mike maddux cubsAlthough the Chicago Cubs have interviewed four (publicly-identified) candidates for their managerial vacancy – Manny Acta, A.J. Hinch, Rick Renteria and Dave Martinez – it would have been unwise to assume that, especially at a preliminary level, their list of candidates wasn’t much longer.

Indeed, with respect to coaches on teams that are/were still in the playoffs, the Cubs necessarily have to/had to wait until their team’s playoff run ended to even ask permission to talk to such coaches. That leaves open a number of possibilities, including popular Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo.

Lovullo, 48, managed in the minor leagues for a number of years after his playing career ended, most recently for Boston’s AAA squad. From there, he was plucked by John Farrell to serve as a coach on the Blue Jays in 2011 and 2012, and came over with Farrell to the Red Sox as a bench coach this past year.

According to Patrick Mooney, the Cubs are indeed interested in speaking with Lovullo about their managerial opening once the Red Sox’s run in the playoffs is complete. Based on Lovullo’s quotes in the piece, it sounds like he, too, would have interest in a shot at managing the Cubs.

Another coach who is back in the fold is only kind of a “new” name: it’s Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux. One of the top candidates for the job in 2011 before reportedly pulling out of consideration late in the process, Maddux was initially rumored as an obvious candidate this time around. Reports quickly shot down his candidacy, which didn’t make a ton of sense, unless the Cubs learned something about him in the intervening two years that knocked him back (or didn’t like the way he backed out last time, though there are no indications that was the case).

Now he’s back, according to a report from NBC Dallas, as well as from George Ofman. Each says the Cubs have now asked permission to speak to Maddux again about their opening, and I would assume it will not be withheld this time, just as it was not withheld last time.

The Cubs are clearly searching far and wide for the best fit at manager, and I see plenty of attractive candidates. In fact, based on the relatively limited information we have so far on the six named/hypothesized candidates, I’m not sure I’ve got a huge beef with any of them. Call that homerism if you like, but I call it a front office that is good at putting a candidate list together. Hopefully this time around, they find the right fit.

  • Jon

    If Rick Renteria is indeed the choice, I could see him bringing in his son Edgar in some capacity. To coach the infield or a base coach. Something along those lines

  • Blackhawks1963

    Looks like Rick Renteria is the preference. I’m good with this. He has a strong resume and is very well regarded in baseball circles. All managers start somewhere. I could care less if he isn’t the sexiest hire.

    • http://It'searly Mike F

      I agree not sexy, but that’s true of a lot of good picks. He is intriguing in a lot of ways. He’s probably safe as they won’t bring a lot of second guessing if things don’t start that well/. Acta and Hinch could be ugly in that regard. If there is such a thing as a safe choice in this instance he might be it.

  • Jason Powers

    As Dennis Eckersley would say, “thats 300 beans! Kershaw worth that much?” At least it seems he wants a lot to go towards charitable projects/foundations also. So not like Arod. Cubs will be mid market team for quite awhile. LA is making it rain on left coast.

    • DarthHater

      “it seems he wants a lot to go towards charitable projects/foundations”

      He’s probably just trying to distract attention from the way he shit the bed in the most important game of the season. 😛

      • Jason Powers

        He is involved in charity. His one game performance is not much of a deal. Greg Maddux did not wow in post season play. And clayton has a decade to potentially redeem himself.

  • Fastball

    If the Maddux brothers came to run the Cubs on field operations it wouldn’t be long before Theo and Jed would lose control. Greg and Mike would be like the Kennedys in the White House and the FO would be the Russians. Who would Tom listen too? The wonder biys would have to go at some point. ?? Is.. which set would be the Wonder Boys..

    • DarthHater

      “the FO would be the Russians.”

      And you’d be this guy:

    • scorecardpaul

      I thought this was diehard

  • Fastball

    Sooner or Later Theo and Jed will get fired. In 2 years if we aren’t winning both will be gone.

    • Brian Peters

      I don’t believe that for a nano second. Not saying they may not deserve it at that point hypothetically, but I just don’t believe they’d be let go at that point.

      • TOOT

        Have to agree here. I think the FO and Mr. Ricketts are on same page and not changing course.

  • Mike

    Just sign Martinez and let all those stupid Mrs. Sandberg b.s. rumors go away to the simple-minded. All the other candidates are crap.

    • DarthHater

      I had no idea that Dave Martinez’s mother was named Mike.

      • Mike

        Get a life, boy.

        • wilbur

          The thing with Martinez is, one has to wonder how bright he is, both for his indiscretions during his playing days (that got him traded out of town) and then for sitting six years as a bench coach. So, I dont think the cubs will hire him, not because of what he did, but because may show not too swift.

          • Blublud

            This post makes absolutely no sense.

  • Roose

    Bringing in a candidate with some winning experience…like being in a WS. My vote goes to Luvollo. Bring in a winner who has been there. Worst to first….for Boston.

    • YourResidentJag

      Depends on how long they’re willing to wait to interview him but I agree he would be a solid choice.

  • Dustin S

    Truthfully a bit indifferent to the manager search now. Since none of them really stand out, it seems more like a matter of just taking a chance and hoping it works out at this point.

    My feeling is they’re looking for a bit more strict manager this time around. Dale gave some sleepy interviews, but he hung out with Rizzo+co. off the field sometimes and generally was fairly loose in terms of rules it seemed. Girardi would have fit the bill of running things more strictly than Dale, and I think they’ll still go with someone with that type of approach.

  • Cubfan Budman

    Jody Davis where for art thou

  • Bill

    I would pass on Maddux as manager it just seems like his heart wouldn’t be in it.

    • TOOT

      Just out of curiousity. Why do you feel this way? Something he said or did?

    • wilbur

      I agree, he passed on the job two years ago, if it was offered to him as some say. This may not be the way to show the FO you will be a good fit and easy to work with. I think the Madduxes think quite alot of themselves and should be left to do so on their own somewhere else.

  • macpete22

    Henry Blanco as bullpen coach and Alex Cora as 3rd base coach?

  • Die hard

    Cubs may be waiting to talk to Jose Oquendo who may have just enough mgr experience to do the job without being a threat to the FO

    • Jon

      Bonus points for this candidate actually being younger than 80.

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