joe girardi managerThe wait is over. Today, the New York Yankees announced the Joe Girardi has finally agreed to an extension with the team he’s managed for the last six years.

The extension is for four years, one more than the Yankees had originally offered, according to multiple reports. This waiting process, and the obvious interest coming from the Chicago Cubs, apparently just bought Girardi an extra year from the Yankees.

For those pining for Girardi, this is something of a bummer, even as it was never likely that Girardi would leave the Yankees. For my part, I’m mostly shrugging my shoulders. While I did believe Girardi was likely to be a fine managerial candidate for the Cubs, I was never on board with spending upwards of $20 million (of apparently limited funds) to get him. Effective managers can be found for much less, and this front office will earn its stripes in doing so.

We’ll never know if Girardi is re-upping because he always wanted to return to the Yankees and he just used the Cubs as a shadow pawn to get the Yankees to add that fourth year, or if it was the Yankees who played hardball and told Girardi the offer was off the table if he talked to another team.

We know only that Joe Girardi will not be the next manager of the Chicago Cubs, and it’s time to let yourself leap completely into the managerial search process, as the Cubs have already done. I could be sold on any of the three named candidates thus far (Manny Acta, A.J. Hinch, Rick Renteria), and I’m open to new information as the process continues.

  • http://BleacherNation.com Dean

    Love the way these three are just going to push each other to be better.

  • Dr. Leroy Quackenbush

    I am guessing Sandy Alomar Jr Jr.

  • Die hard

    Is Ozzie in the house now?

    • frank

      Ozzy(ie) Osbourne . . .

      • Die hard

        One yr contract with team option and Cubs pay half of what’s owed to Ozzie by former team — that’s our final offer or we shut down MLB

  • Brains

    We’re clearly going to make Castro our player/manager so the owners can save more money. Then they’ll fire him and pay the rest of his contract and pick up a washed up player on the waiver line to be the following manager.

  • Die hard

    By the way I told all of you that Joe was a no go

    • DarthHater

      Thank you, Nostradumass.

      • Die hard

        You’ll have to take off that Girardi jersey you’ve been wearing 24/7 and start wearing an Ozzie G one instead

        • Wrigleyville,nv

          Laughing out Loud…(had to type it cause it actually happened!)

    • MichiganGoat

      As well as a many of posters so of course it was your call. No if only Struck will stick, Castro becomes a CF, Bud Black/Kessinger/Ozzie becomes a manager. Way to equal Koyie Hills average.

  • Lmendez

    Finally the Girardi decision is over. Yeah he would’ve been a good fit with his hometown team, but just because of his name he was going to be very expensive. Like i’ve said before, Acta seems to be the bang for the buck kinda guy, exactly fits the FO’s vision. Im all for the no name manager, just tell me how the Angels are doing with their 5million dollar manager? As a side note, Hinch should be runner up or hired if something goes wrong with Acta.

  • cubmig

    Just as I thought. Girardi was not going to risk what he has accomplished by taking on the iffy state-of-affairs the Cubs represent. Too much to lose to gamble. Oh well…..the sun will still come out tomorrow.

    • Brains

      Ten years from now when Theo has built a solid 3rd place team out of the Rosemont Cubs, Girardi will surely kick himself for not taking this job, right?

    • MichiganGoat

      Meh you didn’t call it die hard gets all the credit

      • Die hard

        And the blame for bursting bubbles of enthusiasm– Not many want to manage under Theo

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    Well we will see Kaplan has said there are two we don’t know about that are candidates and Acta isn’t likely to happen. He says people in the Cleveland organization say he lost the clubhouse. People are underestimating the importance of a manager and the importance given the Cub’s situation. It will be interesting to see just who the 2 unknowns are.

  • Die hard

    we don’t know enough to know how to solve the unknowns but know enough to know that we don’t know all the unknowns


    Most Cub fans find the Cubs boring . . On a daily basis I interact with the general public and lets just say the people I meet could care less about who will manage the Cubs. Its just a casual observation .

    Maybe it because its football season or basketball and hockey gives Chicago fans a better topic to discuss and be optimistic of its home teams.

    But to be fair the White Sox offer no gleeful hope of a Unicorn World Series trophies as well.
    So let the Cubs search for a manager its not like things will change

    The bull pen will stink
    Rizzo will continue to let lefties give him a quick return to the dugout
    Castro will wait until he can drive a ball on two strikes cause the Front office wants him to walk therefore ….. this season
    Barny will be confused with the purple children’s blob once he make his first error- cant hit – his fielding is the only reason he starts
    The Cubs Are a very boring team yet

    one thing is correct . I doubt it matters who actually manages the CUbs.

