rick renteria padresEven before he’d actually interviewed with the Chicago Cubs for their open managerial post, Rick Renteria was being called the “favorite” for the job by some.

Whether that kind of prognostication has any value remains to be seen, but at least it now doesn’t seem quite as premature. That’s because yesterday, per multiple reports, Cubs President Theo Epstein and GM Jed Hoyer headed out to California to interview the Padres’ bench coach.

Renteria, 51, has been on the Padres’ Major League coaching staff since 2008, first as a first base coach, then as a bench coach. He managed Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic this year, and was previously interviewed for the Blue Jays’ open managerial job in 2011.

Before doing the coaching thing, Renteria was a minor league manager for the Marlins and then the Padres (including at Kane County back in 1999). He has a wealth of experience, then, working with younger players, and also at the Major League level. Further helping his cause, presumably, is Jed Hoyer’s familiarity with Renteria from his days as the Padres’ GM.

When Renteria’s name comes up in the media, you generally hear a mix of words like “respected,” “teacher,” “dedicated,” etc. It seems as though he falls into that contingent of great coaches who’ve not yet had, but everyone says deserves, a shot at a managerial job. Some might have said the same thing about Dale Sveum two years ago, of course, but this front office has now been through that experience – plus two years in the organization – to have an even better idea of what the right guy is going to look like.

Renteria joins Manny Acta and A.J. Hinch who have also been interviewed.

  • YourResidentJag

    Looks good to me.

  • Die hard

    Never managed in bigs? What gives?

    • DarthHater

      He’s also under age 75. Horrors!

  • Spoda17

    Interviewing coaches is like any other position interview… sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Just because Dale wasn’t a fit does not mean that Theo and Jed did a poor job selecting. It is impossible to guess what someone is going to be like in a year from now in regards to job performance. Even if you “know” the person.

    All they can do is do the best due diligence job they can do and take it form there. Still a crap shoot at the end of the day.

  • Jono


    Can you conduct 7 hour interviews with each of these candidates to give us a good idea of what their philosophies and styles are?

    Thanks in advanced


    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      On it.

  • Joker

    (….still banging the Dave Martinez drum…)

    • Jono

      now it’s a drum duo, although i’m playing pretty softly

      • RoughRider

        Bang the drum slowly.

        • Rizzovoir Dog

          Put me down for Martinez. If we can’t get Maddon, let’s get his right hand man.

          • D-Rock

            I am in on Martinez too. He at least deserves an interview if these other bench coaches are getting interviews.

    • SalukiHawk

      Sorry, when I saw banging and Dave Martinez in the same sentence, I was expecting the comment to go in a much different direction, given his alleged history with a certain gal named Cindy.

  • JoyceDaddy

    Aside from Tony LaRussa, what other “big” name candidates are out there? I think we should be looking for the next LaRussa, Maddon, Girardi, etc than trying to bring in someone proven at this point. With that being said, it doesn’t feel like Renteria, Hinch, or Acta would fit that bill. I would really like to see Sandy Alomar Jr. get his shot.

    • Mdavis

      Agreed, I just feel like Alomar would be an excellent manager….that being said, I’ve heard he’s not into the sabermetric game as the front office. Perhpas if Acta was hired he would bring Alomar over as bench coach, I believe they worked together in Cleveland? That could be a nice tandem. Hinch doesn’t excite me at all, Renteria is meh. I’d be pleaseed with Martinez though….it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

    • Jon

      On PSD(another Cubs forum), a pretty respected poster ABTY posted this

      “more on maddon- hearing the intent is to gage what could possibly be brought back in compensation, likely nothing more. Direct quote: ‘tampa thinks the cubs, more directly their ownership, may overpay in comp[pensation] to get a big name, fan base energizer with the best pr of any manager in the game- especially after girardi left their di*%s in their hands’

      basically, it’s what any great organization would do: ‘sure, you can have him- at our price’… Unlike the bogus theo comp talk, legit top five guy would be required, which if it were to happen you can rest assured the ricketts drove the deal which would open a whole new can of worms in this crazy little drama…”

      • Jon

        No way I’m giving up Baez, Bryant, Almora or Soler for Maddon…but would you give up an Alcantara? or Vogelbach?

