wrigley westWhat with the Wrigley Field renovation story line feeling like a perpetual hamster wheel, it’s easy to forget that the Chicago Cubs already locked down a massive ballpark and facilities upgrade about 1700 miles away in Arizona. Thanks to the support of the good people of Mesa, the Chicago Cubs will be opening a new ballpark for Spring Training next year, and will also be enjoying state-of-the-art facilities year-round. Perhaps Cubs players can take midseason trips to Mesa just to stay in shape …

Those facilities and that new ballpark are coming along swimmingly, and the park remains on schedule for completion later this year. Carrie Muskat is in town this week, and has a great writeup on everything going on. It’s quite impressive, and you can even see a video of the new ballpark, which evokes Wrigley Field.

Tim Sheridan is also in Mesa – as he always is – and he also gave the new digs a look. You can see a ton of pictures here (that there picture is just one of many worth checking out), including the facilities that make my college rec center look cramped – and that was a nice rec center! … I’m told.

We’re still waiting on a formal name for the ballpark, which I’m guessing could wind up being sponsored (since the Cubs can’t do that at home). Informally, you could call it Riverview Park (the site’s former name) or Wrigley West or Cactus Cactus Cubbyville. I’m open to other suggestions …

  • ColoCubFan

    That place makes Wrigley look like a dump!

    • Coldneck

      That’s because Wrigley IS a dump.

      • Chad

        Seriously, please move Wrigley and invest your 500 million where it will give you a better return.

        • ETS

          How is it Miami will invest 100’s of millions for a stadium for a team like the marlins with an owner like Loria, and chicago won’t let an owner like Ricketts invest his own $500m? I know I’m simplifying slightly with the way that question is posed, but as a fan, it’s enormously frustrating.

  • Eric

    Watching the video and looking at the pictures makes me wish that the Cubs could just move….

    • Eternal Pessimist

      …to Arizona!

  • jaslhill

    Can I rent a room?

  • hansman

    Spam moderators to the Message Boards please. Some spam bot had diarrhea all over aisle 57.

    • miggy80

      There’s some really good deals over there.

  • Funn Dave

    The Cubs have the honor of playing in one of the most historic, respected, and revered ballparks in the nation, and all anyone does is bitch about how old and dingy it is–every single time it gets brought up. Gotta love the internet. You know, the White House is getting pretty old & dingy–maybe we should move that, too. And those pyriamids over in Egypt haven’t been renovated in centuries–those would sure be a lot more useful with some brand spankin’ new locker rooms and workout facilities. Let’s plaster a bunch of giant billboards all over it, too, so they can sign some more free agents to their government.

    • Drew

      Funn Dave, the White House is renovated every time a new First Family moves in. The Pyramids in Egypt? If (living) Kings and Pharoah’s still occupied them, they’d have more modern renovations than Wrigley.

  • Blackhawks1963

    Most reports at this time point to four confirmed candidates for the managerial job — Manny Acta, AJ Hinch, Davey Martinez and Rick Renteria. Nothing is confirmed beyond that, but there is the possibility of others guys being interviewed after the season ends (e.g., Torey Lovullo?). That’s all speculation, though. According to most reports, Sandy Alomar and Mike Maddux are not being considered, and guys like Ozzie Guillen, Cal Ripken, etc, are pipe dreams and completely out of the question.

    Of the four guys we know are in consideration, how do you rate them? Which do you prefer?

    I go Renteria, Martinez, Acta, Hinch.

    • Funn Dave

      Ozzie Guillen’s a pipe dream? More like a nightmare.

      • Blackhawks1963

        So answer the question posed.

        • Funn Dave

          I really can’t make an informed judgement, but I do agree that Hinch is probably the least desirable among those candidates.

      • wilbur

        I wasn’t a big ozzie fan when he was with the other team in town, but I think he deserves consideration for the Cubs job. He would be the only one that has actually managed a big league team and won a world series. I felt when he was with the other chicago team, alot of his antics and outrageous statements were calculated to take the pressure and attention off his players and their struggles. Didn’t always work but did deflect the attention. For the cubs to win a world series, the manager is going to have to be able to take a lot of heat and handle an intense pressure cooker of attention around the team. Ozzie does know how to do this. Don’t know how well he’d fit with the rest of the desired qualifications but he does deserve serious consideration for the job. Maybe he’d surprise cubs fans and win another world series.

        • BT


    • CubChymyst

      Martinez, Renteria, Acta, Hinch

      Renteria and Acta are pretty close mostly because I don’t know much about Renteria, but as a former player I’ll give him the 2nd spot. Disappointed that Alomar does not seem to be a candidate this time. Martinez is my favorite of the list. Fangraphs interviewed him and it seemed like he could be a good manager.

    • Jason

      Why not give Cal Ripken Jr. an interview. I don’t think it hurts to add more names to the list. If Hinch or Acta is hired the FO needs to go away!!! This is a very important hire all I hope is that they make the right hire this time.

  • JoyceDaddy

    Walter White’s Wrigley West?

  • cavemencubbie

    Being old does not necessarily equate to being respected or revered. Virtually every MLB club has left their historic, revered, and respected ball parks. When I watch games at Pittsburg, St. Louis, and even Milwaukee, I am envious. Hell even the Yankees and the Mutts have new updated stadiums, in neighborhoods that are not residential, in cities that welcome them.

    • Funn Dave

      I didn’t state or even imply that being old makes Wrigley respected. I said that it’s old, respected, and revered. There is no causality in that statement. And one of my favorite parts about Wrigley is its placement in a residential area. Different strokes for different folks.

  • CubbieBubba

    I thought it already was named “Wrigley West” – I remember seeing a lot of marketing for it at Hohokam last spring. I suppose that doesn’t mean it was officially official.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Mesa Cubesa.