    I am sure most people understand all the excuses that this owner and Front Office provide the public each year

    The Cubs Were really really really really really terrible..
    should be fun ……

    • CubsFaninMS

      I believe I have spotted a winoceros.

  • BlameHendry

    welp, I’m out. See you again in 2016.

  • johnny chess Aka 2much2say

    Cal Ripken threw his hat in the Manager Ring

  • Aaron

    As per Theo’s plan…do you think the Cubs are 3 years away from being a playoff team?

    • ssckelley

      I think 2015 is going to be a big year for the Cubs. Hopefully the renovations to Wrigley will be done by then and they will open with a lineup full of these top prospects coming up through the system.

      • Napercal

        The renovations cannot be completed in one off-season. Since none of the renovations will occur over this offseason, the renovations will not be completed by 2015. Some may be, not all.

        • ssckelley

          Well the original target was 2015. I would think they would have some of the stuff done by then. The stuff under gound is what will probably take the longest to complete. The new video scoreboard should not take more than 1 off season to get up and running.


      Three years ago or three years from now ? When a team continues to finish in the top bottom 5 the rebuild should be easier. . That is not a knock on Theo ,I truly believe he can stock the farm system – any moron should, but with this front office the results should be solid anything else would be considered a failure. When a team goes into rebuild mode and continue to get top 10 picks a failure would be those players flopping and his selections are not flops. yet- his 25 man roster is the big pimple on cute girls face.

  • Napercal

    Obviously Girardi concluded that the Yankees re-build will be better than whatever it is that the Cubs have going. Theo, the self-annointed boy-genius, apparently can see things none of the fans can see. Here’s what I see.
    1. Theo’s first no-name managerial hire was a bust.
    Conclusion: Why would anyone believe that Theo’s next no-name managerial hire will be any better?

    2. Theo’s first big name free agent signing, Edwin jackson, was a bust.
    Conclusion: Why would anyone think that his next big free agent signing will be any better?

    3. The farm system is stacked with talent.
    Historical fact: Minor league performance is no guarantee of major league success. While there is optimism about the Cubs farm system, it is possible that not one of those players will emerge as a star.

    4. Theo is a superior talent evaluator.
    Observation: The jury is out on Rizzo. There is no evidence that he is anything more than a servicable first baseman. Servicaable first basemen are a dime a dozen in major league baseball.

    Folks, the day-to-day lineup on the field the past two years has been crap. No offense to the players; they try hard and seem like nice people. At least 50 % of the players on last years roster wold not play for any other major league team (except perhaps the Astros). Theo needs to prove that what is happening in Chicago is working. He needs to field a competitive team. The Oakland A’s are proof that this can be done without spending a ton of money. It is time for Cub fans to demand that this team be competitive. Most if us are Cub fans for life. If things don’t work out in Chicago, Theo will take his pile of money and move on to another city. The Ricketts are playing with their fathers f-u money. If the Cubs fail during the Ricketts ownership, they will simply sell the team for a profit to some other stooge who is buddies with MLB owners. My patience is running thin!

    • TWC

      “Obviously Girardi concluded that the Yankees re-build will be better than whatever it is that the Cubs have going.”

      Napercal, the self-appointed boy, apparently can come up with conclusions that take the form of a question. Clearly, he’s missing his calling at the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament.

      “My patience is running thin!”

      You poor, poor dear. ::tousles hair::

      • jh03

        And there’s nothing like forming fallacious arguments by basing future results on a single prior experience.

        • jt

          as to the assertion of the insinuation that the articulation of your conversation exceeds my comprehension?
          but yours was the more humorous. funny stuff usually has a base in truth.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Huh, those read the like they lyrics of an old Cars song….

            Regardless, jh03 is quite right: Napercal’s list is a litany of affirmations of the consequent.

            • TWC

              Cars. Yeah. Or Gilbert & Sullivan.

          • X The Cubs Fan

            I’m not sure what part of that was funny, maybe it’s the fact I actually understood what you were saying, but I find this hilarious.

      • Jon

        Why is every single post of yours an ad-hominem attack on someone’s personal opinion with a personal side jab?

        • TWC

          Well, it wouldn’t be ad hominem without a personal jab now, would it?

          But I’ll let you get back to your oh-so-erudite comments about Mark Grace’s whiskey dick.

          • ssckelley

            At least that was funny. The only one laughing at you making fun of someone is you.

            • TWC

              I don’t type things to make other people laugh. I type them because they make *me* laugh. Your opinion is wholly irrelevant.

