Obsessive New Manager Watch: Leyland/Baker/Mattingly Implications, Maddux, Renteria, Lovullo

dusty baker classyIt’s the hottest story in the Cubs’ world right now, so I suppose it makes sense that there’s a ton to discuss once again today …

  • The most significant development over the past day or so is the opening of the Detroit Tigers’ managerial job on Jim Leyland’s announcement that he was ready to hang ‘em up. The question, of course, is what impact will that opening have on the Cubs’ search? Would the Tigers job and the Cubs job really appeal to the same candidates? Indeed, would each respective organization be looking at the same kinds of candidates in the first place? The Tigers are established, competitive, and come with weighty expectations. The Cubs are developing, learning, and come with no expectations (except for the whole 105 years thing). There are rumblings, however, that there could be some overlap with respect to Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo, at a minimum. The Cubs are still waiting for a shot to interview Lovullo once the World Series is over. Patrick Mooney has additional thoughts on Lovullo here.
  • The second most significant development, also outside of the Cubs’ direct world, is the closing of the Cincinnati Reds’ managerial job search, with reports that Bryan Price, the team’s pitching coach, would be promoted to take the spot vacated by Dusty Baker. Given that Cincy is still on the hook for Dusty’s significant 2014 salary, it’s unsurprising that they went the internal route for now. They weren’t likely to be in the mix for the same candidates the Cubs were interviewing, but, in any event, it closes out one job without taking one of the Cubs’ options.
  • Speaking of Baker and the Tigers, he’d be interested in that job if they came calling. Baker to a team that, in recent years, is great in the regular season and falls just short in the playoffs? Sounds like a perfect fit.
  • An additional non-Cub wrinkle to watch in all of this: although the Dodgers picked up his option for 2014, Don Mattingly doesn’t sound like he feels too wanted in LA, and there’s a possibility of a split there. If he leaves, there is obviously another high profile job open, and another candidate on the market (though I’d question a Mattingly fit with the Cubs).
  • Patrick Mooney and Gordon Wittenmyer, say that, despite weekend reports to the contrary, Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux is not a candidate for the Cubs job this time around, despite being a favorite back in 2011.
  • Add Dan Bernstein to the list of folks who say Rick Renteria is the favorite for the Cubs job. He adds that Dave Martinez also interviewed well.


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  1. beerhelps

    Bernstein probably said Renteria’s new contract is in Rickett’s desk drawer next to Kerry Wood’s personal services contract.

    1. YourResidentJag

      HA. Awesome. And then he gave a medical diagnosis as to the recovery of Renteria’s hip. :)

  2. Blackhawks1963

    It doesn’t seem like the candidates the Cubs are talking with overlap with the openings in Detroit, Seattle, Washington. It is my opinion that the Cubs are locked in on hiring Rick Renteria, but want to hold off hiring him until they get the chance to talk with Torey Lovullo. Even then, I think Lovullo is a longshot at best because he has no direct manager experience and isn’t bi-lingual.

    So I think a few days after the World Series concludes Rick Renteria will be introduced at the podium as the new Cub manager. Which I’m fine with. He’s got a very good resume and is well regarded.

  3. mjhurdle

    i laughed reading the Baker bullet. Well done Brett :)

    1. forlines


  4. Brains

    They’re basically going to hire a manager who will have to be fired as a scapegoat again in 2 years. So let’s not expect any huge inroads here. Our third manager might be a keeper, assuming a lot of gambling has paid off by year five.

    1. JM

      The Cubs plan includes getting much better by 2014-2015. If that track holds true, the current manager will (or at least should) be given at least some of the credit. If they are better within the next two years, I don’t see the manager getting fired.

      Not sure why you would view this next hiring a lost cause already.

      1. Brains

        because they’ve repeatedly voiced that they wont hire veteran players

        1. JoeyCollins

          They’ve never said that at all. The front office has said that there is a time to buy and a time to wait for young talent to develop, we are currently in the development period. They have also said that you have to sign players when they are available and will continue to examine all options.

  5. Voice of Reason

    I believe that Renteria will be the next manager for the Cubs.

