue of racism.i have never seen a lot of racist comments on this website.leave those issues to the morons in political circles.go cubs!!

  • Brains

    Pujols has literally had hundreds of tests according to MLB. He’s an amazing, genius-level athlete. His problem is simple, he’s just 3-4 years older than he claims. It’s natural to go from 330/45/130 to 280/32/100 or whatever he’s going to produce over the next 3-4 years. Those last 3 years of the contract are going to be truly nightmarish for him and LA at this pace, though. He could have had a much more distinguished year for taking less money with St. Louis. It was still a lot and he would have been on one team and had a natural decrease progression with them like Todd Helton did or something. Instead he went Hollywood and flopped belly up. It ruined the veneer of his whole career, which is astounding.

    • Eternal Pessimist

      Someone needs to cut Pujols trunk and count his rings.

    • Cedlandrum

      Barry Bonds never “failed” a test either as far as I can remember.

      • MichiganGoat

        I believe the same is true for ARod he certainly hasn’t failed a test since the testing become “official.” I’m sure that’s part of his lawsuit- he never failed an official test so how can he be penalized for something he’s never failed a test for.

  • Playoffs!

    According to Mark Gonzales Rickkets willing to top any Yankee contract offer.

    Ok Joe.. what do ya say…

  • Jason Powers
    • MichiganGoat

      That story is behind a paywall

  • Jono

    I pledge not to feed trolls anymore. Can we all make that pledge? I’m not pretending like I’ve never done it. I’ve fed trolls before. But Brett’s right. The best way to get these people to stop is by not responding. At all. You can’t rationalize with irrational people.

    • millhah

      Is there “virtual rat poison” ?!?

  • Jamie

    Just when a thread of compassion for A-Roid seems almost conceivable over all the scrutiny and when forgiving the “seventy times seven” seems like the right thing, he goes and drops his lawsuit into the buzz of the playoffs. He truly is ALL about himself. What an egomaniacal putz. The consequences are surely deserved. He has lied and lied and lied again. My bet is that this chump was doing PEDs as far back as high school. Yes, Bud Selig has known about PEDs in baseball for a couple of decades minimum. Invariably, they helped at the MLB ticket turnstiles. But to say that A-Roid is being singled out. Please. A-Roid loves the limelight. Good or bad attention…he needs it either way. Visual: the little kid throwing the tantrum because his cousin is getting the praise that he is not. A-Roid is way past his prime…tough to tell how far, as the PED use has skewed what is normal. Dude needs help. Baseball (i.e., Bud) is simply trying to correct itself (himself) after all those years of looking the other way.
    As far as Albert goes, I’d have to think that, if he were guilty of using PEDs, he wouldn’t want Pandora’s Box opened up through discovery to the scrutiny and potential embarrassment. I merely hope that he didn’t use, just as I once hoped long ago that Bonds didn’t…then that A-Rod didn’t.