You Can Stop Transferring Failed Girardi Hope into (Greg) Maddux Hope

hipster greg madduxI don’t think I’d be too far off-base to suggest that many of the hardcore Joe Girardi supporters, when it comes to the Cubs’ open managerial gig, have quickly become hardcore Greg Maddux supporters in the wake of Girardi’s decision to return to the Yankees. There’s something about that smart-guy-former-Cub mystique, I suppose.

Bruce Levine reported last week about a Maddux possibility, and then reiterated this week on Sports Talk Live on CSN. The host of that show, Dave Kaplan, must have done some initial digging, because he started to hear similar things about Maddux’s desire to manage the Cubs.

… but then Kaplan went straight to the source of all sources, Maddux, himself:

Put it to bed, folks. It was a stretch to begin with.

For those of you who are now twice disenchanted in losing out on a former Cub, might I suggest Dave Martinez?

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63 responses to “You Can Stop Transferring Failed Girardi Hope into (Greg) Maddux Hope”

  1. miggy80

    Only root for Martinez if you want to see me in that BN banana hammock.

    1. CubChymyst

      Reason enough for me. :)

  2. DarthHater

    Way to spew a rumor all over the airwaves before you bother to check the source and refute it, Kap. That’s some fine journalism, there.

    1. YourResidentJag

      So, you wouldn’t expect such a thing from Kaplan? If Kaplan bothers you, you should hear the stuff that comes out of his producer, Mark Karman.

  3. Jon

    some should troll Kaplan on twitter about this, it’s hilarious when he gets all pissed off.

    1. Iowacubs

      I got into an argument on twitter with if before. I actually proved what he said wrong. But instead of admitting it. He sent me a message saying…”if you are going to argue just unfollow”. Then he promptly blocked me lol

      1. TWC

        What an internet tough guy he is.

        1. DarthHater

          Oh, shut up, you internet tough guy, you.

      2. (Not) David Kaplan

        Ha, he’s sent me pissed off DM’s on twitter too.

  4. Blackhawks1963

    What I don’t understand is why ANY OF YOU thought Maddux was a candidate in the eyes of Theo and Jed ?!? They have been VERY transparent in this process. To repeat for the umpteenth time, we KNOW factually that Acta, Hinch, Renteria and Martinez have been granted or will be granted interviews. So far, NOBODY else. Mike Maddux? Nope. Greg Maddux? Nope. Sandy Alomar Jr.? Nope. Brad Ausmus? Nope.

    This isn’t rocket science. Maybe people should delineate from now on…the following name is who I “WISH” would be considered for an interview.


  5. macpete22

    Renteria or Acta. I’m jumping on the Acta bandwagon

    1. YourResidentJag

      I actually like both. Now that I’ve seen Renteria’s resume.

  6. Jon

    I love it when you talk down to us. Tell us more teacher.

    1. Blackhawks1963

      Hmmm. I guess if you want this board to devolve into non-supported rumors on Mike Maddux or whoever, then fine. I prefer to focus the discussion on what is REAL. Not all these make believe rumors about the Maddux boys, Brad Ausmus, Sandy Alomar, etc. Why can’t the conversation be limited to who TheoJed are interviewing? They have been extraordinarily transparent and aren’t keeping secrets !! Maybe tomorrow they add another name?!? I don’t know…but if they do then we can talk about that instead of feeding something that Bruce Levine and Dave Kaplan made up as a what-if scenario about the Maddux brothers !

      1. miggy80

        Come on man we’re Cubs fans. Haven’t you heard of “wait till next year”. It’s built on dreams man, dreams.

      2. Jono

        “I prefer to focus the discussion on what is REAL…Why can’t the conversation be limited to who TheoJed are interviewing?”

        Daydreaming about cubs fantasies is what sustains me as a cubs fan. Talking about Ozzie Guillen as the Cubs manager gave a buddy and me a good laugh for a few minutes. It’s fun. Nothing wrong with that.

