joe girardi manager“Decision Day” came and went without a decision – when does anything involving the Cubs (even at a tangential level) go according to plan? – and the New York Yankees are still waiting to hear from manager Joe Girardi on their offer to re-sign him. Andrew Marchand reports that a Yankees source says the team is “prepared to give Girardi as much time as he needs to decide, even if it means waiting until the end of the month when his current deal runs out.” Very generous of them.

Of course, what the Yankees couch as “we’re willing to wait” may actually amount to “we’re going to wait, because we’re not letting you talk to any other teams until after October 31 regardless of whether you’re going to re-sign with us.”

Indeed, given the Friday report that had the Yankees as flatly unwilling to allow Girardi to speak to other teams until his contract expires – an atypical position considering Girardi is an impending free agent, and all sides should want this sorted out as soon as possible – it’s pretty conceivable that they mean precisely that.

Either way, if things turn into a standoff in New York, with the Yankees willing to take this thing right up to the end of the month, the Cubs are wise to proceed with their managerial search as though Girardi won’t be available (as it appears that they are). It could get tricky if the Cubs find someone they really like, but who is also being pursued by the Nationals or Reds or Mariners. What if that candidate gets an offer from another team next week, but the Cubs are still waiting on Girardi? And what if that candidate is unwilling to wait until early November for the chance at a managerial job (a pretty reasonable position, given that the team making the offer will also probably not want to wait)?

In other words, while it’s easy to say, “Yeah, the Cubs should just wait until Girardi becomes available,” the practicalities of that could become a bit rough. The Cubs could risk missing out on a top candidate or two … only to get left at the altar on October 31 when Girardi decides to return to the Yankees.

Here’s hoping the Yankees and Girardi make a clear-cut decision one way or the other within the next few days.

  • Eternal Pessimist

    The more I can’t get Girardi, the more I want him.

    • Eternal Pessimist

      That really didn’t sound right.

    • Joe N

      That’s what SHE said… :-)

  • A_Mazz_Ing

    This is exactly what the Yankees want. Say we feel that Acta is plan B. We would have to act on Acta (pun intended) so we don’t leave ourselves in a bad position. The Yankees are basically hoping that we fill our vacancy so they can say “look Joe, we want you back, you wanna be here, and there’s nowhere to go”.

  • cubfanbob

    Still waiting ? NY has had an enormous amount of time to resign Joe. If it hasnt happen yet I think the signs point to not happening for the Yankee’s. If he was going to resign wouldnt he by now ?

    • Scotti

      Not if he’s looking to get into a bidding war.

  • ramy 16

    Funny…White Sox to persue Curtis Granderson..may trade De Aza

  • ramy 16

    I like De Aza..could play center until the kids come up??

  • another JP

    Interviewing Acta is a great move on several fronts… not only are the Cubs protecting themselves in going after a candidate they’re interested in, but it also lets Girardi know that if the Cubs job has an appeal to him he needs to inform the Yanks that their offer is rejected now rather than later. Once the Cubs hire Acta or another manager JGs leverage goes south in a hurry.

    • Scotti

      The Cubs will wait as long as it takes IF they think he is interested. If he just winds up playing the Cubs then he burns a bridge I don’t think he wants to burn (NYY managers don’t last forever and the Steinbrenners are getting more and more involved in team decisions).

      In terms of leverage with the Yanks… Girardi can sit out a year or two and do broadcasting until something else really good pops up. That’s leverage, too. They want him now, not a year, or two, from now.

  • Patrick W.

    I understand not allowing Girardi to talk to other teams before they have given their final offer, but after they have, what is the incentive other than pettiness? If they think it’s coming down to them or the Cubs, they are gambling that the Cubs are not actually willing to wait. The longer they delay his talking to the Cubs also increases the likelihood that they themselves might fall behind the Nationals, Reds, Mariners. If it’s truly their final offer I don’t see how not allowing him to talk to other teams puts them in a stronger negotiating position. To me, it suggests it’s not their final offer.