            • MichiganGoat

              When did everyone become do flippin sensitive, damn is everyone this unable to take a fun jab and become all teary when someone teases them. Why the tears everytime anybody takes a shot.

              • Die hard

                Glass houses house those that shouldn’t hose others

                • MichiganGoat


                  This is easily my favorite die hard quote ever!

                • Brian Peters

                  It’s a damn good’un, if I say so myself. Lol

    • ssckelley

      It is hard to say what Girardi concluded, fact is he got paid a crapload of money to stay put which probably made his family happy. Any other conclusions we can draw from this is purely speculation.

      Yeah I see a stacked farm system, the last time the Cubs were this stacked they got within a few outs of the World Series. I would argue that the farm system is as good as it has ever been. I see a FO that was willing to tear up everything to build the organization from the ground up.

      I see a 40 man roster that HAS improved the past couple of years. The results have not been there yet but this team has some young talent that has not yet hit their primes.

      But most importantly I see a FO that is willing to step up and make changes, even if it met admitting they were wrong on a manager hire. I would rather see a FO step up and make changes than a stubborn one that keeps everything status quo. They thought they had a guy who could develop talent in Sveum, they did not see it happening so they pulled the trigger. One of the best traits in running an organization is being able to recognize your own mistakes and be able to make adjustments.

      This organization is poised to get really good really fast, get ready we will be in for a treat.

      • Napercal

        I too have followed the minor leagues. I agree that there is reason for optimism, even excitement. It’s just that it doesn’t automatically translate to major league success. I disagree that the major league roster has improved. When you trot guys like Murphy, Borbon, Valbuena, Ransom, McDonald, Sweeney, Bogusevic and Neal (to name a few), your roster sucks. The pitching staff has improved. My only point was to compare Oakland with the Cubs. Oakland has a low payroll and still has a team that competes every year. Billy Beane and his staff do an incredible job of identifying guys that can play baseball really well who aren’t household names. My concern with Theo is that he didn’t build the Red Sox team from within. His first championship had lots of big names and he inherited a pretty good roster. Many of the players on his second chamionship were acquired through the Ramirez trade and he had an owner willing to spend money.

        In Chicago, he inherited a lousy roster and a lousy farm system and he has an owner unwilling or unable to spend money. There is nothing in Theo’s resume that indicates he has been successful under those conditions. He might be. He hope he is. But all that I have seen after two years is a bad mangerial hire, a bad free agent signing and a roster that could not compete at the major league level. Trust me, there is no one on this blog that wants the Cubs to succeed more than I.

    • Eric

      If Rizzo is just a serviceable 1st basemen then I have no idea what a good 1st basemen would look like.

      • Professor Snarks

        Check out Cincinnati’s and Arizona’s rosters.

    • Cyranojoe

      This is almost hysterical. Looks like the trolls have some new competition.

    • Brian Peters

      Geez, dude….why don’t you jump off a cliff. I’ll pay your mock funeral expenses.

  • BJ Wanlund

    Well, I am not invested in the search only because I just want a manager with a name that I can freaking pronounce! I could NEVER figure out how to pronounce Dale Sveum’s name… Thankfully all the above-mentioned candidates have infinitely more pronounceable names!

  • YourResidentJag

    Ok folks. Here’s what Bruce Levine just said on SportsTalk Live. Greg Maddux wants to manage. Apparently he claims he talked to him. He also said Bobby Cox would agree to be bench coach should Maddux get a managerial job. Don’t know if he’s smokin something but that’s what he just said.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Bruce Levine on Kapman’s CSN show just advised Greg Maddux told him he wants the Cub job and Bobby Cox has advised him he would be his bench coach. Mike Maddux his pitching coach and Henry Blanco his bullpen coach. I’d be on board with this group.

    • YourResidentJag

      You think he’s correct or making it up?

      • MichiganGoat

        I think the snobby Cox thing is a bit far fetched, let’s not get overly optimistic with this like we did with Girardi

        • TWC

          ZOMG! Greg Maddux is going to manage the Cubs! Woo hoo!

          • YourResidentJag

            Oh, for a minute there I thought you were approving of Ronnie WOO WOO managing the Cubs. My bad 😉 So sorry….carry on….

            • MichiganGoat

              Surprised die hard hasn’t recommended him yet

            • TWC


              • YourResidentJag


    • X The Cubs Fan

      That’d be the best option for our younger players.