        • Kyle

          No, not even a little.

          • Andrew

            only if maddon brought all the rays players with him as well.

        • Jono

          vogelbach for maddon AND…..? Zobrist?

          • Jamie

            “Please step away from the weed.”

            • N8theGr8

              That’s not fair to weed.

        • ssckelley

          A prospect like Eric Jokisch would be about all that I would trade to get a manager.

        • frank

          Not a chance.

        • YourResidentJag

          I would give up Soler for Maddon, sorry.

          • Jon

            Insane. And I don’t even think Tampa would want Soler because of his contract.

            • YourResidentJag

              That’s for talking to Andrew Friedman for all of us. I want a full report on here in the morning. So what’s he having for lunch today? :)

              • Jon

                Nothing to do with inside knowledge, just looking for patterns and previous history of what the Rays target in trades. They want CHEAP, young, talent. While Soler isn’t a massive contract, it certainly isn’t cheap.

                • YourResidentJag

                  Nope, Friedman didn’t coin the term “Longoria contract” either. Nor, did he extend Matt Moore’s deal, either? Right?

                  • bbmoney

                    The Rays have made some pretty shrewed deals. They don’t really closely resemble Soler’s deal though.

                    • DarthHater

                      “The Rays have made some pretty shrewed deals. ”

                      This is one of my favorite misspellings ever.

                    • YourResidentJag

                      Doesn’t mean they flat out reject him, though. I don’t know if the problem is on the Rays side of things. I think it’s actually the Cubs’ willingness to part with something significant for Maddon.

                    • bbmoney

                      Thanks Darth, I try hard.

                      I agree the Cubs would never do it. I’m just saying the Soler’s contract really isn’t similar to Longoria’s or Moore’s so they aren’t all that relevant. Those deals gave the Rays tons of control while also giving them the option to bail if it didn’t work and didn’t guarantee $25M+ before the guys played above High A ball.

  • ssckelley

    Great, a former team mate of Mike Quade. That should earn him a few bonus points.

  • Steve Ontiveros’ Mustache


  • itzscott

    This is a dog & pony show.

    Why don’t they just make it easy on themselves if they’ve outlined the criterion….

    Hire the guy that’s managed at the minor league level and coached at the major league level the longest and is Hispanic but has never gotten a manager’s shot at the major league level who also knows some Sabermetrics.

    Coaching/Manager Experience
    Worked with young players (they’re ALL mostly young)
    Is Hispanic

    Throw all the names into a computer and see who it spits out based on those parameters.

    • RoughRider

      My computer came up with Ron Rivera.

      • Jono

        If you said Ditka, you’d be my new favorite commenter

        • DarthHater


  • TheRiot2

    The term banging when used in reference to Martinez does tend to lead to his personal life,tho quite possibly 2 to 3 decades earlier. There’s a chance Davey has matured and would bring the commitment needed to succeed as a manager.There’s a reason why he’s spent the last 6 years on Maddon’s coaching staff.If hired he certainly would be judged by what he does today and not by past deeds off the field.

    • Blackhawks1963

      The fact that Davey Martinez once upon a time diddled Cindy Sandberg makes me think Tom Ricketts will interject himself in the process and tell Theo Epstein to look elsewhere. Especially since Ryne Sandberg was passed over twice for the Cub manager job.

      • Jon

        oooh, an orgy.

      • cubfanbob

        That’s all bullshit. I would love to know who started this rumor.

        • Idaho Razorback

          Mitch Webster started the rumor. It got him out of Montreal.

  • Eric

    Dave Martinez still has my vote.

  • JM

    Of the four remaining managers this season, the only one that “wows” me is Leyland. Sure the other three are good and we’d be lucky to get someone with their caliber, but these guys didn’t come into their jobs as “superstars”.