    If I were Girardi’s agent, I would say to the Yankees: “Thank you for this tremendous offer, we are considering with great interest, but I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I didn’t have my client talk to potential other employees. There’s really only one other club he would be willing to manager, team X, and I need Joe to talk to them before we sign with you. I accept that this is your final offer, and if Joe decides he wants to take an offer with Team X, I will let you know why before we sign”

    I just can’t conceive that the Yankees stance is “This is our final offer, take it or leave it, and we’ll wait until November 1st to start looking for a new manager if you leave it.”

    • Pat

      I think mainly, it would give him time to reconsider if he really wants to look elsewhere. It gives family members (and friends) who don’t want to move more time to work on him. Not saying it is the best strategy, but until another team starts talking with someone the Yankess would consider as a replacement, there’s not much downside for them.

      • I-CubsFanBoy

        So you’re sayin’ AJ Hinch and Manny Acta arn’t exactly part of the Yankees plan B? How completely believable.

    • roz

      Could they start interviewing other candidates before Girardi’s contract is actually up and still prohibit him from talking with other teams at the same time?

  • Jason Powers

    Yankees: They want to keep the captain on a sinking ship. Sure Joe knows this.
    Cashman is FA in 2014. No re-up on him?

    Joe: If this comes down to family, as important as that is, those kids are plenty young and can adapt. They have twitter and facebook to catch up with all their friends in the NYC. Costs less in Chicago to get a stack of bricks on the NW side versus anywhere on the East Coast. (Probably some good deals too in the Chi.)

    Cubs: If this is your man, Joe is bound to give the Yanks a word by the end of this week. Else, you wonder? What’s causing the problem?

    The FO can wait it out. They can find SOMEONE to manage. As all the saberfolks will say, unless there is talent on the field, we might as well let a computer make the decisions. Cheaper anyway. [img][/img]

    • Scotti

      “Cubs: If this is your man, Joe is bound to give the Yanks a word by the end of this week. Else, you wonder? What’s causing the problem?”

      If Girardi takes the Yankees to November 1 then he can have the Yankees and Cubs openly compete against each other. Even if it doesn’t get to November 1 the longer it stretches out the more detail will be known about what X team is willing to do. Regardless of deadlines and dates, he’s a free agent and the Yankees are trying to stop him from checking out the field. Not a very confident position to be in.

      • Jason Powers

        Then its about money… The classic, “oh, I’m not about money or salary,” but he’s looking for a PAYDAY! 😉

        • Scotti

          Well, technically he could already know where he’s going. Nothing wrong with getting more in the negotiations, though. Could be the difference between $4M per over 3 years ($12M) and $5 per over 4 years ($20M) (or it could really get NUTS if the Ricketts and Steinbrenners had a REAL show down come November 1st).

          • Jason Powers

            Or he knows he can just do TV…less hassle. And still get the job when he wants it.

            Still young and able to picky. God, I hate him! 😉

  • Corey

    I’m hoping Girardi is talking with Soriano, and Soriano is telling him how wonderful it is there.

    (haha, I HOPE)

    • Nate Corbitt

      Why would Soriano have to tell him? Joe played here, too, you know.

      • Scotti

        The GOOD thing is that he knows what Chicago looks like when things are going well, too (’89 was his rookie year and they were 1st with a 93-69 record).

  • Clark Addison

    Sori can tell him about all the booing he endured during the early months of the last two seasons.

  • Oswego Chris

    Phil Rogers said that a friend of Girardi indicated to him the Cubs job intrigues him…which is akin to saying my sister’s boyfriend’s cousins’ boss saw Ferris at 31 Flavors last night

    • Jason Powers

      Joe is blue-balling the Cubs!

      • Scotti

        Joe doesn’t put out? The tease…

        • Jason Powers

          Cubs have be cock teased enough in the last century.
          Time to lose our WS virginity all over again!

  • DarthHater


    You wrote: “get left at the alter ”

    It should read: “get left at the altar”

    —Your Friendly Neighborhood Grammar Nazi

    • Chef Brian

      Maybe Brett meant Girardi has to leave his Alter Ego “Super Joe” in NYC?

      -Your friendly Neighborhood Excuse Maker

    • Brett

      Crap. I can’t rightly claim typo on that one, either. That was just a flat out mistake. Gracias.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Good things come to those with patience.