    It’s silly that they ousted Sveum for Renteria, but, silly is the Cubs way!

    1. YourResidentJag

      Yep. Should been kept until the remainder of his contract. Said it all along.

  6. Jono

    Soooooo, derrick rose looks good

    1. Blublud

      Derek Rose is a bum. His low basketball IQ, cheating on the SAT, barely qualifying grades to get out of high school and the fact that no other stars in the league respects him ot his attitude should tell you as much. As long as he is the bulls best player, as inefficient as he is, the bulls will have a ton of 2nd rou d exits.

      1. Jon

        This might be your dumbest post ever.

        1. On The Farm

          That is saying something coming from you.

          Not picking on you, just commenting on the magnitude of stupidity in which you are referring to.

          1. Funn Dave

            “in which you are referring to” lol maybe you shouldn’t talk.

        2. Blublud

          Exactly what part of what I said is a lie. It’s all truth. His cheating on the SAT caused Memphos yo vacate wins. He barely graduated hogh school, again truth. He has an incredibly low basketball IQ, comfirm by a lot of people around basketball. I can’t think of one star who defended his stupidity of missing all of last year, or who ever has anything nice to say about him. And he will never lead Chicago to a championship. Hell, they were pretty much as good wothout him as they were with him.

          1. BT

            Other than Rajon Rondo, Kevin Durant, and virtually every player on the Bulls, I can’t think of any player that defended his missing last year either. Unless you want me to spend another 15 seconds trying.

            Also, when discussing stupidity, you might want to try to avoid misspelling both “Memphis” and “high school” in the same paragraph. Even if it’s autocorrect’s fault, it totally undermines your point.

            1. Blublud

              Its not auto correct, the screen on my phone is screwed and I’m holding off until November when I’m eligible for a upgrade.

              1. Jamie

                Sounds like good material for a TV commercial.

            2. Blublud

              And Rajon Rondo is as big an idiot that exist in the NBA. Almost as big an idiot as Kevin Garnett. And I’m a Timberwolves fan.

              1. BT

                so he doesn’t count as a single person? Does Durant? Or when you say “I can’t think of a single star who defended his stupidity” do you mean “a single star I don’t have an issue with”? Because then, really, what’s the point?

                1. Blublud

                  Durant is the man. If he defended, I’m sure it cause he was asked a question. If I recall, Durant avoided the question with an answer like every injury is different and he has to do what is right for him. Or something like that. He didn’t really defend him.

                  He tore his ACL the same day, like 45 minutes apart from Iman Shumpert. Shumpert came back in February. Peterson can back in 8 months in football from his. RG3 in like 7 months. Hell, Kobe is trying is trying to play at 35, 7 months after receiving a worse injury. Even his teammates were throwing him under the bus in the playoffs. Nobody is going to come out and completely defend him for missing a year and a half.

                  1. On The Farm

                    Okay so because one athlete can do it all, must be able to. That’s some pretty sound reasoning. I mean clearly we are all born with the same exact makeup so there are no bodies sizes, genetics, that would help a person recover from one injury faster. For the record this is actually the problem with RGIII, lots of people don’t actually think was 100% when he stepped on the field, but since Peterson came back that fast, everyone expected him to be able to. Its a flaw in sports. No two athletes are the same.

                  2. jh03

                    Man, DRose must be such a terrible person because he valued his own health and future more than a single basketball season. What a terrible person. How could he value being able to play for an entire career (because speed and agility is kind of his big thing) over playing in the playoffs that the Heat were going to win anyways?

                    Even if he could have played without risking future injury, which he probably could have, he made the choice he thought was best for him as a person. Let’s all hate him for that. Mature.

                    1. Blublud

                      Fine. I have no problem with that. Then if I’m the Bulls, and the Docs, all the Docs cleared you to play, then ima need some of the money I paid you back. At least from after the time you were cleared.

          2. JoeyCollins

            You really think the other players don’t like or respect Rose? I guess you didn’t hear about the Derrick Rose rule in the last CBA did you? You know the one the players negotiated for and had added just so Rose could get a larger contract than what the CBA would have allowed if not.

