joe girardi manager“Decision Day” came and went without a decision – when does anything involving the Cubs (even at a tangential level) go according to plan? – and the New York Yankees are still waiting to hear from manager Joe Girardi on their offer to re-sign him. Andrew Marchand reports that a Yankees source says the team is “prepared to give Girardi as much time as he needs to decide,¬†even if it means waiting until the end of the month when his current deal runs out.” Very generous of them.

Of course, what the Yankees couch as “we’re willing to wait” may actually amount to “we’re going to wait, because we’re not letting you talk to any other teams until after October 31 regardless of whether you’re going to re-sign with us.”

Indeed, given the Friday report that had the Yankees as flatly unwilling to allow Girardi to speak to other teams until his contract expires – an atypical position considering Girardi is an impending free agent, and all sides should want this sorted out as soon as possible – it’s pretty conceivable that they mean precisely that.

Either way, if things turn into a standoff in New York, with the Yankees willing to take this thing right up to the end of the month, the Cubs are wise to proceed with their managerial search as though Girardi won’t be available (as it appears that they are). It could get tricky if the Cubs find someone they really like, but who is also being pursued by the Nationals or Reds or Mariners. What if that candidate gets an offer from another team next week, but the Cubs are still waiting on Girardi? And what if that candidate is unwilling to wait until early November for the chance at a managerial job (a pretty reasonable position, given that the team making the offer will also probably not want to wait)?

In other words, while it’s easy to say, “Yeah, the Cubs should just wait until Girardi becomes available,” the practicalities of that could become a bit rough. The Cubs could risk missing out on a top candidate or two … only to get left at the altar on October 31 when Girardi decides to return to the Yankees.

Here’s hoping the Yankees and Girardi make a clear-cut decision one way or the other within the next few days.

  • Jon

    Not a top 5, but I’d give up Vogalbach for Joe Maddon, in a heartbeat

    • Blackhawks1963

      There is snowball’s chance in hell that Joe Maddon is leaving Tampa. No chance this happens. Maddon is very happy there, and no chance at all that Andrew Friedman would even entertain the idea. So lets just stop this lunacy in its tracks.

      David Price? I don’t see that happening either so far as TheoJed go. To get price would cost something in the neighborhood of Javy Baez, Albert Almora and Pierce Johnson…plus the Cubs would have to come up with a $140 M plus contract for a pitcher who has already logged a lot of mileage on his left arm.

      • Jon

        Shitty fan base, poor market and fan support and vastly underpaid. He should consider a move

        • Rebuilding

          With Red Sox ascendent and the Yankees ready to reload he faces a monumental task just getting the wildcard each year. Add in losing quality guys every year, no fan base and a ridiculously low contract and I don’t think it’s as impossible as you make it seem. Maybe he just likes Florida though, I have no way of knowing

  • Satch Dobrey

    You bought the Yankees strategy hook, line and sinker. If the Cubs can’t wait they have no one to blame but themselves. If the Cubs hire someone else before being allowed to talk to Girardi they have played right into the Yanks plan. Why do you think Girardi is waiting and not saying “No” to the Yanks now? Because, if the Cubs job is gone he would sign with the Yanks but I believe he would like to manage the Cubs.

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  • http://Bleachernation Oliver

    Whomever they sign as a new manager, must be able to work with
    The young players ready to hit the major league club.
    If that is Girardi, fine , but it’s hard to believe that he is the one
    And only savior.

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