    • Scotti

      Tom Ricketts is nothing if not patient. He proved it in negotiating with Zell, getting Theo, the current “suck to get good” plan and with Incapital.

      • Jason Powers

        Having money makes you more patient. Easy when you wake up and say, “Still a millionaire/billionaire!” And proceed to go about life. Making deals only when the ROI is above your well-defined hurdle rate.

        • Scotti

          True, though it still still takes intestinal fortitude to risk your business (Pops twice put his company on the line in the early days investing in first telephonic and then Internet infrastructure and TR was all in at Incapital with the boutique bonds creation) or lose out on what you really, really want (Cubs, Theo). I’m glad he’s rich and I’m glad he, and his family, have guts.

          • Jono

            +1, especially that last part. He’s already created a lot of jobs with the cubs.

  • Larry Bittner

    Damn Grammare Natzi can go fuck himself. I hate people like you

    • DarthHater

      (1) Brett actually likes for us to correct his typos. He considers it a service to the site and usually says thank you.

      (2) You really can’t even spell “Nazi” after I just spelled it for you?

      • cub2014

        darth you bit on that one

      • jt

        just remind him he got suspended after his only pitching performance

    • TWC

      Hey, Larry, as a follow up Darth: the word is “grammar”. HTH.

      And “hate” is so strong a word, man. Feel the love, baby. Feel the love.

      • DarthHater


    • davidalanu

      By the way, there’s two “i’s” in Biittner

      • MichiganGoat

        so much fail

      • DarthDiehard

        Damn name Nazi 😛

    • Lolz.. ^bundle of sticks^

      Must bring back bad memories eh?? Btw.. It’s so obvious that you in fact, are the one you hate, yourself. Not saying I blame you, just letting you know how obvious it is.. If I were you I would probably beat my own fu*kin ass EVERY day. Now get back out to the shed or you’re not getting any toast for supper! Shit-bag!

  • Ivy Walls

    Classic. Girardi has a bird in the hand and knows the general parameters of the Cubs offer. If he didn’t take the offer now he is not going to on Oct 31st either—unless Cubs offer someone else the job. Lawyer can talk privately to Cubs representatives, like one of the Cubs’ lawyers….so this can be done already without a conversation.

    Yankees could go the distance out of spite but that is stupid. Once they get on with rejection they will allow Girardi his freedom. Let’s say this….this will materialize by the end of the week.

  • Scotti

    “If he didn’t take the offer now he is not going to on Oct 31st either—unless Cubs offer someone else the job.”

    Or unless the Yankees up their offer OR he decides they aren’t going to up their offer but he wants to stay there anyway.

  • rich

    Darth you’re the man !

    • Jono

      Dont encourage him.


      Please write a paragraph in your next bullets about not encouraging Darth.

      Thank you

  • Die hard

    Joe may be looking for something not as high profile– say Reds job?

    • praying the cubs get ready to win

      Reds said they r keeping Baker.

      • DarthHater


        • Scotti

          Well, they did say that. Right before he opened his trap and got himself canned.

  • cubzforlife

    No knock on Cincy but I wouldn’t want my girls falling for a bill from the hills. Nope don’t think so.

    • Die hard

      In one sentence you pissed off over million people — even Boehner can’t do that-impressive!!

  • Fastball

    You wait on Joe! I believe Joe is going to wait on the Cubs. The longer the clock ticks on the Yankees the odds start falling toward Chicago. If Joe was blown away or got the gut feeling he would have accepted his offer. Patience and Confidence is required.

  • Die hard

    Joe is too old school for Theos and Jed’s computer managing techniques and will be an oil and water mixture– Riggleman on the other hand would be perfect if that’s how they want team managed

  • Dan

    As long as the cardinals get knocked out it was a good postseason. Whoever said the cubs cardinals rivalry is a “friendly rivalry” isn’t a true cubs fan, or baseball fan for that matter. Go pirates get the cardinals out!

  • Blackhawks1963

    What’s funny is that the Washington Nationals have been very silent on their job search. Too silent. Let’s face it, the Nationals job is an outstanding opportunity. They are loaded with talent, have a good front office, a steady pipeline of farm prospects and a billionaire owner who wants to win. I don’t believe for second that Girardi isn’t interested in that job. And vice versa.