            1. Blublud

              Right, because every player agreed to a rule just DRose can get paid. That rule will not affect anyone else. Just DRose. So they really do love him.

      2. Brains


      3. Voice of Reason

        Derrick Rose won an MVP. He makes the rest of the Chicago Bulls team better without question. All the other stars in the league marvel at his abilities. He is so far from inefficient it isn’t even funny.

        Blublud, that is the most ridiculous post I have ever read on this site.

        1. hansman

          Wow, apparently you don’t read much of what Blub posts.

        2. Jon

          The only thing that has merit is his SAT. Low basketball IQ? Hardly. His teammates love him. Never get out of the 2nd round? He’s already been to the Eastern Conf Finals.

          1. hansman

            Since when is the SAT an indicator of intelligence? It’s a measure of test taking abilities.

            1. Jon

              It’s obvious BluBud is a Lebron lover. I also find it quite ironic, hypocritical, if you will that he’s bashing Rose for cheating on his SAT to get into college(pointless for him to take anyways, his career was always a pro ball player), when Lebron wasn’t even subject to such testing because then, players could just jump right to the NBA.

              1. Blublud

                It not that he had to take. He cheated and had someone else take it for him because ha knew he couldn’t pass it. It decision cost several other players wins and cost a university a lot. That along makes him stupid.

                1. BT

                  Right, because the University had NO IDEA what was going on.

                2. C. Steadman

                  he was also 17 or 18 at the time, you didnt do stupid stuff when you were that age??…that was about 8 years ago…thats along time to hold a grudge, blub..you dont think he can learn from those mistakes?

                  1. Blublud

                    When I was 17 or 18 I didn’t cheat on the SAT. I went and took it myslef. As I’m sure most of did. He knew if he took it he wouldn’t be able to get into memphis. He is athletic as shit. He’s a good ball player. If he had a Bball IQ of Paul or nash, he would be unstoppable. Ever knows you can push Rose left, causing him pull up and shoot verses getting to the basket and force him to have one of those 11-29 games. Doesnt have a great impact on on Chicago’s win lose record. The Bulls best player is Tibs. If the bulls lost Tibs, they would struggle to make the playoffs.

                    1. BT

                      Right, everyone knew if he took the test he wouldn’t get into Memphis, INCLUDING MEMPHIS. Which is why they probably arranged for someone to take the test for him, so he could play basketball for one year. Which is why Memphis got punished. You keep acting like they were a victim.

                      And obviously he doesn’t have a great impact on the Bulls W/L record as I think WITH Rose they went from having the best record in the NBA for 2 straight years to 5th seed in the East. Your logic is unassailable.

                    2. C. Steadman

                      when you were 17 or 18, would you have been a lottery pick if they didnt have to make you go to college for a year? yeah…you also dont think losing DRose has a huge impact on the Bulls wins-losses? 62 wins his MVP year, 50 wins the next year when he only played 39 games, 45 wins last year with no DRose…relatively same core of guys(Noah, Boozer, Deng) and the same head coach…yes I think Thibs is the best head coach in the league also, but the bulls struggled to make the playoffs last year and they had Thibs but no Rose…

                    3. C. Steadman

                      my argument for the 50 wins the next year is faulty however…forgot the shortened season

                    4. Blublud

                      Right, when Lebron Left Cleveland, they went from best record in the league to worse. Same when Dwight left Orlando. His team becomes one of the worse in the league. When Rose gets hurt, his team still get to the 2nd round with a bunch of guys who always gets accused of being nobodies.

                    5. Blublud

                      And they dI’d that with Nate freaking Robindon running the show.

                    6. C. Steadman

                      we arent arguing whether Lebron or Howard are good…we are arguing the fact that D-Rose isnt a “bum” and that the Bulls wouldnt be ousted every 2nd round like you orginally stated that led to this debate

                    7. Blublud

                      You are right. The Bulls are the 5th best team in the East this year, behind MIA, INDY, NY and BK. You also got fast risers in Washington, Detroit, Cleveland, not that they’ll be better than Chicago. So they probably won’t even see the 2nd round.