      3. wilbur

        You mean stick to discussing actual candidates that have interviewed like Girardi? All we have to do is wait until each possible candidate has a back channel conversation with their kids and when they report the results of that, we’ll know if they are going to manage the cubs or not. If it is good enough for the team owner and business side president, then why not for cubs fans too? Besides not that different than the search for the tv color guy is it?

  7. Jon

    Ha, he’s already getting trolled

    So I checked in w/Greg Maddux to see if he is interested in the Cubs job? “No thank you. I want to have time to be with family in summer.”


    Thomas Bellavia ‏@ThomasBellavia 14m

    @thekapman Good job spreading the rumor before bothering to check the source. Great journalism there.
    David Kaplan ‏@thekapman 14m

    @ThomasBellavia Who spread it?
    Thomas Bellavia ‏@ThomasBellavia 10m

    @thekapman All you had to do was check in w/Maddux BEFORE yapping on the radio #20thCenturyJournalism

    1. Randy

      You do realize you are a dick head. Everything you spew is shit on a stick. My last ever comment for you. Just go away and do everyone a favor.

  8. Spoda17

    Never even considered Greg Maddux. Just because you were a great player does not mean you can manage…

  9. Jono

    (The agony of the cards win has diminished enough for me to at least come back here on this site. I’m not sure if i want to watch tonight’s game, though)

    All we really have to be excited about are prospects and managerial searches. The girardi hype was definitely overblown and the Maddux talk was very premature. But it’s like a starving person eating out of the trash. Cubs fans need to look for reasons to have interest in the team. It surely isn’t coming on the field. I guess acquiring a PLAYER via either free agency or trade would be even better. Hopefully they give us a little excitement this offseason

    1. Jono

      don’t get me wrong, I love the farm system. The farm system is exciting. But Baex, Bryant, Almora, Soler, Edwards, Alcantara, etc don’t play in chicago. Since I don’t watch minor league games, they only exist in articles and blogs. Maybe I should get for next year. Maybe that’ll help get through another season

      1. Jono

        yes, Baex. He’s better than Baez

        1. Geo

          Miserable piece of crap, got nothing better to do than troll message boards and jump at the chance to make fun of people & correct there spelling mistakes? Just because your life is miserable don’t jump at the chance to make someone else’s life dark & miserable like yours!

          1. Geo

            Sorry jono didn’t see you are the same person, I just hate people that do that.

            1. Cubbie Blues

              You forgot a comma after “Sorry” and “jono”, you should have had an I after “jono”, and you probably should have used a period where you actually did use a comma.

              1. mjhurdle

                Also, ‘jono’ should be capitalized.

          2. TWC

            Ha. You turd. He was correcting his OWN spelling mistake. Short fuse today, huh?

          3. Cubbie Blues

            He was correcting himself. So, I guess you perceive him to be trolling himself?

            1. TWC

              Too much of that will make you go blind.

              1. Cubbie Blues

                Don’t judge.

        2. mjhurdle

          Ya Jono! stop correcting Jono’s spelling mistakes you meanie!!!

      2. Kramden

        I hear ya. I long for the day when I know as much about the Cubs minor league system as I used to. But the fact is that the Cub A and AA teams are infinitely more interesting than the parent club.

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  11. macpete22
    1. Bea Arthur's Deceased Husband

      According to an “anonymous” source on Twitter via Dave Kaplan, executives don’t like Hinch’s in-game managing. I didn’t pay much attention in those days to the D-Backs. Is that a fair critique? I’m very curious as I don’t know much about him.

  12. Bea Arthur's Deceased Husband

    I give Kap credit for going out and addressing this absurd rumor. It wasn’t Kap who made this up. It was Bruce Levine. Bruce has made a living the last few years of :”reporting” things and then walking them back. Word is he is leaving ESPN and I’m not sure where his next stop is.