    • Jono

      Their season this year was really surprising. I definitely expect them to be back in the post season next year

  • http://Yes Dude

    Vogelbach, Baez and Pierce Johnson gets Price.

    • Jon

      Baez on his own should get Price and that’s an awful deal for the Cubs

      • BWA

        No its not. I don’t want to do it, but its not a bad trade for us. The Rays got Myers who was the number 3 prospect and Odorizzi who was another top 50 for 2 years of Shields and a relief pitcher.

        • Jon

          Yeah and that was a dumbass trade by the Royals.

          • Bwa

            Ya and some team will overpay for price, making it a fair deal.

  • ramy 16

    I would like to see the Cubs get Dan Uggla..yea he had a down year but he can crush the ball..and he plays decent defense as well..Barney can’t do both! He’s only Defense..his bat has been bad for the last 2yrs

    • Dudeski

      Uggla can play defense? Since when?

    • Voice of Reason

      Ramy, uggla cannot play defense at all. He was known for hitting, but isn’t doing that.

      The braves didn’t even keep him on playoff roster to pinch hit. Enough said. There are so many better second basemen out there. Uggla sucks.

    • Brains

      He was good a few years ago, but he’s like one of the worst players in baseball now.

    • MichiganGoat

      Oh Ramy you really attach yourself to some interesting players, Uggla has been on the decline for years and last year was horrible. Why do you think he would return to anything close to a poor veteran presence. I’m fine with offering him a minor league contract with a ST invite but that is best offer.

      • ssckelley

        Is Atlanta releasing him? He is still owed 26 million over the next 2 seasons.

        I would rather have Barney at 2nd base.

  • Jon

    The Rays are going to be eliminated again. He has to be sick of the 30 million dollar payrolls and shitty fan support no? Lets give it the old college try and see if we can get him out of there

    • Jon

      He being Joe Maddon of course , lol

  • J.F. Edwards

    Here’s the biig question: if the Yanks are negotiating this way, why? Because I don’t think they don’t play these contract games unless they’re nervous the Cubs have the inside track.

    I think the Yanks are stalling for time becauuse they were surprised to think they’d lose Joe. They need a backup plan. And, oh yeah: are they rebuilding or reloading? Because if they lose Joe I think it’s rebuild. And if they keep him, maybe try and compete once or twice in the next two/three years? Try and reload?

    Those are franchise-changing decisions. And I think you play the stall game only if you are making those decisions and trying to retain a manage you didn’t think you’d lose.

  • Eric

    All of this for a guy we’re not even sure can vibe well with the FO? Look, I like Joe but if we end up waiting until November all because Ricketts has a baseball-boner for the guy then I wonder just how much of a power struggle is going on with Tom vs. Theo. I still think EJax was signed at Tom’s request.

  • Rebuilding

    I ask Tampa for permission to speak to Maddon and dangle a potential prospect to let him out of his contract. Then offer to make him the highest paid manager in baseball. If you are going for a certain philosophy you might as well try for the best and not settle for an imitation. Whether he would be interested – I have no idea

    • MichiganGoat

      And here is how that discussion would go:

      Cubs: Hey Tampa we’d like to talk to Maddon about making him the next manager of the Cubs and are will to offer a prospect in exchange

      Tampa: sure you can have him but the prospect would have to be Javier Baez or Jorge Solar plus a another top 25 player.

      Cubs: Click

      • Rebuilding

        And you know this how? If Maddon makes it clear he would entertain the Cubs offer and maybe wants out very doubtful Friedman stands in his way. It’s bad business

        • Brett

          I’ve got to agree with MG. With two years left on his contract, and the value an organization like the Rays places on an inefficiency like that? They’d want a top, top, top tier prospect for him. Totally not worth it.

          • ssckelley

            Has this ever happened? I would slam the phone down cursing if the Rays GM asked for one of the Cubs top prospects for a manager.

            • Norm

              Rumor had it that the White Sox wanted Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins for Ozzie Guillen…Don’t believe it, and don’t know if it was ever officially debunked, but that was the rumor.