    Gives me some hope.

  • Blackhawks1963

    My personal opinion is that TheoJed are locked in on Rick Renteria. I like everything that I have learned about Renteria. He’s a sharp smart guy…he’s well respected…and he is Latino. I’ll trust the process.

    I think the “wildcard” in all of this is whether there may be another candidate or two in mind that is affiliated with the four remaining playoff teams. Torey Lovullo? Jose Oquendo?

    • D-Rock

      Agreed. It’s going to be Renteria. Hope he works out better than Swammy!

  • JoyceDaddy

    Questions for the BN Faithful:

    1) Would you welcome Tony LaRussa to the Cubs if it happened?
    2) Does LaRussa want to manage the Cubs?
    3) If he does, would Theo/Jed listen or have interest?
    4) What does it take to get LaRussa to Chicago?
    5) Why hasn’t anyone mentioned LaRussa as a possibility?

    If he isn’t interested in managing, well then duh. But, wouldn’t you all think Thed Hoystein would at least make a phone call to LaRussa?

    • Blackhawks1963

      Tony LaRussa is not an option. The Cubs have been very transparent that there are four candidates who have been interviewed and nobody else…Hinch, Acta, Martinez, Renteria.

      • DocShock8

        I am curious why when anyone mentions a name other than the four that have been talked about as getting interviews you say it’s not going to happen because the FO has been transparent about the process. Yet in your own posts you continually mention 2 guys who have not been mentioned by the FO, so wouldn’t the same comments you direct at others apply to you. Or do you know something the rest of us do not in regards to who else is on the list?

    • Jono

      1) yes
      2) no
      3) yes?
      4) Impossible
      5) because he’s retired. If he didn’t want to manage the cards, he’s not coming back

    • Voice of Reason

      I’ve mentioned LaRussa several times. The Cubs brass would be foolish to not reach out to the best manager baseball has seen over the past 20 something years.

      I’m sure he would listen, why wouldn’t he? Even if he wants to stay in retirement he will at least take the call.

      I’m not sure what type of $$$ it would take to land the LaRussa/Duncan combination, but if I’m the Cubs they would be #2 on my list behind Girardi!

      Why in God’s name are we talking to guys like Martinez, Hinch, Ausmus, etc.? This is Chicago. Let’s get someone in here with a proven track record of winning. If Martinez or one of the other guys can prove that they can manage THEN we should be calling on them!

      I want to put a manager on the field and say, “Do what you have done in the past” instead of putting a manager on the field and saying, “Let’s see if you can do this”.

      • Edwin

        I think he’d take the call, and politely decline. At this point, I don’t think money is all it would take to convince him to manage. If he had wanted money, he would have stayed with the Cardinals. There’s a good possibility that no amount of money in the world brings in LaRussa/Duncan.

        I understand the type of manager you’re looking for, and it’d be great if the Cubs could find someone like that, but I just don’t see that many candidates out there who are looking to manage a team that fit your criteria.

        • Voice of Reason


          It would be great to hear that the Cubs called LaRussa and he declined as he wants to stay retired and has no interest in coaching any team. That would resonate throughout baseball that the Cubs are going in a pecking order of the best possible candidates.

          Keep trying to get the best possible manager instead of taking a chance on someone who has no track record.

          Dave Martinez? Some on this site are “banging the drum” for Dave Martinez? Let’s raise the bar. This is Chicago not Seattle or Kansas City!

          • Blackhawks1963

            Every great manager started as a nobody or had an initial managerial stint where things didn’t go well. Jim Leyland was a lifetime coaching pal of Tony LaRussa before he got the opportunity (finally) to take over the Pirates. Terry Francona was fired in Philadelphia before he was ultimately hired in Boston. Joe Torre was a failure with the Braves, Mets and Cardinals before George Steinbrenner hired him to be the manager of the Yankees. And so on and so on.