  • specialk5595

    Wow. Just watching Comcast Sportsnet and just caught end of interview. The guy who was being interviewed by Kaplan (didn’t see name) said Maddox wants to manage badly. He said mike would be pitching coach, bobby cox bench coach, and henry blanco on coaching staff too….ah, hell yes…sign me up for this staff.

    • http://It'searly Mike F

      They are insane if they don’t talk to him. He is an exceptionally bright guy and has the intelligence to be great. He also would be a great recruiter. Compared to Manny Acta, he’s as no-brainer as it gets. And yes, I think Greg Maddux is a superior mind to Sandberg. JG has the history of winning that Greg doesn’t, but Greg would a great out of the box choice.

    • cubmig

      MAN! That’s like hitting the M——F— motherload!!!!!! With Cox advising Greg, who’s to worry about experience? Somebody pound on Theo’s door.

  • specialk5595

    Appears everyone is excited about Levine’s juicy rumor. This would be outstanding…Greg could learn ropes under cox till 2015 or 16…when cubs are ready to go full board. I would much rather have this staff then anyone girardi would bring in.

  • MichiganGoat

    Okay let’s just calm down with speculation on this Maddux/Cox dream until more information becomes available. I’m sitting back and waiting until people actually get interviewed before getting my hopes up on any name.

    • DarthHater

      I think the fact that Maddux has not yet been hired is a real public relations failure for Theo. 😛

  • specialk5595

    Not that I care…but fan base is disappointed and wanted girardi. I think that maddox would appease fans and do well…the man is a genious. Can he manage a team..not sure. But name a player that better maximized his talent…that’s someone I want teaching my younger players.

  • specialk5595

    I’m trying not to jump the gun here…but how could u not be excited. Levine talked to maddox..so he must be interested. Theo would be crazy not to at least interview him.

  • TWC

    Considering Levine let his Maddux rumor boner show last Friday evening, I’m kinda surprised he’s only elaborating on it now.

    • YourResidentJag

      If you think Levine’s got sensationalism flowing for Maddux, imagine Kaplan on tonight’s show. He’ll take it to absurd levels.

    • ssckelley

      Ok, that made me laugh.

  • Cheryl

    There was a lot of support here for DeJesus’ wife. Maybe shr dould be intervir\ewed.

    • DarthHater

      I wouldn’t mind flipping through her portfolio. 😛

  • Tony_S

    I’d lean toward Levine smoking something, and I’d also wonder about tossing MadDog in as the mgr of an MLB club with no experience, whether he’s got a 10 lb brain or not.

    Now, that’s what I’d think if I were running a multi-million dollar organization. As a FAN, I’m all “Hells yeah, Joe who? We got, like, the smartest dude in baseball!!!!!”

    • Jono

      I would LOOOOVE Maddux (greg) to manage the team.

    • http://It'searly Mike F

      Well hold on a minute. He is a smart guy and I am in his corner. Yet he’s not infallible and if he didn’t make a mistake in hiring Sveum why the hell are we here. He knew Sveum and been close enough to him Boston not to make a mistake. Further, San Diego and Acta aren’t exactly proof that anyone is going to take as to brilliance. It’s getting absurd how little winning gets discussed. Given a pedigree of winning, I’d take it any day of the week without experience over regurgitated vomit like Acta. Axta may work out somewhere, but he’s a poor fit here unless Theo wants to gamble his and the organizational future. It appears more and more that Theo is grossly over-reacting to Dale’s perceived toughness and looking for a howdy doody type enabler. Winning is all that matters.

  • Jono

    What about a player manager? I nominate rizzo. Italians know how to strategize

    • Matty

      Rizzo has trouble with the “player” part, but maybe he can manage.

  • Dustin S

    Davey Martinez is probably about the closest a team could get to stealing away Maddon. Plus he’s a former Cub, a Sabremetric guy, and would likely be good with the young Latin players coming up. Even though he hasn’t head coached he has to be on the interview list I would think. I’d like him more than some of the other names tossed around.

    • X The Cubs Fan

      I was thinking him or A.J. Hinch which both pretty high upsides as managers.

  • Professor Snarks


    Andy Pafko. @92

    For those of us lucky enough to know Andy, we lost a great guy.

    • cubmig

      Andy Pafko, Bill Nicholson(“Swish”), Phil Caverretta, Peanuts Lowry……..RIP all……

  • willie

    I love this site but imo this site has been bland lately no offense brett

    • ssckelley

      Yeah, only about 650 comments made in 6 blogs today.

  • Jeff

    F’in Cardinals

    • macpete22

      Greinke and Kershaw going games 1 and 2 in STL. Hopefully up 2-0 headed back to LA

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