joe girardi managerThe wait is over. Today, the New York Yankees announced the Joe Girardi has finally agreed to an extension with the team he’s managed for the last six years.

The extension is for four years, one more than the Yankees had originally offered, according to multiple reports. This waiting process, and the obvious interest coming from the Chicago Cubs, apparently just bought Girardi an extra year from the Yankees.

For those pining for Girardi, this is something of a bummer, even as it was never likely that Girardi would leave the Yankees. For my part, I’m mostly shrugging my shoulders. While I did believe Girardi was likely to be a fine managerial candidate for the Cubs, I was never on board with spending upwards of $20 million (of apparently limited funds) to get him. Effective managers can be found for much less, and this front office will earn its stripes in doing so.

We’ll never know if Girardi is re-upping because he always wanted to return to the Yankees and he just used the Cubs as a shadow pawn to get the Yankees to add that fourth year, or if it was the Yankees who played hardball and told Girardi the offer was off the table if he talked to another team.

We know only that Joe Girardi will not be the next manager of the Chicago Cubs, and it’s time to let yourself leap completely into the managerial search process, as the Cubs have already done. I could be sold on any of the three named candidates thus far (Manny Acta, A.J. Hinch, Rick Renteria), and I’m open to new information as the process continues.

  • Chuck

    Now we must deal with the talk of Manny Acta actually coming…. (sad face).

  • Ed

    Not A.J. Hinch!

  • macpete22

    Bring on Manny Acta

  • Boba Fett

    Brett, who do you think is going to be tab the next manager?

  • Blackout

    Theo has some work to do

  • When the Music’s Over

    Queue the sports journalists fail articles.

    • I love marmol

      Queue? Come on…

      • When the Music’s Over

        Thanks for the English lesson. I’m forever indebted to you.

  • Rich

    I believe that this man is a family man and his kids are at the age of not wanting to move. If that was the reason, complete respect for that. Family first.

    on the flip side, if the Cubs somehow found 20 million for Girardi, it seems that money can be spent elsewhere…

    let’s go with Manny Acta..and call it.

    • Sarah

      I agree with you. While I am disappointed, Girardi said himself that there wasn’t as much tying to him Illinois as there used to be and that family came first in this decision. That’s something I completely respect.

      I am now leaning more towards Mike Maddux, but not sure that the Cubs will be able to pry him away from Texas.

  • EQ76


  • http://Bleachernation Jay

    Horrible, Joe, horrible! Oh, well, move in to plan B.

  • TWC

    Kessinger obviously pressured Girardi to stay away from Chicago.

  • Aaron

    “Say it ain’t so Joe!”

    I appreciate ownership and the FO for making a big play for Girardi’s services. Perhaps if the major league team weren’t so terrible, and concern that the new ownership will not or cannot spend big money on potential free agents due to revenue issues, Joe might have taken the job here instead.

  • JB88

    I really hope that, in the time between the Cubs deciding to fire Sveum and today, the Cubs FO has been really considering where they went wrong in selecting Sveum. Right now, firing him is the biggest black eye the FO has acquired in the last two years and they really need to nail the next manager, whoever that is going to be.

    • davidalanu

      Well said. Lots of teams whiff on managerial hires but its still a whiff.

  • Boogens
  • Indy57

    So much for my prognostications. I’ll now get out of the business. Hope they find a leader.

  • On The Farm

    It’s probably for the best.

  • Aaron

    Just imagine with this news the “pressure” the next Cubs’ manager will be facing with fans and the media now that Girardi has re-signed with the Yankees.

    • mjhurdle

      much much less than Girardi would have faced as the new Cubs manager with a huge salary, im guessing.

  • http://Permalink papad1945

    What a bummer. I don’t like the names being thrown out. Oh Sandberg, were have you gone.

  • Rich

    I dont think the new manager will have any new or added pressure that Girardi is not here, none at all.

  • Jim Gillmeister

    No to Acta. Had two chances with other teams and failed. Questions about his communication skills (shades of Sveum.) I’d like to see with Hinch or Davey Martinez.

    • Ed

      You are insane if you want Hinch he is basically Dale Sveum.

      • Chad

        How so?

  • Aaron

    Somewhere out there Dale Sveum is laughing.

    • Brett


  • YourResidentJag

    I shrug my shoulders as well. Manny Acta.

  • themusicbox

    What exactly is plan B? I say keep the managers salary in check so we can pick up a bat or two and sure up the pen. I’m not concerned who the next manager will be. Why not promote someone from withen the organization? Would that not be cost effective?

  • Seth N.

    never really thought it was likely…but I liked the idea…

    hopefully whomever they hire is strong where Sveum was weak…Hope so

  • Awakeape

    I truly believe if girardi’s contract was up after this year he would be a cub. Some of our top prospects would be up and we will be really turning a corner after this next year. It would make his decision a little easier. That’s just my thought.

    • Benjamin

      It was up after this year, until he re-signed with the Yankees.

  • mjhurdle

    Im on board with Acta. I think he would be a great choice.

  • Dylan Heuer

    Brett Taylor for manager???

  • Kyle

    I’m with Brett. Throwing all that money at a manager just never made a ton of sense. It seemed like a Ricketts move and not an Epstein move.

    • Matty Ice

      Because Theo did such a good job picking Svuem, right?

      • mjhurdle

        what does that have to do with anything?

      • Kyle

        1) I think he did do a good job picking Sveum.

        2) I was referring to the expense, not the quality of the choice.

  • Cleanup Poster

    We are DOOMED! DOOMED, I say!

  • chad

    I never really thought the chicago roots thing was strong enough to bring joe here considering his family has grown its own roots in ny. not surprised at all. the thought of losers acta or hinch-ugh!

    • On The Farm

      True. You could say Girardi considers himself an Illinois guy, but his family might consider themselves New Yorkers.

  • Chef Brian

    Oh well…Bring on the dancing horses.

    • OlderStyle

      headless and all alone?