                    8. C. Steadman

                      what rankings are you looking at? lowest the Bulls have been ranked is 4th in the East…and most have them 3rd because the Nets are old and have an unproven coach in Kidd…which is good enough for 5th best in the NBA because the Heat and Pacers are unbelieveable

                    9. Jon

                      The Bulls have already steamrolled the Pacers twice in the preseason, and yes you could say it’s only preseason, yet Vogel, played his starters crazy minutes in the preseason trying to win.

                      Rose is back to 100% and is even stronger than before. Taj added 20 pounds and has been beating all preseason. With Jimmy Buckets they finally have an answer at 2 guard.

                      5th in the east, man it’s going to be fun to throw that back in your face. The Bulls are going to eat the regular season alive. Can they stay healthy for the postseason, that’s the only question.

                    10. C. Steadman

                      yeah I’m really excited for this Bulls season! especially since all these injuries are plaguing the Bears(i’m guessin since you are a Cubs and Bulls Fan that you’re a Bears fan…theres a disclaimer) making postseason football unlikely

                    11. Blublud

                      Uh. The Bulls play hard all regular season, so you may be right. But that’s also their problem. Miami will coast, and have proven they don’t need home court advantage. But once the PO start, everybody plays hard and the Bulls get exposed.

                    12. ssckelley

                      Same, I am excited for the Bulls season. Since I am also a Iowa Hawkeye fan basketball season cannot start soon enough.

                    13. Jon

                      The Bulls only “problem” is that they haven’t solved Lebron yet. No other team exposes them in the postseason. They beat the Nets last year that were 10X as talented as them(especially considering they lost Deng and Hinrich in that series).

                      My only problem with Thibs his he needs to challenge his inner Popovich and let up off the gas in the postseason a bit and save some for the playoffs.

                      But, Indiana and Brooklyn(lol AARP) aren’t even going to make them sweat. It will be another Heat/Bulls ECF this year. The only way the Bulls lose in the 2nd round is if the Heat really take the regular season off, fall to 4th and force a matchup with Chicago in the 2nd round.

                    14. Blublud

                      Wait til the season starts. It took paul 2 years to get back. When Rose has to play back to backs, 3 games in 4 nights. I’m sure there are a few 5 games in a week stretches. Especially when it 3 in 4 nights in three different cities. You can go ny what he’s doing in the preseason against scrubs, reduced lineup and players who are playing hard but him.

                    15. Blublud

                      Indiana won’t make them sweat. Indiana is yhe 2nd best team in all of the NBA. They are the only team that can beat the Heat this year, and I actually give them a great chance of doing so. Chicago is not close to Indiana. Don’t get fool by 2 preseason games. The Wiz beat the heat by 20 with Lebron playing significant minutes. I guess the Wiz are now favored in a series against the Jeat.

                    16. C. Steadman

                      they were only 4 games worse than the Pacers last year…and besides missing Rose…Deng and Noah were injury plagued all season and Kirk Hinrich was the starting point guard….*barf*…and yeah i dissed capn kirk and I’m even from iowa…I’m not ranking the Bulls higher but they are definitely close

                    17. Funn Dave

                      Wow, why even watch basketball at all this year? Apparently Blublud knows exaclty how every team’s record is going to pan out.

            2. YourResidentJag

              I wish your argument of the SAT was really that simple, Hansman.

        3. Blublud

          Derek Rose stole a MVP. It was the anti Lebron Award. Not to mention Kobe, D.Howard, Durant and several others had better years then Rose that year. Hell, he basicly put up the same numbers as westbrook that year.

          1. Voice of Reason

            Well, there is no more debating now!
            You didn’t tell us that Derrick won it because nobody wanted LeBron to win it that year.
            How silly of all of us!
            You certainly have vision that none of us could imagine. Are those mushroom flashbacks?

          2. C. Steadman

            MVP isnt just about the numbers, its about being the “most valuable to your team”…Derrick Rose was the best player on the best team in the regular season(MVP is about the regular season, which is why theres a separate award for the playoffs)

            1. someday...2015?