    He gets an awful lot of respect for his work, but the last few years are a joke. This was silly rumor that Kap was probably getting questions about from rabid fans who haven’t gotten over losing Girardi and Ryno.

    it’s like the dude who called the score earlier this week to float Jody Davis. He did manage once in the system, so he is great right?

    No. He isn’t. And Bruce needs to back up his sources and we need to let go of the past.

    I trust Theo and Jed. I loved the Francona signing in 2004. That worked out well.

    1. Blackhawks1963

      By the looks of it Bruce Levine is precariously close to taking a dirt nap. Hence perhaps why his ESPN tenure is ending. He’s always been bad anyway.

    2. YourResidentJag

      Well, you may want to tell him…he’s on another thread. :)

  13. YourResidentJag

    For all who Cards fans dislikers out there:

    1. YourResidentJag


    2. miggy80

      That was awesome.

    3. Jono

      Thank you so much for posting this. You just made my day.

      1. YourResidentJag


    4. macpete22


    5. CubChymyst

      that is great

  14. Brains

    A trapeze artists doesn’t board a broken roller coaster.

  15. Voice of reason

    It’s almost laughable that Levine and Kaplan get quoted at all.

    The first boob, Levine hasn’t broken a story in over 20 years of broadcast journalism. While I don’t like to see anyone lose their job he was never objective in his reporting and seemed to prefer being friends with the players.

    As for Kaplan, I guess there is really no need to explain this guy. He should be the new ball girl for the cubs.

  16. Mike F

    As to Kaplan, he is lot more respected than he gets credit for. His flash draws jealousy.

    As to Acta and Hinch, very poor choices. The emphasis on development over winning is back-ass words and dumb. If you place a premium on winning you will eventually get it. If your emphasis is on development whatever the hell that means, very subjective, indeed you will continue be lectured by Castro.

    It’s not about being sexy, it is about proven records of success and emphasizing winning. I don’t see it with either Hinch or Acta. I see them as horrible choices. Theo worries me some here, he is charge in development. He was the one who clearly wanted to refine Castro. He’s the one who failed to trade Barney when Detroit came calling. He is the guy that traded for Rizzo. He has plenty of club house presence and now it is looking more and more like Sveum was fired for being too tough with these younger players. We should be concerned that Theo may be looking more for a valet or buddy for the young guys than someone who knows how to win.

    And ultimately, given the talent Theo has provided the last two years, he has as much to answer for as Sveum. I’m a Theo guy, but this process has left a lot to desired starting with a lack of emphasis on winning.

  17. wilbur

    If the process and the miss on Maddox winding up with Sveum was run by Theo, then I’m hoping we get a Jed hire this time around. They need to look a bit more broadly than Milwaukee (maddux, sveum) or guys that were cubs. Does Dave Mckay ever get consideration for this gig? That franchise has had some success building with prospects.

  18. Cubfan Budman

    Where is Jody Davis?

  19. JoyceDaddy

    Out of respect to Ryno, I do not want Dave Martinez. Manny Acta or Jim Riggleman would do just fine. Riggleman is currently managing the Reds Triple-A affiliate. Give the next manager a 2-3 year contract and see where we’re at.

  20. cubsfan4life

    I am very upset with Bruce Levine for basically lying to Cubs fans by saying he talked with Greg Maddux and that Greg would bring Bobby Cox, his brother Mike and Henry Blanco. It looks like Bruce made the whole thing up. I don’t think I will ever listen to anything Bruce Levine “reports” again.

  21. Satch Dobrey

    Even if Greg Maddox said he was interested, Theo would noy be since Mr. Maddox is a Hall of Famer and an ex-Cub. Being an ex-Cub is bad enough but a Hall of Famer – no way! That’s the way Theo thinks, I guess.

  22. Satch Dobrey

    Sory, I misspelled Maddux…

    1. Cubbie Blues

      And “noy” and “Sory”.

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