            • Voice of Reason

              Oh brother, since you’re going to share the successful stories of managers, where there are few and far between, then let’s visit a list of JUST Cubs managers who were supposed to be “the next GREAT manager”: Joe Altobelli, Jim Essian, Dale Sveum,Jim Lefebvre, Mike Quade, Gene Michael….

              All other teams that are perennial losers have the same long list of terrible coaches.

              We have had three different managers over the past three years.

              Sure we could find a diamond in the rough, but I’m tired of that routine. I guess my bar is set a little higher than most.

              • Edwin

                It’s fine to set your bar high, but what candidates are out there that meet your criteria? I’ve already explained why I think LaRussa is a pipe dream. Giving him a phone call won’t change that. I know you mentioned Brenly the other day, but it seems like nobody in Baseball really takes Brenly seriously as a manager.

                So, if you don’t like the candidates the Cubs are looking at right now, who else is out there?

          • Edwin

            I think “Baseball” already understands that the Cubs are looking for the best managerial candidate out there that fits their criteria. They went after Joe Girardi, didn’t they? I don’t think a phone call to Tony impacts anything, other than being a fun little story for ESPN on a slow news day.

          • Jono

            Its about getting the best possible guy. No one thinks the cubs should settle. The difference is that some of us think that martinez is.probably the best legit option.

            • Jono

              Believe me, I enjoy daydreaming about the cubs as much as anyone. Thinking about larussa, girardi, Maddon is fun. But that’s different from making legitimate expectations

      • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

        Why wouldn’t he listen? Because he is one of the better coaches of all time, old, and we don’t have a World Series team. Pretty simple actually.

    • Edwin

      I think the reason they don’t make the phone call to Tony is that it would basically be a waste of time. I’m sure if the Cubs thought there was a chance, they’d call. But at some point, they need to focus on realistic options, instead of pipe dreams.

  • Stevie B

    I actually saw LaRussa at a bar down here in Atlanta and I asked him about joining the Cubs as their skipper, and he said…

    ” Id love to mmangad the Cubzzzz but Im reaaally enjoyying my time away fromzz the game right nooow….”

    • ssckelley

      Hopefully you called him a cab. πŸ˜€

  • http://vdcinc.biz 70’scub

    Rick looks like the front runner, 3 years should get it done….

  • TK

    Speak English in America = no job. At least not a high level job, like manager. Sad. Perhaps I served in the wrong country’s military? I sure didn’t serve to promote the exclusion of American citizens, based on ethnicity, from employment. It’s getting harder and harder to back the Cubs.

    • jh03


      I know I was supposed to just ignore this, but I couldn’t. Too funny.

    • jeff1969

      So then don’t TK. Every candidate mentioned for the Cubs managerial position is an American citizen whether you like it or understand it. Black, latino, Chinese, white, = americans.

    • TWC

      Hey, you nativist twat, Rick Renteria was born in Harbor City, CA. That’s America, FYI.

      • jh03

        Facts don’t apply. Ever. You know that.

        • Rizzovoir Dog

          Lol, what an idiot.

      • Patrick W.

        Yeah but not the “REAL” America.

      • DarthHater

        “Hey, you nativist twat, Rick Renteria was born in Harbor City, CA. That’s America, FYI. Thank you for your military service.”

        FTFY πŸ˜›

        • jh03

          Darth, stop trolling and actually contribute to this board please! /s

          • DarthHater

            Just yesterday, I was the first to correctly answer the Orval Overall quiz. πŸ˜‰

            • jh03

              You probably cheated.

              • DarthHater


        • hansman

          Uh-oh. You don’t have an American Flag lapel pin.


      • pete

        “Nativist twat” is the best epithet I have seen in awhile, especially in context of to what it was responding.

      • YourResidentJag

        You mean Harbor City, Mexico…right? or is Costa Rica?