              People always forget that LeBron is playing with a top 10 NBA player(Wade) and an an allstar PF(Bosh). Those two help inflate LeBron’s stats. Now he has Ray “saves the day” Allen to bail him out of tight situations. Give Derrick another top 10 player, a allstar PF(not a bum like Boozer) and Ray Allen and his stats will be parallel to “the king”. If LeBron had half the killer instinct that Rose has he would probably have 5 rings instead of 2.

              1. Blublud

                Drose had the chance to get Howard 2 years ago in a deal involving Noah and according to “reports” he didn’t need another star to win a championship. Also, Rose had Deng, an all-star, Noah, an all-star, Boozer, a former all-star and the guy who I think is the 2nd best coach in basketball. Its not like he is going 1 on 5 himself. This is dumbest thing anyone ever tries to say about lebron. Those players have nothing to do with how good he is.

                1. On The Farm

                  Riiiight, so if you had to choose between a HOFer and all star PF Wade and Bosh, and emerging All star Noah and All Star Deng. You wouldn’t have a preference, because they obviously have equal talent. You are acting like Rose has all this talent, yet LeBron has way way more and he still couldn’t win a ring right away. They have nothing to do with how good LeBron is? Careful when talking in absolutes, how can you say having two top ten players on the floor at the same time is not beneficial. Teams have to decide which one they are going to let beat them.

                2. someday...2015?

                  Boozer is a bum. If you try to argue that, it’s clear you don’t watch the Bulls or you just haven’t seen Boozer play since Utah. Noah is an all-star because of his rebounding, passing, and leadership. Not because of his offensive game. Again, Lu is great but he is not great for his offensive game. He is a great defender that does all the little things. The only reason Lu ever made the all-star team was because of Rose.(wide open shots) In Rose’s MVP year he had Keith Bogans at SG. LeBron had Dwayne Wade…That was a huge factor. Supporting cast in general factors into the MVP decision and LeBron clearly had the better offensive players around him.

                  1. Blublud

                    Lebron also had Mario Chalmers (who actually embarrassed rose in the college Championship game with the winning shot) and Joel Anthony in his starting lineup. Whats your point. The Bulls don’t have a player who suck as much as Anthony. And they still almost won a Chip.

            2. Blublud

              If I’m not mistaken, he had the lowest FG % of any MVP ever. Either Iverson was one step above or below him. Cant remember. He is very inefficient. Looks at his points per shot average. He is the only person I know who will go 11-29 with 30 pts, 4 assist, 2 rbd and 7 TO and think he had a good game. I seen him put up more of those games then anyone in the league.

          3. On The Farm

            Durant and Melo maybe had better offensive numbers than Rose when you look across the board. But when you factor in that Rose was also a better teammate (top ten in assists), top 5 in RPG at PG, the best player on the best team, it kind of adds up to MVP. LeBron certainly didn’t desrve it that year. Rose looked like best player in the league that year, and that’s why everyone voted him MVP. If the MVP is an anti-LeBron award explain to me how he has won the thing 4 times, especially since Durant has more scoring titles than LeBron?

            1. Blublud

              That was the year he left Cleveland (who the hell would want to live in Cleveland anyway, this is the only thing Noah ever said that makes sense) and the league felt the need to punish him. Lebron numbers trumped DRose numbers across the board and the records were similar. Lebron definitely had a better season then Rose. And Howard single handed carried Orlando that year with no help. Rose was chosen to stick it to Lebron. Several members of the media has even since admitted it.

              1. C. Steadman

                was LeBron more valuable to the Heat than Rose was to the Bulls? not even close…you take Rose away the Bulls dont sniff the Eastern Finals, while you take Lebron away the Heat, they probably still end up in the NBA Finals or at leats Eastern Finals…Howard was certainly really valuable to the Magic but they finished 10 wins behind Rose’s Bulls and were 1-3 head to head against them also

                1. Blublud

                  Ifyou really think the heat are in the finsls without Lebron, you don’t know basketball.