          • Rebuilding

            No. There have been a lot higher profile people in sports that have wanted out of a contract and organizations very seldom stand in their way once they make it clear. It’s obviously not a direct comparison, but look at a Dwight Howard. Or if you want a more direct comparison look at John Farrell. The Jays let him go to a division rival. If Maddon has a chance to double his salary and wants a new challenge they would let him go for an Epstein/Hoyer return

            • MichiganGoat

              Can’t really compare other sports and players to the situation with Maddon and the Rays. If we have been hearing about how unhappy and disgusted Maddon is with the Rays for the past year then it becomes more possible that the Rays want him out, but right now they are winning and I haven’t heard any displeasure from Maddon concerning his tenure with the Rays.

              I know we all want a guy like Maddon but until his contract expires its not happening unless we are willing to part with Baez for him.

              • Rebuilding

                That’s why I mentioned Farrell. Or Guillen or Pinailla. The reason you don’t see it much is that there are very few managers with the cache to “move up” or get that much more money or resources. 25 of the managers every year start on the hot seat

                • MichiganGoat

                  So what return would you expect if you were the Rays? What would you give if you were the Cubs?

                  • Rebuilding

                    I would ask for Vogelbach. I would give up someone in the 10-20 range

                    • MichiganGoat

                      And if you were the Cubs wouldn’t you say no thank you?

                    • MichiganGoat

                      And if you were the Rays wouldn’t you want something much much better for Maddon.

                    • Rebuilding

                      IMHO if I were the Rays and he really wanted the opportunity I wouldn’t expect more than a Top 10 for a manager. If I were the Cubs I would seriously consider it for Vogelbach

                    • MichiganGoat

                      Rebuilding you are basing this all on the assumption that Maddon actually unhappy with his job in Tampa. He might love it. No expectations, great weather, a press that doesn’t bother him, and not having to deal with veteran attitudes. It is his team he is left alone and his salary is better than the majority of us working folks. Would you give up wonderful weather and low stress environment to come to Chicago and face the scrutiny of the Chicago press and fans? Me neither.

                      I’ve never seen Maddon talk about how he is unhappy in Tampa so I see no reason why Tampa would be willing to part with him unless it was for a Baez like prospect.

                    • Rebuilding

                      I totally agree with you. I have no idea what’s important to him. I said that’s what I would try and that I disagree with the notion we would have to give up a Top 5 prospect to get him if he wants to manage the Cubs

        • Brett

          Also, in the history of the game, it’s rather rare to get a manager out of a current contract and into a new one with your organization. We remember the examples (Piniella, Guillen) because they’re relatively rare, in fact. It’s a lateral move, so it’s a little uncouth to go pursuing guys under contract with other clubs.

          • DarthDiehard

            Okay, then, how about firing Jed and making Maddon the GM/Manager? That way, it’s a promotion for Maddon and there’s no possibility of conflict between the GM and the Manager (unless Maddon has psychiatric troubles we don’t know about). 😉

          • Rebuilding

            Friedman and Maddon have a very close relationship. If Maddon went to him and said he wants a new challenge out of deference to what he has done for their organization I think they let him explore it

            • MichiganGoat

              Sure they’d let him explore it but they’d also expect a top prospect in return. That’s what the Rays have done for a long time trade top players for a major return. They would let Maddon walk for nothing.

              • Rebuilding

                As we’ve discussed in the Epstein and Hoyer negotiations FO and manager “trades” are a whole different ball game. I would expect they would want more than what the Sox got for Guillen, but no way they ask for a Top 10 prospect. It’s all speculation anyway, but if Maddon is truly tired of spitballing it together every year or playing in front of 10,000people (and I don’t know that he is)… Then something could be worked out

                • Rebuilding

                  I should say I prob wouldn’t give up a Top 10. If I was them if ask for Vigelbach

                  • Rebuilding

                    *Vogelbach – typing on my phone on the blue line

  • Die hard

    Instead of a mgr how about a catcher CF 2B SS to be strong up middle? Wait til Cub convention to sign mgr as sometimes the best deal is one not made

    • MichiganGoat

      Lovely we’ve gone from a daily new manager on the “Die Hard Watch List” to NO manager. Really covering all those bases hmmmmm.

    • DarthDiehard

      Make Castro player-manager. He will then be forced to get his head in the game in a hurry.