    • Blackhawks1963

      Renteria is an American born citizen. He happens to be Latino-American. I assume your ancestors came to America from some other destination at one point? Unless I’m replying to the descendant of Geronimo or Sitting Bull?!?

      • DarthHater

        I think he’s more likely a descendant of Shitting Bull.

  • Kev

    If, as the photo up top seems to imply, he has no teeth, then I’m all for it.

    • Snoopy

      Rick Renteria is dead ringer for Warren from the movie “Something About Mary.” Franks and beans !!!

  • cards suck

    Is his name rich or rick witch is it

    • macpete22

      He went by Rich when he played. Now he goes by Rick

  • MightyBear

    Of all the managers on the current list, I think I would prefer Dave Martinez.

  • Patrick W.

    I wonder if an advantage to hiring somebody like Renteria is he doesn’t likely have a stable of coaches who would follow him, making it more likely he would consider keeping some of the coaches (Bosio, McKay) the FO recommends.

  • Cubswin2015

    Brett, have you heard any of the rumors that Rizzo expressed to the front office he would like Renteria?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I have not. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that the front office asked Rizzo what his impressions were of Renteria, however. Why wouldn’t they, right?

      • hansman

        Nonsense, it shows the FO is weak and doesn’t know what they are doing since they have to ask players!!!!

        (Or the complete opposite, whatever floats your boat)

        • LWeb23

          They have been emphasizing creating the best environment to develop talent. Why not survey the said talent??

      • Cubswin2015

        I forget where I read that? Might of been from Loxas but can’t remember. Yupp that was kind of how I felt when I read it too. Makes sense to hear Rizzo’s take on him at least.

  • XavierGunz

    It will come down to Renteria and Martinez. Both of which I think deserve a shot. Although w Renteria’s history of coaching and taking the Mexican team to series championships a few years back he might be the front runner. Theo and Jed like that in him on top of being bilingual and being in the Padres organization while Jed was there he is probably our guy. Or the guy they will choose. Although I would like Martinez because of his history w the Cubs, Renteria might be the better choice.

  • Diamond Don

    No to Tony Larussa, Tommy Lasorda, Bobby Cox, Charlie Manual, or Don Zimmer!

    How about Tony Gwynn or George Brett who could teach our players how to hit with runners in scoring position.

    • hansman

      I find it incredibly odd that the only ever “clutch” guys or guys who “knew how to hit with RISP” were guys that were really good hitters normally.

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  • The Logos

    I am going to be honest, I have no idea how to even start forming an opinion on this. Studying and evaluating players is much easier because you have so much more data. The only thing I keep thinking is … who is the opposite of Dusty Baker?

    From the information I hear and read, I like the idea of Hinch. Seems like a like-minded guy, someone who will fit in with the front office’s philosophy. I think there’s probably some value to having a guy like that around. But, I am open to suggestions.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Knowing what you don’t know – that’s a mature, and elegant approach. I dig it.

      • bbmoney

        This is lame and the complete opposite of what the internet is for, which is to definitively state that which you can not possibly know for sure. Never give an inch.

      • The Logos

        What else would you expect from me? By the way, this whole “Rick Renteria is the favorite” thing … Buster Olney has mentioned it on every podcast for the last week. Seems to me like he would not go out of his way every time unless this is a smoke-fire kind of situation, eh?

    • JB88

      I have a slightly different take on the managerial search. For me, the most important thing is that the FO figure out how/why they want wrong with Sveum. If the answer is as easy as “he wasn’t bilingual”, great, but I suspect it is deeper than that.

      If the FO figures out the answer to that question, I don’t really care who the manager is, so long as it fits the profile of what the Cubs think is the next big thing in managing. At the end of the day, the worst manager in the world is going to look like a genius with the ’27 Yankees’ lineup, so I’m not terribly concerned, but the Sveum hiring is really the one black spot on the Cubs’ rebuild at this point.

  • themusicbox

    Managing at the big league level is no different than any other job. How do you get experience if no team hires you? Who, if anyone, is out there that has experience?

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