                  1. C. Steadman

                    let me guess, you played at a higher level of basketball than most people on this board?? and why i dont i know bball if i think the Heat couldve made the finals without Lebron? they wouldve still beat the Bucks and my Bulls…they maybe lose to the Pacers, but then again i said “probably make the Finals” not for sure make the finals…they for sure make the Easter Finals though…

                    1. ssckelley

                      “let me guess, you played at a higher level of basketball than most people on this board??”

                      Well played!

                      He got you on that one Blu. :p

                    2. Blublud

                      Nah. But I do referee high school ball, so that should give me some advantage.

                    3. C. Steadman

                      i certainly hope thats a sarcastic response…bc if you believe that since you are a zebra that you have an “advantage” then I lost my respect for you..because I respect your opinions(even though i disagree) bc you generally stick by them even through all the flack you get

                    4. Blublud

                      I am a Ref, but it was definitely a joke man. I’m never as serious as the people responding to me.

                    5. C. Steadman

                      good, i was worried

                  2. Myles

                    Whoa, watch out! He refs high school basketball so he’s seen it all! Let’s cut him some slack. Seems like he’s got the credentials to call out one of the best point guards in league and label him overrated.

      4. C. Steadman

        so, you dont like him because he isnt smarter than a 5th grader and confident in his abilities?…yet forgetting the facts that he was the youngest MVP ever at age 22, 3 time Allstar, ROY, and has improved shooting %’s since coming into the league…and where did you get that other players dont like him? cause i cant find that anywhere

  7. Jon

    They fired Svuem specifically because they thought they would get Girardi(Len Kasper) even hinted so), so now, no matter what, they are going to have their pants down around their legs with this hire. It also didn’t help when Theo publicly stated they hoped to find someone with prior big league coaching experience. Whoops.

    1. mjhurdle

      “They fired Svuem specifically because they thought they would get Girardi”

      Do you have any source for this, beyond speculation? If so, can you link it? I have never heard this in any way confirmed, but it would definitely change some things if this was the case.

      1. Jon

        Len Kasper was on Mully & Hanly(local AM sports talk show in Chi) and hinted directly along those lines. He specifically mentioned they “saw an opportunity w/ Girardi”.

        I don’t have time to search the podcats, but it was a few weeks ago, when he was a guest on their show. I don’t think he’s been on their show since, but it was his last appearance with them.

        1. Cubbie Blues

          Seeing an opportunity and firing the current Manager for the sole purpose of pursuing that opportunity are two totally separate things.

    2. Jono

      I don’t think anyone felt comfortable with Sveum going into 2014 and beyond. They need a guy who can help develop young talent. Certainly that wasn’t a strength in 2013. So even if Girardi wasn’t available, it was still a good move (that’s not to say Sveum wasn’t the right guy for 2012-13, just that he wasn’t the guy for 2014 and beyond)

      1. Voice of Reason

        Lake, Wood, Parker, Strop, Arrieta, Castillo, Rizzo all took steps forward under Sveum.

        Castro did struggle and Rizzo didn’t progress as we would have liked, BUT he did progress!

        Sveum also took this team to more wins than the previous season and it was a BRUTAL roster.

        The fact is, the Cubs whacked Sveum to clear the deck for Girardi and he didn’t come.

        Now, the Cubs are going to hire another “chance” manager. This will be the fourth manager for the team since 2010. They need to get some consistency going. That will effect any development of these rookies. One manager has one direction, the next has another.

        1. Jono

          I’m not sure if Rizzo took a step foward. I’m not as down on him as most, I understand he had a better year than most people think. But a step foward? Eh.

          Castro/Rizzo are their core guys. Sure, Castillo did pretty well. And I’m loved Wood’s year. Strop, he’s not a developing young player. Lake, he didn’t have much time with the team. We’ll see how he does next year. But I am happy with how he played. Parker did well, too. But again, those aren’t core guys

          1. Voice of Reason

            But, your argument was developing talent, not developing these so called “core guys”.

            You can call them “core guys”, but if Sveum and his staff was allowed to continue to work with Lake, perhaps he could have moved onto that “core guy” list. Odds are against it, but who knows.

            They should have just stuck with Sveum. We knew he wasn’t the guy to take us to the World Series, but a simple stop gap until the team was in position to bring in that big bucks manager to take that next big step.

            Hiring Renteria or any other “chance” manager makes the Cubs look silly for firing Sveum. Theo and Company have some egg on their face over this! They DID whach Sveum to go after Girardi, no question!

            1. Jono

              The front office has talked about developing thir young core so often that I thought it was implied. I can call them “core guys” bc that’s what they are. And im sure there was a chance that sveum and co could’ve developed lake into a core guy. But maybe not, either. And im not real problems excited about any of these candidates. But just bc they’re not big names doesn’t mean they wont do well.

          2. CubFan Paul

            Rizzo learning on the fly to hit away pitches to Left Field was (visible) progress. That was a weakness coming into the season. He should be more comfortable doing it next year, making his average & babip rise naturally.

            1. Jono

              Thats a nice analysis. I didn’t know that about hitting pitches to left. And im sure his babip will be better next year. It has to be

            2. jt

              2012 Rizzo had 276 batted balls in play that includes HR’s (non strike outs).
              22+% went to the left side
              41+% went center
              36+% went to the right side
              2013 Rizzo had 476 balls in play that included HR’s
              24+% went to the left side
              33+% went to center
              42+% went to the right side
              He took the ball up the middle 20% less in 2013. A lot of that was pulled to the right side.
              I don’t know the distribution. It would be interesting to find out how much of that hitting to the left side in 2013 was during his hot streak in May and when he started getting more hits in Sept.

              1. jt
        2. Boogens

          “They need to get some consistency going.” … “One manager has one direction, the next has another.”

          I agree with you and I believe that Theo made that very point as to a contributing reason why Sveum was fired. They needed one consistent message which they weren’t getting under Sveum. That would seem to contradict your earlier point that Sveum was whacked for Girardi, which implies that if Girardi weren’t available then Sveum would not have been fired. It’s more likely that Sveum would have been fired in any case and the FO’s #1 candidate was Girardi.

          1. Voice of Reason

            You’re right, if the Cubs hire another “chance” manager like Renteria they will certainly remain consistent!

            They will be consistent in hiring managers that have no major league head coaching experience on their resume.

            Quade, Sveum, and probably Renteria??

            And, we wonder why we get laughed at and haven’t won the big prize in over 100 years.

            1. YourResidentJag

              So, that’s the reason, huh? :)

              1. Voice of Reason

                That’s one of the many reasons that people shake their heads at the lovable losers.

                1. Eternal Pessimist

                  Baker and Pinella had lots of experience too (and some pretty good talent on the teams)…but no WS rings.

            2. Boogens

              VOR, I’m not suggesting that the Cubs should hire anyone in particular. I’m just noting that your two points are contradictory.

              1. Voice of Reason

                What two points are contradictory?

  8. Brian Peters

    I’m just hoping two things: 1) if Renteria’s the choice, that his hip is healed so he can go to work; and 2) if Theo et al insist on waiting to interview Luvollo, that–if truly interested in him–they hurry up and get him and not look like morons for sitting around with hands in their pockets whistling “Even Flow”….for my two cents, Renteria is the guy.

  9. YourResidentJag

    It’s snowing. It’s Iowa. It’s October. Batten down the hatches in Ohio. ;)

    1. On The Farm

      Maybe I will go as Frosty the Snowman for Halloween. Looks like i will have the materials.

      1. YourResidentJag

        Incredible, ain’t it?

        1. On The Farm

          Yeah if it stays this cold I will have to abandon my Miley Cyrus inspired ‘Wrecking ball’ outfit. basically its just a sledge hammer.

          1. YourResidentJag


    2. Idaho Razorback

      Snowing in Iowa. Move to North Idaho. I’ve been scrapping ice off my windshield in the morning for the last two months.

      1. YourResidentJag

        Oh, that wouldn’t surprise me. Just seems too early for snow I guess given that it was 70 about two weeks ago.

      2. On The Farm

        Not sure if I want to trade my corn in for potatoes. Thanks for the offer though, you almost had me ;)

  10. chrisfchi

    I bet Mattingly would be more accepted in L.A. if he would just shave those sideburns.
    (sorry couldn’t help myself)

    1. Jono

      well done

    2. Jono

      I also couldn’t help myself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyZ7oU0tUR8

      1. chrisfchi

        By far one of the best episodes ever. I watch it after listening to Brett’s podcast.

  11. Noah_I

    I don’t see the same people being involved in the Tigers job and the Cubs job. The Tigers job is one that is likely at the back end of a window. One of two things is going to happen: Either Mike Ilitch (age 84) is going to pass away or have a medical issue that will result in team control going to someone else, or the team will be so old and expensive in a few years that they can’t make up for it, especially considering the subpar farm system. Scherzer is an FA after 2014, Cabrera and Jackson are after 2015, and the Tigers already have $68 million guaranteed to just 3 players for 2016: Fielder, Verlander and Sanchez, with all of those contracts extending beyond 2016 as well (in the case of Fielder and Verlander, WELL beyond 2016.)

    So you’re looking at, hopefully, the last three years of a window. You’re bringing in someone looking for their last shot at glory.

    The Cubs window likely doesn’t open until at least 2015, maybe 2016. If you’re a guy looking manage for 3 or 4 more seasons, max, and have your best chance of winning a World Series, the Cubs aren’t it. Also, the Cubs likely aren’t looking for that guy. The Cubs want a guy who, if the team succeeds, will be here for 7 or 8 seasons or more.

  12. FastBall

    We should be asking for permission to interview some of the better managers in the game. I don’t care much for this list of guys they have brought in. Renteria and Martinez are okay with me. But Hinch and the others all suck. WTF. The Cubs HR dept just flooded Theo’s desk with resume’s on a friday afternoon. This is a major market team that is supposed to be something special within 2 years time. Yet we are interviewing guys that are going to learn how to be a manager on the job. I don’t get it. Hell if I was going to take this approach it would be clear cut decision. Martinez. He at least has been working along side Madden everyday for 6 years and produced a winner with a half dozen ex-Cubs for Christ sake. Every notice how many Cubs leave Chicago and end up with a WS ring. Goes back to when I was a kid 45 years ago. I tend to agree with one early on commenter saying this guy will that gets hired will probably get fired before the Cubs are ready to win. These guys being interviewed have very little if no managerial experience and you bring them to Chicago to cut their teeth. Put a dart board on the dudes back. He will get about the same shitty set up as Sveum. Although I don’t think Sveum could coach a monkey to hump a football.

  13. Die hard

    Won’t cause Theo needs to manage from upstairs

  14. Jon

    This is great, I’ll be bumping this “Bulls are the 5th best team in the East” nonsense along with Almora ‘s ceiling is the Darwin Barney…

  15. aCubsFan

    Donnie Baseball is not available. He and bench coach Trey Hillman have been fired.

    1. aCubsFan

      oops …typo. Donnie Baseball is now available.

      1. Patrick W.

        I don’t think you’re reading it right. Hillman was fired, Mattingly has not been fired. As of right now, he’s the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

        1. aCubsFan

          Thanks Patrick…you’re right I did misread the article. My bad.

  16. Bob

    Bartman used to coach little league, right? He’d probably be better than most of the names being tossed around right now.

  17. Brian Peters

    Why is it people can’t see beyond the flashing, marquee managers’ names? Farrell had a crappy record in Toronto, and two short years ago, Mike Matheny was sitting on a perch with “special assistant” attached to his name. The fact is, we don’t know if Renteria, Martinez, or Luvollo will suck or not any more than we could say that about Lou Piniella or Dusty Baker. When it comes right down to it, if a World Series championship is what we want and we won’t be satisfied until we get it, those big-name managers did no more for the Cubs than a new, lesser-known manager could do. Who knows…maybe Renteria or D Mart is THEE one to take them where we want to be.

  18. Die hard

    The Cards first base coach has a good résumé too

  19. TOOT

    Good write up tomorrow for sure. Don Mattingly does not think(at least on the surface) he will be back with Dogers. I would love to see the Cubs get him if that’s the case. I would have to say, Theo, go for it. What say you?

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